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       Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board of
Trustees of the University of Kentucky, Tuesday,y September 16, 1.69

       On call by Mr. Albert Clay, Chairman, the Executiye Committee -of
the Board of Trustees met at 2:30 p. m. in the President's Office of the
Administration Building on the University campus with the following members
present: Mr. Cla, Mrs. Rexford S. Blazer, Mr. Robert H. Hillenmeyer,
Dr. Harenham and Mr. Richard E. Cooper. President Sinpletarv was
also present.

       Mr. Sla read a letter which had been drafted at his request as a re-
sponse to the AAUP letter referred to the Executive Committee by the Board
at the 2:00 o'clock meeting. The members of the committee, after some
discussion of the issues raised at the informal session, accepted the draft of
the letter and Mr. Clay was authorized to bring it to the October meeting for
Board action. Dr. Singletary was requested to inform Dr.,Pa tqerson that the
letter had been transmitted to the Board and to inform him of the action the
Board had taken in referring the letter to the Executive Committee for review
and recommendation at the October meeting.

       It was the consensus of the members of the Executive Committee that
the Student Code was not a part of the Governing Regulations and, therefore,
the need to notify the President and the University Senate prior to the adoption
of the revised Student Code was not applicable.

       Mr. Clav read a letter given to him prior to the meeting by a member
of the University Honors Program indicating that the Honors Program students
had defeated by a narrow margin a resolution urging support of the Free Uni-
versity. Mr. Clay requested Miss Wilson to acknowledge receipt of the letter
on his behalf as Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

       There being no further matters to come before the Executive Committee,
the meeting adjourned at 2:50 p. m.

                                         Respectfully submitted,

Lucile T. Blazer, Secretary
Board of Trustees