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1/ gang/4’" 9
Vol. 13 Sept 1998 No. 9
A publication of the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Service Organization
Lex. Mefiis Chorus for the 1998 Pride concert, LMC has selvesin song. Any woman wishing
Ninth Concert Season invited Voices of Kentuckiana, the to partmipate is welcome to become
mixed chorus from Louisville to join a member.

There will be something to LMC and SisterSound June 12, 1999 SisterSound will sponsor a
appeal to everyone‘s musical taste 5 for the show "Sing Out." Imagine the Coffeehouse/Dance on Saturday
as the Lexington Men's chorus pre- pride and thrill of 140 voices filling Sept. 26 from 8pm till midnight at the
pares for it‘s ninth concert season. the stage of the Concert Hall of Unitarian Church. Chorus members '
LMC received a grant from GALA Singletary Center. The show will also will perform a variety of‘acts from 8-9
the Gay and Lesbian Association of be performed in Louisville June 5th. and Wishing Chair Will play 9—10.
Choruses to commission a major Tickets for all concerts are $12 The dance Will begin at 10. Visual art
new work form Composer in adults, $10 senior and student and items will also be displayed, several
Residence Brian Throckmorton. $6 children under 10 and are avail- of which will be auctioned during the
Brian has set to music a little know able through the Singletary Center evening by Silent bid. Admissmn Will
Hans Christian Anderson story titled ,, Ticket Office at 257-4929. Season be $5.00 at the door-Come and .meet
The Bell" which will serve as the cor- subscriptions are available for $30 Sister Sound and enjoy an evening of
nerstone' oi the Holiday concert .. adult, $25 senior and student by call— entertainment.

Ring Out” on December 1920 at the ing the chorus at 266-9175. Friday and Saturday, IOctober 2
Singletary Center for the Arts. Rehearsals begin Sept 10th at and 3, SisterSound is havmg a rum—

On April 10th the chorus will 7pm at the Pride Center on Waller mage sale 8am-4pm at the Unitarian

bring the hits of the 70's to the Avenue. All who love to sing are wel- Church on Clays Mill Fid.
Lexington Opera House stage. "We come there is no audition required. community news continued on pagea
Are Famil , is a show written for the To receive more information about . . ' .
S ttl Ml , Ch r b David the chorus write PO Box 1913. Lex Fa'mess- mQ'ng For .ur
Mid; :nnsoted Octhméer and 40588 or call 266-9175. check out Lives Celebration, -~- p. 2
‘ . our web site at http://lexingtonmen-
arranger for lesbian and gay chorus-
es, and has been performed to schorushomemiorg.
enthusiastic audiences in Seattle, SisterSounb Sponsor
San Diego, St.Louis and San Jose. of the Month
Members of LMC will sing songs , . .
SisterSound Will begin
"9'“ the Carpenters, ABBA and the rehearsals for its fourth concert sea-
Village People dressed in bell bot- son on Sunday September 13th at
toms, polyester leisure suits and plat— 6'00pm at Park Methodist Church on S C O tt
form shoes; a sight and sound not to the corner of Clay Ave and High St

mi . . .
be stigng on the successful and SisterSound is a non-auditioned cho- AC ke rm 6 n

. . . . . . rus, comprised of a diverse group of
satisfying pairing With SisterSound women who enjoy expressing them—

 .._ Singing for Our Lives Please bringpicnic blankets, food,
. Fairness picnic and Concert drink (alcoholic beverages-prohibited
‘3'. #15353“ at City parks) and lawn chairs.
Lfism The Kentucky Fairness Alliance . Free Child care will be provided
RVI , 1.." » (KFA) announces the 2nd annual during the sunset concert'. lLimged
ORG“: Singing for Our Lives celebration community-housmgis avaiab e. all
8...,» . J Kenwd‘Y Saturday, Sept. 19 at Juniper Hill the KFA office for more information on
‘ Lexiflgmn' Municipal Park in Frankfort, KY. community housmg, campgrounds
v Throughout the day, Kentuckians will and hotels in the Frankfort area.
arrive from all over the state to picnic Singing for our "V85 commemo-
and play with family and friends. gates mg StSh artinivgrsa; 0'1 33;“:
Day events beginning at 1pm om. n ep em er ' . ' t e
msofigslgulevgws include a women’s softball tourna— Kentucky _Supreme Court affirmed the
merit, panel-making for the NOS right to privacy by declaring unconsti-
Published Monthly by Memorial Quilt and an inter-active tutional the existing statute that crimi-
music program provided by Earth tnralized intimasy between persons of
- Heart. The evening begins with an e same gen er.
The Lexlngton Gay Interfaith service coordinated by 1 00 SgTiEDtULESOfbellf DAY f
' ' Kentucky Metro olitan Communit : x ‘ "0” 0 a ournamen
Leszan Servzce Churches, followgd by a concert with 1330 Faith Hearth/[Cancert and
' ' - 4 ns rumen a ing
Organzzatzon 3:32? from Lou'svme and 2:00 AIDS Quilt Panel-Making
321 Second St. As part of the celebration, KFA 5:00 A Soulful Celebration Interfaith
will provide time for AIDS Memorial Sewice
Editors: Quilt panel—making. Volunteers will be :88 2‘6 P'me’ Hour .
Mary Crone on hand to help guide folk through the ' Singlnféor ourrt Lives
Peter T 101' panel-making process. Some materi- ‘ _ ”"59 once _ .
ay als will be provided, but please bring Directions ‘0 Juniper H'" Park.
DaVina wamer any materials that will help you craft Take exit #53 0” I'64' take Highway
your panel. Session begins at 2pm 127 toward Frankfort. Turn right on
Layout Editor: and continues throughout the day. HighwtayFSO/ztso. The Park-is 1/2 mile
Charlie Perkins The KFA Family Photo Exhibit will 0“ e - 0' more '"format'on P'ease
be shown for the first time This col- contact KFA at 502/897'1973 or e-
lection will become a traveling display mail at mpricekfa@aol.com.
GLSO Annual Dues portraying our Kentucky families.
estimates... “tests: :33” -
Cou les $20 Committee Co-Chair and the L N On Friday,
P ' Coordinator of the Family Photo Sept. 25 from jf’pm to 11pm, the 2nd
Project said, "We must show people, Annual Pride Night will be held. The
Opinions expressed in the GLSO News are show our legislators and public offi- Gay 8! Lesbian Community Center Of
those of the authors and don’t necessarily cials who we are, where we come Greater Cincmnati organizes this
represent those 0f the GLSO Board. from and to reclaim the word family!“ event. For more information, check
Submissions are welcome and become the Folk are encouraged to take OUt http://www.gaycincinnati.com.
property of the GLSO. The staff reserves the advantage of Juniper Hm park's ten- SIX FLAGS On Saturday.
right to edit submissions and advertisements nis courts, sand volley ball courts, pic- Sept: 5 from 10am to 9pm, the “T51
aswell as the right to reject any submissions nic tables and barbecue pits, horse- unoffICIal Gay Day at Six Flags
or advertisements. Shoe pits and Children‘s play ground. Kentucky Klngdom WI” be heldJn

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