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Kentucky Universi ty, Lexington, Ky., June 9th, 1874

Report of
Com. to
answer Pe-
titions from
Churches &
Dono rs

Page 293 &
294 (blank) /295/

Motion to
add to the
Com . lost.

Session of
June 10, 1874

Minutes read
& approved

Col. of Arts

A. & iA. Co1.

Curator J.L.
Caldwell & L.A.
Thomas resign

the last year and make what recommend they deem necessary as to
the collection or sale of any of the securities now owned by
Kentucky University add investment of the proceeds-
     On motion this resolution was laid on the table-
     The Committee appointed at the last meeting of the Board to
answer the petitions of certain churches and Donors made the
following resolution - No 1. The Committee to whom were referred
cerrain petitions, Memorials and demands of certain congregations
ana parts of congregations by the Board in September last beg
leave respectfully to report.
     1. )Printed Report)
     Curator Joseoh Smith offered the following.
     Resolved: that the Majority & Minority printed addresses
published in the interim of the meetings of the Board be refered
to a Committee of three who shall report to this Board what action
if any they may deem necessary in reference to them.
     Carried_ And Dr. Smith- -R R. Sloan & B. B. Groom appointed
as the Comtee.
     Curator R. J. `White offered a motion that two be added to
the above Committee - Lost.
     The Board then adjourned to meet at 3- o'clock to-morrowv

     Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky., June 10, 1874

     The Board. met at 9 o'clock pursuant to aajournment-
     R. M. Bishop in the Chair- Session opened by Prayer by
Curator Ricketts
     The following Curators being present Chairman Bishop, J. G.
Allen, Andrew Steele, Joseph Was5son, I. S. Goodloe, G. W1. Elley,
J; S. W(oolfolk, A. H. Bowman, Joseph Smith,G. W. Givens, W. L.
Williams, A. G. Hlerndon, R. J. White, R. C. Ricketts, B. B. Groom,
John Shackelfori, Z. F. Smitn, J. P. Tarbitt, R. R. Sloan, W. T.
Withers, Enos Campbell, Z. vs. Shirley, Horace JLiiller, Winm. E. Rog-
ers, James G. Kinnaird, James Crutcher- Geo. G. White.
     The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and no objection
being offered stand approved.

     Committee on College of Arts made report which was received
and ordered to be filed.
     Committee on A. & si. College made report which ;wgas read and
ordered to be filed.
     Curator Z. F. Smith presented the resignation of J. S. Cald-
well as Curator wnhich was accepted.
     Same also presented the resignation of Landon A. Thomas which
was accep tedI.



Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky., June 10, 10S4


Printing the
Charter &
By Laws

of the

    Moved by Curitor Crutcher that the resignation of Henry
Bell be accepted which on motion was refered to J. P. Tirbitt
as Comtee. with instructions to wait on icr. Bell and get his
formal resignation.
     Moved by Curator A. HI. Bowman that the seat of Curator
Graves be declared vacant.
     Moved by Curator Shackelford that the :Extive Committee be
instructed to have an additional number of Charter & By Laws
of Ky. University be printed that a copy be sent to each member
of the Board adopted-
/297/ C urator Dr. Smith offered the followingS
     Resolved- By the Board of Curators of Ky. University that
we accept the amendment to our Charter passed by the Legislature
of Kentucky and approved Feby. 5th, 1868 and which reads as f
     Be it inacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth-
1. That the Treasurer of Kentucky University, before he enters
upon the duties of his office, shall enter into a bond with
ample sedurity and in the penalty of twenty-five thousand
dollars, for the faithful performance of his duties; he shall
receive and safely keep all money arising as income from Stocks,
bonds, promissory notes, or other sources for the University;
he shall pay over all money that shall come into hlis hands, upon
the order of the board of Curators, indorsed by the president
thereof, and in no other way; and in all other respects he shall
be governed in his official actions by the provisions ef the
original act of which this is an amendment-
2. All the funds, certificates of stock, bonds, promisorry notes,
or other evidences of debt belonging to said University, shall
be taken charge of and safely kept by the executive Committee,
subject to the order of the board of Curators, and there shall
be no disposal or transfer of the same except by an order of
the board, and with the indorsement of the president of thc board,
of curators, and the Chairman of the executive Committee, and
countersigned by the secretary of said Committee.
3. That the provisions of this act shall be of binding force and
effect, as part of the charter of Kentucky University: Provided
that a majority of the board of Curators present at their next
annual meeting, or any subsequent meeting, shall accept the same
and order such /298/ acceptance entered in the book of their pro-
4. This act to take effect from its passage.



Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky., June 10, 1874

Res. of Jno.
Aug. Williams

Preamble &
offered by
J. A.
Wi ll itam s

Preamble &
referred to
a Con. of

     C urator Jno. Aug. Williams after asking for leave of ab-
sence to attend important duties at home, in some remarks with
a. view to a peaceful solution of all of our difficulties &
differences and looking to the future welfare and interests of
the University- withdrew his report offered yesterday and offered
the following preamble and resolutions.

     Whereas any farther discord or contention among Curators
can only injure or distroy the Univcrsity- and whereas an earnest
desire for peace and harmonious cooperation has been freely ex-
pressed byzmany of those now in sessions therefore- Be it resolved
1. That said Curators agree to enter and do hereby enter into
covenant each with the other to endeavor faithfully to keep the
peace to deliberate always in a kind and courtious spirit to act
as far as possible in harmony and when differences of judgement
arise, to accord all honorable purposes and intentions to one
11. That expressio4s whether written or spoken during the con-
flicts of the past, which might be interpreted as impugning the
motives or censoriously judging the spirit of others be hereby
mutually withdrawn.-
III. That questions involving construction of the organic law,
which may not be harmoniously adjusted in the Board itself, by
friendly discussion and investigation, shall be amicably submitted
to the Courts or to legal arbitration.
IV. That in view of this argument to refer or to submit all such
questions, if necessary for peaceful, settlement we unite in
requesting the Churches of the State to refrain from any agitation
of the same in their assemblies and from all congregational/299/
action in reference to them, or to the discipline or management of
the University in as much as it would tend to cause differences
among themselves, and to prolong or to provoke improfitable con-
troversy within the Board-
Vr. That we all agree to unite our earnest efforts in building up,
endowing and liberally maintaining our college of the Bible,in
sacredly carrying out the original object of every benefaction,
and in furthering the great designs of our organization as set
forth in the Charter viz the diffusion of science and of Christian
                                     JIo. Aug. Williams
/300/ Moved by Curator -Dr. Smith that said preamble and resolutions
be referred to a Committee of Five, Amended by Curator R. J. White
that it shall consist of the following five Curators.
R. 14. Bishop, Chrm. Sloan, Z. F. Smith, Withers and Gano.



Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky., June 10, 1874

     The President of the College of Arts recommended the fol-
lowing names for tie regular degree of Bachelor of Arts- Viz

Alexs.nder Franklin Campbell
                         Mion outh, Oregon
Wtilliam Harrison Graha.m,
                        Lexington, Ky.
William   all
             Paris, Ky-
     Upon motion it was ordered that Degrees be confcbred on
said young gentleman-
     On motion the Board adjourned to meet at 2, o' clock.

read &


Bonds &
Stocks of tnhe

Report of
Com. on paper
presented by
J..A. Williams

offered by
the hinority

                     Evening Session

     Board met and in addition to Curators already present
Curator S. IS. Wiing.
     Minutes of previous meetinn read ad approved.
     Curator Tarbitt reported that Curator Bell wished his
resignation as Curator tendered- which we s accepted.
     Meoved by Curator Thite that the Extive. Cocmittee be ad-
vised to have all the Bonds and Stocks of the University re-
gistered as far as it can be done- to have duplicates of the
numbers of said Bonds and Stocks and have several places of de-
posit for same that the amount may be divided- Adopted /301;
Committee on resolutions of Curator Jno. Aug. 'AWilliams made the
following report-
     ffe the undersigned to whom was refered the paper presented
this morning by Curator Jno. Aug. Williams beg leave to report.
     That we unanimously approve and endorse the spirit of the
entire report and while a minority of the Committee cannot vote
for all the resolutions we unanimously agree to report back said
paper to be submitted to the Board for their action, the minority
asking the privilege of presenting their reasons in a paper not
to be submitted for a vote, but to be spread upon the minutes as
explanatory of the reason for their Rote.
                                  .R. L. B3ishop
                                  Win.  T.  Withce.rs
                                  P. -4- Ga no
                                  Z. F. Smith
                                  E. R. Sloan
     The minority of said Comtee. presented the follovring explana-
tory communication which they desire to be spread on the minutes
but not to be submitted to a vote.

Degree of
of Arts



       Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky. June 10, 1874

       The undersigned members of the Committee to which was refered
  the Resolution introduced by Curator Jno. A. Williams make the
  following report.
       While not being able to agree with the majority of the Commit-
  tee our conference with them was of the kindest character and we
  fully agree with them that a spirit of concelintioxi should pervade
  and characterize the future deliberations of the Board.
       The general tone and spirit of the resolutions meet our cor-
 dab Z,17_ rok i.h. ' Abou  #  cwzvot    aeo#ed aw' e a dop  or a  
 of them-excepting to the 2 resolution.
f3021 -'ae are firmly convinced- that while the greater part of the
resolutions are in themselves right and should be adopted, yet
in our opinion thtey fall far short of the requirements of the
occasion- W7e regard it as indispensable to restore prosperity to
the Institution and to enable it fully to accomplish its true de-
sign that the distinct announcement should be made by the Board
that they hold the legal title to the University and its funds &
property except the A. & a. College, as Trustees for the Christian
Church of Ky. and will govern and control it in the interests and
for the aivacement of the Church, and there by advance tne general
cause of educatio:1.
      We are also of opinion that a resolution should be adopted
 petitioning the legislature for such changes in the Charter as
 will take away the power of indefinite self perpetuation from the
 Board and make them amenable to the Christian Church in Kentucky.
      Though fully impressed with their views and connections, yet
 we are ready to vote for most of the resolutions except No. 2 as
 it will be one step forward in the interests of peace and in the
 hope that at an early Uay the reforms we consider necessary Qill
 be agreed to by the Board of Curators- all of -wmhich is respect-
 fully submitted-

Preamble &
first three
8dop ted.

                Tm. T. Withers )   Minori ty
                P. .1. Gano    )     of the
afie the undersigned. Curators concur in the above-
I agree only to the                  R. J. White ) Comtee.
recommendations                      Andrew Steele)
as to Charter changes                         1. L. ifilliams
            (y. W. Elley.           John G. Allen
                                     Qreo. +X. Givens
                                     Geo. T. W1ley
                                     W. E. Rogers
?303/  The preamble and resolutions offered by Curator Williams
were then taken up and voted on separately.
     The Preamble and first three resolutuins were adouted.



Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky., June 10, 1874

adop te d

to be made

Repo rt ol
Com. on
Bible Co]

     The ayes anl nays were called for on the 4till resolution-
and was adopted by the following vote Ayes- a. Bi, Bishop,
Wasson, Goodloe, A. U1. Bowman, Joseph Smith, Herndon, Groom,
Shackelford, Z. F. Smith, T,/rbitt, Sloan, Campbell, Shirley,
Jno. Aug. W#tilliams, Wiing, Crutcher, Woolfolk, 17.
Nays- Allen, Steele, Elley, Givens, YI. L. W1illiams, -R. J. White,
IRicketts, Withers, Miller, Gano. 10.
     Curators Kinnaird- Gratz- Geo. 11hite were excused from
/  Curator Z. F. Smith moved a reconsiieration of the 4th
resolution -adopted.
Same moved that the 4th resolution be stricken out- adopted.
  Moved by Curator Z. F. Smith that the Preamble and resolutions
with (4th) stricken out be adopted as a whole which was unani-
mously carried except 5 votes against (2) resolution.
     The following resoltuion was offered by Curator Joseph Smith.
iPesolved- That the Secretary sh.all cony thle resolutions presented
by J. A. Williams and which were adopted and also tee explanations
of tne Minority as presented by tinem and have same published in
the papers.
Curator Campbell Chm. of the Comtee. on Bible College made the
following report-

                          Lexington, Ky. June 10, 1874
              Your Committee to whommvs refered that portion of the Regents
         report which refers to nhe College of the Bible would respectfully
         1st They would earnestly second the earnest appeal of the Regent
/3041    to make an early effort to so effectually endow thi's most impor-
         tant of all the Colleges of this University as would give it a
         full corps of the very best teachers in the land in every depart-
         ment needed to give us a Ministry such as the growing demands of
         a great people & an enlightened age may require.
         2. We would suggest that if any important chair in this College
         needs now to be filled with an able and experienced Professor-
         steps should at once be taken to have that matter attended to-
         all of which is respectfully submitted_

Proctor named
for Prof. in
Bible Col.

post poned
until to-

                                       Enos Campbell
                                       R. C. Ricketts
                                       G. W. Elley
The above report was unanimously adopted.
     The nomination Comntee. offered the name of Alexander Proctor
for Professor in the Bible College on condition that funds for his
support can be raised-
     Moved by Curator Ricketts that the election be postponed un-
till tomorrow morning- adopted.
     adoved that Curators Ricketts &Urbitt be a Comntee. to confer
with Bro. Mlilligan in relation to a Professor in the Bible College.



Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky., June 10, 1874

graduati on
in the

     The following names were rccommended for graduates by the
presiding officers of the different colleges and it was ordered
that the degrees deserved shell be conferred-
                         Gra duates
     Agricultural and Mechanical College of Ky.
Carswell, Robei t Emmet - Carthage, Texas
Dean, John Allen,_ Rock Lick, Ky.
Hardin, Thos. Rollins- Shiloh, La.
Smith, Edward E. - Lexington, Ky.
                 Bible College
                 English Course

Erle, Albert Fillmore - Clarence New York
Hagerman, Burton Campbell - Lawrenceburg, Ky.
Kinnedy, Gano - Paris Mo.
Stanley, Jolathan - Utich, h41iss.
Wagner, Geeo. Washington - Everynen, Texas.

                      Law College

Atkeson, T. C.
Campbell, A. F.
Frank, W. C.
Harrison L. H.
Jones, S.
Martin, L. if.
Parker, H. L.
Wolverton, C. C.
Woolridge, P.

Dean, John Allen
De Roode, Eugene Holger
Hardin, Thos. Rollins

              Buffalo West tV a.
              Moniouth Oregon
              Ghent, Ky.
              Versailles Ky.
              Tamoroa, Ill.
              Robinson Stetion,
              Lexington, Ky.
              Monmou th Oregon
              Versallies Ky.

Commercial College
Master of Commerce


Rock Lick, Ky.
Lexington, Ky.
Shiloh La.

                  Book keeping
Barnes, Robert .iaimblet        Augusta Ark.
Blanchard, Chas. C. F.          Woodville N. C
Davis, Albert John              Lexington, Ky.
Enders, William Henry           Shreveport, La.
Frazer, John Robert             Carthay, Texas
Jamar, James Anderson           Huntsville Ala.
McCullough, Robert              Waterproof, La.
Hadley, John I.Telsh, Elizabethtown, Ky.
Smith, Clifton Breckinridge     Lowe Station, Ky.
Whatley, 0. B.                  Cedartown, Ga.
On motioa Board ad journeed to meet at 8, o'clock to-morrow morning.