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New game

Did you step
in something





or what?


It has recently come to
my attention that our
football team is not
doing such a stellar
job this season. Some
would say that they
stink like dog poo.
Not me. I would say
that they have just
about as much had
luck as the Bengals.
0K, nobody has that
bad of luck except
them! Anyway. here
are some revamped
rules for a game that
has been played
before with a
different team.
Things are a little
different this time.
May i suggest Kool-
Aid for a nice sugar

5 drinks

For every time we hold
them to afield goal
or a punt.

5 more drinks

For every time we catch
a punt and advance
the ball. (See, I am
trying to get you not
to drink that much!)


l drink

For every point we
score. If we get a
safety. we still drink
because we scored
for them!

5 drinks

For every
we give to the other
team or missed one
that we could have

2 drinks

Guys: for every girl you
see at the game who
you’d like to toss the
pigskin around with.

Girls: for every 'tight
end' you see.

2 drinks

For every time a
receiver gets pegged
in the numbers and
drops it. All other
drops count as one

10 drinks

If you hear them play.
“We're from
Kentucky and we like
if that way," while
we are behind
because we don't like
it that way!
Contributed by Matt

2 drinks

If you hear someone at
the game say how
bad we are. No drinks
if said person goes
on to say how they
saw it coming the
whole year.

1/2 drink

For every time Mumme
runs his hands
through his hair and
looks exasperated.

2 drinks

If at the game, for every
alum you see
drinking in the
parking lot or luxury

-Ron Norton

7.5 5.?

It’s a beautiful day in
the neighborhood, will
you be mine, will you be

VOL. #106 ISSUE Ml


News; tips?


Get Carter

Defense’s job
might be a
little easier
with Georgia
QB out I 8


Kentucky can swing the vote

‘Dur voice is really loud': UK professor talks about the
importance of Kentuckians, and UK students, in election

By Ashley York

The thought of‘evet'y student voting on
Election Day makes Penny Miller sntile.

"If every student voted. it would make a
substantial difference iii the otttcorne of the
election." said the professor of political sci-
ence. “It would be a very strong voice."

Think about it for a second. (if the four
million people in Kentucky, over 25.000 are
students at I'K. Certainly. these votes count
toward the eight electoral votes given to
Kentucky in deciding the presidency.

"Even though we have just eight elcc~
toral votes. our voice is really loud." Miller
said of Kentucky‘s history in voting for the

Miller attributed the importance of Keri-

tucky‘s voice in the presidential election to
the history ofthe state‘s election outcomes.

"We have gone with the winner since
l960.‘ she said. “The experts looked at this
and said maybe the candidate they have
chosen will be the eventual winner."

Miller said Kentucky‘s choice of a site
cessful candidate has been the case for we
eral decades.“When we cast our popular
vote. people look to see how Kentucky
\vent." Miller said.

Historically. Kentucky is seen as a bell
whether state. That is. a state looked upon
as a battleground area where the candidates
need to spend extra time appealing to the
people. according to Miller.

That explains why both (lore and Bush
have made apjwarances in Kentucky.

Even though (lore and Bush visited

Kentucky in hopes of winning their sup
port. Miller seems to think the election
could go either way because of Kentucky‘s
partisanship. She noted that both of Ken
tucky's senators are Republican and that
the state hasn't had a Republican governor
since 1971.

"Kentucky has two viable political par
ties." she said. "Both ofthem are hungry for
their particular presidential candidate to

Regardless of Kentucky's favorite. Miller
said students would make a difference this
year ifthey vote.“'l‘his presidential year. I
think there are several issues that concern
college students. I think their voice sllli‘illll
he heard because they are an extremely
large voting block," Miller said.

Among the issues concerning students.
Miller said health care. education and social
security should concern them the most be
cause these issues affect every student.

Despite the fact that many students will
not vote because they don't have a strong

political agenda. Miller said slll' has Ilftllt't‘tl
an increased involvement among, college
students. and suspects that many of them
w ill make it out to the polls nest month to
cast their ballot

"It is a hopeful sign that college stu
dents are listening more this year to what
the two campaigns are ollering. ' she said "I
think a lot of collegi- students will make
their decision in the end .is to which candi
date represents the issucs they favor more'

Regardless of political alliliation. .‘vlillei
encourages all students. as well as all Ki-n
tuckians. to cast their bailots tor the candi
date of his or her l‘lllilt't' on the big day.

"In this election. r-vi-iy \Illl' counts."
Miller said

Register to vote

If you are not registered. there is still time.
Call 255-VOTE for more details or see


Students endure the joys

of ceollge life, pregnancy

By Krista Mciione

Cara Hood, a 26-
year-oid journalism
junior, gave birth to
her second child
Oct. 10. Harley
weighed 9 pounds 5
ounces and mea-
sured 21 1/2 inches.
Hood says she
couldn't handle
school and mother-
hood without the
help of her family.

wtmmmmts I
ktnkti srtirr

“I'm not asking for special treatment." said Wil—
son. who is over eight months pregnant with her first
child. “I‘m not an invalid."

The glow that radiates from Kim Wilson and

Cara Hood is not just the splendor of youth or the ex-

citement of college life.
It‘s the glow of motherhood.

Wilson, an integrated strategic communications
senior, is expecting a child within the next two
weeks; while Hood, a journalism junior. gave birth

just two weeks ago.

They go to class everyday just like other stu-
dents. with backpacks on their backs and tennis

Family units

Wilson. 22. attends classes four days a week.
commuting from Cynthiana. approximately 30 miles

having a boy.

away. where she lives with her mom and two sisters.
She is due Oct. 29. and she already knows she's

“My family is going to help take care of him the


shoes on their feet. They receive no special courte»

sies. nor do they ask for any.


last part of this semester." she said. "We‘re all very

See MOTHER on 2


New year approaches
for Indian students

Nine-day celebration: Diwali gives Indians
an opportunity to visit with family

By Casey Hamilton

CONTPI?” fi'i Ai‘ 'EP.

For some I'K students the
new year is only \l“. day .

(let. in is Diwali. or the In
dian new year. People who cel-

ebrate see it as a holiday for

Indian families to visit with
each other and observi- a new

"It is very important iii
India; it is similar to (‘hrist
mas." said Shilpa l’atel. a bird-
ogy junior.

Diwali. a time day role
bration that takes place most
ly in India but also in smaller
countries such as Sri l.:inki
and Thailand. is called the
I’estival of Lights because
many households across India
are lit up with candles to role
brate the holiday

:\(‘('ltl'lllll‘_’ to
tasnet. tl ere art- fiy
observant es

- The first day is known
as Dhanteras and consists of
the farmers worshipping their
livestock for the food they

- The second day is known
as Narka and it is a national

w 'v \fl ii

days of


day of bathing to prepari- tor
the upcoming events

- "he third il;i\
mi Put. This day
for 'l‘." wot ship of thr goddess
I..ikshuini. It is. believed that
this goddess enjoyed throwing
dice with her husband and
many in India use this day to
gamble and enjoy games

- (In the fourth day. I’aw
da. newly married daughters
take their husbands to their
home and partake in a feast.

- The filth and final day is
know as lihayaltuj and is a
day of love between brothers
and sisters.

The rest of the holiday lr~
use-d as a time to reflect and
t'lllti‘y the company of visiting

See DIWALI on 2

is l.’ik‘\l‘i

i\ \i‘i 'tsllll‘

Celebrate the new
year Indian style

For anyone who is interested
in learning more about the Indian
holiday Diwali, there will be a
campus celebration at 6:30 pm.
Sunday at Memorial Hall. Admis-
sion to the event is free.

Sorority sisters make use of a few good men

Playing house: Women, food and social time
makes houseboy job enticing for college guys

By Dana Peyton


Most college guys would have
to agree that the ideal job would
probably be one that involves
women. free food atirl little titiie

The good news: There is such
a job on the UK campus. That's
right. guys. sorority houseboys eti-
joy plenty of time with the ladies.
meals at no charge and only a few
hours of work per week.

"Being a sorority houseboy
has got to be the easiest job iii the
world." said Kevin Pierce. a busi
ness graduate student.

Pierce has held a houseboy po
sition at the Delta Gamma sorority
for five years now and has a hard
time thinking of anything negative
about the job.

Most of the sororities on cant-

pus come equipped with a house
mom who prepares meals for the
girls, Houseboys simply help set
the tables for lunch and dinner. fill
glasses with ice and set the food
out on each table.

"Occasionally we are also
asked to help with maintenance
jobs around the house. such as
changing a light bulb; but we are
never asked to do anything too
complicated." Pierce said.

Houseboys work during lunch
and dinner hours of their choice
and are required to arrive at the
sorority house approximately 1.3
minutes before a meal is served

“I always work with about one
to two other guys during the din-
ner meal." said (‘aleb (‘arteiz a
broadcast journalism junior. who
just started the houseboy position
at the Delta Zeta sorority house.

Most of the sororities have two

or three guys who help out during
dinner and one or two during

“The best part of this job. by
far. would have to be the free
meals." (‘ai'ter said.

After the guys prepare the
meals for the girls. they are al-
lowed to take part themselves.

"This is the time that we usu-
ally enjoy the most because the
girls come over and talk to us."
Pierce sairl. “l have developed
some great friendships through
this job. The girls at Delta Gamma
are great to their houseboys."

Following the meal. the guys
have to clean up. wash dishes. put
away extra food and tidy up the
kitchen arid dining hall.

"Altogether we probably
spend a total ofis minutes actually
working. and the rest of the time
we get paid to socialize." Pierce
said. "Sometimes we even sereA
nade the girls before and after the
meal with songs we have written
for them."


Mr. More

Mike Volkmer, an
undeclared sopho-
more and Delta
Zeta houseboy,
washes dishes in
preparation for
dinner. Volkmer
started Thursday
as houseboy for
the sorority. As
houseboy, Volk-
mer assists the
cook in the

IMAM comm I




Call: 257-I9IS or write:





2 .1 waitnzotzqefi "it-true" mm 7)


The Low-down

Mideast cease-fire Is threatened

.lblltl'S.~\l.l'li\l in a fiyehour shootout. ls»
raeli combat helicopters. attempting to rescue




Party. said. "Bush’s privatization plan is a threat
to women’s long-term security. since women are
more likely to rely on Social Security as their
primary source of retirement benefits."

Report: United to buy Honeywell

STAMFORD. Conn. __, Shares of industrial
materials maker Honeywell International Inc.
rose sharply in after-hours trading yesterday on
a report the company is about to be bought by



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For Wilson, her family
plays a bigger role in her preg-
nancy than the father of the

Hood said she has missed
two midterms since the birth of

her son. She returned to her ‘

physics class Thursday night.

“I feel so behind." she said. '

“The laundry is not done, and I
feel so out of touch with

353353. 3351315.? 123???? i-Ei‘r‘riiiffiiilil it??? 13;??? "°"V"°°‘ " United Technologies Corp: for about $40 billion- i’aby’ wh" She says ‘5 “0‘ ”any Kilalthmoulghadjh‘ésrunigmfl obe
nnim gunmen Two people died hid 'it 101;! 18 ”3le devil's CNBC‘ Cltmg sources familiar wnh the negotia- 1n the picture. ' . has Chan 51 from herallas: se-
were wounded llioth the l"llusillll:lils‘ "ind the Is advocate. With “OI-15‘ reported that aerospace products maker . Although Wilson depends mester togthis one Wilson finds
_' ‘1' _. . i If "m 1r \. l . t‘erl tir g“ lh . tiretiUlii Halloween United Technologies is close to an agreement to solely on her mother and ‘SIS- h ‘ h . aft” ed h ‘ B_y
It“ \llS 5.1“ ‘ll't Ii li) 1 H}:- 1 ll (} x \z ; I; k h‘ approaching, a buy Honeywell In an all_stock transactlon In a {BIS fOI‘ suppOI'l, Hood relies on er pregnanLy . as eCt 91 NEW
on .ntillllll‘ lu‘ia . (ml 00‘ ingt 1i (5; lilll town rush of films joint statement issued late yesterday. the two a different kind of'family unit daily‘ life very little. '
oi Sal) us. mute on thi (\t ol thi ( cat ini ini starring the companies confirmed they are in discussions re- a. her husband, Neil, and her 3. i get more tired quicker ‘_
[)OSt'tl l)_\ litilll slllcs llil t‘lltllllg llllt‘t‘ \H‘t‘kb 0i \ l- P , ‘ l. . ‘bl b. t. Th . vear-old daughter Jada. walklng from my parklng space 51;
olence which has left more than loo dead. the rince M “1ng d p055] e com ina ion. 8 companies ' i ' ' , behind Memorial Coliseum It 1""
., j .. . L _ . .. . Darkness is hlt- would not comment further. . Even though the family . ' u
\asl m.i_iot ity l alt-stinians. ti theaters units are different. they are takes a little longer. but other vyi
"'3‘; .......;.. surly. imam“: 1:; their: st:3.%‘.i"b:.i§’;:.::§a we“;
. 0 or mo er an c l . “ .’ ’
U.N. commission condemns Israel :~"h't',',""f{sd‘° AT“ presses Wh'te House °" cable couldn‘t do it if I didn‘t have 1"“ al.5Fh001- B?“ When I g“ a;
i;1“’\’l9\' »\ The top L' \‘ lllllll‘lll riclits body rlgm seaflatold WASHINGTON ’7 AT&T' the “Mimi's awesome help." How said. home. .It S all I thmk about!" ca:
, ill :12} 1‘ j 1. \- t )‘ , ‘ 1 ‘ l , )1 f} LM 1;» p ° largest cable operator. has asked Prestdent 0111- Wilson does. however.
\f’tff l1“ 5‘ ‘ _“ ” ‘3‘“ m”, 5’ ‘l‘ ”1.1 ‘ ‘1‘ Ramls, “"9“” ton to support its efforts to change federal rules It’s a boy have difficulty fitting into the m
it‘lw‘l: 311‘";le ‘lm‘ly‘x’fsy".“1“F11”.I“‘"t. Wind” and co-writer °f that limit how many subscribers one company Hood.26. lives in Lexington desks at the Classroom Build- bu
If some- 11,7,llfifu.;.”3f. ‘33. {5.11: filfffignffifffliil,;.I.W\l~lll.‘\.villi; 3.." “WW" can control. In a letter to Clinton. AT&T Chair- with her husband and daugh- me She actually has to sit side-
bOClV 9188 li'ilioiis 'lKlUl'ith’ll the "it‘sUlll‘llUll :iquorwai‘d by Bedazzled. mall C” Michael Armstrong pressed for a mom“ ter. She gave birth to her son. ways m the desk. . , C”:
h d~ . \‘ .. l . ;.l l 'l‘h . l I‘ .i 8.1, I . . i 1 1, ”mil“ ) ) said the current cation ofthe cable rules set by the Federal Com— Marley. 8:45 am. Oct. 10. Hood said she didn I find Re
a Wi‘lt— ‘ ’1‘ ’ ”‘f‘mll‘l ‘1 g ”l ‘( fl; 'fl‘l‘u‘ .31 .3 ‘ ‘ l "09 0' satanic munications Commisswn. A change could help "I notoriously go into labor any problems fitting into any of so
ten the ”fwd 1‘“ l‘ h” 1}; ‘lh‘imnl" ' ‘ l. “ E‘SUVU‘HH“ fl“) "MS may be a the company retain assets it would otherwise when people are trying to go to the d93k5 on campus. "I started lht
song. maffiyshmirfliifl”:ljmimll; 33,333,!mm “13:11:11] carryover from have to shed because of its recent merger with sleep.“ she said. out teeny~tiny. but I could see
you'd ,ii;.,.,‘m‘.,1,.,. Ll;,i,,1',‘,,l.ufm yiol'ition ”I. ”mm” the millennium cable giant MediaOne. The birth of Hood's new hOW most other DE‘ODIE‘ WOUId “:l
pfObablV tion‘il liiiiii‘linltiiri ll‘ l’lW by the Israeli occupviiiU fever la“ year, son went well, she said, except have that sort 0f problem. (1.1
' ‘ .. ‘ . ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ~ ‘ ‘ . . ~ .= ‘ ' t for a minor roblem with the Most students find even a
never power during recent outbreaks of \‘iolence in or It couldius . . p . . . . . , cu
assume it mp Palestinian [WMMFMI be coinctdence. DOW ends PP 168; Nasdag ClleS Z47 2131:5153; ggfigas in labor for cold an inconvenient thing to cit
‘ , ‘ . . — < - ours. manage while maintaining a
was about NEW “)RK " Stocks moved sharply higher The result: a healthy 9 busy college schedule. but Wil-
yestet‘day. as technology shares led a broad rc» son seems to be unfazed by the 10

your par-
think that
it's a song
trying to
defy some-

— Jakob Dylan.
ol the
telling the
Associated Press
that listeners
3h0uldn't jump to
the conclusion

Navy: Last of 17 Cole bodies found

\t';\$lll.\'ti'l‘()\' The Navy declared an otli

ciiil death toll oi 17 in the bombing in Yemen of

the ['85 (‘ole after the last four sets of remains
were recoiei‘ed from the crippled destroyer
'l‘liursday. Nine bodies have been positiyely iden-
tified. The names or the other eight are known.
but their bodies could not be positively identified
after recoyei'y. Identifications will be completed
after their return to the l'nited States The at-
tack. \\lil(‘ll .-\lll1‘l‘li‘.‘lli officials blame on terror-
ists. was the deadliest against an .-\tnerican mili
tary target since 1?i Air Force personnel died in a
19% li‘lli'krlioiiil) explosion in Saudi Arabia,

Barbara Bush campaigns for son
lillli lilill. l’;i Former first lady liar


A "3-year-old
parlt immortal-
ized by Bruce
Springsteen has
been designated
a historic site.
The singer has
always been
associated with

covery following solid earnings reports frotn
three bellwether tech companies. The Dow closed
up 167.96 at 10,142.98. On the NYSE. advancei‘s
led decliners 1960-919. The Nasdaq composite lll-
dex also enjoyed a sharp turnaround. climbing
347.04 to 3.418.60.

Mets tap Leiter for Game I start

NEW YORK , Al Leiter took his Game 1
starting assignment for the Subway Series in
stride. anti that was as big a reason as any that
the New York Mets tapped him for the duty.
"Maybe I'm missing something. It's certainly an
honor to pitch Game 1. But my belief is that if
you pitch any of the first three games. you're
scheduled to get two starts." Leiter said yester»
day. “it's nice to pitch the opener. but I don‘t put
much credence in it."

pound 5 ounce. 21 1/2 inch boy
that Hood's husband is deter-
mined will be a basketball

thought of giving birth. “I plan
to just be off for a week or two
before I head back to class."




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family members. Some other
activities include religious cer-
emonies and fireworks.

UK students who celebrate
the holiday will gather Sunday
for a festival that consists of

dancing. singing and musical

Mita Patel. a biology and
agricultural engineering se-
nior. said the festivities are
open to anyone who wants the
chance to learn about the Indi-
an culture.

“Not everyday do you get
the opportunity to see a differ
ent culture on campus." Patel





_ barn Bush said yi'sierilay that a i‘eci-ii! back opei' 0|
”let his 5009: ;itioii kept her off the campaign trail but sllt’s Asbill'y Park
Hand Me non ready to do \iliatei Hr she can to help her son 3'14"!“wa MES,
awrlglafoigglg m illi‘pl‘t‘sltl1‘11('_\' She took (1 few political shins photographs of _ By
US l l . . ‘ . ‘. .' ‘ ’_ ‘ . .

. . at Democrat .-\1 lane and his ci iticisin oi (,eoigi- the town on Correct “5 —~
. . . . . . . . . NEW

w'tghog'iiigger' \\ Hush s Social Security plans. She said of the cover of his 10
“xiii ‘ ”‘1‘ )1: ”311111 Iii\:(I'Ifil‘al'yillll3:11:01” 115*: 1133". ffésigtllnum'from The number for the Cancer Information Service help line no

l l. . Lli‘iJlH‘i ' is .t‘ "l .' ,‘ .. . ' ' '

A! . mfna‘ r ”‘Hn' the .. ’1’ ”(Wm fins”? . Astriury P2“ was wrong in the Oct. 19 issue of the Kernel. The correct num» m.
«‘“ 1‘ r '4- ‘ 51 . her is 1-800-4-(‘ANCER I
spokesyyoniioi tor the l’eiinsylyania Democratic N.J." Compiled by wire reports. ‘ l”
'1 '0 report an error call The Kentucky Kernel at 257-1915. fit
. sll
. Ill

Featuring a performance by the



One Student Will Win a Drawing for a W
FREE Vacation Courtesy of Pepsi. ..
First 300 Students Get a FREE T-shirt! ll
Women’s Soccer

UK vs. LSU

Time: 5:30 pm.

Live music

The Schuers

Time: 7:15 pm.

Men's Soccer

UK vs. Bowling Green

Men’s Senior Night!
Time: 8:00 pm.


Women’s Soccer
UK vs. Arkansas

Women's Senior Day
Time: 1:00 pm.



UKAA thanks our Corporate Partners: Verizon, Nike, Papa John’s Pizza, Kroger,
UK Healthcare, Pepsi, McDonald's and Gatorade.











.. By Tracy Kershaw
Wis [Biron V

Committee explores
campus alcohol policy

does not accurately reflecting the
conditions at UK. said Edwin ()r-

ange. Senate chairman.

A yellow “No Alcohol Permitted"
sign hangs in the lobby of Kirwan llI.

. , . . tors
reminding residents of the campus- making.“
wide alcohol policy. students

The policy prohibits drinking on
campus. even for those of legal age.

A new Student (loyerttitient Asso-
ciation committee is will address the
catnpus drinking policy.

The policy is partit ularly unfair to
students 21 or over. said Brian Roth.
business and economics senator.

“It is tittie to liberate the use of al-
coliol on campus by those of legal age."
Roth said. “it has beeit over two years
since the UK Administration changed
the policy."

Roth will chair the committee.
which met for the first time Wednes-
day night.

The group will begin by analyzing
current data on the policy. including
citation statistics. Roth said.

The policy appears to be 11 reaction
to situations at other institutions and





5 Partnering for improvement: SGA funds
organizations who will work together

By Tracy Kershaw dent issue.


Matt Wheeler. a mechanical en-
gineering freshman. said he thinks it
is a good use of SGA‘s time.

"i don't agree with the policy."
he said. "I think as long as they are

get in trouble." he said.

"It's important thatadministra-
include students in deCiSiono

()range said. "‘Including
in the deCiSion-making

“It is

process would allow administrators '
to more accurately gauge conditions tune to
at UK regarding alcohol use." ‘

Some students think it is time hberate
for the issue to be explored. the use


of legal age. I don‘t see why the Uni— ()n

versity should stop them from

drinking." campus
Hayes Templeton. an engiiieei‘~

ing freshman. said he thinks the poli- by those

cy helps keep the residence halls n

safer. Of age.
"People probably don't drink as

tiiuch because they know they could _ Brian Roth,

SGA senator


SGA creates new grant
program for organizations

Law senator.

”I challenge student organi-
zations to partner to address an
issue." Robinson said. "Togeth-
er we improve student life at

SHA created the program

with intentions ofbritiging var

Strident organizations can
now get funding for working
ti‘igether to solve campus

ted campus interests together

to tackle comtiioti goals.
(trganimtions applying for

tr.- Low-int must tlt‘sliil‘, a strate-

Working together

The money with come 2) “mmmrecthpNu... Studentorganizationsinterest-
fmm thy Strident limit” Strategies might itlt‘ltiilt‘ edinapplvianora“TakeBack0ur
mm“ [\se‘lF‘f‘W’n-.Mhidli“ caiiniuswide events. aware- Campus" grant ShOUld C3" 01' StOD
allocated bl.i.flll(l tor lake ness campaigns m. tttlk’ttltlt: bytheStudentGovernmentAssocia-

Back Our Campus." a grant
program for coalitions, of stu-
dent organizations.

The grant program allows
two or more student organiza-
tions to apply jointly for funds
to address issues, facing l'K

Organizations iii the coali
tion must have different orggr
nixational goals. but have a
common interest in one stu»


on catiipus."


Continued from paqei

hourly wage and are paid iii-weekly ()n aver
age they are paid between 83.7.? and So per hour.
which Pierce and (‘arti-r agree isn't too bad con
sidering they ha\e fun while dottig their job.

(‘arter said he would recommend this job to
any guy looking to pick up '1 little extra money
each week as well as develop sortie great friend-
ships with sorority girls. The girls in the sorority
houses said they appreciate everything the house


“SGA has too often taken
an ivory tower mentality." said
lidwin ()range. Senate chair
titan. "It is time we put serious
effort behind grassroots cant
paigtis to improve student life

tion office.

Two or more organizations
must form a coalition to apply for
the grant.

The SGA office is in 120 Stu-
dent Center.

The phone number is 257-3l91.

SGA has pledged this mon»
..\ to help students develop real
solutions to campus problems.
said Tim Robinson. College of

boys do for them.

"We all have great relations with our house-
bi iys. We try to let them know their work is appre~
ciated. We also try to make their job fun." said
.\lontica Carpenter. an integrated strategic com-
munications junior and member of Delta Zeta.

ltelta Gamma girls show their houseboys how
much they are appreciated by dedicating one night
a semester to the guys. During houseboy apprecia-
tion night. the girls serve dinner to the guys and
present them with tokens of their appreciation.

"()ne special guy is named houseboy of the se-
mester and is awarded with a special prize. such
as a gift certificate or a coffee mug with his frater-
nity letters on it." Pierce said.






Investigators unravel details of
Missouri governor's fatal crash


GOLDMAN. Mo. It took only nine sec
0nds for the plane carrying ()ov. Mel (‘ai'na-
ban to a campaign rally to plummet about
3.200 feet before disappearing front radar. in
vestigators said.

The crash came only tninutes after the
governor‘s son. who was piloting the twin-en
gine Cessna 335. sought permission from air
traffic controllers to change direction. Roger
Carnahan said he was having trouble with
the artificial horizon used to maintain level

National Transportation Safety Board iii-
vestigators have found a football-sized piece
of the plane‘s engine more than a quarter
mile away from where the plane crashed
Monday night near St. Louis.

In addition to the 66-year-old governor
and his 44-year-old son. also killed was (Thris
Sifford. 37. the governor‘s chief aide in his
bid for the Senate.

Carnahan‘s casket will lie lll state at llle
Governor’s Mansion on Thursday for public
visitation. President Clinton was expected to
attend a memorial service Friday outside the


Capitol in Jefferson (‘ity

NTSB member (‘arol (‘armody on
Wednesday provided details of comtnunica
tions between Roger (‘at'nahan and the con
trol tower at Lambert Airport in St. Louis.
Full transcripts were not released.

The plane took off just before 7 p.iti. from
I’arks Airport in Cahokia. ”1.. near St. I.ou1s
it was heading south. where the governor
was to appear at a fund raiser in New
Madrid. Mo. for his bid for the CS. Senate.

Weather data show ed shear winds at
about 7.000 feet tiear the tttite of the crash.
Cartnody said. A shear layer results when air
masses collide and cause butfeting currents.

liarlier \‘l’ednesday. l.t. (iov. Roger Wil-
son was sworn in as the state's SBiid governor.

t‘arnahan had been battling Republican
Sen. .John Ashcroft in one of the nation's
tightest Senate races.

t‘ariiahan's name will stay on the Nov. 7
ballot because the deadline to change it has
passed. 11' (‘arnaltan receives the titost votes.
Wilson can appoint a replacement to serve
until the next general election. iii November



October 16 -
The Campus (olendor lS produred by the Office of Student Artivtties Registered Student Gigs and UK Depts ton submit information for "(if online ONE WEE

PRIOR to the MONDAY information IS to appear at http://www.uky.odu/Compus Calendar
Call 257-8867 for more information


October 22. 2000


’{ohotol Eve“ in Hench Mt? ~ opm homeland Noll Basement '
"Basin of Study Abroad r o Sewn" 349m Biodlpy hull PM '1‘?

'Yoe l-or Do (tub P-mu “Outs 96309:" Aiumni Cw .oft
'Women t Sorter a tSU 130w Jl Soc" tactile!

'Mefl t Soccer is Booting Green 3pm JK Sorter iO’ViDlII
‘Volioytioll f, Auburn 59m


"099' of Entomology 'oltoqum 39m A; Serra ' Norma ‘


"Wot ‘or “amenity New Blog low \ovr Newm- 3" at! T 5- TM .vm ‘


'lalington ”‘idhai'noni' Qt'hesria 89r- Sirigiynry ’ri ('4


‘Newnor (entei Matt bpi“

'loe Kwon Do (tub ont‘ire Hoots Hum ‘T 30pm Aitmni {or :o
'fco'bcl‘ v Georgia 7pn' (ammocweoitt‘ Stocur


hob-tut for Hungary House Bldg Bar“ >er Newer I"


'iexmgfon Phll’w'mfltl Pops (outer! Boa“ Smgtetary (ti (r


:3‘ .“S 8556 with ’3





‘llewmon (enter Moss 9am ll 300m 50m and 8300p"

'Phi Sigma Pi Mtg 7pm 730 Stud (ti

'Sundoy School Uplinli (amour Ministries 945M (olvoti Booti210utz't


"UK Judo Club Ham Alumni 6W Loft

‘Viomer S Sorter vs Arkansas lam Ul Sorter (onoiei
”Men S Sonar {2 Huntington Yprr

‘ioilevooll ti lustolooso 30m


'Nooo Bagel Brunch Hillel Jewish Stud Org i? 009m Manhattan Eoget or ltrfimond ll:

‘(ollege Prayer Group Upiinit (ompos Ministries 6pm (otio'v Baptist chovtr tCoilege house
'(ollege Worship Semte Uplinli (ompus Ministries 7pm (uiioi, Baptist (Huirh sSonctuar. Basement
‘Studv of Hymns Uplinh (omits Ministries 7pm Calvary Baptist i’huith 5 Enlarge House

'Unitgriun Universalist Dinner Discussion 79m St Augustinet Episrooo' f‘iopei lose St


TichT Disrninurion

Monday, October 23“1
9 am. -


for Mississippi State on November 4‘“
(Homecoming) (51‘ 1:30 p.m.
Vanderbilt on November ll‘h (it 1:30 p.m.


for California All Stars on November 2"‘1 @ 7:30
Athletes in Action on November 16‘“ 67‘ 7:30 p.i
Penn State on November 25'h @ 8:00 p.m.

‘UK PEHUSSJOFV meDl‘! ti. Steel 80": 3st“ Singieiar. (r (H
‘(homoei Mow. Sooety Barr Singietav. _,. RH

'UK Anode (be i 30m UK Atmr Cw” cc“

4 p.m.


Game times are suliieot [0 change III"! III I"!

All tickets are $5 and are sold to students only Monday and Tuesday at Memorial
Coliseum. Complex Commons Area. and Commonwealth Stadium. Students may
purchase. student and full price guest tickets at Memorial Coliseum on Wednesday.
then all remaining tickets until sold out may be purchased Thursday and Friday at the

Memorial Coliseum main ticket office. and at Commonwealth Stadium or Rupp

Arena on game day.

Please note that you may purchase up to five (5) additional tickets.
if you present five (5) valid UK student ID cards.

Distribution Locations
Monday and Tuesday — Student Tickets Only
Memorial Coliseum » Euclid Ave. window
Commonwealth Stadium
Complex Commons Area

Wednesday - Student and Guest Tickets
Memorial Coliseum ONLY - Euclid Ave. window

Thursday and Friday — Any remaining tickets
Memorial Coliseum -

Family Tickets for Basketball are available with the presentation of a marriage
certificate or birth certificate. The vouchers are only for the spouse of the married
student or child of a single student parent. The Family Tickets are available at the UK
Ticket Office in Memorial Coliseum.

Monday - Friday 9 am. -

Beginning Monday. October 23rd
Basketball (first nine home gamest Cost: $35.00

Beginning Monday. Dece