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{February /6, (pc?f
Higher Education in Kentucky
The Facts:
 Kentucky ranks 50th among the states in the percentage of adults who are high school graduates.
 Kentucky ranks 48th among the states in percentage of adults who have four or more years of college.
 Since 1984, the Kentucky legislature has increased funding for higher education 8 percent, compared to an average national increase of 19 percent. Kentucky ranks 44th among the states in this category.
The Future:
Significant improvements must be made to Kentucky's education system to make the future bright. Ashland Oil and other Kentucky-based companies need well-educated employees to lead the way into the next century. Governor Martha Layne Collins has said economic development and education go hand-in-hand. Ashland agrees.
The future will be better if we invest in quality education today. In particular, Kentucky's higher education system needs your support. Ashland Oil urges you to let your elected officials know that they have your support in making our schools better.
Ashland Oil, Inc.
Quality^education: an investment we've got to make.