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                1886- American Medical Association Military Medicine –– History –– United
                States American Surgical Association American College of Surgeons Letter from Holman Taylor, M.D., Secretary-Editor, Texas State Journal of Medicine, State                                 Medical Association of Texas, Fort Worth, Texas text Letter from Holman Taylor, M.D., Secretary-Editor, Texas State Journal of Medicine, State                                 Medical Association of Texas, Fort Worth, Texas 2012 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7xks6j2258/data/rankin4kdl_3/rankin4kdl_3_18/i3-18/i3-18.pdf July 2, 1941 1941 July 2, 1941 section false xt7xks6j2258_235 xt7xks6j2258 Y FRESWENT OFFICIAL 1=us1.¤cA·r1c>N
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July 2, ‘
1 9 4 1
Dr. Fred W. Rankin, `
571 West Short Street,
Lexington, Kentucky.
Dear Dr. Rankin :
I did not get a chance to more than give you the
high sign of congratulation, at Cleveland, upon your election
to the distinguished status of President—E1ect of the American
Medical Association. I don't know that any more than that is
required, but I feel so appreciative of the thoughtfulness of
the House of Delegates in handing this great office to one of
our great Southern physicians, that I must say something about
it to somebody, and perhaps a few written words of congratulation
A to yogfzwill give me an opportunity of letting off steam. I
hadn' the remotest idea that your election was in prospect until
Arthur McCormack advised me that it would not hurt his feeffngs
if you were elected. We agreed that it wouldn't hurt anybody's
feelings, and I don't imagine it did. I think that even you will
agree that this was the most spontaneous election of a President
that has ever happened,¢in many a day .
_ Incidentally, Dr. L.H. Reeves of Fort Worth, advised me
a day o  so ago#~that you were going to be invited to visit our
Fort Worth Clinic this Fall, October 8, I believe it is. I hope
you will find it possible to accept the invitation. While this is ,
not a very large event, it is certainly not small. 'There will be
two or three hundred doctors centering around Fort Worth, hungry for
medical knowledge, and they will appreci te hearing from you, and
they will listen to you . I believe Dr.é&¥udie Mayo has agreed
to spend a day with us, and I think Dr. arris, I have forgotten
his initials, formerly a teacher in Vanderbilt University, will
also be a guest speaker for the occasion. I told Dr. Reeves I
didnft imagine you would be able to get away for a meeting so ‘
restricted, but thinking the matter over, I really believe it will
be an opportunity for you, if you can spare the time for it.
However, I started out merely to drop you a line of congratulation
and appreciation. l,
With personal regards,
_ }%;f” ater ou  , i
HT—BG ” . » _ ,
cc: Dr. L.H. Reeves »/// //// /;//;¢/
Dr. C.P. Schenck. · ’
Holman Tayl! , M.D. _ gg