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                    1886- Cubit feet ? 7 boxes This collection comprises six scrapbooks (plus one box of miscellaneous items) of letters, newsclippings, and photographs documenting major milestones in the career of Lexinngton, Kentucky surgeon Fred W. Rankin, M.D. archival material English unknown This digital resource may be freely searched and displayed.  Permission must be received for subsequent distribution in print or electronically.  Physical rights are retained by the owning repository.  Copyright is retained in accordance with U. S. copyright laws.  For information about permissions to reproduce or publish, contact the Special Collections Research Center. Fred W. Rankin, M.D. Scrapbooks Correspondence –– Rankin, Fred W. (Fred Wharton),
                1886- American Medical Association Military Medicine –– History –– United
                States American Surgical Association American College of Surgeons Letter from Brigadier General George B. Foster, Jr., to Fred                                 W. Rankin, M.D text Letter from Brigadier General George B. Foster, Jr., to Fred                                 W. Rankin, M.D 2012 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7xks6j2258/data/rankin4kdl_1/rankin4kdl_1_33/i1-33/i1-33.pdf October 25, 1945 1945 October 25, 1945 section false xt7xks6j2258_38 xt7xks6j2258 — EVREILLY GENERAL •—u:¤s»=·rrAn. §
25 October 19hS  
Brigadier General Pred W. Rankin, U.S.A.,
Chief Consultant in Surgery,
Office of The Surgeon General, _
Washington 25, D. C.
My dear Fred:
Thank you for your letter of 26 Septenber giving me
official information as to the probable closing date for us
here at O'Rei1ly.
It was with mixed feelings that I learned of your· immi-
nent departure from The Surgeon General's office -— glad that
you were able to realize your ambition to return to civil life,
but with a distinct feeling of regret that the Medical Depart- —
ment was to lose your fine services. It was indeed a privilege
to have known you, and I am deeply grateful for all the aid that
- you gave me on many occasions in effecting some of the skulduggery
that I did. I shall always cherish our friendship, and I share
your hope that it may be continued from here on indefinitely.
I do not know, of course, what The Surgeon General plans
for me in future, but in the event that I am to be put up on the
shelf or thrown into the ash can with many others of the Old Men,
I may call upon you to exercise your good offices in getting the
Old Man a job in civil life.
Good luck and God bless you. with warmest personal regard,
Cordial d sincerely,
  Brigadier General, U. S. Arm`,
Commanding. V
3 .