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                    1886- Cubit feet ? 7 boxes This collection comprises six scrapbooks (plus one box of miscellaneous items) of letters, newsclippings, and photographs documenting major milestones in the career of Lexinngton, Kentucky surgeon Fred W. Rankin, M.D. archival material English unknown This digital resource may be freely searched and displayed.  Permission must be received for subsequent distribution in print or electronically.  Physical rights are retained by the owning repository.  Copyright is retained in accordance with U. S. copyright laws.  For information about permissions to reproduce or publish, contact the Special Collections Research Center. Fred W. Rankin, M.D. Scrapbooks Correspondence –– Rankin, Fred W. (Fred Wharton),
                1886- American Medical Association Military Medicine –– History –– United
                States American Surgical Association American College of Surgeons News clipping. "Kentucky Surgeon Talks Over Next Year." By George                                 Morgenstern, Chicago Tribune Press Service text News clipping. "Kentucky Surgeon Talks Over Next Year." By George                                 Morgenstern, Chicago Tribune Press Service 2012 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7xks6j2258/data/rankin4kdl_2/rankin4kdl_2_9e/i2-9e/i2-9e.pdf [June 1941] 1941 [June 1941] section false xt7xks6j2258_70 xt7xks6j2258 l ` ,  
2 Kentucky Surgeon Tall; 
; r _, Over Next Year. »·~r2  
\ 4- · ’ —l   » I
  [Chicago Tribune Press Service.] `  
` _ Cleveland, O., June,5.>~lDr. Fred ~W. g
Rankin of Lexington, Ky., was.named·f 
president elect _of the American Mgdiié 
cal association for 1942-1943 by uname;. 
mous vote of the associationshouse; 
of delegates today."_ He will take; href
iice_a year from now in Atlantic  
succeeding Dr. Frank`H. Laheydofi
_ Boston, elected president for thecomqu;
ing year at the 1940 conventiiinfy Q
Dri Rankin, a distinguished surgeon; 
who has been president of_ tHejSoi1t}i-»~
ern Surgical association, `has betenf 
_ " chief surgeon at St. Joseph’s and  _~’
Good Samaritan hospitals in= Lexing-j· 
ton. During the world war he was 
. commanding officer of'Base hbspitai 
No. 26 in France and is a colonel in, “
the medical corps reserve. He `is*54¥
years old. ~ _ Tv
‘ "Chicagoans Are Reelected. ._  A
Dr. Charles A. Dukes of 6aklan~d,; 
` Cal., was elected vice president; All 
other ofiicers of the association were `
reelected. They are'Dr. O1in`W€St{·
Chicago; secretary and general mane. 
`-ager; Dr. Herman; L. Kretschmer,
. Chicago, treasurer; Dr. Harrisongl 
. Shoulders, Nashville, Tenn., tspediéé 
of the house` of delegates; and  
R. W. Foutsy Dmaha, Neb.;` vice'
speaker. . , g ` '_ _  
~ Dr. Ernest E. Irons of Chicagoygvvhtr
was appointed to the boardot .trus=
tees during the last year to filla va}. ,
cancy created by‘de_ath, was elected; .
’ to serve out the term during the folj 
` lowing year. Dr. Charles W. Roberts};
of Atlanta, Ga., was elected to a rivet. .V
` year term as trustee. ‘— `_   ji
The house of delegates approxted. 
C . policies submitted by its committee`? 
E on medical preparedness authorizing;  
‘ the government to establish a.p17o·;
curement and assignment agencyvtd 
meet the call for physicians required; 
for military,. civilian or industrial deg, °
E fense needs, and urging tha_t,_deferé`$ 
{ · ment be granted medical stuqents, aridr
` interns by draft boards in order` tow
maintain a steady supply of youngd? 
— w doctors. . A ,¤ i [ ii
· . Defeat Institute Plan. p  
. At the instance of Dr. Donr  
Cameron. of Fort‘Wayne, Ind., ith_e4`
V _ house tabled a' recommendationtoi
l V — approve the establishment ef an inl
i — stitute by the United States publl 
health service in Washington, D. 
for the study and treatment of mental
. . and nervous diseases. —   · ,1
{ `Dr. Cameron said that any exten}
A , sion` of government activities intgthec
i field of medicine would only{add`t6.
l Vthe present swollen federal.} payrd  Jig
‘ and contribute to increase_,,»gf; ,” ,._ 
deficit. He said that it woulddaisd
represent a further inroad‘—upoh civtléb
. [ ian medicine and might serve  :
·_ precedent for the g0V€I`IiYTi1€Iii§~i}d'rg`7;1ili
-dertake the study and 'treatmentof  s
many other maladies; . ‘ `   »»‘» y
The house also agreed to adoptiéi .
__ V watchful attitude`Qm futurej;exteri— 
l sions of thefederal »_veteransT.ad§s1i*n;s=
V tration, which nowthas .moré`than§` _ i 
V · hospitals and domiciliary homes=;itfi$
_ · _ l_'. rnoreiithan 80,000 beds; and,is1if·pIa§i?é‘
  __   ningmew constructionsp _