At the meeting of the Bracken Association
of Baptists, held at Millersburg, August, 1909,
the writer and the Hon. John H. Jackson, of
Minerva, and Mrs. Adrian B. Ratliff, of Sharps-
burg, were appointed by that body as a com-
mittee to solicit funds for the erection of a suit-
able monument at the grave of the Rev. Lewis
Craig, whose body lies buried near Minerva,
Mason County.
  Naturally we became anxious to know some-
thing about Lewis Craig, for we had heard little
of him, and we must confess that our ignorance
was somewhat embarrassing. Who was I to ask
money to rear a monument to one of whose life
and labors I knew so little On making in-
quiry here and there I found that others knew
no more than I, and so I sat about gathering
such information as would assist me in present-
ing my cause in a way that would gain the at-
tention of our Baptist brethren. Then, as I
proceeded with my investigations, the thought
came to me that these things should be written
and published, in order that all Baptists, who
wish -to know, may have, in brief form, a sketch
of the life, labors and character of one of our
mighty heroes of faith.
  In pursuance of this thought we have decided
to place before you the facts as gathered from
many sources. We indulge the hope that, as
you read, your zeal may be renewed, your in-