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MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, May 31, 1899 -page 254-255

      Ordered that the Secretary be authorized to notify
Mr. Hamilton of this action.

      On motion of Mr. Flournoy ordered that the chairman
appoint a committee of three to draw appropriate resolutions,
bearing upon the long and faithful services of Dr. Patterson,
to be presented to the Board at 9 O'clock tomorrow (June 1,

      Chair appointed Mr. Flournoy, Gooding, aand Todd.

      Adjour-ned to meet 9 A. lMi. June 1.

The Board of Trustees met at 9:30 A. N1. Juney  1, in the
Presidents room.

      Present:                     Judge Holt,   Chairman
                                   Patterson- Mathews?
                                   Sto 11,

      On motion of Mr. Stoll ordered that the degree of
Learned Doctor of Laws be conferred on Hon. James Wilson,
Secretary of Agriculture.

      President Patterson read a communication from Prof.
Anderson relative to the positions of trust and profit
held by the graduates from, the Dept. of Mechanical


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES ,June 1, 1899 - page 255-256

      The corrmunication was received and filed and the
Secretary authorized to publish extracts from it in the
city papers.

      The following was offered by Mr. Flournoy:

      It is with feelings of great pride and exultation that
the Board of Trustees read the report of the President of
the Institution. And it is eminently fitting that as Trustees
for the people of this State we express to President Patterson
the thanks of the Commonwealth of Kentucky for his services
that are not only unparalleled in length of time, but unsur-
passed elsewhere in these United States for distinguished

      Not all the battles of men have been fought on tented
fields, nor all their victories won by marching legions. In
the annals of our State marked as they are by the stories of
struggle and heroism, we believe no page can shine brighter
than that on which is recorded the life work of President
James K. Patterson. If courage in struggle with adverse
circumstances can command admiration, the highest need of
praise must be his. If absolute devotion to duty and unyield-
ing pertinacity of purpose coupled with deep and strenuous
faith in the lofties ideals of human endeavor, count for
aught, we can confidently say to the world, that as the
head of this great trust, we have a man and a leader of

      It is, therefore, our duty to congratulate Kentucky
on the possession of such a son and servant, and to express
to him our united hearty and earnest hope, that he may
long be spared to carry on the work he has done so

      It is, moreover, our pleasure to record the unvarying
courtesy and ktndness that has always marked our personal
and official dealings with him, and to say that he enjoys
to the fullest extent our confidence, respect and
este em.
                            (Signed) J. C. Flournoy,
                                      A. P. Gooding
                                      Thomas Todd


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,June 1, 1899 -page 256-257

     On motion the resolution was unanimously approved,
and ordered to be entered upon the records of the Board,
and published in the daily papers.

      On motion of Gen. Hobson ordered that the annual
report of the President to the Board of Trustees be published
for distribution to the citizens of the Ooimmonwealth.

      It is understood that the report may be revised by
the President, that at least one thousand copies shall be
printed, at a reasonable cost (say ten dollars)

      During the morning session of the Board Hon. Janmes
Wilson Secretary of Agriculture in the cabinet of Mr.
McKinley was introduced to the body and remained during the
remainder of the sitting. Courtesus greetings were exchanged
and the Secretary expressed his gratification in seeing
evidences of so much good work done by the college.

      On motion the Board adjourned to meet on December
12th, 1899.

V. E. Muncy,

NOTE - On December 12th, 1899, Messrs. Hart Boswell,
D. F. Fiazee, J. T. Gathright, A. P. Gooding, E. H. Hobson,
3. K. Patterson, and W. F. Peak met in the President's
room but there being no quorum present, they
adjourned to meet at 10 A. MN. Dec. 13, 1899.