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MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESDecember 14,1897 - page 153

      The Board of Trustees of the- Agricultural and
Mechanical College of Kentucky met in regular session, in
the President's room in the College building, at 1 P. M.
on Tuesday, December 14, 1897.

      Present:                     Gen.. Buell,
                                   J. C. Flournoy,
                                   3. T. Gathright
                                   A. P. Gooding
                                   Gen. E. H. Hobson
                                   J. K. Patterson
                                   W. F. Peak
                                   Judge Robert Riddell
                                   R. A. Spurr
                                   Thomas Todd

      Mr. James and Mr. Kennedy came in a few minutes later.

      In the absence of the Governor of the Commonwealth,
Col. J. T. Gathright was elected chairman protempore.

      The minutes of the last meeting of the Board were
read and approved.

      After some discussion relative to Mr. Hart Boswells

      On motion of President Patterson ordered that the
case of Mr. Boswell's resignation and proposed re-election
be referred to a special committee composed of Judge
Riddell and Mr. Flournoy, with instructions'to
report at 9 A. M. December 15th.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,December 14,1897 -page 154

     The chairman then announced the names of the following
gentlemen as members of the standing committees indicated.

                 Committee on Presidentts Report.

Gen. Buell, James, Judge Riddell.


Riddell, James, and Kennedy,


Gooding, Kennedy, Spurr.

                     Buildings and Grounds

Kennedy, Buell, and Flournoy.

                      Experiment Station

Spurr, Flournoy, Peak.


Flournoy, Peak, and Hobson.

                       Internal Expansion

Peak, Hobson, Todd.

                  Military Instruction Col. Dis.

Hobson, Todd, and Gooding.

              Minutes of the Executive Committee

Todd, Gooding, Buell.


MINUTES e THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec. 14, 1897 - page 154-155

     The President of- the college called attention to the
report which is required by law to be made to the Legislature
and suggested that Mr. Gathright, Captain Todd, and Mr.
Flournoy, be made a committee to superintend the prepara-
tion of this report.

      On motion,it was so ordered.

      The minutes of the Executive Committee were read and
referred to the Committee on the minutes of the Executive

      The minutes of the Faculty were read and referred to
a special Committee composed of Mr. Gooding, Peak and
General Buell.

      Prof . Wernicke's communication relative to attendance
at the Chapel services was referred to the same committee.

      The President of the college read his report which was
referred to the Committee on the President's report.

      The Secretary was directed to request Major Bullock to
meet the Board at 10 A. M. December 15th to submit his
report as Treasurer of the College.

       Ordered that the Committee on Internal Expansion be
instructed to investigate and report as to whether the re-
commendations and suggestions, made by the Committee on
Internal Expansion, and approved by the Board at its
June meeting have been carried out.

Adjourned to meet at 9 A. IM. Dec. 15th.


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