- 3 -

       President Wethington stated that the purpose of this status report
is to seek guidance from the Board and seek approval to take the
preliminary plan to the University community and the broader Lexington
community. The presentation for approval of the final plan will be
presented to the Board during the summer. President Wethington asked Mr.
Warren Denny, Director of Design and Construction, to give the status
report on the campus development plan.

       Mr. Denny reported that the consultants have nearly completed their
task, and the University is just beginning to shoulder the major
responsibility for planning. The plan is meant to be a tool to bring
order and organization to the implementation of campus-wide needs and
desires. Most important, it is a flexible plan and will be updated on a
regular basis. Through a series of slides, Mr. Denny reviewed the goals,
major issues, and possible solutions to some problems. In conclusion, he
reviewed the following benefits of the plan:

       1.    It will contribute to a safer and more pleasant campus

       2.    It will preserve and enhance existing campus assets.

       3.    It will help make the University a better neighbor and help
             promote community relations.

       4.    It will provide a tool for decision-making and will help the
             University respond quickly to opportunities as they present

       5.    It will help improve the efficiency of operations and help
             the University meet its needs more effectively.

       President Wethington noted that a great deal of effort and work by
Mr. Denny, his staff, members of the University community and the
consulting firm had gone into the plan. He stated that the next step will
be to take the plan to the University community, the Senate Council and
other groups on campus.

       Mr. Ockerman reiterated that the plan is being reported to the
Board as a starting point, and it will be brought back to the Board after
comments are received from other interested individuals and organizations.

       F.    Appointment of Chancellor for the Community College
System (PR 3A)

       President Wethington expressed pleasure in recommending that Dr.
Ben W. Carr be appointed Chancellor for the Community College System. He
stated that Dr. Carr is being recommended after a nationwide search and
consideration by an advisory committee. He noted that Dr. Carr had been
serving as Acting Chancellor for the past year. Dr. Carr's knowledge of
and dedication to the University of Kentucky Community College System was
considered most outstanding by the committee. He stated that the
University is fortunate to have an internal candidate with such
qualifications, competence and experience. On motion made by Professor
Rhoads, seconded by Dr. Meriwether and passed, Dr. Carr was named
Chancellor for the Community College System. (See PR 3A at the end of the