T0 His Eaccellency, Hen,. lll}./.l’l.(l}’}l J. Fields, Governor 0f Ken.-
Sir!——Under the authority of the Board of (lontrol of the
Kentucky Agricultural Experiinent Station, and in accordance »
with an act of Congress, approved March 2, 1887, entitled, "An
Act to establish Agricultural Experiment Stations in eon11cc-
tion with the Agricultural Colleges established in the several
states under the provision of an act approved July 2, 1862, and
under the acts supplementary thereto," and of the act of the
Legislature of the State of Kentucky, approved February 20,
1888, entitled, "An Act to accept the provisions of an act pass-
ed by the Congress of the United States, approved March 2,
1887, for the establishment and maintenance ot Agricultural
Experiment Stations in connection with Agricultural Colleges
established by the several states and territories under an act
of Congress approved July 2, 18G2," I herewith, submit the
Thirty-Sixth Annual Report of the Kentucky Agricultural
Experiment Station.
Very respectfully,
Tnoims Coormz, Director.
January 1, 1924.