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    Fulton County Medical Society (Continued) _
‘ Purpose: For professional and scientific advancement. "
[ Normal Civic Activities: None reported. j
Defense Activities: Interested in Ambulance Service, Hospital and Clinical l l
— Assistance, First Aid, Child Care. Registration of members for civilian
volunteer defense. Yes: Forms on file in the Chicago office of the American
Medical Association. 4
Local Publications: None. {
FULTON HOMEMAKEDS CLUB (Colored), 315 Lake Street Extension, Fulton. Founded
1936. President, Odessa Haley,Anderson Street, Fulton. Secretary, Mattie (
B. Cleaves, Holder Street, Fulton. Executive Secretary, Mrs. A. G. Tucker,
222 Lake Street Extension, Fulton, Telephone 54. Terms expire August, l9L}¤
Membership: 15. Qualifications, women interested in home improvement.
Committees: Program, Mrs. Sadie Gorman; Feed, Mrs. Mollie Alexander, both J
of Fulton.
` Purpose: General improvement of home economic conditions. i
, Normal Civic Activities: None, other than cooperation with African Methodist I
Church of Fulton.
Defense Activities: Interested in First Aid, Preparation and Serving of
Food, Child Care, Collecting Books.
Local Publications: 'None.
FULTON LIONS CLUB (Lions International), c/o F. H. Riddle, Southern Bell'
Telephone Company, Fulton. Founded 1925. President, J. E. Fall, Junior,
Fulton. Secretary, Dr. R. U. Putnam, 221 Main Street, Fulton, Telephone
84. Terms expire Juno, 1945.
Membership: 29. Qualifications, one representative from each professional
and business classification. l
{ Com ittees: Attendance, L. Kasnow; Membership, V. M. Whitnel; Program, Lynn T
_ Askrw: Publicity, J. H. Warren; Entertainment, Frank Beadles, all of Fultona
Purpose: S:;vLce to citizens of the community.
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