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• Fulton Chamber of Commerce (Continued) ‘
‘ Committees: Food Control, Joe Browder; Civic, J. 0. Lewis; Finance-
Membership, J. E. Fall, Junior; Transportation, R. H. White; Public Roads
K. P. Dalton; Agriculture, Paul DeMyer, all of Fulton. J
Purpose: Betterment of the City of Fulton. U
Normal Civic Activities: Advancement of mercantile, manufacturing, and
general interests of the City of Fulton. Cooperates with all public
agencies and boards. /
Defense Activities: Interested in Auxiliary Police, Auxiliary Fire ,
Protection, Hospital and Clinical Assistance, Red Cross Assistance. `
Local Publications: None. I
FULTON COMMUNITY CHEST, City Hall, Fulton. Founded 1956. President, K. P.
Dalton, City Hall, Fulton, Telephone 170. Secretary, Mrs. Howard Edvards,
216 Carr Street, Fulton, Telephone 282. Terms expire November, 1942. ,
Membership: 14. Composed of president, secretary, and directors chosen i
, from community. *
Com ittees: None reported. `
Q Purpose: Philanthropic. To solicit, collect and disburse money to be
used for charitable purposes by designated agencies.
Normal Civic Activities: Conduct annual campaign for necessary funds.
Defense Activities: None reported.
Local Publications: None.
FULTON COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY (Kentucky State Medical Association, American
Medical Association), 509 Main Street, Fulton. Founded 1912. President,
. Dr. D. L. Jones, 220 Church Street, Fulton, Telephone 289. Secretary, Dr.
M. W} Hats, 509 Main Street, Fulton, Telephone 450. Terms expire January,
‘ ‘ Membership: 12. Qualifications, an ethical physician in good standing
?EtY—theMYentucky State Medical Association.
Committees: None reported.
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