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By Dan Krueckeberg
1   Initials of Red Sox/Yankee/Red hurler
born in Liberty; Mays 4   All-American Carey from Lexington 7   Biblical garden 10__ U.: pride of UL football
12 Pronoun
13 1st name of football Hall of Faraer from Louisville via Green Bay
14 Long-time Murray hoop coach 18 _-time Pirate pitcher Howie Camnitz
was born in Covington
20 SEC state abbr.
21 Abbr. for an NY island
22 Curl the lip
24 Initials of UK's Irv of Florence
25 Hoop All-American from Louisville 27 All-American hoopster of '47-'49;
_hometown was Louisville
30 De-_
33 Affirmative vote
35 Came home after building Hurricanes
41 Kentucky's most famous worldwide
42 Short for "madam"
43 Prohibit
44 Initials of UK grad/UK coach Charlie 46 Abbr. for "no return"
48 Louisville-born Moe Thacker was an
catcher in 5 seasons 50 Strangles
53 Abbr. for an outfield position 55 Western's pride
58 Initials of southpaw Fryman from Ewing
59 See 30 Across
60 All-American at UK from Lawrencebyrg
61 Abbr. for "on or about"
62 Namesakes of '60s NL OFer Johnson from Lexington
64 All-American Johnson from Ashland
66 Initials of All-American Ray of Somerset
67 See 72 Down
68 Make mistake
70 Abbr. for "parcel post"
71 Initials of 223-win major leaguer Derringer of Springfield
72 No-hit hurler Bunning of the bluegrass
73 Initials of 23-year gridiron coach at Eastern
74 Namesakes of '20s Pirate hurler Morrison from Pelleville
76 12-year Detroit Tiger Veach from Island
78 Average
79 "He _        the record"
80 Kentucky's "Little Colonel"
1 Initials of 64 Across
2 Centre College football coach/major league umpire from the bluegrass
3 See 2 Down
4 Short for "Sylvester"
5 Quote
6 Anesthetic
7 Abbr. for "each"
8 Pair
9 All-American Johnson from Ashland 11 Hammer partner
13 Initials of '60s-'70s major league catcher/Paducah-born Roof
15 ___U of the SEC
16 NBA star from the bluegrass
17 The Joe B. Hall _        at UK brought a
national championship
19 Initials of fireballing lefty Don from Lynn
20 Kentucky-born major leaguer Bell
23 _ whale
26 Per _
28 Alkaline substance
29 Big bluegrass star from Owensboro
31 See 41 Across
32 Attain
34 Maysville-born Dave Tomlin had a major league __
35 Lexington-born Doug Flynn was a _
with Cincy's "Big Red Machine"
36 Kentucky's baseball commish
37 SW state abbr.
38 See 48 Across
39 '48-'52 Red Sox Vern from Hellier
40 Kentucky-born baseball Hall of Famer 45 Exist
47 School of All-American Jim McDaniels
49 1st name of a great bluegrass coach
50 Symbol for "cerium"
51 Night fowl
52 Short for "sister"
54 Initials of '50s UK hoop star from Madisonville
56 Abbr. for "antiaircraft"
57 "He tried to _        down a bunt"
63 _LA of the Pac-10
64 Abbr. iox "chief petty officer"
65 Namesakes of *28-'33 Phillie lBman Hurst from Maysville
67 Agree
69 Theatre sign
71 Abbr. for LA time zone
72 Major leaguer Heving from Covington
74 Initials of Lexington hoopster Mullins
75 Biblical for "you"
76 Abbr. for "British"
77 See 75 Down
Joe Prince
Mark Wheeler
Claiborne's Weekly Press Conference
By Nick Nicholas
It's time to place a few leftover tidbits in the ole TCP microwave. Let's warm up some noteworthy items which transpired prior to the Kentucky-Tennessee Beer Barrel matchup last Saturday.
Off the cuff with UK football seniors Mark Wheeler and Joe Prince TCP asked both players if they were surprised that Kentucky had an opportunity for a postseason berth. Here's their response. "Yeah, it was a surprise," Joe Prince said Tuesday following Kentucky's 10-3 win over Florida. "To tell you the truth we weren't really thinking about bowls; we were just trying to take 'em one at a time. We had a big losing streak (four games) and things were looking kinda bad. You can't think about bowls when things like that have happened. It was a pleasant surprise that we've got a chance." . . . Said Mark Wheeler, "During the middle of the season we didn't think we were going anywhere. It's a nice surprise." . . . Before the Tennessee contest, Prince mentioned UK's lack of execution was the squad's biggest problem during its past four losses. "We could have had a great year," said Prince. "We didn't live up to our expectations." . . . Wheeler, whose hometown is Annandale, Va., talked about the Battle For The Beer Barrel and what it stands for. "Since I came to Kentucky they've always talked about the Tennessee game being THE game of the year, pitting the Orange against the Blue. When I first got here I didn't understand the rivalry. Now, I do. It's the state of Kentucky versus the state of Tennessee.". . .What's it been like playing alongside a battling signal caller, UK's Bill Ransdell? "When he first came in he was heralded as probably the best quarterback in a long time from the state of Kentucky," said Wheeler. "He had a lot to prove. He gotred-shirted with me during our freshman year and he matured a lot that year. He's come a long way and has been asked to do a lot, this year especially. The pressure has been on Bill to come through. Last week (against Florida) he really showed his true form and the kind of potential he has to be a great quarterback. I knew it was there, it just took a little longer than everyone had hoped. Bill Ransdell is a fine individual. No one worked harder in the summer than Bill Ransdell. All summer early in the morning he'd be out on the practice field by himself throwing at tires hanging at spots on the goal posts. He was just tireless in his efforts to be better, to be a leader. I gained a lot of respect for Bill this summer." What one word best describes Ransdell? "Intense," said Wheeler. . .Concerning the senior meeting Friday night prior to the Florida game, Wheeler said Tony Mayes, an easy-going individual according to his teammate, took charge. "Tony called it," said Wheeler in reference to the seniors only meeting. "That's the first time I've heard Tony say anything to us as a group than more
than a couple of sentences in five years. What a time to do it. Tony got us together and said, 'I don't want to leave without a win. It's time we "beat somebody. We haven't beaten anybody who's predominately one of the top teams in the conference. I'm tired of losing. Aren't you guys?' It made a lot of sense and it really hit home. It's not like no one had said it before, but it was coming from Tony. He pla