xt7xsj19n044 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7xsj19n044/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19860411 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, April 11, 1986, no. 477 text The Green Bean, April 11, 1986, no. 477 1986 2014 true xt7xsj19n044 section xt7xsj19n044 KHUVERSHY OF KENTUCKYIJBRARHB’NEWSLETTER
No. 477 April ll, 1936
April 11 Qallergmieri gz "The Conflict of
Contemporary Philosnphies: Sturm
und Dranq ver Roeoco." Leeture by
Dru James Taggert.
, April 12 Yuri Gagarin became the first man in
space in 19él,
April 13 - Thomas Jefferson, 1?&3 » 18261
»April 16 Blood Drive, Chemistry/Lnyaice
‘ ‘ Building.
April 18 Gallery ggriggz "Tne Maturing of a
Personal Style: Crafi, Humor and
I Eloquenoe‘" Leoture my Dri same:
April 21 charlotte Bronte, 18lé ~ 135io
April 23 Sea ...»‘ etariee Dayq
April 25 Qallerywgeriegg "Masterg of tue
Form: The fruition of a Lifetime
Effort " Lecture by Dr; Jamet
I Te ggert i ‘
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Printer, Cecil Madieonw

L Happy National Library Week! This issue of the QB features a
lot of staff news and activities. Don't forget - if you or
_ someone you know is doing something nifty, please let me know.
I'll be more than happy to include it in a future copy. Thanks '
to everybody who contributed items for this issue. It makes my
job easier.
The OPAC Training Subcommittee is planning to hold regular
staff training meetings modeled after the meeting held on
February 27. The meetings will begin shortly after the Library
receives its LS/2000 monitor/projector (due to arrive in mid-
May). The meetings will include an update on the LS/2000 system
as a whole and a discussion of individual searching techniques
and problems. The training packets (which are still on Reserve
under Olson, and are also available in the Reference Department
at King and in the Medical Center Library) should provide both an
introduction to the system and a basis for discussion at the
meetings. We are interested in hearing about your experiences
with LS/2000 and hope to answer any specific question you may
have about the system.
The OPAC Training Subcommittee is currently working on
several training packages which will be available this summer to
both patrons and staff. These include a lO—page searching guide.
a computer-assisted instruction package, a promotional videotape,
and a 50-minute lecture using the monitor/projector. The
Subcommittee plans to use the latter in meetings with individual
departments this summer to provide a general overview and an
introductory training session for the LS/2000.
Times and dates for the staff training meetings will be 1
announced later. (Submitted by Laura Olson)
The Central Kentucky Blood Center is sponsering a blond digve
in the Chemistry/Physics Building on April I6, l986. NH NEED
YOU!1 More than l7O donors are needed daily to maintain an
adequate blood supply in Kentucky hospitals. Your piat of blow;
can help three people: red blood cells help surgery ga rents,
plasma can save the life of a burn patient, and platel te arable
cancer victims to fight back. It's safe, it's easy, and . rake
only 8-l0 minutes to draw the blood. Please donate. ixere‘: he
substitute for blood. Call Ann Howell at 25T~3Bul ar Ke·;y
Kresse at 257-5954 to schedule your 45 minute appeintmenr.
. Mary Vass, the Education Librarian, sent me the feiiwwing
I have started receiving a personal subscription t» fj
Magazine, devoted to users of IBM persenal qcmgwters. I

would be glad to route my copies to those who are interested.
Just drop a line to Mary Vass, Education Library, 205 Dickey
” Hall, 00176. Thanks.
The Library Staff Organization needs paperback books for the
booksale on April 24-25, 1986. Anyone who has materials to be
donated should bring them to Jessie Adams, Bindery Department,
3rd floor King North, by April 22. Volunteers are needed, also,
to work in the sale. To volunteer, please contact Judy Fugate,
Collection Development, King South, at 257-5895. (Submitted by
Judy Fugate)
LAW LIBRARY STEALS THE SHOW (no charges filed...)
The College of Law had its First Annual Awards Night on April
3, 1986. Senator Mitch McConnell (R.KY) was the keynote speaker.
Three members of the Law Library staff were among those honored. _
Cheryl Jones and Gary Stottlemyer each received a Nancy M. Lewis
Award, a monetary award presented yearly to members of the Law
School's staff for "outstanding performance." Previously Janice
Cox had been presented this award in 1984.
Carol Parris and Gary Stottlemyer (again!) received a plaque
( from the Class of 1986 in appreciation for their outstanding
Such a public display of gratitude gave the entire library
staff a lift. (Submitted by Bill James)
Jim Birchfield will be on sabbatical from July to December
1986. Judy Wiza will take his place as Assistant Director for
Collection Development during his absence.
John Bryant is Assistant Director for Development and Gail
Kennedy is acting Assistant Director for Technical Services. ·
Anne Campbell is acting head of the Circulation Department.
The Agriculture Library is working on a special project as
part of the 100 year celebration of the Kentucky Agricultural
Experiment Station (KAES). The KAES publications have been
indexed only selectively by the Bibliography of_Agpigglpp;g, the
major indexing service in the field, published by the Naticnal
Agriculture Library. The UK Agriculture Library staff saw the
need for access to these publications, and decided to create
their own database containing bibliographic and subject `
information for all the KAES publications. In doing so, they
became the first land grant institution to undertake such a
monumental task. The database entries are also sent to the
National Agriculture Library for inclusion in AGRICOLA, the
online version of the Bibliography of Agripglture. Most of {DQ
indexing is done by Agnes McDowell, the Collection Development
Librarian at the Agriculture Library. This project was the

subject of a recent cover story (complete with a photo!) for
Agriculture Libraries Information Notes (Volume 12, number 3,
( March 1986).
In 1886, Melvil Dewey opened the first library school at
Columbia University. By 1910, there were 10 library schools, and
in 1980 there were 67 library schools. Columbia University A
School of Library Service, in conjunction with the Association
for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE), is
sponsoring a conference prior to the ALA Conference in New York,
June 27-28. Entitled "Library and Information Science Education:
Into Its Second Century," the symposium features well-known
library educators. Registration is $50.00. Call Kerry Kresse at
257-5954 for a copy of the brochure.
* * * * * PAY YOUR LSO DUES! $5.00 = WHAT A BARGAIN! * * * * * -
April 23, noon-1 pm. "Pain Relief and the Elderly."
Rm. 128 Home Economics Presented by Margaret R. Grier
April 29-30, 8:30-4:30 "Improving Personal Communication."
Carnahan Conference Center This two day conference features
Cost=$80.00 (includes lunch) four workshops: the psychology of
persuasion and influence, how to
facilitate positive change,
‘ overcoming the fear of public
peaking and "telling it like it
helps." Call Nell Westbrook at 254-
1060. '
We would like to thank all the staff who responded for their
opinions and suggestions. LSO will discuss the results and
report later. Thirty-nine questionnaires were returned, and here
are the results. The numbers represent the number of people who
checked off each item.
1. What LSO functions do you attend?
36 Christmas Luncheon
28 teas ~
17 staff picnic
31 bake/crafts sale
. 2. If you do not attend LSO functions, why not?
3 inconvenient
4 lack of interest
2 not a member
2 other (please specify)

 3. would you be interested in:
L 18 programs at lunch
6 intramural sports (baseball, volleyball, bowling, etc.)
_ 9 raffles
9 Derby Day activities ·
11 trivia contest
21 compiling a library cookbook
15 medical checks (blood pressure, diabetes, etc.)
24 student appreciation tea
4. what other types of social activities would you like to see
LSO sponsor?
18 responses. Some examples: style show, cocktail
party, arts and crafts fair, exercise classes, quarterly
coffee, doughnut sale.
5. What suggestions do you have to revive the Christmas luncheon
and the staff picnic? Do you think that the location of
these events should be changed? If so, where?
28 responses. Some examples: the Alumni House,
Business Library, and the King Deli were suggested for
the Christmas luncheon; Jacobson Park, Shillito Park,
Spindletop, Carnahan House, and MIK were suggested for
the staff picnic.
6. would you like these events replaced with alternative
activities? If yes, with what?
24 responses: 21 were "no," and 3 were "yes" -~ lecture
tours, and luncheon programs were suggested as
replacements. '
7. In what ways do you think LSO as an organization can be
16 responses. Some examples: more communication with
staff, more publicity about LSO events, more activities
to meet staff of other departments. Also, one person
wrote, "LSO is great as it is!", while another person
felt that LSO should be disbanded (1).
Cataloging Microcomputer Files: A Manual of Interprgration for
AACR 2. Sue A. Dodd and Ann M. Sandberg - Fox. Chicago:
American Library Association, 1985. Call number Z695.615
.D63 1985. Contents include: Development of Cataloging
` Rules for Machine-Readable Data Files, Hardware and Software
Components of a Microcomputer System, Access Points, and
Step-by—Step Cataloging Examples.

Foundations of Cataloging: A sourcebook. Edited by Michael
Carpenter and Elaine Svenonius. Littleton, CO: Libraries `
I Unlimited, 1985. Call number Z693 .F68 1985. Contents
include: Rules for the Compilation of the Catalogue of the
British Museum, Smithsonian Catalogue System (Charles A.
Cutter), The Crisis in Cataloging: Selections (Andrew D.
Osborn), Literary Unit vs. Bibliographical Unit (Eva Verona)
and The Most Concise AACR 2 (Michael Gorman).
The Information Explosion: The New Electronic Media in Japan and
Europe. Edited by Mick McLean. Westport, CT: Greenwood
Press, 1985. [Emerging patterns of work and communications
in an information age, number 3]. Call number TK 5105.5 .I49
1985. Contents include: Japan and Asia in the Year 2000,
Optical Fibre Systems Tests in the German Federal Republic, .
Telematics: a Peaceful Revolution and Family Life in the New
( Media Area.
Please pay your LSO dues. Annual dues are $5.00. Make your
check payable to the Library Staff Organization, and send your
check and this form to Jennifer Geran, Interlibrary Loan, King
South, 0039. Thanks!1

 I -6-
I Humanities Department Head. Auburn University. Salary: $30,000
I minimum. Deadline: May 15, 1986.
I Gifts and Exchange Librarian. Auburn University. Salary:
{ $20,000—$24,000. Deadline: May 23, 1986.
I University Archivist. Auburn University. Salary: $28,000-
I $36,000. Deadline: May 15, 1986.
I ’ cAL1FoRN1A
I Public Service Librarian. University of California, Los Angeles.
{ Salary: $22,872-$40,248. Deadline: June 16, 1986.
i Head, Theater Arts Library. University of California, Los
I Angeles. Salary: $27,948-$47,292. Deadline: June 16, 1986.
I Head, Architecture and Urban Planning Library. University of
. California, Los Angeles. Salary: $27,948—$47,292. Deadline:
‘ June 16, 1986.
Reference Librarian. University of Kentucky. Salary: $16,500
I minimum. Deadline: May 16, 1986.
Administrative Librarian. National Library of Medicine. Salary:
$37,599 minimum. Deadline: April 21, 1986.
Director of University Libraries. Western Michigan University.
Salary; variable. Deadline: April 15, 1986.
Team Leader, Cataloging. Princeton University. Salary:
variable. Deadline: May 7, 1986. I
oH1o I
Cataloger. Ohio State University. Salary: $18,600-$20,640. I
Deadline: April 30, 1986. I

Reference Librarian. Ohio State University. Salary: $18,600-
$25,080. Deadline: May 1, 1986.
Cataloger for Japanese Materials. Ohio State University.
Salary: $18,00-$24,000. Deadline: June 1, 1986.
Reference Librarian. University of Oregon. Salary: $20,000
minimum. Deadline: April 25, 1986.
Head Librarian. Pennsylvania State University. Salary:
variable. Deadline: May l, 1986.
Reference Librarian. Temple University. Salary: $16,800 I
minimum. Deadline: May 15, 1986.
Cataloger. Temple University. Salary: $16,800 minimum.
Deadline: May 2, 1986.
Special Collections Librarian. University of Tennessee,
Knoxville. Salary: $28,000—$35,000. Deadline: June 15, 1986.
Monographs Librarian. Vanderbilt University. Salary: $17,000
minimum. Deadline: April 23, 1986.
Preservation Librarian. Vanderbilt University. Salary: $17,000
minimum. Deadline: April 23, 1986. ”
Serials Cataloger. Virginia Tech. Salary: $18,000 minimum.
Deadline: May 15, 1986.