xt7xsj19pk18 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7xsj19pk18/data/mets.xml North Carolina Historical Records Survey of North Carolina 1941 Prepared by the North Carolina Historical Records Survey, Division of Professional and Service Projects, Work Projects Administration; Other contributors include: United States Work Projects Administration Division of Professional and Service Projects; 12 leaves, 28 cm; Typescript (photocopy); Included bibliographical references and index; UK holds archival copy for ASERL Collaborative Federal Depository Program libraries; Call number FW 4.14:N 81c/ser.8/no.20 books English Raleigh, North Carolina: The North Carolina Historical Records Survey This digital resource may be freely searched and displayed in accordance with U. S. copyright laws. North Carolina Works Progress Administration Publications Inventory of the State Archives of North Carolina, Regulatory Agencies, Series VIII, Number 20 Stonewall Jackson Manual Training and Industrial School text Inventory of the State Archives of North Carolina, Regulatory Agencies, Series VIII, Number 20 Stonewall Jackson Manual Training and Industrial School 1941 1941 2015 true xt7xsj19pk18 section xt7xsj19pk18     QQ           ` UNIVERSTT OF xamucxv
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g   V“r/  g 3 DHE5 HTLEEUE U , t ;»,;y~i;sr{
? . §_,.=f {_ ` mj   T;   g |
r   V }/ { ,
1 I *
Q ` I   l Inventory of the State
v Q   v 2 Archives of North Carolina
F 1 I { `
5 1 Series VIII
Q · Social Service Acencies
.3 t ‘—’
  ; EIO •  
L Stonewall Jackson Kennel
"‘ ’ . . .
I Training and Industrial
is School
    l "·*"""
  ` -- . . .
Q rorth Caroline Historical
Q Records Survey Project
I · - · » -. · I ·
if s Division of P1‘<)l€SS10ll‘ELl
‘ e
_   8.Tld
r g. Service Projects
¤· ., . . . . — .
  NOI’l-Q Progecizs AQ1T11S.`;lS`lZF9~lZlOH
Y T · ,- **1
i   naleigh, I. C.
§ » I Jenuery; IQQI l
{ . nv
vv ~
5 ` .
ii { *li~"..l....."....-.......,..il..I___________,
€;· `
V E:
Y  ·
- F


  ,·_· gi  _
J   fi 
_i'—; Q  
V f{ =
C · .»!
V   T.T*7"["\"7¤'1`I '\ Kr `W 'f"T* ~"* F1 ` W" T' "‘ *`T V"!
V r Lg ; Im J ra;. L CRL O; Tru:. ¤ .¤r1¢.i”;, A,:?C;;.¤. :;,8 C
. 1, [r
, (H
` r   OF »
    » ., om. ..¤ .1
J {gg ;:C1;1;- CIxi`OLI.L}A
ov ;  _
{1 j
W ,
'Y .
k ,
o; o
zr} ]f`0 , 2 G
ivy -. -- y ... ...4.. - -,· ».. .~. .. N-
{3%;   CMEMLL JALIx.S Or . .4;;. a;..L 21%.AIr I. 5 G i.; TD I- I·l?S'1'IiLLI. S CTECCL
,4}* L
{Qu C
W? >f`
9 to
‘ { i`
I   .) •
-=1r ‘ 1- roparod bv
JQ ‘ r _ V
  ;& The ;_fori:h Carolina Ziisotorioal Roc orris SUI`”`i€j,' Projocf
o ¥;{{   Division of Professional amd Sortriioco Projects
  X `fforl-: P1‘ojoo‘lis iidrxjzxii s‘brz·.ti_on
·‘! ;
N ·`
C ML   >#   * »< * * 4(
Ev? `,
sr? . o . .
C ;,§% Rolex;/ax, North Czrolma
  The 1 orth Carol ina Hisicorical {Loc ards Sxzrvoy Prog? V ob
’   J@.;1U£»ry_, 1941
Q `-

 i  ‘2 
2 »5; 
r 1*. 
C , _
[ VE%.Historical Records Survey Pro;ram gr
, 2%,;
l All
.   l
i "*
1 Sargent B. Child, National Director $
l "ilton Y. Blanton, Regional Supervisor jg
Q Colbert F. Crutchfield, State Superrisor yt
i ; 
{ ¤ 'I
w uv
i lil?
i Fav
E reg
4 __ +3
i Di ‘’·.· ision of Professional and Service rrojects *g
1 , 
_\ Florence ferr, Assistant Commissioner GQ
- ' . . . ... . . ,*7
l Blanche ;. Ralston, Chief regional Supervisor _§
‘i jay E. Campbell, State Director ;%
3 it
{ {M2
l '· I
z ` ·  
* H
i ‘;§,
z m
2 tk,
t at
v Howard O. Hunter, Acting Commissioner `Q
g Qalcolm J. filler, Regional Director g
{ C. C. IcGinmis, State Administrator _ g
1 gl
` V
% fas
* Elf
2 l‘·~ i J
Q , a
* . -- . - . .  
X Sponsored oy the -orth Carolina historical Commission Ty
. A  
K. C. S. IoUle, Chairman X
C. C. Crittenden, Secretary Q

  T O 1. I W O Il D
  We       Se;22   22;  ¤.¤:j¤.¤ E.e:>.@e is Om OF R r
ig number of bibliographies o?-historical mwterials`prepsred throughout the
jj, United States by workers on the Eistoricel Records Survey of the Work
vg Projects Administrétiom. Each state department, institution, or other
YK agency will be represented by s seperate section of the inventory; the
lj section for functionally related agencies will be grouped in series.
lg The Tistoricel Recoros Survey Program was undertaken iu the winter
lll of 1955-36 for the purpose of providing usefrl employment to needy uu-
°g employed historians, lawyers, teachers, and research and clerical
Q workers. In carrying out this objective, the project was organized to
j compile irvemtories of historical reteriels, particularly the unpublished
ll jovernment dccunmnts and records which ere busic in the administration of
Q local government, and which provide invaluable date for students of po-
ij liticcl, economic, end social history. The archival guide herewith
iQ presented is intended to rwet the requirements of dny—to—daj administra-
‘% tion by the officials of the State, and also the needs of lawyers,
]§ business men and other citizens who require facts from the public records
{% for the proper conduct of their affairs. The volume is so designed that
iw‘ it can be used by the historian in his research in unprinted sources in
y§ the same way he uses the libru*y card citulog for printed scurcss.
` <¥
5 The inventories produced by the Tistoricul Records Survey Pro rum
é attempt to do more than merely give L list of r:cords——tHcy uttsmpt to
,i* sketch in the historical background and to describe precisely and in
E detail the organization and functions of the agencies whose records they
% list. The inventories for the entire country will, when completed,
gv constitute en eucyclogedie of state and local government s:‘well ss a
§ bibliography of state and locsl urchives·
`Q The successful conclusion o" the work of the Historicel Records
Q Survey Pyowrum, even in e single agency, would not be possitlc without
j the support of public officials, historicel and lejel spcciulists, end
E mary other groups in the conrmuiiy. Their co—opcr;tiom is gratefully
{ scknowledged.
ll The Survey Projrem was organized by Luther K. Evans, who served es
Q Director until his appointment as Director of tue Legislative Reference
vé Service of the Library of Congress. He was succeeded or Merch l, 1940,
,§ by Sargent E. Child, who had served es Field Supervisor since the inaugu-
?Q ration of the Survey. The Survey Proirem operates as e retfouewiic
Q series of locally sponsored projects in the Divisior of ProCrss;omul and
% Service Projects, of which Irs. Florence Kerr, Assistant Cormussioner, is
Q in charge.
Tg Actinj Coiqicsioncr

f ij 
, . `4
M i}
I up
r TQ
"Q The Historical Records Survey wss crooked in the wintcr of l95$-36
lg as a Hation—wids Works Progress Admiristraiion project for the "discovory,
_Q preservation and listing of basic materials for research in tho hisrory
3 of the United Statos."l Under the direction of Dr. Luther I. Evans, the
4% Survey undertook an extensive program for the inventory of store and
¥%r local archives, curly American imprints, church Archives, on@ collections
CQ of manuscripts; Pursuant to the provisions of the Emergency Polls? Act
lj passed Juno 5*, 1939, the existence of tho Survey as u simglo Tarior—wido
lf projoct sponsored by WPA itself was terminated August El, 1989; and tho
lj work of tho Survey was continucd within tho individual Stotcs by locally
Q sponsored projects opcratiug within thc national WPA Historical Pccords
§ Survey Program which continued under tho direction of Dr. Evans until his
Q resignation and tho subsequent appointment of Sargent B. Child on.§hrch l,
@ 19éO.
is The North Carolina Project of the national Ristoricol Records Survoy
rj was established February l, 1956, with Dr. C. C. Crittenden, Socr fury of
gi the forth Carolina Historical Commission; as director, Until jovombar
$§ 1956 tho Survey operated as an autonomous unit of the Federal {ritors’
{gr Project, directed in lorth Caroliné by Edwin Tjorkmmn. Dr. Crittenden
<$ resigned as Stato Director Juno SO, lO57, and was succoodod by Dun Lgcy,
%Q who had previously sorvod as Assistant Stats Director. The work of tho
Q§ forth Curolinu uni? cf the Historical Loccrds Survey was coutinuod by tho
¢% forth Carolina Historical {coords Survuy Frojoci osriblishod Scrtombor l,
W' 1959, and sponsored by thc forih Carolina Historical Commission. Mr. L%cy
r% roslgnsd as Stats Supsrvlsor on April 2, l9&O, to accept or mnboiwtment os
Q$  Assistant to thc Director of Historical lucords Survey Projccts in
gw "Vashimgton, D. C. Colbort F. Crutchficld, who had sorvcd as Assistant
yér Stare Supervisor under Er. Lzcy, bocamo Slmtc Supcruisor.
@ Tho prcsont invoniory of the records of EE0 Stoncwull JmcEson Manual
hé Training and Industrial School is o section of the Invouiorl of EEE·§3&;?
[@ Archlvcs of North Carolioo bein ,·_, prepared F- thc ]o?¥E*Curoliua risrorlcol
Ygl ?EEE?HE`sH?&E§*??c§EE?I"`The iuvcutory was prcpsrsd undsr tlc suporvision
Qéx of Branson lsrlcy, District Supervisor in charge of public archi os. The
`Q invonbory‘was road for tho sponsor by Dr. C. C. Criirondon of tho lorth
T‘ Chrolins Xisiorlcnl Comnissicn and cdiicd by Ziss fsbcl S. Yrodio of the
-? Library of Ccrgross Tatiorml Technical Project of the Tiskoricql records
CA_` Q Survey Program. Tho Survey is indcbhcdod to tlc mombcrs or rho stuff of
  Um SAROITGVYFJI Jac?   on : cwnucrl T1"U.j.E'tl1l_J and Inca xs t ri. ol School for +.1;o 1 l-
f gousrous co—opcr¤tion in the work.
  J Pr ur:. ry , l QQ l
g l. jorks Progress Admi:is£r ilu , Opcrafir; }ron»duro Qo. N~Z, Boris d
3  _· July 2, 1937
f '

lt d
wi t
Hi l. Structural Organization and Evolution
* w g
gn Because there was no institution for young law—treakers, the State
ay Board of Charities, after lCQl, advocated the establishment of a training
X37 school for them.l The governors of the State and the King's Daughters
by Society also asked for such an institution. Corsequently, in lQO7 the
lp, General Assembly incorporated the Stonewall Jackson Esnual Training and
y Industrial School, as a refcrmatory for separutin; youthful first offend-
% ers from the influence of older criminals, of removirc youthful delin-
U s . s , V "
T quents from unfavoraole environments, ann of teachinc them a trade.2 The
+ . . r . “ K
gf board of trustees of the school originally consisted of l5 members ap-
ii oointed bv the Governor for terms o" sir refrs overle nine 5 I lQ25 th
W 1 , - _, -r ., . -.. V iu . .i ap,. Q, _n me
~§l number of trustees was changed to ll, all appointed in the same vear for
yp, a term of four years.4 The trustees receive four dollars a day while on
jg, duty and six cents per sdle in traveling to and from the place of moot-
yr ing.5 The Governor may remove any member of the board cf trustees when
l ,$’ . . . . . . . . ,_ _ ,
{ in his opinion it is to the oost interest oi the State anw may appoint a
tg successor to any member for an unexpired t3rm.6
E X; `
  I"! . J. J. ‘ J.T. .2 • w
pil lhe board of trustees is autsorized to emclov a superintendent ann
lg any other assistants as are deemed necessary and to fix their salaries
pj, and define their duties; it may discharge any such employees for cause.
tl, The treasurer and superintendent of the school, before receiving any
 f funds, must furnish such bond, payable to the State of Yorth Carolina,
of as is required by the Gcvorror and approved by the State Treasurer.?
l * §~
y  o 0 W,. . F W1 Dua, j pe
MN. c. lC ..rl rs a-c s,os
tri  _ _ _ . . . ,. . .
 $» The Stonewall Jackson ynnual Traiuinj one lrdustr al School is a
jh, body corporate, by‘which name it may sue arr be sued, plead and be im-
tfy pleaded; hold, use, sell and convey real ost Co; receive donstiors,
l$Q gifts, and appropriations; and do all other things necessary for the
Wy” carrying out of the intended purposes for which it was or;aiizod.8 The
tf, trustees are empovered to establish and operate a school Poi training
I" , _1 A _ _ _! “_ ~_` _ V _ _ 7 J _ __ g`· _ V`, A
rQ; and ior the moral ant industrlal de elopnert of oelinqrent children or
¥§* the State; to receive as they sec fit deliigucnt or criminal white
tut children under ld years of age cogritted to them by the State courts;
lg}( ·
mt ......._._.
l  *5.
Q?. l. deport of the Board of Chari- lCO7, 0. FOB, hereafter cited
{@7 ties, 1891, p. lO; lC9Z, p. rs Public Laws.
  ILO; 1895, F, 10; 15196, p, 55; 5. Ibid., 1;.  
‘&. 1898, p. lid; l9Cl, pp. 175- Q. loin., lO25, o. BOC, s. 2,
gl 77; l902, p. QQ-SO; l€O$, F. 5, lbid., l?O7, C. VOS, S. F.
,*7 IO5; 1904, p. l7d; lCOZ, p. G. lbid.
@ 318, 7. luis., s. Q
"· --· · » -— · ¤   rn F JZ ¤ ,. ‘»
NT 2. guolic Laws of North Carolina, c. laid], l @7, c. »OC, U. Q.
  ""*··*· ········ ···*· ··**·"" """""""‘" ’*‘”
j:.  _
4  ~&
%  ps

151 - 2 ·
1 Q1`; 2 
sf- 1 .
;@§ _` . (Powers and Duii@S> (?1Y$t QYYTY, P·4)
j%E to h&V@ the sole Tight to RSGQ, T€S1F&1D, and jischarge the dclinqucnts
Vgg under such proper and humans rules and regulations as they ;i;h+ ad0pt;9
L3; to receive all moneys and private gifts, wkcther donations or 01herwisc, _
Lgj gud to use such moneys for the operation ani maintenénce of the school;
  to account for -211 vacncy e.jg>pr<>pz~5.z1tcd by the Ste».+1e;1O and tg meme Such
Qgg iules Qhd §igU1&tl0HS 38 BUY EG U@C@SS&ry for the manggcmcnt OP the re-
`   ZL OI'1'TlELtOI`y•
11 Any presiding cfficcr of m county court has authority to sentence
xi; to the rcfcrmatory any person under 16 years of age convicted of any
@1 violation of the criminal laws of the Stake provided the officer is of
lg? yl»· the opinion that it is for the best imierash 0f the person and of the
¥£% community tha? the offender be so s@nt@mc©d.l2 The Suprcnw Court, how-
Qkx ever, has decided t}&t the words “c0n*1cted" and "$cmtsnc©d" as used in
[gf the laws docs not mean that detention in the school is imprisonment as
-@L punishment for a crime, but khai conviction is merely evidence that the
1Q% child needs the carc of the State and that the sentence is an cider of
“%f detenti©n.1$ It is further provided that the Governor may by order {rais-
  fcr any person from any jaxil, chain gang, or prison in the Stake to the
1   reformcfcory. 14
$$1 The officers 0f the school are authorized to receive all children
- Q%Q committed to fhcm by competent authority and to cause all svch children
 @1 to be instructed in the rudi;@nhary branches of useful knowledge. The
QQQ children musk be taught Such vseful trades and iivcm such umuual train-
LQW  _V, 1nL as the b0ar6 may &cs1 proper and must perfor: such mg¤u¤] labor as
1§x the principal or cthar officers, su?j@cb to the direction nj %L© board,
jiyi may direct. A11 the inmates aunt, if p0ss1U1©, bi tuuL1t thu py©c@p%;
PQQ1 of the Bible, good soral conduct, rnd how to wmrk.l5 If it agpcars +L;t
ggm an innate is an undesirable iwflueacc, the beard Aust ;¤?a 1 simtomcnt
1Qf; Of Such to the Governor who Bay r ;c*c such inmate to the S" kc Prison
{@E OT 10 Q jPil or chain g;n;,1¤
QEQ The board of krustcus Qs crgovcrcd 10 rec ivc gifts for tlc p:c]u~
;%Q? sive purposc of erecting c0ti;5cs on khc ;r©uuGs of fha insi1kuti¤m.17
§§y¥ When such gifts are sufficient ic wreck a cottage 1¤rja cnough to ac-
fwyg C0mm0Q&1© thirty inmakes from one county, thc trvs+®es nay amber into
iii; an Gbligafion to rcccive that nu ber of alildrcm fron Lhat county and to
[@1Q name the c0t*ajc For thc c0u¤tj.l3 A11 Yull inf; crvctwd by ile insti-
Q$$§ tution must be gqypyqved by the S&a%© Yuildir; Conmiscion and Zvilt fro;
L§Y1 plans nada by the Stake A7ciibcct.1O It is 1P ful ,‘’.v for c0un#v c0nnissi0p—
EQK GFS Or othey governigj Officers of citivs Or *0wms to contribukc from
1H*¥ pub}ic {unda Such gyguptg as tN©f ;ay d@©= proper for tBc crcckiop of a
   ‘~, ;
§$j1 G. Public Laws, 1$®7, 0. SOT, S. 2. 15, 1216., ss. 5, 1%.
{$11 ll• TETE•» S- C- l 17. 1?TT., Exira Sewsion, 1920,
  12.   S;. 11, 17.     1-
[5g 15. 1E7—Y. C. 540, 18, Ibid., s. 2.
EZQ 14. PUF11c Laws, ITOV, c. "C', S. 12. 19. 11TH], IQOT, G. YOU, S- Zi.
 ‘  1

 ii 9
®§ (housing, Cari, and Accessibility (First gpfyy, p_ 4)
my o Records)
Edt cottage. The funds for a cottage say be lawfully diverted from any public
lE§ fund or secured by bond issue under such rules as may be prescribed by the
QQ board of county commissioners or the governing body of the particular city
Us or town.2O
Iyé · The school is inspected annually by the State Board of Charities which
aw ? must maize a report to the Governor with suggestions for improvements.2l
Qgj Biennial reports are required to be submitted to the Budget Bureau and to
gd? the Governor.22
thy The site on which the Stonewall Jackson lhnual Training and Industrial
{gg School is located was donated by residents of Concord and Cabarrus County
{QQ with the aid of the King's Daughters of North Carolina and other clubs of
Egg the State. The first cottage home, The King's Daughters cottage, was com-
me pleted and the school opened on January 12, 1909, with the arrival of one
 qt;  boy from Burlington, ll, 0.
;@% The institution attempts to educate the inmates and to teach them a
{td trade, by which they may become useful members of society after their
lhd release.
w i
EQQ The school new has sixteen cottage homes and a receiving building
3gji in which new boys are Vept for two weeks before being assigned to cot»
{Xl tages. Other buildings include; Cannon Temorial Duilding at the head
 VZ *,§ . · . _·, me .
yyy of the canpus, containing the business ol;iccs, the home of the assist-
ant ant superintendent and roons for workers not living in the cottages; the
wml school building, containing rooms for the seven grades of the literary
¥$§ school, the auditorium with a seating capacity of SOO; the Ying's
ifi Daughters Library, containing over five thousand volumes, and quarters
dbi for storeroom underneath, with the motion picture roon and equipment on
gig the second floor; the Roth Building, housing the machinery of the cotton
it? will unit, sponsored by the forth Carolina Fanufacturers' Association;
gdi the new Swink—Denson Trades Uuilding, located on an avenue west of the
gf; Cannon Nemorial Building and housing the println; offices, barber shop,
£§; plumbing and sheet intel shop, machine and carpenter shop, shoe shop,
§;i sewing room, lecture and band room; and an izfirunry, gyrmusiuu, and
§§§ swimming pool.
li   *%
§1é 5. Housing, Care, and Acresoibilit; of Records
Eli The records of the Stonewall Jackson larual Training and industrial
Qjl School are housed in the offices of the Superintendent, Ir. Charles E.
$`€ Roger, in the Cannon Qemorial jutlding. Tho building is cgngtruntgd Of
?.§ 20. Public Laws, 1907, c. BOC, s. 4. Public Telfare.
    21.   ii, S, 7. gal.- 22;. if-mists   iced, C. ion,
§,§ State Board of Charities and s. 6; Const., art. J, s. 7,

   — 4 -
fig (Abbreviations, Symbols, and Explanatory (1, 2)
y} notes; Minutes)
Q; }3 . __ . ,
my brick, concrete, and steel. The offices have wooden floors and window
{pd casements. They are well-lighted, wel1—ventilated, and clean.
ri ft
let , . . , . .
gpg Conditions of storage and facilities for the use of records are good
{Qi and there is ample space for expansion of record files.
~r»· ·, ~ · - _
Y i
  V-I`t• •••••••••••••••••••••.••.•E>.1”lZlC].G
IH S - · ~ . ,_ .
    C | I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I O I I I I   I.
,   CO`D.St¤ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Constitution   T`; C.
  j~`Oj·dI I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I | I Q | I    
  P g ’   Q Q | I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I     ) `
  S•,SS• ••••••••••••••••••••••••SGCtj.O],'l(S
AW N .
  ·l'Ol(S) •••••••••••••••••••••••• VO].uET1€(S
  '"' ••••••••••••••••••••••••• current
W?} jxact titles on volumes or containers are written in all capitals
' T V? .
.;j without brackets.
 4 . ·. . . ...,
Qét Descriptive titles, written in all capitals and enclosed in brackets,
Q[§ have been assigned to records having no exact titles on volumes or con—
;#§ tainers.
i t
thi Explanatory titles, written with initial capitals and enclosed in
été brackets, have been added to exact titles which are misleading or are not
gyt sufficiently descriptive of record content.
lh} lf units of a record have distineuishint numbers letters or other
{x, .{ ca V J J
{tt labeling, such labeling is indicated in parentheses following the state-
§i§ ment of quantity in the title line.
 1% A
*°@ Dimensions of volumes or record containers are given in irches.
 L-  g<
Q g Number of papers contained, as shown in title lines, is approximate
{ J tetal number covered by the entry.
np  J}
g.? Qinutes
   5 ·
j 5 -_. . . -.. ·
l Q 2 vols.
gt? Kinutes`of irregular meetings of the Board of Trustees, showin; date of
lr;  · . r 1 · . ,_.._ H., ,.` C ,, ., J., . .] i
tri meeting, names of members present, ousiness tra sactcd, and iegorcs of tit
§ E Svperintendent received. Arranged chronologic*ll;’by date of entry. _o
w i . ‘\ ,.
t Q lH@®X· Typed. 200 pages,l5 x 8 x xg 400 pages , ll x 8; x l.
T ` . . " `
g { 2. [HIIUTES OF TEE EXECUTIVE C0]]IlTEEl, Hey 21, l9l7—-. 1 vol.
i t Zinutes of irregular meetings of the executive committee of the hoard of

   ·- 5 —
§§ (Correspondence; Case Records) (3-7)
QQ Trustees, showing date and business traxsanbed. Arranhcd chr©ng10;icu1ly
QL by date of entry. I0 index. Eandwribtcn. ZOO pages, 15 x 9 x ii
 :-c y
Q? ` V
¥§ Correspondence
t  ,
`éj OTHERS, 1924--. 3 file drawers (datci).
igé Correspondence 0f the Superintendent with Director of the Buugct and
Egg State Auditor and with donors to the school, relating almost entirely to
igi fiscal affairs. Arranged chronologically by year received; thereunder
if; alphabetically by name 0f correspomdcwt. To index. Handwritbcm and
EEE typed. 9 x 12 x 24.
}j% Case Records
fx 4. CURREIT ETHOLLEEIT, l92$—·. E file drawers (labeled by contain-
gj ed letters of alphabet).
§j$ Individual record file for each prvscnt inmate includin$; Feulth cgrti~
5F} fiemte; information sheet, showing name, alias, race, address, with whom
h § livin; at time of offcnsw, date and place 0; birth, grade ir school, names
W g of relatives, parcntal status, references, and court hcarivgs; g narrative
§§ report 0; furily's and child’s histories; jU£;HG2t and ccmmitmenk stato-
Q  .; ment; and pertinent correspondence. Papcrs on each case are enclosed in
Q Q a folder which has a summary of the personal history data, a record of
¥»§ parole, and a record 05 escapes or at cmpfed escapes. Arraxj0G alphabeLi—  
§»§ cally by name 0f inmate. I0 imccx. laudwyiften uni typed; haujwriticn
Qfj and typed on printed forms. Q x 12 x EQ.
Ei; 5. BOYS PARQLFD O1 DISCIAQGED ELIQE TO l935, l?lQ—25.V L file `
Fgg drawers (labeled by·00nt&in©d letters 0f alghabeb).
j{§ Individual record file of each inmate Qischmrjad prior in 1925, c©n%;im—
;b% ing records similar to hhosc dcscxjbed in entry 4. Lcpt sopmrztc bccuvzc
hg? no discharge paper was issued jricr to KQES. Ayygnbmd alph¤heLjcxl”y by
gfx name 0f inmate. Qu ixiei. Iandmritbcn and tyycd; h¢ndvritt0n amw typed
[jg cn printed forms. 9 x 12 x 24.
bg? SETI YIY‘ l?25 “UT` l*Cf ULSCYAXGTD {ETC} Tl W {CYS w`OEQLi2
%{§ DIL} Ylil), lQZ5——. 9 file drawers {laV@led by contained }et+eys
E 4 0F alwhabet .
&¤§ I¤dLvidmal recgrd fiic of each ir;2+@ wlo Pa: been parwluf or c0;iiii0n—
|¥§ &lly released or who Har iiei at the school, ccn+1Lni2g rcc0r6a sinilnr
`jé EO ilosc described in eptrj Q. Kspi scparatwly b coupe no Q§xo"arjc papdr
jg; VRS Gvwr issued. Ary;né©d a1ph2bciQc&lly Ty name O? inmate. 0 m;dc¥. I
i?§ Ymndwritfcn znd typed; hgudwritkcn uni typwd on prixbwd forms. Q x 14 x [4,
5 § drwwcrs (labeled by c0w+&Lrcd lcficvs rf wlpLm%»t)? · I
5 i Iidividual r©©0rQ file cf each ixmgic :@10€st? uniur .v§;rv;s1on, no %t;y—
§$§ in; Tcéords similar to those d©scyib;d in citrj 4. Kcpi :;gzrz”ilj Lwcwpnx
Q § HO discharge paper has Econ issued. Arr;nU i &iil@1¤*icmllf by -¤:c ’.·. of I
 {y   $1?!H&.TJC. [0 ihiezt. KL<.]1Q`.·.`3`i`LZ"C11 ;;r’;¢` tjj¤;¢.`_; Yzriz rI=.’rj *1.0:1   {ij  wx j 1·1;;-<;r‘,
§ 5 forus. Q x 12 x 24.

 if 1
lx (Enrollment Records) (8-16)
G1 8. BOYS DISCHARGED EEGI] IIC 1925, 1925--. 6 file drawers (labeled
7*é by contained letters of alphabet).
pl Individual record file of each former inmate who has been discharged, con-
gg taining records similar to those described in entry 4. Kept separately _
’l1 because contains copy of discharge paper. Arranged alphabetically by name
jg of inmate. Zo index. Handdritten ané typed; handwritten and typed on
igg printed forms. 9 x 12 x 2d.
L§§ 9. ESCAPEP BOES, l909~-. 2 file drawers.
lj; Individual record file ot former inmates who have nnde good their escape,
V,  , · _ · · . . - .., . L
{4; containing for each inmate records similar to those deserined in entry 4.
qj Arranged alphabetically by name of innate. Ko index. handwritten and
gi typed; handwritten and typed on printed forms. 9 x l2 x BQ.
tt  ` » Enrollment Records 1
l'  ‘ · _ · · l
[lg 10. [REGISTER OF BOIS], 1909--. 10 vols,
,€Y Legister of boys who have been paroled or who have escaped, shoxirg name,
F  F . ., ·_
lgg name and occupation of parents, town and county sentenced irom, offense,
lg and date of parole or escape. Arranged alphabetically by first letter of
{Q5 surname. Io index. handwritten. QCO pages, 15 x 15 x 1. J
rl    I ` 1
if  W-- -·1-— -- x · — —--·—- -1 - . 2
if ll, niROLLln T OF DOES Jl COU,"lnS, 1930--. G vols. ,
QQ List of boys enrolled in school, showing nano, date of oonfintmcnt, and ,
tf? offense. Arranged by county; thereunder alphabetically by first letter
rtl of surname of boy. jo index. handwritten. 325 pa;es,ll x Ct·x 1.
gg _ . p
tg; 12. [nOrTHLf TOTAL pl COhlif], 1901--. c vols.
VQE Lonthly summary oT enrollment by county. Arrarjed chronologically ty
  month of SL1lYll{l&I`:-’_; thereirnder alphabtticallgr by county. Lfo 1`li;.©'T• l;·y><:d. —
V.  I 1 1 »
1;; IOC pages, ll 2 8;-x lg;
led U
nl, M ,in All
ttl lo. JOUA AL [Cash Orders], lash--. 2 vols.
gil Record of supplies ordered by boys Orem Concord stores. Arrar of cProno—
¤&·‘ . , 1 ‘-. . -. »,_q_,,a. __ .w _, _ _ . __ n _ 1
g-  lo ically by date ol entry. No }.lli.1’·?§£. ;»ancn1.·r.tce;,. LEO p.;_r;s, 1.3   c X 1;,-.
MAE " ·· ‘
1 J li
l§§ 14. JOUEIAL [3oys' Cash], lUY5——. 2 vols.
’·   ~~ 1 », -· ,   r. , 1. _. .4. r _ J .L ·i-.,·.. ,* .• ,
  CO.5g 1300]; 0; m_0]*;;3;‘ ·<7;lI·;i;0d oy Or si';. l 1"i·in ,.O.4lC cc OO_;’S In Mlm.: .•);I,1,,..1l.lt 1.*311.
1;, Arranged chronologically 5; date of entry. "c irdex. handwritten. LFO
Ei pared, 12 x 8 x 1.
 S; `· _ —
tig 15. [acrs* SPLQDIIV AC ·,.l UY]£l, 19Zb--· F V01S•
JQ Ledger mooonnt of indi idu l receipts and ristursemrnts, sDorin_ source
ill of receipt and pripose and oncrne of iishursepart. A;:nnje~ ol hw at -
  cally 1;>j>·jo_r·;mo of jgqyypto, jo j_;—_d_c;i. H1—,r_;·i2fr·i;i:ion on prJ.`·1.t·> . · — ln ir. J · ,. -. `..~ .~   r-»-, ’Y,,~—~ "
  pi`LOy·;·<1G1·1—tj 1-U3, *1iQ, 15 CLI-liv. iLI~]‘·f;I*l;_(_j; ;__]_P,;"4__,@4 _]_C_,]_1_`; CJ 01 ;TlLA,_i_(, O ed JU • , O
i,% index. handwritten. ZOO papes, lu x 1C X 0.

   ¢ 1
  · 7 · i
E2 (Financial Records) (17-2Q)
Q§ papers in 1 bundle and 1 post binder.
fg Lecord of monthly scholastic average of each pupil, showing mace, grade
gy on each subject, general average, attitude, and personality. Arranged by _
LQ month; thereunder by grade; thereunder alphabetically by name of pupil.
gi; fo index, 18 X 12 x 5.
  ‘ l
 §§ 18. [REQISTEH OE TlSlTORS], 1958--. l vol.
fj Register of visits of E0ys' relatives, showin; the meme of the boy, and
·  §§ the time of arrival, of departure, and relationship of visitor. Entries
V lgl arranged chronologically by date of visit. K0 index. 200 pages,
tQ§ 9 x 15 x 1.
ltf 19. [WEEKLY COTTAGE REPORTS], 1@22—-. 2,500 pxpers ir l file drawer.
été Reports made each week by the cottage officers on the gereral condition
QW of boys, showing name; nge, general attitude, personality, physical condi- 1
Mr* tion, grade in school, and honor roll. Arranged alphabetically by fame j
§@§ of cottage; thereunder chronologically by date of report. Io index. *
lf; Tondwrltten on printed forms. 9 x 12 x 24.
Y ? 1
Ii? Financial Records l
qq l
Q? 20. [REPORTS TO BUDGET BURIAL], 1926. Q vols. 2
ggg Jonthly reports to the Budget Bureau as follows; jorthly Report on the
ji Eudbet, Form B.B, 701, showing puryose and amount 0f expenditure; lorthly
gl Leport on Appropriation and Allotment, Form Bgf. 702, showing *otal up- _
Q§ propriation, how allotted, total transactions, umexponded bhlnroe, out- I
§§ standing obligations, and unencumberod allotgent; Yonthly leport of Out-
15 standing Obligations, Form B.%. 705, showin; dhte of invoice, vendor,
#1 contractor or claimant, amounts of obligations, budget clossificotion;
lj; and titw of delivery; Yonthly Report on Expenditures, Form Y. B. 704,
,§g showing purpose, amount for ouch, amd`t0ta1s; Enrollment ind For Capita
if; Cost, Form B. B. 709, showin; puriose, enrollment, expenditures, and por 1
il capita cost for current fiscal your ond for previous fiscal year; gonthly r
_,'  1 Report on Permanent Improvement, Porn B. B. 725, showing projects, appro-
$15 priation,‘ullotnents, transactions, rnd encunhrmicozg Voucher Lciister,
Q) Form B. E_ 801, showin; vouchor number, payee, purpose; position, and
EV; oqount; Voucher Qo;istor A/c Classification, Form B. 3. 802, showing totals
Qt to date and previous yegr for co;§dr$son; Receipts Register, Form U, B.
Yéi @04, showing date, receipt ruxbor, irovnwhon, purpose, amovnt of rooolpte
{QQ rcccived, total, and deposits crodltod to State Treosvrer; and Hrzeipts
@$1 RGjistor A/c Classifiootior, Form F. B. 805, showing summaries of totals
Srl to date. Also contains; Institutional budget for bionniu;, Form 2, 7.
ft? 507; notification of allotgemts for quarter, Form B. 3. 502, request for
§§ Qu&rterly·allotment, For: 3, E. GO1-revised; Quarterly estiputer rerenues,
ggg Form B, E. 505-revised; inter—of moe eowtwzmcetion,-rorn·o.~o. oQ6—10o; W
—’3 r@quest for allotment from per anent lHpTOTGlCH? appropr1at1on, lon ». Q,
$$3 625; transmittal of the esti ates, Form U. 2. 1001; estimates of tho e,¤up+;
§}g Féquired for the biennium, Form D. F. 1002. Arranged ckr0n01o;ioa1ly by
§§ year; thereunder chronologically ty Qu&Fi®F; HHJ @¤€T0“¤d”F ¢¤r¤¤¤1¤’¤¤¤11y
g by xomth. lo index. Tjpcd OH 2Tii cd Y0? 5- 2Ol f?Q@€: 1O X 12 * l•

   - ...
it 8
If, (liscellaneous) (21-29)
  _ , - 4
Y`° ' F 'T" rv
+I ’21. LJOUbrAL], 1924--. o vols.
W General journal for receipts ard disbursements for expenses, showing purpose I
gg and amount of each. Arranged chronologically by date of entry. Io index. I
id Handwritten. 250 pages, 14 x 9 x 1. r
dg 22. GEIERALIVOUCHER REGlSTEH [Permanent], 1909-27. 2 vols.  
=j Register of vouchers drawn on permanent funds, showing payee, purpose, I
Lg and amount. Arranged chronologically by year; thereunder chronologically I
·j by month of register. Io index. Handwritten. 400 pages, ld x 17 x 2. I
  2s. [ascsirrs], 1927--. 1:2 wig. I
go Carbon copies issued for payments received by the institution for products I
py; sold or services performed. Arranged chronologically by date of entry. *
QQ jo index. Handwritten on printed forms. 50 pa~es, ll x C x és »
m i ‘ - H ·