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Let's go

Doesn’t it really bite the
big one that you are
reading this right
now? Reasons why l
Thanksgiving break I
should start a day or ‘
two earlier:

It already does for most
of the campus. Look
around when you
leave the building. It
is supposed to be a
little more crowded
then this.

Think about those that
live out of state.
Could you imagine
catching a flight
tonight to go home
to a place like
Boston, Chicago, or
Seattle? People.
people everywhere,
and not one that can

When teachers have to
cancel classes behind
the higher-up's
backs, you know
there is a problem.
Most of my friends
are home right now
because their classes
were canceled. Why
not just make it
official and let us all
go home, including
the teachers?

It was nice yesterday.
How fun would it
have been to be
home and playing
football with the
family. Spending
time with family?
What is that?


To make you

Step l: (30 buy a turkey

Step 2: Take a drink of
whiskey. scotch, or

Step 3: Put turkey in the

Step 4: Take another 2
drinks of whiskey

Step 5: Set the degree
at 375 ovens

Step 6: Take 3 more
whiskeys of drink

Step 7: Turn oven the on

Step 8: Take 4 whisks of

Step 9: Turk the bastey

Step 10: Whiskey another
bottle of get

Step ll: Stick a turkey in
the thermometer

Step l2: Glass yourself a
pour of whiskey

Step l3: Bake the
whiskey for 4 hours

Step l4: Take the oven
out of the turkey

Step l5: Take the oven
out of the turkey

Step l6: Floor the turkey
up off the pick

Step 17: Turk the carvey

Step 18: Get yourself
another scottle of

Step 19: Tet the sable
and pour yourself a
glass of turkey

Step 20: Bless the
saying. pass and eat


Compiled by
Samantha Essid/Ron

5.4 3.?

Good weather for
eating Turkey.


VOL. $3105 ISSUE $365


.34: vs: a 2.2;»

Call: 2574915 or write:






It's a family affair: Students from abroad will
come together Thursday for fun and relaxation

By Brian Yong


Not every IIK stiideitt will be
heading ltorite tltis ’I‘hanksgivirtg

A number of' international
studettts. irtcluding those living
in .lewell Hall. tlte international
dorm. do rtot have the optioit of
goirtg home.

“This is because of the time
constraints. not to ritention the
cost incurred for only a four-day
holiday." said Leong Ket ()nrt. art

item. it} go

Erin McNeely and Kara Byrn pause a moment on Com



electrical engineering senior
front Malaysia.

Instead. maity residents of
the internationally diverse .lewv
ell Hall will usher in 'I‘liaitksgiv
ing itigltt with art Arnericartstyle
dinner. corttplete with two

For Steven Hsu. a biology ju-
nior front Taiwan. ’l‘hartksgiving
is itot part of Itis culture. artd so
isn't a significant holiday.

l’or Hsu and other interna~
tiortal studertts. 'I‘ltartksgivirtg is


similar to otlter cultural holi~

llsti said that the (‘hinese
New Year. which is held every
I’ebruary. is iiiuclt like 'l‘llllllkSr

"We have this big faintly (litt-
ner where farttily members from
all parts of the world get togeth-
er." Hsu said.

Irtstead ot‘turkey though. rice
and noodles are among the items
coitsurtied. said Hsu.

"I have lived iii (‘entral
America before and we had the
“turkey" dinner as well.“ Hsu


Song. a hospitality

Korea. said that in her Iioiiie
country. they also telelirate a
similar festival to ’I‘haiilvsgiving.
called (‘hu Seok.

(‘hu Seok is a festival that oc
curs annually on Aug 1.3 I’artici
pants give thanks to their ant-es
tors for continuously pl‘oy idiiig
them with grain so that they w ill
not go hungry.

The main dish is still'.’ nun.
which is a kind of rice cake, s. tlt.I

Natltir Rawasrleh. an vii-e ti :7
cal engineering senior from: in-
dart. compared 'l‘hanksgi'. :i ‘o
the Muslim holiday callwf lei
madan which occurs .‘llitill' three


Mens and


Students come together in spirit of season

Ramadan is like 'I‘haiiksgiy
ing in its sense of togetherness
and family. Itawasdt-li said that
the older members of Muslim
families see Ramadan :is a time to
pay homage to their friends and
families and catch tip on old

However. Rawasdeh does not
have £t'l_\ family members to cele
brate 'l‘hanksgiy in: with ltiitt at
l‘lx'. Instead. he plans to spend
time with friends,

All said. though. ’I'liaitksgiv
iitg has one universal itieaititig
for all college students.

“It is a very welcomed break
front all the e.\ams that we have."


plex Drive before leaving UK for a long trip to Hayfield,

Relief food bank infested with rats


nests found iii a food warehouse
threatened to leave Thanksgiving
tables short of food for South (‘ar-
olina‘s needy. as food banks iii two
states scrambled to replace 1,000
tons of possibly contaminated items.

The US Agriculture Depart-
ment and the Food and Drug Ad
ministration locked down the af-
fected (‘RK Enterprises warehouse
in Columbia last week. But not be»
fore some items were sent to food
banks in South Carolina arid Char»
Iotte. NC. and on to families
preparing for Thanksgiving.

The Agriculture Department
warned people to destroy any food
bearing a federal label that they re-
ceived through a food batik .

On Monday. one food bank di-


rector wondered why it took so
long for inspectors to issue warn-

ings. Denise llollartd. director of

the Harvest Hope Food Bank irt (‘o~
lumbia. said an inspection turned
tip problems at a warehouse last

“That is the travesty of this."
said “It would have been so rnuclt
better to know this earlier."

State Department of Social
Services spokesman .lerry Adams
said the food banks were told as
soon as his agency learned of the

Meanwhile. Harvest Hope
raced to find replacement items
during a week that is the food
bank's busiest. During November
anti December. business is up ‘10
percent. Holland said.

A radio station broadcast from
the food bank. tirgitig people to

The Student Nepaper at the University of Kentucky,

bring food attd cash. arid a local
real estate developer promised
316.000 to help buy replacement items.

The potentially-tainted items
all came front the (TRK warehouse
that Social Services uses to
distribute surplus food to smaller
food banks.

Inspectors quarantined ntore
than 150 tons of cantted pork and
other items last Tuesday after find-
irtg the rats' nests and droppings at
the warehouse. Canned items Were
affected because of fears that drop—
pings could have contaminated the
contents if the carts were not
washed properly.

CRK President Maurice Web-
ber said inspectors who checked in
June found no evidence of vermin
at the warehouse. The rats found
last week probably came from
nearby fields to escape the cold
weather. he said.

management senior from South weeks after ’I‘hartksgivine






Rawasdeh said.

Woman rower
continues quest

Rough seas: Louisville resident continues
rowing across Atlantic despite hurricane


I.()I'IS\'ILI.IC.I\'y1 Iliir
ricane Lenny continues to
cause problems for a
Louisville resident attempting
to become the first woman
and first American to row solo
across the Atlantic liceaii.

’lVUl‘l Mlll‘llt‘ibs 13:1 liltii
boat. American I’earl. cap
sized Saturday for the first
time since she left the (‘aiiziry
Islands on Sept, I.-.. It did.
however. right itself within
minutes as it was designed to

The wave that rolled the
boat over was caused by Hur-
ricane Lenny. which at the
time find been downgraded to
a tropical storm. The storm
ltit Murder). who is about .‘sso
miles front Antigua. directly
instead of veering north as
was predicted

.~\ccording to art email
posted on her website Mon


day. .‘yIurdI-n was in her cabin
changing into dry clothes
when she saw a If) foot waye
crashing over the port side of
her lioat. ‘,\ pasta iiiiiiier she
was cooking also spilled as the
boat rolled.

"The wave broke with
several thousands of gallons
of water." Murdeii wrote "He
cause I was sitting on the star»
board side. my body weight
only added to the ini\.

"My feel (till the port sltlei
went up over my head. My
knees ltit the ceiling. and I
crawled toward the port side
hoping to abort a complete
rollover. It didn‘t work. I did a
full Sititi. The boat cante up
right again. I was lucky.”

.\Iurden failed to cross the
Atlantic froitt North (‘arolina
to France last year. [luring
that yoy'agc. her boat capsized
If) times in three days and she

See MURDENon 2

Drivers over age of
65 named high risk

Despite statistics elderly drivers are
creating loopholes through lobbyists


SAN I"R.-\N(‘IS(‘(l As
America's elderly grow irt
numbers aitd political clout.
the guardians of‘ highway
safety are faced with a dilem»
ma: how to get unsafe older
drivers off the roads without
being unfair to those driving

Statistics show that dri
vers over 65. along with teen-
agers. have the highest acci-
dent rates and fatality rates
per miles driven But recent
attempts to tighten require-
ments for older drivers ltave
been quashed by scniorciti
zen groups who say agesbased
measures are discriminatory.

That kind of political
pressure is likely to increase
as baby boomers age. By the
time the last boomers reaclt
65. within a few decades. the
elderly are projected to ac-
count for 25 percent of the na»
tion’s drivers

Sharply divergent views
on the issue surfaced over the
past three days at the annual
meeting of the Gerontological
Society of .-\merica. which
brings togetlter hundreds of
experts on aging.

“There are good drivers
and bad drivers of all ages."
said Nina Glasgow. :1 (‘orrtell

University researcher who op-
poses age-based testing and fa-
vors screening targeted at all
unsafe drivers

Seyeral states require (‘1-
derly drivers to renew their li-
censes more frequently than
other drivers. but very few re
quire road tests or medical es»
ants. With the number of el~
derly drivers increasing. it be
comes less attd less feasible
for authorities to contemplate
mattdatory road tests on arty
broad basis.

Experts instead are seek
ing quicker. cheaper ways to
identify high-risk drivers. A
major study is taking place in
Maryland. ntortitoring vision.
alertness attd reflexes antortg
rttore than 2.000 volunteer old
er drivers in hopes of develop-
irtg effective and relatively
simple screening procedures.

Lawrence Nitz. a political
scientist from the University
of Hawaii. presented a three-
year stttdy of Hawaiian traffic
records. He found that drivers
over 75 were far trtore likely
than other motorists to be cit~
ed for certairt offenses. includ-
ing failing to yield to pedestri-
atts. backirtg up unsafely and
failittg to stop at a flashing red

To deal wtth elderly prob-









The Low-down

Mrs. Clinton: ‘I intend to run'

NEW YORK l‘llitllllg months of specula
tinn. Hillary Rodham (‘hnton said yesterday she
is seeking the Senate seat frntti New York. "The
answer is yes.” she told supporters. “I intend to
run' She left no room for doubt in a lIt‘WS cott-
fetettce later: "It's time in get tttoving and get
\tat'ted.” \llt’ said "I‘ll be traveling around the
state and catttpaigning." Mrs. (‘linton said she
would make the campaign official iii an an
ttouncetttent early next year. The first lady attd
her .11l\'is1'l‘s engineered the announcement yes-
tetday to end speculation tltat she was having
\“1'1 111d thoughts about Ilte race,

Clinton urges Kosovo forgiveness

I'IttiSI-LVAt‘. Yugoslavia In a plea tttet
\\IIlI scant applause attd silent stares. President
i'ltntutt told ethnic Albanians in Knsnvo yesiel“
day that “you must try" to forgive Serb neiglt
Iiors and st. up punisltittg them for tile terror cam
iitililli ot Yugoslay l’t‘esident Sinbodatt Milosevic
“The tune fer lighting has passed." (‘Iinton said


' ,9 . . .
1mg _ 1111.11‘ded by u med troops and tanks. ( Iiiitott end
ed .1 In day l'iut'opean tour by sweeping ittto war
—JOHN “Rpm- torn Itowyo to urge reconciliation instead of re

ten-1e .md to OH“ :1 ’I‘hanksgiving boost to IKS.
pett‘e'lv'i'ltlllj;l'ti1't‘s. Accompanied by his daugh
li‘i'. 1 heist-'1. 1'I'utnn went to 1‘amp Hittitlsieel.
li-iIiIt‘ tor most or tlte 15.1101) l'.S. troops itt Kosnvo.

TER, 3l, winner
of the full million
bucks last week

on “Who Wants

to Be a
when David
Letterman asked
him on Monday's
"Late Show"

Dow ends down 93.59

.\'I-.\\' Y1 )Itl‘; Stocks tutttbled yesterday as
investors sold shares to capture profits frotn the
what he might tttarket‘s recent rally. The Dow .lnnes industrial
do with his win- averagi- fell 51.13.11 to close at 10.99593. ()n the

nings. NYSI-l. losers led gainers 2.3117 $112. The Nasdaq
fell 13.1111 to 2;..‘1i7.31i in its worst performance
suite 1 at II}. when tlte index lttsi 7.3.111.

Sixers' lverson breaks thumb

I’lIII.AI)I€I.I’IIIA Allen lverson. the NBA
scoring leader. will miss :I 15 weeks with a broken
thutnh on his shooting hand. lverson was hurt in
the tirst half of tlte Philadelphia To‘ers‘ tileiil loss
to the San Antonio Spurs Monday night He
played tlte rest ofthe gattte. scoring 35 points but
missing 31 nl'iil shots. lverson. leading the league
w itit a .111}: scoring average. ltas missed only In
games in three-plus NBA seasons.

2 I “been. iivm'iiiat??? I «immunities,


Danny DeVito is
in talks with
Warner Bros. to
direct the
religious thriller
his first time at
the helm since
‘Matilda.’ Billed
as a story of a
laithless man
provoked into a
state of grace,
concerns a cop
who. during a
St. Patrick's

Day ceremony.
takes a bullet

intended for a



For Richard
Simmons, the
dream is over.
The perky tit-
ness guru's
low-rated rook-
ie syndicated
show, ‘Richard
will end its run
on Jan. 14.


EgyptAir data points to human cause

WASIIING'I‘ON (‘nntroversy over what
was said iii the cockpit of EgyptAir Flight 990 has
clouded hard evidence front the flight data
recorder that someone aboard the plane caused it
to crash It is that evidence. among the most de-
tailed the National Transportation Safety Board
has ever had to work with. that enabled the
agency to say that the plane did not appear to
have been brought down by a tttechartical prob-
lem or bad weather. Investigators believe the
crash tttay have been caused by (‘yameel El-
ltatouty. a backup pilot.

Amtrak financial prognosis unclear

WASIIING’I‘ON ’I‘hanksgiving week. the
busiest of the year for rail travel in America.
finds Amtrak and its government monitors on
different tracks regarding the future of the tia-
tinttal railway. Amtrak‘s suppotters say the rail-
way is becotning a financially viable. fast anti re
liable alternative to air travel. Government
watchdogs say Amtrak faces numerous obstacles
to reaching selfsufticiency in time to avoid possi-
ble liquidation and a restructuring of rail ser-
\ lt't-

One-third of gene map completed

\t'ASIIING'l‘ON (It)vernment~supported
si‘II‘lIl ists have sequented one-third of the human
genetic pattern attd are on schedule to complete
attd verify the entire biological blueprint by 211011.
officials said yesterday. Dr. Francis Collins. head
oi the National Human (ienome Research Insti
tute. said that I billion ofthe Ii billion chemical
llllsl‘ pail‘s itt the human genetic pattern have
now beett identified. sequenced and published on
a public database. By next spring. he said. a
working draft of the entire human genome will
he completed.

Consumers' web complaints increase

WASHINGTON Auto sales. auto repair
and hnttte improvement services still generate
the tttost complaints from consumers. but gripes
about Internet-related service. purchases anti
auctions are rising steadily. a survey shows. The
eighth annual survey by the National Associa-
tion of (‘onsumer Agency Administrators attd
the (‘ottsumer Federation of America also shows
:1 ltttge increase . 1,037 percent last year - in com

platnts about "cramming." the practice of

padding telephone or credit card bills with unau-
thorized charges. typically from third parties.






Continued from page I

had to be rescued at sea be-
cause of pounding seas caused
by Hurricane Danielle.

"(‘ompared to other cap
sizes this one seems quite gett-
tle.“ Murden wrote. estintatittg
wave heights at about I8 In 21)
feet over the weekend.

“Lenny had all the whis-
tles and bells of Hurricane
Danielle without the immense
Maytag waves that lifted my
boat. spun it around and
launched it through whirls of
froths. More than anything
else. Lenny's passing was
loud. The cacophony of thun-
der seemed ever present.”

Hy Monday. Murden was
enjoying sunny skies and was
preparing to continue her
journey as soon as the waters

"She's mentally attd physi-


Continued from page i

letti drivers. Nitz suggested re»
moving driving privileges in a
way comparable to how privi-
leges are added gradually for
young drivers. For example.
an older driver might be
barred front driving at night
or restricted to an area near

cally exhausted. but she's
fine." said supporter Diane
Siege. who talked to Murden
by satellite phone Monday.
Winds Were blowing Mur-
den to the east. and she also
had been blown to the north
during the storm. Now Att-

tigua. the island just north of

Guadeloupe. seems like a pos-
sible landing spot for Murden.

“Before Lenny. my friends
and I planned to sltare 'I‘hanks-
giving dinner in Guadeloupe."
Murdcn wrote. “I‘m not sure
where I will land when I latid.
If the wind continues to push
the north. Antigua may be an
easier landing spot. We‘ll
figure it out when the weather

Dane Clark. a National
Oceanic attd Atmospheric Ad
ministration tneteorologist
and adviser to Murden. pre-
dicted it could be two weeks
before site completes her
crossing. (‘lark said the out-
look is for favorable weather
for the next It) days.

In California. state Sen.
Tom Hayden abandoned an at-
tempt to require road tests for
drivers over 75 when it be»
come clear in September that
his measure lacked the needed

“It's discriminatory to
base mandatory testing on the
fact that someone has
achieved a birthday." said He-
len Savage. one of the AARP
lobbyists who fought the bill.





'Vlield trip to...

Let Us teac on everything
you need t know about

muons! 1012










5 Students will be given a chance to sink a basket from
half-court and win one semester of free tuition.

UK Women

Basketball Game

Memorial Coliseum
December 1, 7:00pm

Admission free with valid UK ID
sponsored by UK Women’s Basketball Victory Club





Gold Spotl

\‘1.1tltlblt‘ .il



[.1 littl it'll'fl‘liiltl'


She’s a Child,
not a choice.

1 iii-11 I . an inn. l1 tall «innit ']\i!~l4, “Ht . huh I'\ Vl|("~t' (lays

' II1 1111.] lll'l

”l' "1' l H l. Ili‘1illtl lltjllIHJlt‘ Intullllll‘tllt'fi‘s



VISA M...)- lurlland Mall Lettington Mall Rm” I I H ”H ' I K 1 M
- 1 1. 1' 1‘li 1.1 cit lit
44%;“ f ‘3 10”“) 377 323‘) i()()()l 266-”‘3‘ . fl l0” l Ri'xiiitlilx '{t' \tiilt' I‘ll ‘\V
lenw‘tntt. K\ lilil ‘
ihlllti 371 “)2”
‘ KRII 41' jiittncntti
r 4 l f 0 y L








s .___-_- __ _ 4 av..___ 4_‘__.A_._...,.. ww-.-~-.

224'. -.~ .- -. . a"










h ig









I . «4-4...






m... ”r14—








Mattox's Cats gearing up for major upset


UK will face No. I-ranked Connecticut
Huskies in tournament tonight

By Matt Ellison


They wanted it. Now.
they’ve got it a chance to
knock off the top ranked
teaiii in the country. The un
enviable task ofdel'eatiiig No.
l-ranked (‘onnecticut in
Hartford. (‘onn. awaits the
[K women's hoops teaiii
tonight. as they participate in
the first ever (‘oaches vs.
(‘ancei' t‘lassic tournament
along with Old Dominion and

And as far as challenges
go. downing the Lady
Huskies will be as big a chal-
lenge as it gets.

"'l‘o face a team like
l't‘onn. it will certainly be a
challenge.” said I'K coach
Bernadette Mattox said. "But
it's definitely one we're ready

I'K used its first two reg

ular season games as time-
ups Inake that more like
speed humps. Roth .~\Llsilil
I’eay and Miami t()liioi

showed little resisti'inte in
falling to the ( ats 88 'I: and
77:19 respectiwly. with the

Miami it)liioi victory coming

Monday night in Oxford.
.lunior forward Laura

Meadows led the way in both
games. registering a double
dotible with 18 points and 11
boards iii Monday night’s
rout oftlie Redllawks. Senior
point guard lirica Jackson
was the early sparkplug for
the Cats. as she recorded the
first dozen points of the
game. all on layups.

Rut the Kentucky do
fetise has been iiiipressi\e so
far in the season. according
to Mattox.

“I am very pleased with
our defense.” she said. "That
is something we have been
working very hard on in

"Coach has really beeii
ephasiziiig our defense in
practice." Meadows said.
"We‘ve really been working a
lot on shutting down tlte oth-

er teatii's offense."

Shutting down the
I'(‘oim offense will not be
easy. The Lady Huskies are a
balanced team. led by junior
:\ll.\meric.'in forward Svet
lana Abrosiiiiova. who aver-
aged 16.6 points. 2.7 steals
and 3.7 assists per gatne last
season. and registered 1.") in
l't‘onn's seasoiropening 751-15
rout at traditional power

.»\brosiiiiova's versatility
makes her a difficult
iiiatchup for anyone. But
Meadows is confident that
I'K‘s small forwards will
make life difficult for Ahrosi-

“’l‘hat iiiatchup (Ahrosi-
inova vs. UK sophomore
l.a'l'oii_\a .\Icl)ole) is going to

be a good one to watch."
she said. “Our .‘l-men are able
to guard the post.because
they‘ve got long arms and
they've got good size.
l.a’l‘oiiya‘s tall enough to
match up with her."

(The key area for [K will
be its bench play. The
Huskies go Til-deep in their
rotation. and they substitute
freely to keep players fresh.
similar to the style L'K eni-

"I think (freshman
guard) Rita Adams is going to
have to play well. along with
('arolyn Alexander (a sopho-
more guardl as well as 'l‘ane-
sha Seatoii (a sophomore for
wardi." Jackson said.

"The bench is going to
have to be incredible for us."
Meadows agreed. “'l‘hey
(I'(‘onn) are so deep. but
we've got plenty of depth
also. It can‘t bejust one per-
son. It‘s got to be the entire

Regardless of their rank-
ing. Jackson said UK is ap-
proaching tonight‘s game as
ifthey expect to win.

"We came here to win."
she said. "If we come here
with the mentality that.
'Well. they're the No. 1 team
anyway. then we won't have
a chance."

Adam Spaw
Phone 2571915 I Email:truetiimetaiii ,i' gimp;




UK senior guard Tiffany Wait will help the Cats' bid for an upset over UConn.

Cats return to familiar turf in NY


[K will look to improve on its

iotind betoie losing to l’ittsbuigh


all- time ieioid of 11-. in Madison
Square (iardeii tonight when the
Cats take on Maryland in the st‘llllilr
nals of the Preseason Nl'l‘ ’l‘ourna

Much like UK. Maryland lost
three starters front last years team.
including seniors l.aron Profit and
Terrell Stokes. and Player of the
Year candidate Steve Francis. a
highlightmaker who left after his
junior season. Also gone is (Ibinna
Ekezie. who started against [K in
last season's regular season match-
up with the Cats. but later was in—


Returning for the 'I‘erps is 'l‘err
ence Morris. :1 liriiNII-il-llit‘h. 21).}
pound swingman who was second
on the team in scoring last season.
averaging 1.1:; per game and 7.1 re-
bounds. The preseason .-\ll-Aineri-
can candidate leads a roster loaded
with sophomores atid two freshman.

’l‘he (‘ats are clawing for their
first Preseason Nl'l‘ Championship.
UK has participated in the event
only once since the event began in
1.98.3. UK finished the 1992 tourna-
ment with a 1-1 record after beating
West Virginia. 1111180. in the first

In lhe postseason Nil. l K has
participated in the event se\eti
times. btit only once sitice 1.9.31).

The (‘ats won the Nl'l' in 11111.".
when it was still considered the “na-
tional” championship. and again in
18715. after failing to qualify for the
NCAA ’l‘ournament. UK has an 11-3
record in postseason Nl'l‘ action.

If the (‘ats heat .\1aryland. they
will advance to the championship
game against the winner of the
Notre Daine-Arimiia contest on I’ri
day at 9 pm. Should the (‘ats lose.
they will play the ND-I'A loser in
the consolation game on I’riday at 1;

Tubby almost a Terp

UK head coach Tubby Smith. a
.'\Iaryl.'ind native. had planned on
playing his college basketball for the
'l‘erps before a coaching change took
place. He had accepted an offer to
play for Maryland. but a coaching
change was made bringing Lefty
Driesell to the helm. The move sent
Smith to High Point. North (‘aroli-
iia. where he became an .‘.llr(‘onferr
ence performer.




Tayshaun Prince and the
Cats will face Maryland
tonight at 8:30 pm. in
the semifinals of the
Preseason NIT
Tournament at Madison
Square Garden, in New



Last Week: 8-1

Last Week: 5- 4 Overall. 42-41 (.506)

Mississippi State 30, Ole Miss 24
Arkansas 35, LSU10

Georgia Tech 27, Georgia 23

. Texas 24, Texas A&M 20

‘ Nebraska 40, Colorado 18

Chris Campbell Virginia Tech 28 Boston College 17

Overall: 60— 23 ( 723)



Matt May

Ole M15517, Ole Miss 16

Arkansas 33, LSU 17

i. Georgia 27, Georgia Tech 24

Texas 36, Texas A&M 20

Nebraska 40, Colorado 20

Virginia Tech 23, Boston College 21





W __.,
Adam Spaw

Mississippi State 22, Ole Miss 17
Arkansas 21, LSU 10

Georgia 23, Georgia Tech 21
Texas A&M 20, Texas 20


- 1 Nebraska 35, Colorado 28

Boston College 28, Virgina Tech 27

Mississippi State 30, Ole Miss 24

. Arkansas 35, LSUIO

Georgia Tech 27, Georgia 23
Texas 24. Texas A&M 20
Nebraska 40. Colorado 18

Last Week: 3-6 Overall: 46-37 (.5541

I" ,
a .., Last Week 8-1 Overall: 55- 28(663)





of 8119.00

Schedule lviaintzniaiice Scat/Ices
~Computer Diagnostics

-AntrLock Brake Sen/ice 8 He; .w
~AC. Serwce 8. Repair

ololiiior 8. Adam Engine Repaii
-Fuel lnyection Servtce and Repair
oPreBuy Inspections

17115 \l\ll|‘|.1\\lii\ ls'd \lwe III
mini} ililiu ks Yr iii'l i. \ii



'0“ Change—> $10.88 + taxes & disposal fee
‘Fuel Injection Cleaning» $79.99 compare to 3139.95
'Transmission Flush —>5899"compare to regular price


IO°/o Student Discount on Anything Not on Sale

, I

\.il‘ “


Priority egistration
Spring 2000

Today is the Last Day to Register

See the Schedule of C [asses for details.






Thc Campus Calendar is prodm ed wee kly II» the Office of Student Attiyities ‘
PC tings In the calendar are free to all It giste ie it .tude nt organizations and t K t
departments Information can he suhniitte ii iii Rm 203 Student Cente r or by

completing a quuest form on line .it Info

www iiky edu Stude nth nit i

Postings requests are due ONE WEEK PRITIR to the Monday information is to
appear in the calendar. For more information (.111257 8866

Wednesday 11/24


Res Life Tutoring: Chemistry. 577:30I)m. Commons 108A
Res Life Tutoring French. 7 10pm. Keenelaiid

Res Life Tutoring: Spanish 877 10pm at Commons 306
R95 Life Tutoring: Math. 6- 10pm Haggin lounge
Holmes Study lounge


Table Franc aise A French Conve rsation (ii oun 1 5pm Magi. “6.11%
South Hill Station

Tae~80xing. 5pm. Baptist Student Union
UK Kempo Self Defense (lut). 8'300m. Alumni Gym loft. FREE'

Special Events




Special [vents


Catholic Mass at The Newman (enter. 6pm



Res Life Tutoring. Spanish 5- 79m. Holmes Classroom
R9sLIfeTutorinq:Ma1h.6 109m. Commons 308A

5pm at Commons 306
Res Life Tutoring: Chemistry. 5—8nm. Boyd Study Lounge

Catholic Mass at The Newman Center, 9am. 11 30am. 5pm. 8:30pm

lori Simpson. Senior Recital. 8pm Slnqletary Recital Hall



Res Life Tutoring Eng 101. 6'30‘9. Holmes Classroom and Commons 3088

Res Life Tutoring: History 108 109. 6- H930Iim. Histoiy 101 105 630 8 30pm

SAB Indoor Activtties Committee Meeting 5pm )0 3 Student tent. r

WRFL‘s "Local Show ‘ Featuring Bands. 679pm. Student Center (mmeroom

Happy Turkey Day!
Friday “/26

Magritte. 5pm. Keeneland Hall basement. Free to Students of frenc h

Saturda I 1/27
Sunda 1 1/28

Res Life Tutoring: [mg 101. 6: 30 9 Holmes Study lounge and Commons 106

Res Ufe Tutoring: History 108/109. 6—9pm at Commons 3088 8. History 104,105.77

Sunday Morning Worship. I lam. Christian Student Fellowship (50.7 Columbia Avt' I

Exhibit: ON THE BRINK. The Millenium Nears UK AItMuseum.12 Spin

Happy Thanksgiving!


fatter- . ll









» . win-Wit “WW‘” ‘



Th:tttiw,.,; i. lift;
{radii 135:...

Now you too
can sing
along to
Turkey Song

There are many
traditions that your
family holds dear,
like watching football
or going crazy at the
department stores'

We would like for you to
encourage a new
tradition for your
family: Before
digging in to your
feast, bless your food
by singing Adam
Sandler’s Turkey
Song. With the lyrics
printed below, even
Grandma can join in
on the fun!

Love to eat turkey
Love to eat turkey
Love to eat turkey
Cause it's good

Love to eat turkey
Like a good boy should
Cause it's turkey to eat
So good

Turkey for me

Turkey for you

Let's eat the turkey
In my big brown shoe
Love to eat the turkey
At the table

i once saw a movie
With Betty Grable

Eat that turkey

All night long

Fifty million Elvis fans
Can’t be wrong
Turkey turkey doc and
Turkey turkey dap

I eat that turkey

Then I take a nap



Adam Sandler

Thanksgiving is a special

Jimmy Walker used to
say Dynomile'

That's right

Turkey With gravy and

Can't believe they
traded Darryl

Turkey for you and

Turkey for me

Can't believe Tyson

Gave that girl V D.

White meat, dark meat

You just can't lose

I fell off my moped

And i got a brutse

Turkey in the oven

And the buns in the

I‘ll never take down

My Cheryl Tiegs poster

Wrap that turkey up

In aluminum foil

My brother likes to

With baby OlI

Turkey and sweet potato

Sammy DaVIs Jr.

Only had one eye

Turkey for the girls and

Turkey for the boys

My favorite kind of pant

Are corduroys

Gobble gobble goo and

Gobble gobble gickel

l wrsh turkey

Only cost a nickel

0h l love turkey on




Liztstm‘iai Board

Christopher Emmick dialogue editor

Mark Vanderhoff editor in chief

Gary McCollum senior staff writer
Natalie Johnson at large member

Kimberly Glenn, asst. dialogue editor
Matt Ellison copy desk chief
Candice Jackson at large member
Scott Marchand at large member
Lance Pearson at large member














OW cwmmcmt N m
w (izurrccsdum









Wa quick fix

UK athletic alcohol policy needs rework for helping students

Tlerald~Leader that he didn't think there was any real
difference between the drinking habits of students
UK Athletics Director CM.
Newton questioned whether the Cornell study was
even applicable to UK‘s student-athletes.

Then Newton did something indefensible: Last
week. he issued a gag order to all UK athletes and ath-
letic staff that barred them from speaking publicly

The numbers don‘t lie.

A study done at Corn