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“Why should we have another library?" you probably
asked. ”Isn‘t ours one of the best school libraries
in Fayette County?” Indeed it is; but this new library
is a different kind entirely. It cannot compete with
yours, and it will not try to duplicate your books.
Because, in this new library, we have mostly put boiks
which your father and mother or-grown—up sister or
brother might like to come and get or have you bring home
to them. ' ,

For years the people in Fayette County have paid
taxes which helped buy the books in the Lexington Public
Library. But often the people were too busy to go into
Lexington to get these books to read. ‘30 now the Fayette
Community.douncil has asked the W.P.Ag and the Fayette
County School Board to help it bring some of those forty~
four thousand books in the Lexington Public Library out
into the county where they can be borrowed more easily.
There are five book centers placed in the county already,
and more will be opened as soon as possible. Perhaps
you have already seen the little trailer Which-carries
the books back and forth to the centers, and which some—
times is able to visit private farms. '


Though the book collections are small, we hope that
we can supply books which every member of the family will
enjoy. If Mother or Father wants a special book, or kind
of book, be sure to ask Mrs. Collingsworth, the-librarian,
to see if she can get it from the library for them. She
is always glad to try;, Of course we have more story books
than anything else, but we can also get books about sports
and games, animals, aviation,:farming, carpentry,.garden—
ing, home Care, machinery,,and.lots of other interesting
subjects. If you are collecting stamps, for instance, or
want to draw pictures, tell us about it, and we'll try to
get books.about.it for you. Radio and moving pictures are
fun; but they can newer take the place of a good book”.