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Social Agency
“ Chooses S t a f f

All officers and six of the nine
members of the executive commit-
tee of the Council for Social Plan-
ning were re-elected unanimously BALD-LEADER
at the June quarterly meeting today THE LEXINGTON SUNDAY HE
at the Lafayette hotel. Three other ‘ ‘ " '
persons were elected to succeed ‘
three who had declined to serve

again because of the press of other Pro rams Are
business. -

Those re-elected and the agencies ' ‘
they represent were: The Rev. , n e
Father George O’Bryan, Family e .

‘Welfare Society, chairman; Mrs.
‘Frank Murray, Public Health Cen- , .
ter and Girl Scouts, first vice chair- Fayette Communlty
man; Col. D. Y. Dunn, county , F
board of education, second vice , CounCll Report or
chairman; T. Aubrey Morse, Com-
munity Y. M. C. A.; Mrs. P. K. June Issued
Holmes, Fayette County' Children’s;‘ -
’Bureau and Family Welfare So-‘
ciety, and W. .L. Keller, individual
member. ‘
‘Mayor E. Reed Wilson, represent-
ingthe City of Lexington; County
Commissioner Austin Moore, rep-
resenting the Fayette Fiscal Court,
and Mrs. Frank L. McVey, a mem-
. ber of the board of directors of the
' ». Community Chest, were elected
unanimo’usly to fill the positions of
Miss Anna S. Pherigo, city recre-f
ational director; Dr. Charles DJ
Cawood, county health officer, and
Ed Wilder, executive secretary of
the Board of Commerce.

The officers and executive-com-
mittee members were nominated
by a committee headed by Mr.
Morse. . ' ‘

Robert K. Salyers of Lexington
and Louisville, state director of the
National Youth Administration, was
the principal speaker at the lunch-
eon-meeting and discussed “The
Youth Problem.”

Explaining that he would con-
sider youths of 16 to 25 years of
age, Mr. Salyers stated that the
youth problem in America could
' 3 be'. defined as “the lack of oppor-

' tunity for education, employment,
sOcial adjustment and recreation,”
and, that the solution was merely
to provide the opportunity. ‘

The problem, he said, had been
solved in some European countries,
by the‘ establishment of labor'
camps and the calling of “classes”
to the army, but, he declared that
these plans would not function in
w‘the United States since the demo-
cratic principle required that youth
be permitted to refuse the 'oppor-
tunity as well as to take advantage
of it. _

Surveys have shown, he stated,
that‘ODe-half of the young people
who leave school leave because of
financial inability to continue their
education and that
leave because they see no benefit
to be derived from education. Sixty
' per cent of them, he said, do not
‘ find regular employment within a
year after leaving school.

In, Fayette county, he continued,
the unemployment survey made
last year revealed that there were
700 young people out of school and
out of work and that there Were
500 others on federal emergency
programs. « in»... ~.

' Mrs. Ham'mond Dugan, head of
the Fayette county circulating li-
brary, reported that the circulation
of‘ books and magazines since es-
tablishment of the project had
passed the 40,000 mark. , ,

‘» Father O’Bryaias‘WWWfifé'sided,
read’ a letter from _Miss Margaret
Devine, chairman, of the delin-
quency committee, .in which she
:stated that thefgroup would report
at; the“ 'fall 'meeting, after? continu-

s. Florence C. Fort, executive
sexe‘tary of the Fayette Commuré:
ity Council, yesterday issued a £01.
port of the counc11’s activ1t1es 1
June which stated that tricrez’gi‘orilify

5 held in

Sggggllsm were attended by more
than 700 children. 11 cave

eeting at the Russe _
sclji‘otolI tnhle Parent Teacher Associa-
tion served ice cream, and a ha

meeting at Shelby school the tea:
ers’ group gave _a waterme otn
party, the report said. Other mete1 -
ings will be held throughout ec
summer. The date of a meeting ad
Linlee school has been change
from Tuesday t3 Wedseiday be-
Inde en ence a .
call/Isfséli'ort also stated that a plan
is in progress to establish a com-
munity center and Circulating
library at Athens 1n a vacant store
building. Chairs and small tables
are needed for the prOJect, the re-
poTth: report further stated that the
free circulating library last month
made a gift of 284 magazmes to the
county infirmary. During the
month the library received 3,890
magazines and 243 books as gifts,
Mrs. Fort reported. The months
circulation was 1,882.for books and
ma‘giflose who attended a recent
meeting at which the report. was
read included: Mrs. Torn Dulin, J.
Ed Parker Jr., Miss Carolyn Stew-
art, T. F. Bryant, E. C. Handorr,
Miss Donna Dever, Miss Ruth Lati-
mer, Judge W. E. Nichols and Mrs.
Nichols, Mrs. J. K. Shropshire,
Ernest Hillenmeyer, S. J. Stokes,
Mrs. G. P. Summers, Miss Jes51e
Yancey and Mrs. Dav1d Young.
Mrs. Dulin is president, Mr. Parker
is executive vice pres1dent and
Miss Stewart is secretary.







- a. 3“
. - “vWI—vm‘
T17“ WW
, W










Headquarters 01‘ Fayette
Cammuniry Council Are MoVed

Headquarters of the Fayette<
Community Council have been
transferred from the old Morton
school building to a new location
at 217'North Upper street, Mrs.
Florence C. Fort, executive secre-
tary, announced at the organiza-
tion’s August board meeting yester-
day in the University of Kentucky’s
Student Union building.

Temporary suspension of the

Fayette free Cll culating library, a
WPA project which has been oper-
ated dur mg the past year under aus-
pices of the Community Council,
the County Board of Education and
the Lexington Public Library, also
was reported by Mrs. Fort in her
monthly summary.

A total of 236 persons attended
a picnic and. program given at
Johnson's Mill by the Macedonia
Christian church in co-operation
with the council, it was declared.

larograms arranged at the Linlee,
Briar Hill. Athens, Russell Cave and
Shelby schools attracted a total
attendance during July of 1.567 per-
sons. These included 748 individuals



under the age of 16 years, 354 be-
tween the ages of 16 and 25 years
and 465 more than 25 years old.

Mrs. Fort assisted in the disaster-
relief work at Van Cleve during the
flood period of July 10—11, and the
council co-operated with the Man 0’
War Post No. 8, American Legion,
and with the local Board of Health
in assisting refugees until the ar-
rival of representatives of the
American Red Cross.

The recreational schedule in the
county for this week was announced
as follows:

Athens, 3 to 5 p. m., and Linlee,
8 to 9:30 p. In. Tuesday; Athens, 3
to 5 p. m., and Briar Hill, 8 to 9:30
p. m. Friday.

Directors present for yesterday’s
meeting were Mrs. J. W. Barker,

C. Handorf, Miss Donna Dever,
Mrs. Tom Dulin, Mrs. Eugene Gor-
ham, Miss Ruth Latimer, Mrs. T.
F. Lynch, Mrs. Henry Moore, Prof.
W. D. Nicholls, J. Ed Parker Jr.,
Mrs. J. K. Shropshire, Virgil Steed,
Miss Carolyn Stewart, S. J. Stokes,
Mrs. G. P.. Summers and ’Miss
Myrtle Weldon.




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