xt7xwd3px671 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7xwd3px671/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 200006 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, June 2000 text The Green Bean, June 2000 2000 2014 true xt7xwd3px671 section xt7xwd3px671 . , ¢i$¥ a  .
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Universiqy 0fKe11ti1cky Libraries Stajj’Newslettero .· · ·‘ I I . ’   * l' C June, 2000 · a s  X
Spotlight 0n Diana F einberg UK Stajf Appreciation Day
Diana Feinberg came to Lexington from her UK Staff Appreciation Day sponsored by the UK
hometown of Louisville to attend UK in 1972. Women’s Forum was held on May 12 at Memorial
As a student in the College of Education, Work Coliseum. Staff Appreciation Day allows various
Study at the Education Library seemed like the departments on campus to set up tables to give out
perfect job. Within a stone‘s throw of complet- information and goodies. Fteinette Jones, Bev
ing her BA, Diana decided teaching wasn’t her Hilton, and Terri Brown greeted visitors to the
cup of tea after all. libraries’ fable. Mary Vaughn, along with Fteinette,
. .. . Bev and Terri, was also a part ofthe planning
m.19-/GK Dlana wok a Staff posmpn m.th€ committee and John Quinn lent his artistic abilities
Circulation Department at M.I. King Library. I r nt mn
Circulation duties were more generalized when O Our p ESG 8 `
she first began, so her present position as Each table is required to decorate according to a
Overdues/Fines technician came at a later date. theme. Our theme this year related to Voyager.
Diana works in the Young Library Circulation We gave away library guides and lots of book-
Department and takes care of mailing out marks. We also had a drawing for prizes that
overdue and fine notices as well as placing and included a book bag, a mug, a set of quilt note
removing student blocks in SIS (Student cards and 7 quilt posters (thanks to Mr. Willis and
information System). We sometimes refer to Esther Edwards!).
her as Our yund raisgnu Food Services won first prize for best booth with
{·T—imM~·#v Don’t let Diana‘s quiet demeanor fool you. lf their vacation/beach theme. Of course, those of us
Happyl Happy Bmhday gppym you have a question about circulation, she’s the who frequent Ovid’s are already aware of Libby
one to go to. She has an eagle eye for finding Allen’s creativity. Congratulations, Libby!
things out of order or — say it isn‘t sol —
° Cpmle Stal/§n_S* 4/5 mistakes in the work of her colleagues. l can
Llbrap/Adm'"'Sl'al'O" personally vouch for her ability to keep things FK?
. Cathy Hays, 4/6 running smoothly. She has kept me from
Cara/Oging missing numerous appointments, meetings and _ Y _
J h Q _ 4/11 classes with hergentle reminders. About That Time vf Y€¤rAg¤¤¤
· o n ulnn, A _
Graphic/lrts Elanals icgssyprg putzzlimastir and makes LSO’s annual picnic will be held on June 2'“’
l'OWI'll€S O IG Ol'. US 35 any OUHQ 11   _ 2 th d ty '   U
n Eilhel E(;W§rqS’ 4/,18 Circulation student orlstaffl She also keeps the Piaasznigiingpggig Up€cgiir;il:;iSbFank;y?§i iiaiiiry
l""""A ”""’S"a""" ¤¤¤~m¤¤·tv ¤_¤¤¤v at vi mv me fill he oolnlon. If yon feel oo inclined, bring along o QUlT3f
· Laura Hall. 4/24 bpckgmpnd lp Educaypn hasn? wally Ieltihgrl and serenade your fellow library staff. Also be on
Distance Learning (Circulation) RE"? Spy Gplpys kgepmg up Wph Cmldlep S the look out for an Ice Cream Social later in the
l era ure.
, B k R d 28m V SUFTTTTTGI'.
Pigs;/N;i(; On May 15, Diana receivied an award for 21 .
years of Perfect Attendance! This remarkable (tj
feat was celebrated with a reception in the
Young Library Gallery on May 17.
C t / t' , D‘ I .
Ongra ua Kms [ana _ Terri H0w ‘b0ut This Proud Papa
_ _ _ Cecil Madison, Federal Depository Team, will be
Recycling Old Printer Carmdges attending the graduation of his oldest son, Cecil
Picadome School has a recycling program of old printer Jia an May 23' Ha Wiii ba graduating iiam Bryan
cartridges, which allows the school to gain merchandise for Station Tiadiiianai High Schaai Caaii Ji haa
the ged Caigldgei liij¤dWa¤ti*¤iiQ€iqg;¤;€ droliim Or been accepted at the University of Cincinnati
S9; yum pm Ewa H gas O E Omml €€‘ and will major in either Education or Dentistry.
ca I Cecil Sr. is "so PROUD AND HAPPY." We all
T€"'Bl°W" llc ‘l.l th ll ttl ll ll lo ll
Young Library Circulation (Rm 1-50-2) Wls GCI r' 8 as O UC as Q Gm ar S On
Campus 0456 this new adventure.

 Je? **.4 /
/‘ z
Uiiiversiry of Kentucky Libraries v·‘t r ‘ · . e · » ' June, 2000 i A page 2 it
The Wrath 0f Warth
.D,,,,C,,O,,S ,0 y,,,,,dOC,,,,»S Om The Spotlight is on the Medical Center Library
include, "Take a left when you
enter the trailer park." _ ,
wntten by Janet Stith
· The tongue depressors taste faintly _ _ _
Orpudggsiciw The Medical Center Library Serves the Faculty, Staff, And Students of the Univer-
. . . sity of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center and Provides Library Services to Health
· The only proctologist in the plan is .
..GuS.. from ROtO_ROO,€,_ Professionals Across Kentucky.
qhg Oniyiigm listed img, Our Mission is "to provide access to information essential for education, research, and
Preventive Care coverage is "An patient care and to promote health information literacy."
apple a day."
· Your "primary care physician" is
wearing the pants you gave to Our Teams: Resource Supp0rt_Team
Goodwill last month. . ·
Collection Management The Resource Support Team provides support to
· ° ` . . h M ‘ l C Lb th h fl ‘
TZ?rEZiir.iS§.€"SE °°Vm 100 A `S gglgvjggagggtiyagbaaamert Team ¤r¤V·¤aS the iriirreggiiirri Eiiilei Qiiphiiifai ?e§Z°iiiZZe. it
_ With your last HMO, your Prozac . V _ A works cooperatively as a team, to ensure
dd ,t . cm t I fh Callectiart Blllldlng coverage and stability of library photocopy
.| n ,F°T€ In I mn CO Drs Wi ‘ Blbil0QVaPnl€ and H0idlnQ$ Cantral services, administrative support, computer
ma M S On inaln · Materials Pracasaino systems, and graphic an direction.
• Collection Access
• 5 team members
· W team members · Vicki Young, Team Leader
· Bernie Baldini, Team Leader
Extension Services _
• 33 fte regular library employees
The extension Services Team is comprised of _ 1 _ 2 raduatg assistants
three professional Librarians whose primary Q
duties fall outside the realm of the physical ° 4 STEPS
Medical Center Library. Each of the Three • 2O part time student assistants
positions involves a special agreement with
another part of the UKCMC. (Psychiatry. College customer Service
_ ____ _ __, of Medicine; Southern Kentucky AHEC, Berea;
Sixteen Candlesm Center for Health information, UK Hospital. ' 160 nOUV 0Pan Pal weak
...weI/, maybe a few more .... · 3 teem members ° 360**+38 anannanca
  ' Jane Bl'Y3nli TQBTU i-€3G€f • 63,586 Circulatign of materials
° Cn€l'Yi Caavert. 5/4 Information and Education · 40632 reference inquiries
Rgpograhics services Team • 33,229 total interlibrary loan requests
· Charli¤a_M¤D¤t~all, 5/it The ies Team is responsible ter meeting tne _
Young C/FGU/Bi/Oil teaching, research and patient care information Ed“°at'°“aI P"°9"am$
• Barb Hale,   needs ofthe   faculty, staff and students. •   inSfrUCtiOn Contact hOUrS
ILL Kentucky Health care practitioners and citizens of _ 257 S9 sions
Kentucky also contact IES for help in meeting S
· Mary Geyer, 5/16 their health care information needs. ' 2-377 Wai anandanca
Young Cara/Ogmg · 7 team members
. Aiism Thgiimgign 5/20 • Frank Davis, Team Leader
Young Circu/ation
· Miranda Hines, 5/24
Young Cirw/allan cheek out Their Web Page!
· eee riirrier, 6/22 http://www.mc.uky.edu/McdLim-ary/
Young Circulation


 University of Kentucky Libraries `   n June, 2000 page 3
Hey, The Sprouting of a New Bean! Abaut A   _
{ Our congratulations go out to... Wlmeh by Telli Blewh
5m" §""?`iPp°r’ f°lm?r{l;l; Sadly, my term as ACTS Executive Committee Chair is coming to an end this July/August. As a
Jgggga ;l:l;;';;S‘€€i`;l€A|rll eoal means of enlightening those unfamiliar with ACTS, recruiting new faces for the next term, and
_ . D p reflecting a bit on my experience, I would like to take up a little space in the Green Bean to commu-
5.17 am. He weighed 7 lbs.and was . . . . .
20 lnehee lengl Keren leh Welk ln nicate with those we are charged with serving—library staff.
Malch l° become 8 lullllmg mm- So what exactly is ACTS? ACTS stands for Assembly of Clerical and Technical Staff. It is an
. . organization created for all Class B and non-faculty Class C staff of the UK Library System to
Eglgzllgwseglgogglliqi Eghzlgng provide a medium for communication as well as provide informative programs to educate the staff
me asl Ogll gueede Ma 9 He community. The Executive Committee of ACTS serves as staff representative at Library Faculty
hlelghee 8 ll,e__ 1/2>gZ. lgelhe else meetings and at the Service Center Team Meetings. This committee may also function as a liaison
leh Welk le eeeeme e hlll_llme mem between staff and faculty as necessity dictates.
and is dalfig Qfaal Dalles is fapafiad Any person who is currently employed as staff in the UK Library system is automatically a member
a?hb?'“9 VUV Cum and haV'“9 a lm of ACTS. The Executive Committee consists of 5 people who serve a two-year term of office.
0 air.
Our sister organization, LSO (Library Staff Organization) is more social in nature and requires a $5
David Biankansnip, iannany in ina membership fee to cover the costs of social events.
;?;;g;uS;;\gligaIhgigkinggczxllg Your current Executive Committee consists of Terri Brown, Chair, Esther Edwards, Co—chair,
e lelllelen Melelille Luke hlelehee Dennis Davenport, Mary Geyer and John Quinn. We have been very busy since we began in
yles 6 ee was 20 leehee lehe ehe August of 1998. We have offered several programs of interest to library staff including; Russ
hee led hehhlel llke lhe ele mehi Williams, the staff representative to the Board of Trustees, Alice Abbott-Moore, Chair of the Support
Staff Roundtable of the KLA (Kentucky Library Association), a program on Retirement, digital
cameras and scanners and many others. We have more on the agenda in the months to come.
_ Along with providing programs, we have revived the staff newsletter you are reading, initiated a
Maqm Library Leadership Award Program, taken your responses to library issues to SCT meetings, and
ACC0'”PI'Sh"“""s held a well-attended Art Show consisting of art by library faculty, staff and students ( we hope this
D L _ Y C, I ll will be an annual event!).
awn ewis, oung ircua ion, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
leeelved her BA ih English Oh May 7, Things still in the works include a possible proiect to bring art and plants into the Staff Lounge at
Al Th _l _ Young Library, initiation of a recycling program for printer cartridges to benefit the students at
'S°" _ °' mgm _ Picadome Elementary School, and the possibility of a Team Expo that would allow you to find out
Young cmu/anon' rewved her MLS what other library folk do. And we are always open to suggestions!
on May 7. She will be leaving us this
summer for a professional position in
the Louisville Public Library System. Personal] · · · ·
y Speaking Time for Recruiting
?l;3;7Lé;;$;lLlbreW eemelelee The last two years have been a wonderful I know for sure that there will be two open
hel MLS eee Wlll ee lelllhe e lee el experience for me to learn and to grow spaces for the next two-year term—Dennis
lhe Wldehel Llhlehl, el Heh/elde professionally. I have been able to meet and Davenport and myself will be leaving the
speak with people, sometimes only via e-mail, committee. ln July we will be asking for
that I normally don‘t have the opportunity to nominations to fill those spots. You may self-
speak with. I have been able to work with nominate. A balance of people from different
library faculty and Mr. Willis, who have all been branches is ideal for a committee that repre-
Hey Know Thi? ie Prem) wonderful. I have attended conferences, sents library staff system-wide. After nomina-
` ` ‘ forums, and even the fall faculty retreats. tions are received, we will have an election
Major Stu]? T00... » - _ -
lt has been both frustrating and exhausting at from all hbrary Staff Wa 8 mal"
Cecil Madison, times, as working with groups of people can be Serving on the Executive Committee will give
FederaIDeposilory Team. and his but definitely worth the time and effort. There you the opportunity to get to know more library
wife Kathy celebrated their 19* are so many things I would have liked to faculty and staff, plan interesting programs-
wedding anniversary on April 19lT accomplish, but time does have a way of and will look good on your resume! I hope to
Merle Banks slipping by—way too quickly. My greatest hear you!
Fellerellhepeellerl, Team, end hel desire is to increase professional development, me Vn eeW M ee
husband will be celebrating theirhrst ¤¤mm¤¤i¤eti¤¤» and a Communlw amlmg _,r.
weddmg anmversary On May     Staff W9 alr€n’t there yet, but hopefully Speaklllg BS ll°l€ VOICE lOl ll'l€ rest   ll'l€ CCmmlll€€,vW€
ACTS Wlll be able lo play e perl lll gelhng would like to thank Tern and Dennis for their dedication and
(;IO59r to that gO,3l_ l€3d€fSlT|D. YOU will be SOl’€ly missed and almost impossible
to beat! Thanks again. -The ACTS Committee-


 University of Kentucky Libraries i i f · - i June, 2000 page 4 _
A N"' °·°’°"‘""‘“°" °’Sl"°"‘s‘ Information Systems 1999 Service and Perfect Attendance Awards
Mary Werner, Young Cataloging, n _ _ _
r e l ra was we represen e a e n orma lon ys ems ervlce an e ec en ance
bacariia a giaridmolliailoillia oral Th lb ry ll t d tth l f t     1999 S d P rf tAtt d
lima Ori March 1_ Hai Claliglilar Pam Awards. The annual event was held on May 15 beginning with a breakfast reception held in the Gallery
gava birlli lo Raclial Elaiiia Waighiiia at Young Library. Awards were presented to the following people in the Auditorium:
5 lbs., 1/2 oz and was 18 inches _
long—a little princess! SCTVLCQ AwtU'dS.‘
Her son, Chadl and hislwife doubled 5 years: 10 years: 15 years: n
her pleasure with the birth of Jordan
Alori Woroor Born April 13 ol 420 Terri Brown Jill Buckland Teresa Burgett
orrl_ Weighing in ol 6 lbs. g oz, and Kevin Cambell Donna Bruszewski
also 18 irlolios loriol Mary soioi Herb Cihak Carla Cantagallo Clay Gaunce
~Groriorrio ooo poo are ooooo Benita Clarke Brad Carrington Reinette Jones
oxoilooj ooo also rororroo to grand Cheryl Coovert Gloria Kennedy Judy Sackett
parenting oo ~l__llio roool Wondgrful LeeAnn DeBln Mary Molinaro Mary Vass
event we’ve ever experienced! Beth Vest [-eule Wbevne
Ann Woosley Pat Wilson
Nancy Walker Young Cataloging,
also was blessed with e new 20 years: 25 years: 35 years:
9'e“ddeU9hie'“he'ekh giendehlldl Valerie Boggs Faith Harders Judy Fugate
Sala Was bom On Meme 22 Weighed Esther Edwards Andy Spears Bob Turner
8 lbs. 4 oz. and was 21 inches long, Rick Garroo
Sara was a wonderful birthday Carol parris
present for Grandma, who shares her Ebba Jo Soxlori
bmhdeY· Lewis Warden
Judy Wiza
Terri Brown, Young Circulation,
became a grandma for the hrst time
on March 17. Her little leprechaun, Perfect Attendance
Nathaniel Jesse Douglas Arbogast,
was bom to her son Jesse and Dawn 1 Year 2 years 3 years
Arbeeast at 6105 em, weighed 6 lbs- Susan oeele Andy Spears area Carrington
5.8 oz. and was 19 inches long, Laura Hall
Miranda Hines
Joe Miller
Frank Stagner
Lil Stevens
4 years 5 years ·@ 21 years
Acknowledgements Faith Harders Bob Turner Diana Feinberg %
ACTS Green Bean Editors —
loliri W_ Quinn The Traveling Gourmet Return of a Familiar Face
- This Issue We’re Traveling with Marie Banks
Tam Brown It was wonderful to see Lee Hunt, formerly of
Dennis Davenport Maria Banks would like la racommarid a naw ILL back again! Lee left the library in October
Eglhgr Edwards buffet in town. Buffet 2000 is located on Man- °f_1998· She and her hueband moved to
Maw Geyer ewer next tothe cennnie rneelere. venely is ilrrzewa le ijariei fer e r*¤¤¤¤
We Woololllio lo express our legs, frog legs, baked fish, peel-and-eat shrimp Br·<#ee· T¤e·r*1<>me 'S 30 mugs from beth
0,0,,,000 ,0 ,,,000 ,,000 reporterslc end eueni. Other edible eengnle include stuffed Cal·f<>r¤·e arid Neveda- They me ¤e¤*
wjthOUfWhOm [his ollbliooiiorl mushrooms, nine or ten oriental dishes, as well kekmgmn for the Summek Hel husband *5
would riolbo pOSS[b/€· as a salad bar and dessert bar. This is only a f'"'Sh'“g up some Wert '" t9W" ang LG? Came
_ ii ram small sample of what’s in store for your dining beck te Wokk Wkh Us She 'S Workmg Wkh
ele · pleasure. lvlene became ee hungry eeeensing Nancy Lewis, CREST er¤¤¤» le help set ¤¤<>l