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SERVICE ‘ 1-2;" 4‘. :4-
Lexlngton. Kentucky June 2003
A publication of the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Service OrganiZation
Volume 18 Number 5
,r’irll ' .- ,i/ . Ghanaian XXII
3,3333%} 3 Clljffli" 3;”"6mmhi3 . The Imperial Court of Kentucky will
(\r\\l: / _ 2i3 q, :33, ' present Coronation XXI - Diamonds
:.. \\‘l U. -' ilrw‘ 7 ' l Sparkling in the Caribbean Sun, Leather
368$ 5». 33 haw “‘4 é Smoldering in the Caribbean NightSunday
‘41» fWK 3,) "‘ June 8 at the Radisson Plaza Hotel in
«fiftw'i Lexington. Empress XXI Nicole Diamond
.' ‘ 3y” 3,,w-‘té’t‘i 33 and Regent Emperor XXI Larry Stanley will
— . . 1i- ~"i"-l5‘~‘5‘i’<‘ bring another successful reign to a close
and monarchs for Reign XXII will be elect-
The Annual Picnic will be at VIfindy ed. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at
Knoll Farm on Sunday, June 15 rain or the door. Advance tickets can be pur-
shine, from noon until 4. We are thrilled to chased from any member 0f the 'CK Board
announce that will be per— Of Directors.
forming at the picnic this year. She is a Four days of events will begin on Friday
extrodinary singer with a wide range of June 6 at 9:30 PM With the In—Town Show
styles including Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, at Club 141 on Vine Street. On Saturday
and Rock. She will be performing songs June 7 the fun continues with the State
from Billy Holiday, Melissa Etheridge, Tina Dinner at the Radisson Plaza Hotel at 5230
Turner, Etta James, and Bonnie Ratt. Her PM,(tickets $25): the OUt'Of'TOWH Show at
June schedule is on page 20_ Club 141 at 8:30 PM, and the Nine-Inch
The piehie is our most popular pride Males Review ...continued on page 2
event so plan to carpool. For picnic details 3407-0071 SORD/D [ll/ES _3_ - 3,
see page 6. For directions, see page 22.
PAGE 14-15 W
W «F _ 1.
3w 1:33.! . ,
SisterSound, the Lexington Women's
Chorus, presents its Spring Concert , Talk h v
To The Animals, on Saturday, May 31 at
» the UK Singletary Center at 8 pm. It prom- The Bar complex
ises to be an up-ROAR-iously entertaining
The theme of animal songs has mem- 3, 3 3
bers of the chorus howling with delight. (L. J.
Song selections ...continued on page 2 I'v—-——-—-——--———v

 SisterSound continued represent a broad array of
. _ GAY and musical species, from the madrigal "The Nightingale" to
It?" the "Rockin' Robin" himself. The audience will purr along
‘ '_'.i— " LESBIAN as "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", and shake a tail feather to
\ 533' SERVICE "The Chicken Dance." Vlfith this group you can count on
" WHON at least an antic or two along with memorable music.
WOW": KeDtUCKY Ticket prices are $15, $10 for students and seniors,
$5 for children. To purchase call Singletary Box Office 1
f6; 50 NEWS (859-257-4929) or from a member of SisterSound. I
VOIume18 Issue 6 “WWW“ mmmm at Club 141 following the Out-of- 1
published monthly by Town Show. Tickets for all Club 141 events are $5. The '
The Lexington Gay Lesbian newly elected Monarchs will celebrate with a Victory ‘
Service Organization Brunch at the Radisson Plaza Hotel Monday June 9 at 11 i
389 Waller Ave. AM, (tickets $20)- '
Coronation XXI will feature performances by visiting
Editors monarchs including Her Most Imperial Majesty Plum 1
Mary Crone Vicious from Toronto, HMIM Miranda Wrights from ‘
Clayton Dobson Connecticut, HMIM Kate Central Parkway from I
Jackie Cobern Cincinnati, HMIM Victoria Weston from New York, HMIM |
Board Members Lita de la Guardia and The Divine Diamond Sister Hattie l
Terry Mullins, President M°ntg°meW1 , , _ . ‘
Jerry Neff, Vice President Other vrsrtors Will represent courts from, Clncmnatl, 1
Sharon Howard, Treas. Connecticut, Boston, Toronto, Buffalo, New York, Long 1
Mary Crone, Editor Beach, Vermont, Chicago, San Diego and Rhode Island. <
John Ridener, Secretary Besides choosing new monarchs for Reign XXII, voting I
Thomas Collins members of the court will select four new members for I
Cary Sudduth the Board of Directors for two—year terms and choose the
Tom Collins recipient of the Henry Faulkner Community Service S
Bill Chandler Award. Candidates for Emperor XXII include Wayne f
Sarah Martin Clayton and Larry Stanley. J. D. Vaughn is running unop- f
Joan Branon posed for the title of Empress XXII. (
GLSO Annual Dues & Gan Spirflualitu # 1
Newsletter. On June 1 at the Pride Center at 4 pm, Rev. Ken t
Individual - $15 Waibel will present "A New Look at Roots and Vlfings", a <
Couple - $25 view of gay spirituality which is open to many faith tradi-
tions. Rev. Waibel has an article on page18.
821352;:::;:S::‘1.;“.$:.§L;3 Jnot/lerNote 1
don't necessarily represent those of ¢\& ‘
the GLSO Board- Subm'ss'°“S_are On Sunday, June 1, Another Note presents (
if'gfjfijg‘;,:;a,§nf5:,:;e:§;:,§:§2‘ Homeward Bound, a concert to benefit Moveable Feast
mente a_5 well as thefighi to reject and AVOL. Join us at 3 pm at the Woodland Christian :
Sme'ssmns ”advemsements' Church across from Woodland Park. Admission is $8. 1
cf Pa2 TV” ‘ '

 of IV

.0 W Montli Events


to This month we are listing all meeting and events chronologically.


” GLBT Parenting Films 4» WWW

S, KET, GLSO, and the UK Woman’s ”WWW“ The Lexington Men's Chorus

:e Studies Program presents two documen- mums presents their Pride Concert,
taries on Gay Lesbian parenting followed "Let The Sunshine In," a celebration of the
by a panel discussion including some 60’s on Fri., June 6, 8 pm at The Singletary

r. youth that have been raised by “family.” Center For The Arts (corner Rose and Euclid).

e The films will be Sunday, June 1 at the Break out your tied-dyed tee shirts, brush

y Young Library on UK campus and will start the dust off your earth shoes, put on your

1 at 1:30. Parking is available in the lot love beads and peace symbols and be sure
behind the library. to wear some flowers in your hair, because

3 Produced and directed by Debra LMC is flash backing to those "I'd like to

n Chasnoff and Kim Klausner, CHOOSING teach the world to sing" days.

it CHILDREN was the firstfilm to capture the Tickets are $15. Call Singletary Box

1 many ways lesbians are having and rais- Office at 859-257-4929 or get them at the

4 ing children. It takes an intimate look at the door as long as they last. For information

3 lives and experiences of six families from about this concert or the chorus call 255-
across the US. Their experiences include: 1974, or email info@imcky.org

1 trying to get pregnant by donor insemina- Deck yourself out in a 60's outfit and

3 tion or "the old fashioned way"; adopting come listen to music by The Beatles, The

, as out lesbians, questioning whether to Temptations, The Beach BOYS; TheVMamas 1

J involve men in parenting; dealing with And The Papas, the Fifth Dimensmn and

r reactions of relatives and more more. There ll be solos, duos and ensem-

. . bles, and some surprises.

3 Exploring the growmg phenomenon of

3 gay fatherhood through the stories of four a. w _

3 families, DADDY & PAPA looks at gay I: 3* "km Georgie 0'"

. fathers who face both the routine and rev- 3% :What are the chances that a
olutionary challenges of becoming par- Wtranssexaul could be elected a
ents. This isawarm film that explores the member of Parliament in New Zealand?
personal, cultural and political ramifica- The odds may seen insurmountable, but

1 tions of gay men adopting and raising chil- such is the exhilarating story of Georgina

3 dren. Beyer. The KET documentary GEORGIE

- . . . GIRL will be shown at 7:30 at the Pride

SIS'UIIS "I The Life Center on Sat, June 7. Join us for this fun
Sistahs in the Life is a support group film and drscussron.
for Black Lesbian and BVI-sexual women. L'ex Dress and G an (181' Alliance
Jonn us for provocative discussmns about
our lives and experiences. We meet at 7 The Lexington DGA Wl“ meet Saturday
pm most first Tuesday at the Pride Center. June 7 at 8145 Pm- This is a discussion
For information, contact Joan at 859-539- group for transgendered persons Of all fla-
2657 or email Jwes|ie@ao|_com vors (crossdressers, transsexuals, butch,
I GLSO page 3

 femme, drag performers, androgynes, a hundred meetings or just one we hope
gender questioning, gender queer, and you'll come backforan evening oflaughter,
those with other or no labels). We also memories, and friends,

welcome supportive allies and friends. For Bring a dish to share; we'll provide
information or meeting location call 433- soda, wine and beer. The Discussion/
8388, or email LexDGA@yahoo.com. Support Group meets every Wednesday

Meetings are free and you are encour- night from 7 - 9 at the Pride Center, 389
aged to dress however you feel comfortable. Waller Avenue, Suite 100_ Contact the
We do not offer therapy or counseling. See Pride Center at 253-3233 or Jane at lady-
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LexDGA janeky@yahoo.com for information.
# Lesbian Fifty Plus Group 80111301138

May was a banner month for our Soulforce Lexington has biweekly
group. We went to the Red Mile three meetings on the second and fourth
times, had a Barbeque, and went to the Tuesdays of each month at the home of
Cincinnati ZOO. This month we have a Jamie McDaniel. In June thatwill be on the
meeting at the Pride Center June 3 at 2PM 10th and 24th. Soulforce follows the prin-
We Will be getting together at the Pride ciples of non-violence practiced and taught
Center June 13 at 8PM for a night out on by Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr_ to
the town. June 15th we Wi” meet at the confront religious organizations that prac-
Pride Picnic at V\findy Knoll. June 21 we tice “spiritual violence” against GLBT peo-
are going to the Tri-State Womonfest in Dry ple. For information or directions, call
Ridge Kentucky. We will meet at the Pride Jamie at 859-230-5625 and check out
Center at 8AM for this event. Please come www.SoulforceLexington.org.
and invite your friends to join us. We have
many more events planned for the end of LESBIAN VIDEO NIGHT
June and beginning of July. Call Ginger at P/“\Join us this month Fri., June 13
the Pride Center for more info, 253-3233. its. at 8 pm. for two films you are

PRIDE HOMECOM/NG POTlUCK not likely to find elsewhere. Bring a‘snack

to share for these fun and sexy mowes.

In celebration of Pride Month, the OUT OF SEASON When Micki Silva
GLSO Discussion/Support Group is having (Carol Monda) struts into beautiful Cape
a Homecoming Potluck on Wednesday, May, New Jersey, all leather jacket,
June 11th from 5330 to 9pm at the Pride Marlboros, and attitude, she thinks she
Center. We want to invite anyone who has knows what to expect. She's there to care
ever attended the Group to come out and for her dying uncle, to for-get about her
join in the fun. photography career and her ex, and then

This incarnation 0f the Gi—SO get out of town as soon as possible. But
DiSCUSSion/SUPPOrt Group has been meet- Uncle Charlie has his own plans: to get
ing regularly for over 5 years now and 30 Micki to settle down with his dear friend
many great people have come and gone Roberta, a conscientious forty—year-old
thatwe wanted to get them all back togeth— cook harboring some wanderlust of her
er. So whether you currently attend the own. The two women gradually begin to
Group or were coming way back when woo each other with a passion and
Jeremy lead the way, Whether YOU been to ambivalence that ...continued page 6
GLSO page 4 "

1e '
3y 3mm C'Dmamdflui” a! 3n the 0mm. a“
‘e 2N”avw* . ,
.. _ . .,’.tv...._>1211.."_:r."’; {‘1 -, . f" 'v31'13,‘-,':l.“;.‘}'_"i5'ar”:§,}_a‘"" ~13 Q1343": 3," 5‘ i’JNAM‘; : 5L;
. . Jun?3§[m‘35fl0 pm
I; *fimmnaw
f" Raw nI-amnmel
" g fl /’ ' “ é? - 1
I” -‘ N ‘ , f g,
;" :1... I 1&4 3‘ . , “~13;
e < , I: -
t Caronatl,.,,.f Weekend Events
e' In-Tawn-fihnw Ffiggay 9:3flnm Club .3 41
e 5““ he Din “9" SM“ rd 313' 511m Radissm
’r Out. at TOW“ @119“? Saw “lay fizflflpm Club 141
"t 9" M31355“ “WWW Saw rday 11pm Club H]
=t “Cm"? 11"“ “the Mmiday 1!. am Radtssan
: Met pr‘KBEdE'MHGEI Mm'whle Feast Leflngfim.
o Ffirfiflemal “ht—Town” he]: at Braces
$497"; L . a n
d & ttkagfigfggggfnmauon. 5% any BOD Member or visa-L:
hmmémmn Liickyjmpcon rwrgfin In) w n .h 1m]
— __________________T_W

 will ring true for anyone who has ever pR/DE MONTH AWL/025 READ/N5
$0”th they needed to run away, only to The Pride Reading for local writers will be
discover themselves at home when they from 7 to 9 on Saturday June 14 at the U.U.
least expected It: _ Fellowship House, which is the farm house
A LUV TALE 'S_a short romantic com- beside the church. Please call Kelly at 225-
edy about two African-American women 6269 if you would like to read, chant, or sing
who meet and. fall "7 love. 93nd“ your work. You can present anything you
Montgomery ls Editor-ln-Chlef ,Of have written: story, poetry, fiction, non-fic-
Meridlan Magazme, where she is being tion, song, or erotica.
overworked by her boss/boyfriend Of 12 Bring a lawn chair or blanket in case it is a
years. After a stressful day, she attends beautiful night. Candles would be nice also.
a photo shoot for .her company and We may sit in the memorial garden behind
meet? ph°t9l°uma"$t Tay'f’r Jame? the Fellowship House. There will beer, wine,
Taylor '5 looking forward to a 10b that W'" and soft drinks as well as snacks for sale at
enable her to travel abroad, until the two reasonable prices.
develop a friendship that will change V V V V 1
both their lives. I . v V V v _ V V
., Pride Picnic
Xena: The Saga Continues ‘t'l'f'l-i-figl'ir V
Come watch Xena the Warrior The Picnic will again be held at
Princess and her companion Gabrielle, Windy Knoll Farm on Sunday, June 15' rain
the Bard of Potedia, as they travel the or shine. There is a large indoor arena in
back roads of Ancient Greece. We will case it rains. This is our largest pride event
be showing episodes of the lesbian cult tahne‘lemit: REES: $31? :rrloginrfigcve 33::
3:18:13 gem/:0: toseglesmo; EEUSS: There is pleanty of room for people but not
Center. as much for cars. Come early and car pool.
Bring a friend and some snacks to This is a free event but please support us
share. For more information call the by purchasing cold drinks, water and raffle
Pride Center at 253-3233 or email lady- 22kt: 39:92:13:xiii??? P'ease
. l I v .
)aneky@yahoo.com. Battle onlll! Everyone is asked to bring a dish to share
Andrew's C1111, ’ using this last name division as a guide. If
, . you have a favorite dish that does not fit the
Andrews Club, a scolal support group list bring it on
for GLBT folks in their twenties, will meet ’ _ ' A-l Main Dish
on the 2nd and 4th Saturday each month J-R Salad or Side Dish
at the Pride Center at 7 pm. In June that S-Z Dessert
plannzetsrgoht:1t:ea:ljcrrlzi:.ol\1\l:u\lvqltl:lar;i:: In addition to food, we suggest you bring
15th. sunscreen, lawn chairs or a blanket to make
The group also has plans to help build yourselfcomfortable, and money to spend. We
the 4th of July float with Fairness. To really need your financial support ”“5
. . . . year, so plan on buying drinks and raffle tick-
partICIpate In this group we 85k you to be ets. If we do not lose any money we will be
at least 18 for legal reasons: If you are able to continue to bring you great entertain-
older than 29 you might fit in Just fine. ment in years to come continued page 8

 be _ . . .
'59 ' : , fl]. ' , ' ,. . - ,
25- V_ V V
mg V V . . .r _ V
W V ' . ., . , H I
53 . '5, ”"1 v . x ' ~ . ,
so. 14% "’-”I'_ _ V . I _' . ,. 1: ;,. ,2 T
rat , .. ' ~ . , . . . .
" ‘ ‘ I ' Dunbar Center
. 545 North Upper Street
. g : Sundays ._
, -
’ , Come join us for ' June 1,8,15 ' ~
at - _ some safe, free fun a 7 _ Tournament ..
a?“ Q on Sundays. Meet saw-‘dayjune 2] 1 .
m _ . V V _9am-Spm I
ant . _ . new peopIe. get ‘ . a _ , . . V
sic. . some exercise, or , _ . ' I ,
z; ' ‘ ~ show your latest A? I
us 1 . ' via * ,
‘59 v I _ A = *3%%? ‘1 7 .7 t ,
are . 1 Sponsored by AIDS Volunteers; ' ”géfi’fiZif‘gjfifi/fi " ‘
If ’ For more information contact»: {emofiékwa ‘ .
L' Larry Collms 222-1918 "‘fg VT] . .
The _ Mark Johnson 222-8835 _ ii??? ”v: V
Keith Lyons «222-1920 . {Mfg/y A
- . , ', - . * you»: A; w"_
m . . , age »
Ing , V ‘srn , V . V _
ake ' , . V _
Ne ‘ - ' e a - v V - ' _
ck- _ a ,
be . , . , . . V, . _
— GLSO Page7

 Vendors should call Kelly to reserve a . 170111106!” Tournament
space as soon as possible (225-6269), ‘9' _ .
Kelly is also looking for items for the raffle ,t/F; AVQL Vollyball W'” be hosting
and for the silent auction. We need volun- the” annual Tournament on
teers to help sell drinks, raffle tickets and Saturday, June 7-1 from 9 am to
so forth. Volunteering is a great way to 5 pm at the Dunbar Center, 545’ North
meet people so call Ginger at the Center Upper St- Practice 5353”" are sched-
and let us know when you can help. uled from 2 t° 4, Sundays June 1: 8:

Directions and Map on page 22 and 15-

Join us for some safe, free fun. You

Men Of A“ Co|op5 Together can meet new people and get some exer-

cise. You do not have to be on a team, we

KY Men of all Colors Together (MACT) will find team mates for you.
is a national gay multiracial organization
which fosters a supportive environment Jubilee FeIIOWShIp
where friendships and partnerships can be The Jubiiee Fellowship meets most
celebrated free of racial and cultural barri— Thursdays at the pride Center at 7pm. On
ers. Meetings are held on the third Sunday the 4th Thursday we plan an activity at a
0t each month, at 7pm 'h the Gt-SO Pride different location. We begin the evening by
Center, 389 Waller Avenue. singing songs of praise and worship and

The next meeting Wt” be June 15- For then read bible passages to study together.
portation to the meeting: email us at
macetky@aol.com , telephone at 859-351- Imam M D'GN'W
4453 (Jon). web site: www.mactky.com _ . _

in celebration of Pride Month, Integrity
Unitarian Universalist Church and Dignity. are once again sponsoring a
. . . _ potluck/somal for all GLBT and GLBT sup—
, The Unitarian Universalist portive religious/spiritual organizations in
/ \ Church welcomes visitors an

(/ \2. . _ _ y the community. This friendly get together
\ ' / time. There Wt” _be servuces will be held on Sunday, June 22nd from
every Sunday during the sum- 1:30 - 3:30 pm. at St. Michael’s Episcopal
mer at 11 am. Our Pride Service W'“_be Church, 2025 Bellefonte. Bring a dish to
Sunday, June 22. For more information share if you can (but your presence is

check the web at www.uucl.org. more important than the dish).

The Woman’s Spirituality Group will be This is open to any
meeting at the home of Mary Crone on GLBT person of faith interested
June 20 for a Summer Solstice celebra- \ in learning more about various
tion. (mary 266'5904') religious organizations in Lexington.

_ . . . d
Tri—State Womonfest Organizations, independent groups, an
. churches are welcome to bring information

On Saturday, June 21 the Tri-State . . .

. . . to share and Will be given time to talk
Womonfest Will be held in Dry Ridge, KY. .

. . . . about their group.

Wishing Chair and Tret Fure Will be play- To get to St Michaels from
ing. Overnight camping is available, No Nicholasville Rd go 'East on Zandale to
RVs. $15 in advance, $20 at the door. For Bellefonte "

info contact majen@juno.com ' ...continued on page10
GLSO Page 8

1 V-w- ,
3 /. i.) , l“, 1,} Proudly presents l
" " ”mi“ R
L Y O . lllllllllll D
U 1 Jun
._ by Del Shores
9 Friday, June 27 and Saturday, June 28 at 8:00 pm
Saturday, July 5 at 8:00 pm and Sunday, July 6 at 2:00 pm
Lexington Public Library Theater
at 140 East Main St.
‘n Admission, $10.00
a Tickets fbr all perfbrmances will be available at the door
,y or reserve tickets by calling 253-3233.
er. Directed by Homer Tracy
and featuring the talents of;

' Heather Adkins

Shayne Brakefeld
ty Bill Glover '
a Andrew Hyde
P- Tiffany Kavanaugh
in Darryl Maines
er SaraKate Moody
m Marsha Sherman
'a' Michael Simmons
t_° Michelle Steele
n As three generations of a family in a small Texas town gather
3:; far a funeral, we learn the hilarious, sad, and trashy truth of
LS their “Sordid Lives”. A very funny and honest play that deals
m_ with topics that are current and humorous because of
nd * the honesty.
__ ________________._______________—

GLSO Page 9

 Turn right onto Bellefonte. St. Michael's will bowl for free. The name of the winning
will be on the right. From Tates Creek, go team, and its sponsor Wt” be added to the
west on Albany, right at the four way stop traveling trophy as the winner 0f the 2003
onto Bellefonte, the church will be on your bowling competition.
right. We will meet in the Parish Hall. The organization that brings in the
For more information contact Cary at most sponsorship money Wl” receive a
caryky@yahoo.com or Lynn at special prize. A bowler can win a special
lrposzZ@uky.edu or 335-8635. prize by getting a strike when the colored
pin is in the head pin position.
GAYMES NIGHT In a No-tap Monte Carlo event, knock-
The Pride Center is opened the fourth ing down nine pins ( as 99905“ to ten) is
Friday of every month for Gaymes Night scored as a strike. Periodically a colored
This event is open too all, including fami- pin W'“ appear 'n thé head pin position. If
lies. If you have children, bring them along. you bowl a true strike (“Ct a no-tap) you
Teenagers are particularly invited. We Wt” wm a We- . .
have a number of games here and you can An established average '_5 not required
also bring your favorite. All the fun begins and no experience m bowling '5 neces-
at 7 pm. Friday, June 27_ sary. .If you are not a member of a team,
we Will aSSIgn you to a team. All you need
to do is bring yourself and have a good
BOWLING FOR FAIRNESS time bowling. Remember if you bring in
In celebration of June $50 in donations you will bowl for free.
kva Pride Month, the For information, call Jim Dickinson at
‘“ Bluegrass Chapterofthe 252-5801 (e-mail JLD50ALJ@qx.net) or
KFA and the Rainbow Shawn Fritz at 859.351.4650. Fora spon-
League are jointly sponsoring the Fifth sorship form go to our website at www.
Annual Rainbow City Bowling bluegrassfairnessorg. We look forward to
Competition. The tournament will be held seeing you on Sat, June 28 at 1:00. Good
on Saturday, June 28, at Collins Southland Luck and Good Bowling.
Lanes, 205 Southland Drive, Lexington. Pride Schedule continued on page 14
The entry fee is $15 per person.
Registration will begin at 1
with bowling at 2. Bowling gm! ,
should be completed by 4. i?"
This lsa benefit fundraiser BLUEGAUW‘C'W‘ER 51“ Annual ”W
for Fairness and it is our hope
that a number of organiza- Pride weak BOWI‘ahthnn
t'ons WI” sponsor a team. Of A Bowling Event to benefit the Bluegrass Chapter
four bOW'erS- We are creating of the Kentucky Fairness Alliance
new ways to participate and
win prizes. Saturday lune 28th, 2003
There are FOUR ways ,
you or your team can win! southland BOWhn‘g Lanes
Each bowler who brings in a 205 Southland Drive, Lexington, KY ‘
mm'mum of $50 '” pledges Registration: 1:00pm Bowling: 2:00 Fee: $15.00
GLSO page 10

m m «mm m 252-3014
'2 A fill-my Organlmlon
2008 Pride Mould Sponsors
iS Scott Ackerman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(voice) 294-2055
’3 For all your real estate needs (mobile) 338-8483
'” TheBarCompIex ..........................255-1551
,d 224 East Main Street
n Fairness: Bluegrass Chapter. . . . . . . . . . . . 859-806-4114
2d Promoting equality for all people
GLSO News Sponsors 2002
or SisterSound..............................243-0243
1- Diverse music for all women '
:3 Richardson Vision Center. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .278-4201
id 1757 Alexandria Dr., Gardenside
L TeresaWagoner..........................494-1831
Russ Dunn Real Estate
Unitarian Universalist Church . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .223-1448
F Seeking a Diverse Congregation
Debra Hensley Insurance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .276-3244
1513 Nicholasville Road
WindyKnoIIFarm .........................299-7410
Riding Lessons, Trail Riding, Boarding
Lexington Men’s Chorus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .255-1974
Rehearsal every Sunday
' CLTMonIine.COM .........................881-3849
204 Rebel Road in Nicholasville
_ MW

 C II b _ .{ r (1.. AVOL Poster Art
a num er in g _f i. I u n e Exhibit all month at
Directory for Location. I The Pride Center
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
. 4 I 5 . 7
1:30 pm Parenting films. 7 pm GSA (Call for place) 7 pm Sistahs in the Life 7 pm Discussion Group 7 pm Jubilee Fellowship 7pm Wiccan/Pagan Pride Center Open 10 -3
UK Library Theater pc Pride Center Pride Center (Call for place) 6 pm state Dinner
3 pm Another Note 7:30 pm Gay/Lesbian AA Radisson
Concert Woodland Ch. (Call for place) 7:30 pm Trans Fllm PC
4 pm Gay Spirituality- 8 pm LMC Pride Concert 3 Pm l—DGA meeting
Pride Center 9:30 pm ln-Town-Show 830 Pm Outta-Town-Show
7 pm Dignity call for place Club 141 ClUb 141
11 pm 9" Males in Review
Club 141
8 1?amVlctoryB h 10 11 12 13 114d C t O 103
11 am UU Church Services _ rum: 7 Pm GSA (Call for place) 7 pm Discussion Group 7 pm Jubilee Fellowship - - ” e en er pen ‘
6pm CoronationXXII Relies” . 7 pm Soulforce Study HOMECOMING POTLUCK Pride Center 7 11,". €35,207; ”20”? 7pm Andrew’s Club-
, 7-30 Pf“ Lex'“9‘°“ LY°”S Group call Jamie 230— Pride Center ‘5' " " ‘1 e" er Pride Center
Radissou Plaza Hotel Pride Center 5625 8 pm Gay/Lesbian AA 7:30 pm( Gay/Lesbian AA 7pm-9 pm Pride
7 D' 't c Ilf l 8 Pm AA Step Study C I Call for place) .
pm lgnl y a or p ace (Call for place) ( all for [3 ace) 8 pm 50+ Group Night Readlng _UU Church.
Out On The Town, pc Fellowship House
1-4pm XENA - P C
1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8 1 9 20 21
11 am UU ChUFCh 7 pm GLSO Board 7 pm GSA (Call for place) 7 pm Discussion Group 7 pm Jubilee Fellowship 7 pm Wiccan/Pagan Pride Center Open 10-3
12-4 pm The Ninth Meeting, Pride Center Pride Center Pride Center Midsummer Potluck 9 am- 5 pm Rainbow ,
Annuourderrcnrc Weié’iffbial”) A. X‘Slzyebti'n
. . Call for lace a or p ace : p ay e n at e um
7 pm D'gn‘ty ma” f°r P'aCe) ( p ) (Call for place) Public Lib Room B
6:30 Women’s Spirituality 8 am 50+ Woman Fest, Dry
Solstice Celebration Ridge Kentucky,
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
11 am UU Church Pride pm GSA (Call for place) 7 pm GSA (Call for place) 7 pm Discussion Group 7 pm Newsletter Folding 7pm Gaymcs Night- Pride Center Open 10-3
Servlce : pm AA Step Study Pride Center call to confirm Pride Center 7pm Andrew’s Club-
1:30-3:30 pm Interfalth (Call for place) 8 pm Gay/Lesbian AA . - Pride Center
Potl k St Ml h I 7.30 pm Gay/Lesbian AA _ _
“° ' ° ae 5 lea“ f°r P'ace) 8 pm Sordid Lives
2 pm Rainbow Bowling (Call for place)
League 8 pm Sordid LIVES
6 pm Imperial Court PC
7 pm Men of All Colors
Together PC
1gam UU Church §9m GSA (Call for place) _ . . . i
11 am Lake Cumberland a pm AA Step Study Meeting at the Pride Center ActOut presents Sordid lees '
Pride Picnic- e-mail (Call for place) b bb - d t “PC” ,
lcpride@duo-coun- may e a reVIate 0 g 8 pm on Friday June 27, ;
ty.com a .
6:30 AVOL Art Call for Place may be Saturday June 28 & Saturday July 5
Exhibit Reception abbreviated to Call 2 pm on Sunday July 6 ,
________________—__—_______ _____—_______________._____————
GLSO Page12 GLSO Page 13

 £54er ASSOCIATION ART Exhibit

The Kentucky Chapter of the National . Hit/“PL presentsPan art eXht'Db't Of ,
Leather Association will hold it's June .~I;Vd_ I '"thentEmP Site: “:3 93:;
meeting at the Pride Center on Sat. June WSFIJI ay 2 e rt 310:” :r’ h
28, visitors are welcome to attend this 3 er V8" suie , ' or t e
Pride Month get together. month of June. A reception Will be held on

Our local chapter has a number of SunPdaleuntla 29 at Etszsl-(iiv t'
goals: 1. to develop communication, infor- reVious y, mos preven '9” art
mation education and support for mem- was created elsewhere. AVOL received a
bers of the Leather/fetish lifestyle that live grant to finance the creation Of posters m
in and around the state of Kentucky. 2. to Lexmgton to be used throughout KentUCky‘
promote safe, sane, and consensual sexu- A photographer t°0k many pictures
al expression between adults. 3. to engage featuricli'ig ESSIL peokplcej Off diverse back-
in political activism and education to correct 9'20”” S] a: e a ocus hngIJUp to
misconceptions of the Leather lifestyle, 4. C etose $8985 an come up w” S ogans
to strengthen the community by sharing to lCeac p'CtEre'P 'd C , _
knowledge, and practices through educa- ome to t e n e enter anytime In
tion and written materials. and 5. to pre— June to see the posters that were created
serve Leather history, traditions, and cul- m thls way. Or, come to the reception on
ture. More information can be found on the 29th and enjoy some f°°d and cover-
their website www.nla-kentucky.org sation as you V'ew the poster display.

_, _ t Sordid Lives ka’fi Ck“?

W ActOut presents Sordid Whishing Chair has a new CDI

,’ Lives at the Lexington Public . . . . '

L‘b Th t F 'd Dishpan Brigade featuring the V\fishlng
J 27 S t ci r87] e2a8er, do; trlday, Chair you've come to love along with afew

une ’ aur ay, me an aur ay, tasty traditional tunes that feature Kara
July 5 at 8 pm. There Will also be a per- . i
formance on Sunday July 6 at 2 pm Barnard. New songs that are on this CD
Ad , , , $10 ’ ' include Beautiful Soul, Carolina and
missmn '8 ' _ , , Dishpan Brigade among others.

As Three generations of a family in a It will be out the be innin of June
small Texas town gather for a funeral, we . . .. g g. . '
l th h'l , cl dt h t th f With full availability through Vlfishlng Chair,
tEarnNSedidaEPusfaA ’ an f ras y duh o and all our regular outlets (goldenrodcom,

6" or I ives. _ very. unny an on- amazoncom, cdbaby.com, and joseph-
est play that deals With topics that are cur- .
tand humorous beth booksellers by mid—summer. Borders
ren Th 1 , D.' t d b H T and Barnes and Noble will have it in their
e pay ls rlec e y omer racy systems by summer's end.
and featuring the talents of Heather Whishin Chair will be erformin at
Adkins, Cathy Boyd, Shayne Brakefeld, Bill . g , p . 9.
, the National Women s MUSIC Festival
Glover, Andrew Hyde, Tiffany Kavanaugh, . .
Darryl Maines SaraKate Mood Marsha June 5-7 at Kent State Univ. and at the Tri—
She M' h l S' E’M' h ll state Women's Music Festival in Dry Ridge
Steerlréian, IC ae immons, an IC e e Kentucky on June 21.
GLSO page 14 _

 E” CLTMon me; - 0 *'
i 204 REBEL ROAD *
: - 859«881-3849
1 * , $17.95/MONTH

 Bl eg ass Fairness ’
FAIRNESS Promoting equality for all people regardless of l;
_ 5 their sexual orientation or gender identity Al
No More, No Less in sixteen central Kentucky counties. ' tr;
If you or someone you know speaks Spanish, please 2:
contact us to jom a Spanish-only email list. The list wrll Ite
provide support, information and resources for Spanish re
speakers in our GLBT community. Email us as I:
. at
20. Box 22032 www.bluegrassfairness.org m
Lexington, Kentucky 40522 www.kentuckyfairness.org H
859'806'4114 ' t info@bluegrassfairness.org :‘l
LFUCG Domestic Pal-um]- Benefits less of race, color, religion, ethnic back- J‘
. ground, sexual orientation or marital status. P
Bluegrass Falmess applauds the This includes the right to affordable health C
Lexmgton Fayette Urban County care coverage for the families of those who
Government for joining the ranks o