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·. —` ..`. .     K § I)l'CSl(l€l\( ol [llC Lilll\'Cl`Sl{}` ol TCll·
__ If ·i   _ E   § nesscc Alumni i—\ss0cinti,   " `° ” "O" `*   . minc!" says Bcmic Shivcly. UK Di-
        T   \` E 1·ecm1· uf Athletics amd ll`(f2lSlll`Cl` of
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  *_`` - `iiii ` licntucky bamlc (scc page fl).
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I   WEB Kentucky Alumn IA
‘   I   TEIII
  I I 7 To 1
‘ I  -1———— -___.__._ , .
I   IuIn yt
¤     II The Kentucky Alumnus   IQENS
I   `I Published quarterly by the University of IIOE\
I   II Kentucky on the campus of the University, I{E\'|"
I at Lexington. Subscriptions to non-members. ~ ,. ·
I     $5.00. _ Membership erypo AI _in_zno Alumni IIOX
I I II isioftglalgoix includes subscription to the Contents ILS l`
I     1959-II
I ‘ II Member of National Editorial Association. Y
I   Kentucky Press Association, American IIIII
  Alumni Council. FE“RlII\R\. III58 IIIIII-C I
_   Entered as Second Class Matter at the Post ll Il(lCIl
· I Office at Lexington, Ky., May 1. 1952, under II TCIII
II the act of Aug. 24, 1912. Edited by the Alum- I
f I ni Association. unt tm
j   Betty Bowen Wiggs ................. Editor IUI`(`(’$
I j I.I€Ign G_ King ___________ Managing Editor ALUMNI AbSO(IlATlON NE\\IS . .   H .._..,.. . ._...... . ._,._ . . .. fi Ot ee
I I I Marguerite McLaughlin .... Associate Editor IIIII IT
I   I Ken Kuhn   ,................ Sports Editor I __
g 9, I   ABOUT THE ALUMNI .....   I .....   ......   ..   ,__, I; (EPI
I _     1958-’59 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Tennes
I 1*   \V'llia 1 M. Cant, President, Masonic Bldg., 4 . I . ·ii
I   ;,Wj;_,,b0m_ Ky uNtvi;1’)   t·uIItI-ily
I I` Dri Geiw(rgc(¥Ils0n. 280   Upper)St., Lexing- III IIB (
I I OD,   IC RICH] El', 101’l0l'E`ll'}' ‘ `·’ ·
» — . . obmson ls Named President Of Council ·
I — llomer L. Baker, Lot lS\’lll Cem it Co., '01 S. "l\`t* V;
I Sfeontl St.BI.mIjsyille, Ilgy.3 IF D II_IIeII' (
s w" R. -,::00 .8 ., V I _,, - · , . .,_
I{;,i"“ ac I SI Paducah Il`hc I(entuel\y ]()1l1t Alumni Coun- County schools, is an alumnus ul lLx\SI· IIIVIIIIIG
' Q lliehard E. Cooper, Somers ·t. Ky. ei . ill C Osin I' its t .l t` · . ¤‘ ` I > >
I L. Berkley Davis, 1624 zéderson Ct., Owens- or 08 _ I L, lnnuq Iuee lng Oct (.1]} St lu]   . · ·
I bong   I I I _ -·¤·~ dt IJK. ll£llll€(l IOlll1 ROl)1nSOn, The new othcers will serye l'()1`t\\`0 SNAPP
— _ I  PIQIé%§III;°éIIj€§I%%I°§; IIVEIIIII HOp_ Danyille. president of the group. years. Their predecessors were inzitlv .\I·t BII
  ‘ ' kinsyille, Ky. _ II i I     _, . .· ’. , . I . I'I-II .· -
_ I N. }V. Neel, City Eugiuecr’s Office, Henderson, ()tl1(;‘l' OITICCFS CICCIZCCI ttf tllC closing I Un )?ls O · HIL Council h LXIVUI I . Ilghll I
, ity. WWIOII WUI DOII HOIIO W \I ~ committee. They are M. O. \\ratlit‘1. lime; I,
I   \ llggsrli 0 \\ l[S0ll, 11 6 Bu erly Bl\(l., ASl\l1¤(l, holld Stnltc (I   T ‘ II I I .   II I AIIIIIIIY State (IO“€gCI Bliss IYICICII (L John  
. I Guy A. Huguelct. Jr., 1469 Lakewood Drive. ` , ` " 'O ,CI"°` uw PIGSK Gm` King. UK and \\I. H. Goodwin. K¢‘II· II ..
_ ;_ Lexington and Charles A. lxeown, \Vestern State I ` ‘ ‘*· R
I Executive (mmmmee meets second Monday Colle C S, _. I, _, tucky 5tum COllGlI·c· Ilic BOI
i I mgm Of each m¤¤¤I¤· $€¤I€mb€¥` through ’ g ` `bue all/' The council will meet at E‘lSI€I`II
I I gay.] 6{J30 tJ.m.. Colonial Room, Lafayette IIOI)i Sm S , t I I; I B I I ’ ’ ‘ ` All`. an
I ore , exington H-‘ 1. `U[)€l'lll ent en 0 oy e nex‘ year. II III
’ · T H E

I S 1 /   I
’ Tennessee Challenges Kentucky W   ’ 1 II ‘   * i esss ‘*r  TTY Y- M I
To Aiiimiii Membcisiiip iiigiii WRIGHT NAMED TO UK BOARD OF TRUSTEES  
XID Thi. whisih, has I)I()\\·H _ _ _ iiiiii 1*10111 1-1. \\'right, Lexington busi- He isa partner in the Gez11‘y-\\’1‘ig.;11t I
ihi. ihiims mi. hiihig iiP_ \yi)ii‘t you IICSSIIIIIII. 11as I)(JCll ilI)l)()11l[(I(1 a 1110111- Tobacco (Z0., 1806 South Bl`O2l(1\\'21V§ I
—  win yiiiii. h.i(.iii]S hi this [ight? Thi. I)l'1I 01 the Boartl 01 Trustees 01 the 1)ixie·15e1l D211Y}'C().,31L3 North Lime-  
yhyyiqgglgiq _.\[JUx[Nl i\gS()(jh\_ lI1ll\I(f1Ih11V 0I` lieiitueky. stone Street, and the Fayette Seed C0., I
_; HON HAS (:1-lA,\LLEN(;El) 'VIYIE 1 \\·`1‘ig11t 111111 replace Robert (Z. Stilx. IEIT Rose Street. I
V £N'l`lI(iKY All I\‘Nl A,\SS()(jlA_ 1CXlllg1f)1l. 11‘ 1()h(J Le1‘111 Cx Jites. IIC _
I110x 10 .1 1··1vx1> 11.»11s1xc: (xox- 111** ~<1¤‘~‘~ wil IM- tk 191*2- S _IIYI`.I”Y’Y°I`I°I. I" II °I"I°I“” III III° I
Imsr l·`()1I 1111-: (1.-11.1~:x1>.-111 Y1;1111 (*1*- -1- II- I<’°·_ *1 “<)III‘L_ OI (jj'?}. _ __ I I _ _ U { l O M
—- hihhhis “.i,i.L, haiitlmg thc \w()hmtCCi.S .011111}. has 1l\L(1 111 Lex111gt011 since lI1s 111le. the 10111101 )I.11g.11etj0l1n-
iii *l*ciiiii.$s€i. ihiii you “-iiiiihd in walk 110 1111l'll(IC(1'11IC U11i1‘e1‘sity. \\'l1i1e (ill- stun. was selettecl by Beta Sigma Phi I
(mt on that Hold Oi. {{001. Amd join l`(l1lC(1 at U1`. he was il lI1(i1IlI)Cl` 01 the as 1.('X1I1gU)IlIS II\V()II]i1I1 01 t11e Year" I
I·m,(_CS wiih thvmr 100111:111 antl baseball teams. in 19511 lor her \\'01`1i with tiric groups. I
g; Ot 00urs0. that 11115111 been possible, TI>TIIIII& T
11111 lI1` IS 1’()SS1BL,1£ NO\V TO AC- V, _ ..1.. - [
II IlIL‘IIl](‘SS(‘(’ has sent 011t—11 0011t0st 110- II I 1‘‘1   1,   I
W I\\I(‘(‘11 the 1lII`lI1`1II1 of Kentaelty 111111 I M   J WI ]
1111-1111111111i 01 IIICIIIICSSCC that 11‘i11 i A N  I 1   , ,__, ·
l)lI(1\'(‘ 11*111011 ot 1110 t11‘0 groups has   ="— , Y K **1, < / »
I2 II1(‘ 11111st t101·01i011 &l|1(1 10111111* t0 Alma   \     I  ``‘ ’ T
AIIIIUIY       z-ia-., I  
15 1)111‘i11g 1110 last 1I()lII' V(‘£ll`S your   .f I   ""1 TI g  
\\III11011t 11asI<0t11111l 1011111 1111s won   .I‘ ;E_   I     ·‘  
IK vight 1llI(1 10st 110110 10 the UlI1\’t‘l`S1L}I   I `‘‘'   ~r·*°    
11III1I(‘I1lI(‘SS("C. I1I11L‘ 1001111111 1011111 has   =·.   ~ · , I   
\\I()Il 11II`1‘(‘ 1ll1(1 10st ()Il(‘. II`0 11*111 this   I \ f'    
III(‘l111T(‘l`S1IIp 001110st 1110 II(‘(‘(1 EVERY     .‘.’.‘  
I{IiXII`1`(il{Y AIJUXINUS t0 COl11l'11)- I".I;§I?·- ·‘‘`·1_   __I;   Ii}  
1110 10 his AIIIIIIIII ,·\ss00i11ti011.         1, §II`I.III1III  
Ill IH II`I10 \\`IlllI(‘1` will 110 illIl1()Ill1('L‘(1 antl   `,“, I i_`     <.;1&2»    
TIISIII Il prize il\\I&1l'(1C(1 at the KQITLIICIQI-   i·_I - I_1.f`._ ¤I  ;, 1*}.*, I  
111*1* III1·11110ss00 1111s1·     I -
1 `— "°     `- ’ 1;;-;. .‘’- 5 . .   I 1 I-  ·_ I * II
11,1- 111-11 SN.-11·1·1;1> .-1T H()ME(1()N1IN(Q . . . ‘ ·  _ gQf -_I_           II
'C 11111.11* -111 Bifkel, lelt. and Motto Etlwartls, "  I ~     _*   I I`·-~     .    · 1
<0C11I¤\1` Fight, lI()l`l]’1(‘l` \`I11(1(`1l1%, talk over 0111   I   I I I       Q , —  _ .  
Vl`il1I1<`II· IIUICS with IIorn1er hancl tlireetor. Sgt. I II `I I     II   II`=1?;~<~§1I£i .   I   _\_  
101011 (Q, _I11I111 Iieiinedy. I I _A   I I   . I      
I"· MINI 1115. R1(`lIill'(1 Hopkins. (Z1111i1‘111z111 11II I . . _   - 1   I      
_ 1110 Bourlgon (1()lll]1\` Fund Drive. and I ·· 1 II IIII I I   I `I.II II I I— III III¤;€`   - I I I
ILIISIIIIIII 1113 2111d Mrs. Basil Hayden 0lI Paris -   _,       QI   II.`   | I
III [Ile Alumni 1)1`llll(`1].   ,   Q1- · IIII'IIII_III IIII   I I   II   IW
___ I   I

 I I I I _
I I Q I May 23 Set For the Union. At·12:30 that day, cen- All alumni are invited to rcnuuu The C
I .; I Alumni Day At UK tral daylight tune, the reuners will over the week-end for the baccalau. IIC HIC}
I I I adjourn to Carnahan House where a reate services on Sunday afternoon Il ._ AI
"   Saturday, May 23, 15 classes will picnic lunch will be served on the and the commencement program III °I_I* ill}
3 I return to the University campus for lawn to be followed immediately by ten a.m. on Monday morning_ III  
i I special reunions, headed by the 50- the annual meeting of the Alumni As- which time your Alumni Association , ·
_     year class of 19()9 and the 25-year sociation. The new ofHcers for 1959- will present four $500 awards to four IIIIIIIIII 0
I     class of 1934. In addition, the class G0 will be announced at the picnic. faculty members who have tlistiu. ILIIIIITII
I I    of 1914 is planning a special 45th From 3:30 until 5:30 that after- guished themselves in writing and ro. IIIIIY OI
I   IF reunion spear-headed by the Fourteen noon President and Mrs. Dickey will search during the two-year perioII I·I’IIII°II·
I `   Fara(lays—tl1e 1914 engineers. be at home to all returning alumni. prior to ]anuary 1, 1959. This is ouu III°`“`,I`“II
I   A pl'()gl`tl1]1 Cleparliure l\uS been ul`- faculty, g1`a1(lllutil1g seniors and their of the finest 1`)]'()I()(jlfS of the Alumuj IIICI IWIII
`V ranged for the 50-year class this May. families at a reception in the garden Association and has brought national IIIIIICII II‘
  lt has been difficult in the past for of Maxwell Place. recognition to your group for such iIIIII°I`SIf
  the Colden Iubilee celebrants to re- The annual alumni banquet has outstanding recognition of the tcat-II. $DCal IIIIIII, aud
  His father, Louis Hillenmeyer, was a ......... "You a
1 II Il'|l`UllJt‘I' of the University l;Om·(I for ‘ ·····-r · ·····-----»- · --»-.......... . .....,.._,,,,___,_____,__,,_ _, ml as tl
    nearly 18 years. alma matt
-1 Z,
  4 , rHsr~  
‘“°`III‘I"` lllte thc Kentucky _Ioint Alumni (loun- V  if   AV    ‘‘’=’   A     A   _A  
ICIIIIIIIII dl lg ti prominent_ positive sign that [sj   vi__;     IS" I ~  I       gt  ~ ,',I  .V  L  I
EIIIIIII III Alumni groups are indeed rising to the            ·  9;;/j  ·   A          I
III$~ AIII llwel of educational St;ttL‘SlI]&ll]Sl]ll),” S   Ii IIII        VSS) T      l
(ICIIIIIIIII illlllnni ofiicers were told recently.         ‘‘IiA    Z  7    
  Ernest 'I`. Stewart, executive seere-   _·V_         IAYY? I A A A A . A I
_ l;n‘v ol IIIC i‘\lIl(‘l`lL'1lIl joint Alumni - " V. ·· ·· :· A .·   l
and ie- _ · . , . ‘ -. I " x V.  ` "
PUAAAAA lnuncil. \\aslnngton. 1). (.., Amade A   I
S is mw llieserrcmarks at Aa dinner meeting of A
A_\lUmAAi llie Kentucky _jo1nt Alumni Council,
lmimm] irliich licld its annual session at thc A
or smh l'n1vers1ty on Oct. 21-2b.
L. t(.M.]]_ Speaking on °`Ncw Dimensions in
.\Iumni llelations," Stewart listed the
mil (l(,_ l{t·ntucky group`s activities as "the Q
.$ or ,.(._ tliinension of inter-iiistitutional co-
; SDYUMA iiperation.” The six state—supported in- `
l. gmup ylitutions of higher learning in Ken-
. Ol. my lucky are memhers of the council.
nd. you Other dimensions listed hv Stewart _
mxs WAH IA TMA Allumui ()AAgAmiZAlti0AA,S AAAAIAAA TIONS ol higher educatron gathered lor the annual meeting ol the joint
IMS WHA AAAAANIAAP to its DAAAAAAAAt_AAAstmAtiOAA is Alumni (.ounc1l at the University of kentucky n1 October. Picturetl are, len to
_‘ ‘_ A _ right, \V. H. Goodwin. (iarl \Voods, Mrs. R. R. Richards, Miss Helen Ising.
. II°IIIIS_ IIIOISSI SIIAIIIIIII SICSIIISISI as II I)m·t` (Iharles Keown. and M. 0. \Vrather. I
in \laIA mwsllip to strengthen the collegeis *_._.. . W". ._ . __.. ..._Y__. V.   _VV_ ___ _V_ __ _
I lII`IIIII" higher education role in society], _
ta it .... lt. ......, .... ..... ——... ta   U. SEOONO AEIIMNI SEMINAII SEI EOII IIINE ZA 27
I SDQTIIII its memhcrship." as most alumni The University of Kentucky Alumni Prof. jesse Dukeminier, Professor of
UIII‘I’I" groups did when they were lirst or- Association announces that its Second Law at the University of Kentucky.
‘IIII`II I"I uanized. Annual Alumni Seminar will he held will serve as coordinator of the 1959
Q_ Alumni "m-9 multiply-jug tlwly june 2-I-ZT on the campus ofthe Uni- Seminar and will announce the com-
nlvu gifts), tt) the- l);ire|][ j|]§tjt[[ti()]]_ \€*I`$II'}'. plete l)l`()gl`1lIII l;lt€l' Ill (lie spring.
I1y`helping attract support from oth- MIIIIO —’IIIIOI`IE'IIII (IOIISIIIIIIIOII III A XH _l · f I U   ., . ·
el‘5_I` S[(;·\v;u‘1j guid this   l)(>g;ulg(> `ixvg Cllilllglllg S()('l€I}’“ \\'lll l)G tlI€ g€l]€l`;ll A_ I I J IIIIIIU Oltlf IIIIJIISIP `UE IIIA
lure gi-Own to the realizatitm that seininur topic. and top lecturc-vrs from gm. ISI    ISI ?‘°°"{ ‘IlHI‘{"_
financing higher education is a job III? UIIIV€I`$II)' IIIOIIIEFG the SOIIOEIII Smlulu .“ IC   If1Tt;€)p€iIS “}I· lit.
tlvmancling a broad approach and a IIIIIIIIIII I>0€I}’ IIIKI the IOSIII PEOEOSSIOII GI EIIITIIOIE Suguiss U _A hm_ ie ug] IV
_ . ,,   _ _ · _- _ popu Jl one which xx as presented hy
WIIIINBIIQUSWG ntmck “1u pdltlulmtei - the Alumni Association last julv
BA ~Th€ rapidly 'gmwing use Of In Aview ofAthe Avast changesA in ‘ ‘ ‘   A
tirltet Nw Speaker Said that mlumni CONN years the topic \\`1ll be of S[)€‘C1i1l 1m- cluding a reservation hlank will he
mls MC mm. Sitting down with the portance. and with the Supreme mailed to all tllllllllll lll May. Plan
Ap.HI· mmlty bv im,immmA»— to bring Al (joint under fire from several direc- now to he present at the Second An-
ntlwi l)l.(mlm_ pL_l_SlwCti\VC to thc faculty tions it seems unusually I1lI]€l}lA Aihnual Seminar t>iiAjgeA2—1-21. A
,;(-nit. I. A "dcfinite revival in continuing of American higher education," Stew- Other features of the two-day meet-
ailumni education," which includes art told the group. ing included a hreakfast given hy
alumni seminars. speakers for cluh "’l`hc American Alumni Council President Dickey at his home and a
i1it·t·tings. and other educational serv- shares with you a strong kinship. All talk hy Penrose Ecton. president of
ites. of us in alumni work stand ready to the Lexington Chamher of Commerce.
`"I`Iie college or university which help your endeavor, and all in higher
WIS out to realize the potential sup- education must salute you." Stewart t    
purl which is dormant in its alumni concluded.
I_I'IIuug IIIII-. III1. form
I Isoree Lrmgevrtr Serriee AWMCI with bacan, Cotabato, Philippine Islands. chett, Ir., attorney and U.S. (foul. IH! I111<1
2, two clusters. The Mindanao Institute is the first 1111S$1011€1'- 1115 1*11
II Il Major Flood is a 1949 graduate of landgraut college of the Philippines. She was married on Sept. 133 1.. Xr1$<111 1)
I the University of Kentucky. He is lt was founded in 1954 and today has \lI111111111   B1`1Hz1.’S of F101'f1. 11111.. alsw EIIIIIIIWIII
scheduled to receive the Master of an enrollment of 1200 secondary and 1111 1111111`11€}’- $116* is D1'¢1¢‘11l‘111L{ 1~I\I·
  Business Administration degree from 805 college students. Courses in in- W1111 11@1`1111$11011(1 111 1111* 111111 of 1.:1111· COMMEI
3 I New York University next ]une. His dustrial arts and trades, general agri- 1111¤1 B1'1Qg$ 111 F101'3- ·I-O HER
  wife is the former Anne Elliott of Lex- culture and home teclmology and agri- $110 WHS _11<111111I€€1 111 1l1t‘ 11111l?111-1
  ington, a 1946 graduate of UK. cultural education are offered. 11111 111 11 C‘€1'€111011Y 011 Sept. 2-I 11t‘II111‘1I A pict
4 I ,I   thc Indiana Court of Appeals. lu- lliiy Bur
I dianapolis. Iii}, conn
I                   ·.‘I     Eliss Burchctt Iwasl graduated III mark, ap
I     I ~   rrrl.                  :§g·   1908 from the University ol Kentucky Ille \\'lu-C
In I             ’     I ’,;__   College of Law. She is peniiaacnl Sliortly
· I I I»»I`-     .:'         FS           r.. . *°<`I`<’I=11‘>‘I1II11°1`<‘<111<‘¤¢ <·1=¤S~· 111 \1<¤>· 111 11155.
{ I     -___     {II I       ,    I       _··’ ‘ 1958, she received an award gixeu III NlIIllII](·‘||t;|
I   ,‘I`            I I thc Kentucky State Bar :\5Stl('lIIllI1l| lI1»11th(flI
· I or     ””  I`I'I` `   _.`’   _r         for the student from the IIniversiI) 11I runitinues
· I I _   .·..: . ..` , V___    1 »   I II ._ _ Kentucky writing the best essay 1111 Iirity dir-.
I     ·   I I   ‘     legal ethics. _ i I
, . I   III”‘    ;.I /-I   I ·..r "   Briggs, who also holds a IIK l.1I1 THE Cr;
`   III.-   -II”I     ‘    K     `_I’ I ,rI·   degree, class of 195-I, was IIor1111‘1‘I , I
A ' I       ; I   I1 ? I- I   ‘_—I`   with the legal tlcpttrtment of .·\sl1l:1l11l IxII_III(_cSS€;I
  _’ , I l ..r__V  _ rI j I ,;*1%/· #     Oil & Befining Company. IIr.rr“_uic
_   II ’ I‘‘‘‘‘‘”‘` “ I   `   4   I   ·   .~\N()THER L.-\\\I\’El{   oins 1l11‘ Irtlt-i·y·_  
__”____V_,_“ __._,.. W ......     done It Burrhett I`amiIy—Miss Florcitrc .I1111I' wlthe X;.
  » . I .  I Ta   Burchett. `58. on Sept. I2 was atIm1111‘11 The Syn],
- I ·   ,.,,,r=  I  y; MII; r to the Boyd (Bounty bar. Sliowu 1111* llrs, Auk
I` , 1 ~~·—·~   ,, ’I   I _ ministering the oath is judge 11- 1’I’I' I1I the EI,
·_   ` A I Harris. \Vitnessing the rcrcniouy ·11"I‘ I11llSll`;,|[(jI
II , I   I her brother, Thomas Burtiltell.   1111 "l_g$s(I
I I ·~ IIII   her Iiance. (husband as of $t'I1-I· IJII 1<1wu," H
· 1    \\Iilliam   Briggs, I54, and her I1111II`I· insistanr l—
I —  IZ   Thomas Burrhctt. ’2l. II111 Wash
. . K

 :;c$n"é American Air Filter Dr. McAdams Honored By French Institute l
on the ANNOUNCES PI’OIT]Ol`lOI`IS Dr. \\'illiam II. McAdams, emeri- development from crude approxima- :
1. $$11 H¤~~r~·<* M- FM *0-   ··€¤€·~i*>* lll lil?l°T{ZIQ§Zla$lI§`$liS"lIEZEZIZYE '`'` Li Z1Y$SZfS.l”     “l   “l°l°ll°‘l  
Contact ll_ll"llll’l°ll lll, lllc Amfllllcllll Al" lllllflll Technology, on Nov. 14 received the “As a teacher, he has inspired gen-  
>_]a¤ney llllllllllllll zlllfl lllllllslflllllcfl l_° LOll_lS` gold medal of the French Institute of erations of young men with his en-
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