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‘I` H E I D E A  
` ‘ '\
R yi
Vol. III LEXINGTON, KY., MARCH 16, 1911 No. 27
 ____________........... .|
ECHOE8 FROM TH8 EAST. the banquet. are experienced public speakers, Mr. team they have ever played. But re-
_____ R. L. Weaver, ’95. Shultz and Mr. Gill both having won member one thing,—the large end of
_ Q;-ug Meeting of Kentucky Mum". J. T. Lyle, ’96. previous oratorical and declamatory the score in this game is going to be
Anochucm G. F. Blessing, ’97. contests and Mr. Bruner being his ours.
____ J. T. Musselman, ’00. class orator with quite an enviable --—-•-•-•——-——
It is always mir weather when good   B/est, *01. ’ record in his Literary Society. All KENTUCKIAN ALMOST READY
, fellows get together and those good . aughertya 01. three are industrious, capable stu- FOR PUBLICATION.
  fellows were together Saturday night R. W. Lllis, 0.3. ’ dents and we need feel no hesitancy ———-
New York. It was the Occasion Oi P. W. Newman, 02 and '03 in trusting the banner of the Univer- Every One Working Hare!.
the ummm banquet of the Kentucky W. E. Freeman, ’04. sity in their hands. They are being ——-—
  Alumni Association of New York. A. A. Gordon, *04. coached by Professor J, T. C. Noe, l The staff of the 1911. Kenna-xkian
M Covers were mid for twemytwo C. A. Blckel, '05. one of the ablest and best equipped ts working very faithfully and vt ill nn·
  Ind Q more representative body 0; H. M. West., ’05. men in the state for such a task. uoubtedly get out an excellent an-
Keutuckiaus never met around 8. ban- A. Aiken, *0o. The debate is to be held here in the nual thxs year. Editor-in Jhief Tay-
quet table. That spirit of good fel- H. C. Robinson, ’06. latter part of April. The subject is, lor and Business Manager Cassady,
lowsmp which is always present when A. T. Lewis, ’06. "Resolved, That the Amendment to together wnth their able ·;-orns of as-
a bunch Ot Kentucky boys get togeub B. W. Bennett, ’08. the Constitution of the United States ststauts, have been unusuatlv busy for
Br, mn high. Older men met your]- L. L. Lewis, '07. proposed by the Sixty-first Congress some time and they all deserve espe-
ga men with 8, warm Welcome. This L. S. C’Roak, ’00. - and granting to the Federal Govern- cml credit and praise for the in-
warm welcome by the Older men of J.   Uarvin, ’10. ment the power to lay and collect an terest they have shown and the
the Alumni made the younger men G. P. Mills, ’10. income tax according to the principle energy they have put forth to give
feel that at last they were factors for L. C. Bridges, *10. of uniformity, should be ratified by to their class an annual of which it
pushing the cause of the University J` H` Han' ’10° the States", may be justly proud`
of Kentucky in the East. Some good J; B. Shelby, ’10. State, having the choice of sides, l An enormous amount of labor and
speeches were made on this subject I\0te~-The boys of *10 wish to ex. took the negative, and we confldently mgenmty IS necessary for the publt-
ot pushing the principal one being press their best wishes to au thogg expect a clear demonstration of the canon of an annua1_ much more than
made by   C. F. Blessing of Swank connected with the University, espec· inadvisibility of the adoption of the the HV€‘l`Et§lt>- student would ever  
we ' 13"" ?°.f“"- S°"§?’° ?" " E" *’“§;“°°'i; ;‘“°’l3'“F“ia. `§}`"‘§€“. tF"°‘i.‘;..{“§§§.i ${2.22     "‘f..ii§$$ ““f    
_ GYGS Opmga 0 you come roug ree ’ I1 0 DVB S Y C T1 1;:; o v e tegree nn-
di;t::;% th;Gz2w;h;hi;$;c;;icgtwglt both "Little Paul" and *'Dope" and month. deed. and this should be fully appre-
’ give Elam the merry "go-by", .....--••·-·-——-——— Pinterl by the members of the Senior
graduates in good positions in the Yours for Kentucky State BASE BALL PRACTICE GAMES. ClaSS_
"”“£;.°“.?.;§“;.°i“.§.‘i;°.$§I3°§§ $’;1i‘ L- ¤- BRIDGES- MV . H S  M., .. 2..   a.            
p.t...a...., and th. other mg Univer; ———-·+·—-——— ‘ ` ° JL ° ` ?,1‘.“$.,I§.;’;$.2?“’;?S .‘¥.€.‘“.?.;’,i‘“f,iY, T1
sities have was keenly felt as those DEBATING TEAM AT WORK. COLTS LATER, (lcfidteh. dp(.m€d_ éutlgssurpdly 8
men Sat together et that banquet _ _"`”— "“"‘ worthy publication can be expected
They were men of action as well as Busnly Preparmg For Big Inter-Cob Now that the Coach is here. we and the (`lasg of -11 ma,. fop] sum
of words, and at once took action to Iegiate Event In April. will be able to have some practice that their interests have. been wen
8€¢¤1‘6 8-11 8·DD¤‘0D1‘i8¢9 ¤0¤g· They ————- games and we expect to indulge in a looked m·t,_.,._
raised a subscription of a substantial The University Debating Team has good many so as to get the team in Hanes to the Staff of the -1] Ken_
sum to he paid for a song which at last been selected and have now good shape for the game with the n,(.kim,g Ou,. hats Off ,0 me indo.
some Alumnus or any one else would gotten down to hard work, preparing University of Michigan on April 10th. fntimble “.Ol.k9,S_
write; this song to be approved by itself for the coming clqbate with Get this one idea firmly ensconced ____ ___
- the New York Alumnl Association Central for the inter-collegiate cham- in your upper stories right uow——we ··5·rROL|_5R5•· 3u5v_
and adopted by the University au- plonship of the state. are going to win that game of base -...-...
thorities. The men present at the Owing t.o a misunderstanding with ball from Michigan. That’s straight Enthusiastic pe,-{O,-mc,-S for ··3,·Own
banquet seemed to prefer a song writ- Central’s representatives on the Exe- goods. Ask the Coach. In order to of Ha,-Va,-d_··
ten to the tune of "My Old Kentucky cutive Committee of the Debating do this we must and will play a num- ._....
H0me." but the song need not be re- Association, there has been consider- ber of practice games. The tlrst will GOOD TALENT DEVELOPED.
stricted to this tune alone. able delay, working greatly to our probably be with Lexington High ———-—
At the business session, Mr. Frank disadvantage, but from the energetic School Saturday, March the 25th. Th? "Sf¤‘0\\0¤‘S" are IWW in the
Daugherty, ’01, was elected president manner in which the boys are getting This will be followed the next week midst of their rehearsals and every-
to succeed Mr. W. E. Freeman, '04. into harness, we have great hopes of with a game with the Lexington thing voints to a su<·vessfu1 produc-
Mr. J. T. Musselman, ’00, was re·elec· their bringing the championship back Colts and also one with the St. tion of "Brown of Harvard."
ted treasurer. where it rightly belongs. Paul’s School team. On April first we The following men are asked to
Letters from President Barker and Our debaters are W. (‘. Shultz, a play Kentucky Wesleyan College on ¤‘<·v0¤‘i $¤tur‘de>’ ui’fe¤‘¤<><>h at $30 xl.
Professor Anderson, expressing their Senior education student from Ohio our fleld. followed by a game with m. sharp:
_ regrets that they could not be present, county, J'. F. Bruner also a Senior in Louisville Normal Training High Thivsiug. Miles. Gude. Porter. Frau-
were read. A telegram was sent to education, from Daviess county, and School. Then comes Michigan. cis, lledden, Hart, maker, Marx.
President Barker, Gkpressing appre- J. O. Gill, a Junior law student from These preliminary practice games Rolla Foster, J. M. Foster, Oosthulzen,
elatton for the interest he has taken Marion, Crittenden county. None of should develop the men and put them Palmore, Coltings, Dellow, E. H.
I ln the New York Alumni. . the men have been members of. the in shape to play the greatest game Smith, Kohnhorst, R, J. Wilson. Baird
` The following men were present at Inter-collegiate team before, but all of their lives against the greatest Schimpler, Melton, Gower and Spinks.

 2 T Il E I D E A
CR}; AM FLQUR Immednately stm. sntmmarm. Fm, 8,,0,,,,,, cf New M,,,_
DMN F°r$;l?°;\Pak° Mal When the fcw brave heroes who It is alwaye exeeotlollally gl.atlly_ O
‘ ‘ '· faced the wintry blasts Wednesday lng to eee the muolbtallledol good
Leximrton ¤¤u•¤‘ Mills C0. reached the field, they were greeted new matellal wollllllg out well and ll
  `I ——————·*‘—‘_""" FY ther lfveltlurglewtuee and healthy showing up in a manner that would  
erm 0 (Wl me °· be expected from their past reputa- I
"l’ete" Scott was all smiles and im- CLIFTON BEDFORD
tions. lt is seldom that such a thing ~l
meutetely uegeu eevenlne Mound happens, but such is the case in base ,%m°m8b   mm'm°h l "
GOOD FURNITURE short in a manner that would have bal] this eol·l¤g_ The New   * ·
’ put Hans Wagner to shame in his Thom la a bunch Ol very lllgllly N I h   . V.
palmest days Burrus on second got 0 C 4
C91‘p€t8, Wal] P&p€I‘ 8»I1d SWV88. ln the game and Bcopped mem up ln touted new men who ere euuwtug ¤•·.¤for¤•· Cluett. Pe•body&co.,mnm·• It
l Some swell form in   early prac_   T
e Way that indieetes he Wu] be e tlce. While the writer has only seen ·-
    d W ll th d k t th ‘
Spee Y u · e eeeuu ·e“’° e ° e has been particularly well impressed _•
_ "The Tailor That Satisiie•" rfuuzettuu glut tue ban; uulu *2;** by the excellent manner in which they
C 68 @088988 80mG 8 g BD ml OD ll dl th l l  
STEAM and DRY CLEANING. and showed us that he knows how to agollie ointzilxswllo have attracted
159 south [limestone uuuule tue Kruse cutters tu u Superb special attention are: Preston, Robin- Q
Style· eveu though ue uuue Mm the son, Beatty, Cotterell, Fairchild, Wes- CBL C0.
` Sucks ef Weetem KeutuekY· ley, Moore, Lee, Wall and Woodson.  
UNIVERSITY LUNCH STAND f {lhs mere presence °t Eugle out tue There are several others whose THE LEADWG _
First Class Lunch and tel W: :*1 uduuuuug uu';‘°" ’luu· e" nnmes we do not know. These men are SPEQIALTY HOUSE I
Hot; lugalg °ug e uy wee ex rene Y re" showing some real base ball class and r
A']_‘ ALL HQURS uuu °°lu· they euuweu more uueeu• will make some one hustle to keep  
A_ B_ BARRETT uguu aug singer ttgeu they ue'e them off the team. They handle
Cola S_ Lime and Colfax Sta B uwu e uuy me e ye"- themselves and the ball well and use
_ kuThot:e“v;*l]holwerebl:;;>ro last 70;* than- noodles along with their hands. Styles
uw u ug eu e Y ee e euee · The entire squad is the best ever ,
EVERYT§I£¥)G F;0R THE They remember wen the mm team seen llel.e_ lat. above the Orlllllllry ull I IN HIGH GLASS
D¢V¢l¤P1¤K ¤¤d P¤¤¤¤Z· uggduuiteu it mgtertut To tuuee TSW develop a team that will wallop MILIINERY.
. S u en S W ° eve never eeeu m Michigan. flrst and then win the
Legglgtgizb {big: C§l::p]gHr°c0. coacttl, we can only say go down and State ellalllolollelllo FOR
Y gletlc hhiry- nee will see: she: ve; com down on me sem, renews, .
  u ° S ° rea g°° 8 W en and watch them work out. Show l
, A l   °°meS t° cuucutug e uuee uuu te’·m· them that you are interested in them.       Q
AHRQ.!} il  *h?@ Go down and hear him yell “Heads
__ __ _, Get a line on the team early and Full L. N D. l
ICE CREAM PARLOR up te Pete Seutt about stx your Interest will grow as the season mc OW on mp ey
AWD LUYCH snmp gm? weft °m;r?°°:` nth rtstgmg: “°"°“°°°‘ l
A- o eswor arpo e e. o _.......•.._.;.  
South lame and wlllslow Street. down. RIOT AT UNIVERSITY LUNCH • l
We are all glad that he has a fair- STAND · .
‘ Mlam Street East
ly good bunch of old men to begin ———- ‘
J. J. FITZGERALD work on. With the new material, On last Saturday about the fourth ;.._ ,,
hich he will soon whip into shape hour, a young couple were peacefully
Steam and Water Heating able to
present a formidable llne-up versity Lunch Stand when in walked
269 W. Short, · - Lexington, Ky. on the diamond. the father of the "he" lover and de· G  
manded the reason for absence from Y &  
......-.-•·—--— class. After many stuttering eiforts
KINKEAD COAL COMPANY The Plps In Germany. the Young man succeeded in convinc- S rln Llneln FurniSh•
QTFICE and yARD__ Among the European smokers the lug the parent that as a true Ken· p 9 mg
No 157 N Broadw meerschaum and the porcelain bowl [uckign no could not endure to noo n Goods. Hats and Oxlords
• · ay- find favor with the German, and the fall. maldell Sllllol. lol. lack Ol nom, .
7 . ‘ are now hem shown al
gA]LR()A]) \AR])..()_ S_ Fl-elgnt pe. rivalry between their respective mer- lsllmellt whereupon lnstead of mls 9
pot S. Broadway and Christy Sta its affords a constant topic of comm- father leaving he proceeded to also l
’ ' versy among the burghers or youths t ll ’  and   M 9 Miller and
  of t.hB UI1lV6I`BIt.l€B. The possession   8 of   repast b   c   S   {
and becoming use of the pipe mark range $8 not 99¤ h9¤l°d of esen
  & CO- the transition from youth to manhood, 0¤ {D6 0¤·I¤D\1¤· Shoes   Hats »
MCE Ml lu.]: and the rauchen rank being assumed, —-———•-•-•-———— ·
H0 ' DE C Y Elle piped which iswlg refosnlged em; Japanese Method of com storage. 140 W. Mam Street ‘
em an represeu vc. I Se Om ¤¤ On a recent visr to rr l en r 1* . _
  I;‘V§lRY 1?;‘tY of the hand of its owner. kata. on the nor-tum-st   at FHQQIT,
3 WU} b . .._..._........_.— I had oc i t» —·b·n V
__ · .   -, _ Yorksblreman was stnnqlng nu; l
_ Far be lt lmm me to bout bug stack, but on 1nvestn,.m.>n found ln be A __ l l l
Grtffith Q. Crowe nm ob mu ambny ¤».·· an tr. °° ‘m’"*"**’ "**···"·* ··*     ‘° ‘I,,'°".”‘§.§’.Z`..“Et.`{° Sl {E" “"" “°°° .
colored mall who was wlllt with straw matting. The lmlllnne of uu e ”° y ° mueuuuut ’
bur clllcklm wop ,,b l ""“uu" this nlounu was to keel. In .-and amt-. u’*“‘ “'°°u"g· “"""‘ he "’*””k°d=
Everything Th•t’sGoed in lelelllvee wae--·· ` u on Ob mah ¤K€. for vonsumptnon in annrlnm-_ nsn ut uuuerstiudlmat j"*‘u°" te fueled °¤¥ ·
Ucmml Wlshlllgwllt wlonm mgmsnurs wlmemmt. ·r¤t..t.m. {K? ‘j_‘;§‘;l{m,§ ‘,‘,§“§°,"§"“‘ lQ“‘°PE‘
P R I N T I N G ¤¤dv·¤¤"¤¤*· eehl" we inlerruvted ::l"lnT§;h$:l5fdl°;dl Q‘°;“’—“‘h °"‘°'°" imma thank nt is whyagaisanmll;
meanly, but g\eet`ully_ s rc s n t e north- ` ’ ‘
l __ _ __ welt ol _laal,ll_ l lll, ll yesterday an alrman fell out or nt;
140 S°“u‘ L"“°‘t°“" t   ?§ss;l:¤;;;n'i{t;:P'··hw°rm WY Men ¤¤ w¤¤:¤t;éuuu    
wramina n;>y~.·<¤p·in M ‘= ‘
                fllld 2’7`•‘Y"'4""'] tn hiS `WFYOHHI royal uses   Some of thosa
1   D P7`If"Vf'Q
Unmocked by fit! 1 dreams. -.--._,._....... UP'1O‘DATE PHOTOS
grams better than whe!-S' _ u Special rates to students.
What hopes, ambitions, dreams of Not a Glass Child. {W WEST MAIN ST- F¤>¢ Ph<>¤¢ 1635*
Lexington Ky, Once stirred within that still pale tm pavm“`" Wh"` uu M "“"‘“ Un the OVER 86 YEAR8°
° brow wnll; l,nei0\v ¥llt’lv` Nils ¥h<· eound of gxpgguggqcg
N   I kn crashing KIHSS '}h•‘)` I0(\k(·>d and Saw
0 one can te * we on y Ow that 3 Mu U v" H! ¢ !t’ ·i;ih! months
That all is silent now. had fauph py·pn•J Uyypvy php ',a`·t;npnt
Wh b gum down His *u¢»th•—·‘ run to pick
at life lood ebbed from piuing im up-
    hearts "Mt·‘5 n glass chlld." lumcuteed the M
I B b   For him who never more returned :"°'E°l" rm; "£S_}j_'G.n'i_’,:’g glue beg'- TmB>:,,G,::K·
at     Cannot be told, his mournful fabs BE . lf {Ni * UM \ tn 9 fen` CGPVMGHTS U5-
Porha. s none ever learned Mx savd {hp nm"` {md mokmg *"’°"°°°°{"{`°°°"°t°h °"°r°°°°:}`"3'L¥`:K
• • . , · ` . 0 , , v 0 I 18 I
The only Hm class shop m Lcxmgmn p ¤¤<"" "P "·"“*‘ _‘“(‘¥ '**‘ WM ¤‘*·~h¤» {£1U$}§H0?.’?2§.}i.1!¤‘%‘»‘§ ,%l£$‘.‘.¤£m°°c»¤....u..»c~
Y 1 P d . It [g was gm {hp (-ml;] hm; was broken. ummmrlctlycmnlldontlnl. HANDBOOK 0nP¤t•¤t-•
8C Ompa 0Lll’8Sp€C|3 y. _ _ . , _ _ wuz fr¤•.0ldo•t• oncy forsacurlngputenu.
B FOTSCH Pm riewr Th€¤ FGSUHH in that shadowed gfuve. but a range Mwie of mul" which he l'ut0ut| mmm enrnuinn mmm { co.;-•¤•1v•
‘ ° ° p mon, never sunrise wakes to fealx had   ('IZISDPU tu his IJOSUIU Wb8¤ 'pcdalnouch wnhoutc ·r.°°lut •
We honor give, because he was h° wu '""*‘ ‘l°“4"    
A ¥<¤¤¤¤·=¤ ¤*<>¤·¤··- ‘ Mo ‘ o °``‘ o`   3.}:.*::*.:;:*1:;;**.::;;g;;§i:s§°{;:E:g% 'E'é$‘%?:fr‘§‘2
_. : OU IUOII , I GI
* ..........•....i- Supponing the whole population ot mwchomcm6“'.st__w“h"m°n_D_g_
' ] A“"‘kha" Lamb? from one another all over the land 1
Fmm B°kh*“`”· Some mmmn ang S surface of Great Britain, each would
. mm astmkhau skim aw Sem *{°‘° be 85 yards from his next neighbors.   _
year to Europe and America. Phe
lambs whose skins are known as as- ‘_"*"_°i‘
Always th.8 BGSU SIIOW. lrukhan are specially bred for the pul‘· Invitations to me panty E _
pose, and some flocks contain us umn! __ _ _ _ H 2 . , ` ` _   ,
4 tlways um same Pri"- as 6,000 head. The skins are rough- www ?:;t;°   (XL°'mll:‘i°;l;l°;vb:§:;E_   .»  . . ` I
i uwgyg 0193,]], Alwgyg Good, ly tiréssgd lileforu bbeing oxgortfnd. 5; aka; the smdious “_umau  .
5 per men s ave een ma 6 .. .   ,_ , _
; °“°° °“**T°·“"d‘ mednng of lambs for aszmkbau ¤¤ m'e"§?Qu‘t Y“§_}f_·U_,j["{}"’,‘; f(§‘°g‘__ ‘ff‘g_ SHOE MAKINQ AND IQEPAIRING
· . Ngvgr Qutdoug, rtgniioui imrtg   ,;¤;]a {xsd Euioge, pta-ng umm; of me names with which we an   (Jlass and huurantced}
_ , , , s c a me a o ara a 0 0 _ f I ·
Q ’   Daily-3.00, 7.30, 9.00. Inca- the bc"' lambs for the purpose. $m·:L8;biuK:t;;:le;2d)'9V {W DUTDOIO 2‘3 L2 EAST nlm STREET
s ` mv ·ro on nu. ..1....... Near ¤ wffive
,.1 o

 ,` I
4 T H E I D E A l ,
I F I A regularly. Thursday morning, at W y ,
H '   Chapel hour, is the proper time for     o   M
_ Published ev¤.·>· Thursday by the ¤t¤d•¤t body or State Unlvermy of Kentucky, lhs .dea to wma our mn:. if lz .·= 90
ro: me bonem or me student;¢h:tl;:u{;¤(;rulty and alumnae or mm be 3 success, Thursday ummmg mum   or -  
—-——;——-—-—·-‘·‘  tlnd lt ready tb be hnmlud to the ,
THD. IDEA ls the official newspaper of the University, and is issued wekly . ,~
during the college year. Its chief Object is to give the college news of Kentucky. $lud€m$·          
gguggggng? tlalgrggiggdggtiiegeglsd oélntezesc concerlng omer universities and Let vg an work together for mlm _wm— En" ily
Entered an Lexlngton Post Omceas second class mall matter. one contribute as regularly as pos- — AND ·· N,
  glblg to every issue of the paper. /4 3]
WILL H. TOWNSEND, Edit0r·In-Chief. ___...,.•.,.......- .» W pg  
R. W. *rrNs1,EY .................... ..... ............ . .......... Assistant Editor   {Z
1-*. 1., m,xnx .......... . ....... l ......... . .... . ......... . ....... Athletic Editor --—-~—~           ·
E. 1., }iECKER ........ . ............... . ..... . ........ Assistant Athletic Edlotr I     '  
s. c. manmwr, Business Manager N     f v
F. L. MARX, Asst. Business Manager. J. B. SANDl$Rb, Asst. Adv. Mgr. O     l i·
THEO. SLADE, Advertising Margagcr.   A. LURI'1·.Y. Asst. Sub. Mgr. |>|-|()N[$    
V. L. DOWNING, Subscription ll gr. `. J. KOHN, Asst. Sub. Mgr. *  
This issue of The Idea was pre- The next issue of The Idea will be »¤.
pared by the following members of prepared by the following members ot ' _ s-
Tho Idea Stall: The Idea Sufi:  
S. \\'. Jackson. R. B. Shupinsky. B I   .
J. I. Miller. R. T. Taylor.     . ‘
W. C. Shultz. Miss Cleo Gillis. _ _ _ ,
J. A. Wilmore. H. S. McKenney.     C0. hvcrythmg lOl` COHVEC MQU I l
M‘SS “‘“‘a“"‘· from head to foot.
 ..i...-—""_";" .._.; •
  136 & 138 S. Lnmcstone f
WHY NOT The 1d€8., BS WG have (ICP8 SPG VGPY !D\1Ch m0f6 B8.l.iBf8Ct•   44 , _ li
A CINDER before stated upon 0ry_ p The Place the btylc C0mcsfr0m"  
PATH? many occasions, is Now taking these things into cou-   ..-- 1
always interested in the welfare of sideration, there is no reason why,
our institution condemning where in a few weeks we can not have a U ° ° I H E  
condemnation is needed and com- fine track of cinders completely en-   y
mending where commendation is due, circling the athletic field. We have ,
it pursues the even tenor of its way the ashes from the boiler rooms-   _ ,_ °
contented it of service to the student ashes that are thrown away as use- 7HE COLLLGE MAN `S STORE
body which in represents. less. We have a great many 0DD0!'·   cum. L, smus, ·oo - - - Mm".,
There is no doubt as to the rapid tnnities to procure cheap labor in get- 4
i¤¤v¤‘¤~‘¤¤¤¤¤* =¤¤¤ <>¤=‘·‘=¤¤ vmgress cf ““g."‘°.‘“’“°"“l °“ the g"°““d ““° onm free tuifion an all dcpm-   ‘
the Kcnturky State University, and puttmg It down' This wm mean °' , s. , , I . . W . 1 {
· - ments except ,fl\\ to ,_r.1l untcs 0
_ . _ . great deal toward VICIOTY 1n this o, _
yet a fom things, xxluch some deem of 1 k 11 (,1 S I I .1
. branvh of sport this year and it will *0muC Y 1— I C ICO S “ 10 are
Only mi“°" imD°"m“°°* are bemg gh Q th . h d th, th t prepares] to cuter the Frcslnnan DRUNK  
overlooked. Take the outdoor ath- him; sti Soaci Zghmd ihmeni ta hhss
lenics for instance. There has never u 8 n lu On S em' H GI" Q 1; ° l · •
· · .:1 ·l (20lllt’ 1n tl , Stem 1 cn- ·
been any great amount Of interest €St€?‘d in thélf €“OI`tS, 8.Ild 8.IlXlOuS f()]'   lc;   FI{1"li:` fl t .5.  
exmbnol b· mo student body in this “‘°"" S“°°€SS· 1 U- O S-Cm ‘ ‘ O “m°“’
rt rh; khibmons are never Wen SO lm us get busy It is always ITlEllX‘1Clll8t1OIl, luborutorynnd oth- IN   ·
c . e· ·
21211% dg d {md Consequently the pm_ti_ easier to climb over a, wall where one Br fccsw Ono Or mm`0 al)P0mt€€$· 5
Cipants can never Show up to as good has a boost and in the same way it Necessary expenses moderate. »
advantage as they could if ,,,,,2,.,, Sm. is ¤l¤¤ easier ¢¤ ¤¤m¤ in under the For full infomation regarding   1
dent was present at the meets, yell- ;u`;_ah;;d Ig! gw resgxhli?   II} aPT)Omt‘*€S» €’0“¥`$€S of Study, 00St l
ing and urging them to victory. In alle   ndyrinoc tgt? al;) the ‘i els of boards €l»C·» QDPIY to
every athletic contest the participants Stat; his sildousugued cmu lan in H. S. BARKER, Call {Of the Genume B
are exactly as the crowd makes them. the nd h th t d t b d I PRESIDENT, { 5
If we are enthusiastic, the players md°t0; ficfgry ° “ “ °” ° Y ° ““" Lexington, Ky. *·*·*"'*‘*"""*'
will bc energetic, lf we are indifferent, ‘ R
·e r s ou ess aware ,
bes: thus ufl T it wm $:8; $2;:; The Idea is out late this week. The If You Xyant Und" F°V°"° N‘“i°"“l Bank I  
we wcu ave °' W D D reason therefor can easily be explain-   8   l r
team this y°°r’ we must provide the ed as follows: First, the lack of mo- Printed Mutter F- · . . . l
necessary tacmlitios for training. At term prevented the Copy from going Mwst Halr Cuttmg and bhavmg ·
$6 £;€1;€1:-Lfggmgnyogzaggzzsigguig to the mess at the usual time and, \Vl1ich Conlpcls Attention Parlor '" the OW
°“ dth>t' hdtbt"r .
ms   to   the ¤·»»¤·~··»¤ or     t§"§   °m;iu.?"§€?§; We ‘<··<·w   you ·:=· ·· W ll ............-—-. Y
Iunulni path. T;1istl:hillTthS uéorc placod on the job. 4 1 l
mc W En “'° rc ec 8 · ·· °“' This is xho first time during the      
. , . o |
tral. (lcorgetown, and Wesleyan have year Of 1911, that the Staff has nm TllL y '
Cinder u`8·°kS· while we haw °°ly contributed sufficient material. As n   t & R' h d C   .
clay- whole, the work has been exceedingly         0• Everything, firsbcluss to cut V
T}16!'9 is 8ll U16 diYY6¥'€¤¢€ i¤ W6 satisfactory and prompt and it is F } D ‘ cz] ' · ‘ · Q
_   PGIICI Plp OKBC, Oysters lilly ·
W0l‘\d b6tW€€¤ 8 with of ¤i¤d6¤‘¤ wd sincerely hoped that ll will continue St 1 t v ·
one ot clay. It a. mln occurs in the so Oui, cfgrstu .m0mI$:t illgglceé Tllw l
4 mm-ning before g, meet, the clay will 'I`lu=~ only possible way to have a thoysouth-coz? of 13510 citlm gr m = B
` not permit Buy high PMB of 8D€8d live college paper ig for gvgry Stu. Do (lilly Tlllll Klllll da and ni ht y` pen  
for several days.: on ClDd€!`$ ihé !¤0¥8· dc·n‘ l0 takv an actixc mmresl in y g U  
ture has very little 6f!6¢i· EVM! when every issue and there is nomnlng   S.   Z
U18 clay Dllh IB DGNGCUY di'?. UW Cm` B0 detrimental to it as appearing ir-     Corner Mil] and Bolivar ‘·  

 _` l
I T H E 1 D B A 5
I NOTICE!   ... ...—-
I I The Tennis Club ls now to become         I — ··
"*z’ `Q \Z·u */ —  '· {
  an organized body, governed by rules I JW \_.y_   - _ . ·} JI  
lTIA‘4~  and regulations, such as any other ;®\"' 'II m w/.  ~g?  """""""""""""'
    I I organization. ~ IL,,_».r- .¤` , . A-- in-.-.» i2 _ _g__ P l I HMM
I     ~¢~·-J They will hold their first meeting “"`““""'F 
I [Q . ·» ‘ ,:3 4; Friday, Chapel hour, in Prof. Whlte’s well formulated plans have been
I >t} Vi `“,, ro<>m.Main building, elect officers, and made for the organiation of a state ·
  _ / ·   ·'E` R talk over plans for the coming year. mining society. This movement has I
It I , . Z   A local tournament ls assured and an been placed on foot by the local so- I · ·
*21 I  ,I· { / I lnter·colleglate tournament ls in pros- clety of the College of Mining Engi-
    _j;7jV_` I" _ `~.._   II pect. All those interested, and who neerlng but lt is not to be along the
  I  II   . \\   ,7 I want to become a member of the Ten- lines or an extension of this society.
j   ‘ I ._ l   nis Club, come to the meeting Friday. It will be a state-wide association of
.. "" \ ·'I   Remember the time and place—Fri- mining men of Kentucky and will ln-
¢_ J D day, Chapel hour, in Prof. White’s clude the local society and any other
'_ room. The following names have similar organizations in various sec-
  been handed ln already: tions of the commonwealth. The now- ·
.Z, Hobson, W. E. called Kentucky Mining Society of
,· Watson, J. R. the University is simply father of the (gncccggnrs
Y Oustheizen, J. P. idea and is lending its influence ln I to '[*_ I;_ D€WIIm·St_)
I Wallace, W. carrying out the materlallzation of  
- I:  Haley, W. these plans- I I HEADQUARTERS
Miles, Already several prominent mning I
Hart, D. W. men of the state have signified their I FOR ALL
_ gcnimnlely interest in the matter and the perma- ·
Smith, w_ v_ nent success of the organization is I    
· t th LEWIS, J. simply a matter of a few months I € C
wan e newest Threlkeld, P. L. time. A date will soon be deter- •
ee so · Luytey, w_ mined for a convention in Lexington S 1
Stunts In Day, W_ in order to elect officers and draw up u  
Barker, R. the final business details. This will
Liebovitz. be dime   gepreseintative minI;g I For college Ninn.
Stevenson, men n a en ance rom over e ·
S P R I N G     Fn,.d_ L_ state and the sentiment of these men I
--..,..._..._t__..___.._.-._..I ShanInSky_ R_ so far as can be determined to date
Proctor, IS Ihal'. thi-BTG shall I)9 8. SfI'Ol'lg‘ f€8.tUl'9      
S,,,,agn€_ Nliss M_ made of the annual conventions when
  T“€Y"° hem "OW rear   Miss “‘· L’ii“..§’f.I‘§‘.I‘?.§‘*11.§i‘§T§;.S°§i.‘§..°£..§§‘£§§'; Gmesm SmS·
. . . Marx, F. L. J 4 t · ·
dy f0l' yOLlI° VI€WIl`lg, lfl Gilmm., _·I_ the assembly. 'These addresses and SHOES,
n h h d   t _____2_____ other papers will doubtless be lssued
3 y S flpeor S a 8 a I HAM|;_TON NQTES, in an Iannual publication. The move- BASKET BALL
y0u rnlght fangy_ I ..-- ment is decidedly one of progress and
I Miss Mary Hannah and Miss Mary is fostered and approyed by the Dean I SUPPLIES,
I Elizabeth Lackey spent the week end of the College of Mining Engineering.
Ask to See the new I at the latter’s house in Richmond, ———- BASE BALL GOODS
I “ , , H K€nmCky_ Mr. R. R. Atkins, (`lass ’10, was a ’
I       visitor at the Mining Department last and
I Miss Mary Francis Paul left Satur- week. Mr. Atkins is located with the COLLEGE
a new broad brim IOW day for her home in Glascow, Ken- Block Fennel Ceal Company. at Can-
I • tucky, nel City. Ky. PENNANTS.
crown, the hat the ——‘
Miss Marie Stamper returned from The many friends of Mr. R. G. FLAGS
I f ll '
· young € OWS are her home in Vanceburg, Kentucky, Stevens will be sorry to hear that he
Y l all wearing. Saturday. has quit school for the rest of’this PILLOW COVERS,
year. He has accepted a position
I Miss Bailey has returned to Chris- with the Clinchfield Coal Corporation, POSTERS, ETC.
I I       tianburg, Kentucky, after spending at Dante, Russell county, Va.
I   several days with her sister, Vestina ....._...,,.,......... ..__
. _ Bailey. .
» qq I · Mr. Bill Thieslng has returned to ,. I __ __ I I
I chow usa head our Hatman cant Ins studies after a wcI_k.S Stay In Wlll .ll\\.l.}s bt glad to see
y {IL On March 11 the annual inter·class C _