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Cats get
ready to
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h p: www.h ornol.com

Students react to master plan proposal

Change: Suggestions include more remote parking
structures, more dorms and more pedestrian paths

By Tracy Kershaw
toiroe ihrceitr

For people like Ann
Hartell. who bicycles and
walks to campus. a plan to
make UK more pedestrian
friendly is a godsend

But for those like Adam
Jones. who bemoans the

state of parking and traffic
on campus. ideas such as
building remote parking
garages and building on
surface lots seems absurd.
Hartell and Jones were
two of a handful of stu-
dents who viewed a pro-
posed master plan for the
campus a design that de-

pends on reducmg the de»
mand for parking and shuf-
fling traffic away from cam-
pus streets.

"The University cannot
afford what it does to catn-
pus and finances to allow
people to park right in front
of their dorms and offices."
said J. Eric Moss. a princi-
pal for Ayres. Saint. Gross.
the architectural firm that
created the master plan.

Instead. UK should fol—

low universities such as
Cornell. which reduced de-
mand for campus parking
by 26 percent in one year.
Moss said.

Universities are en-
couraging their campus
communities to find alter-
nate transportation to cam-
pus though incentive pro
grams. building more cam-
pus housing and creating
pedestrian pathways and
bike paths.

The master plan sug-
gests UK should build
enough new dorms to ac
commodate 40 percent of
undergraduates by 2020.

Now the residence halls
can hold 29 percent of un-
dergraduates. not including
the 18 percent increase in
freshmen this year

Yet Jones. an art educa-
tion sophomore. said he is
not sure if the demand for
parking on campus will

ever change.

.“If the plan only calls
for 40 percent of students
to live on campus. that still
leaves 60 percent of them
who need to drive here." he
said. “I just don't think
they've planned enough."

The plan. which calls
for broader sidewalks,
more crosswalks and a net-
work of pedestrian path-

See PLAN on 3

Witten begins season

It was like a drug injected into my veins.


Former sex addict hopes

It was arousal and excitement.” atop tennis rankings

I Sophomore
Jesse Witten
connects with
a forehand
shot during a
match last
spring against
Green. Witten,
who advanced
to the NCAA
singles finals
last season,
opens the
2002 fall
season ranked
No. l by the

visit sparks dialogue on

X-rated: Talk combines statistics,
TV and student opinion in hopes
of informing, not censoring



By Stacie Meihaus


Pornography is an industry worth
billions of dollars. To Gene McConnell. it
was also an addiction.

McConnell. a representative of Au-
thentic Relationships. Int.. spoke to stu-
dents last night about the effects of
pornography on America‘s culture
and about his own sex addiction. The
event was sponsored by Campus Crusade
for Christ. the Rock and Student Govern

"My message is that we are adults
and we have a right to consume. But do
we want to?" McConnell said, "I am not
saying that pornography is good or bad
as that‘s your choice to make."

Some students came to last night's
discussion with their minds made up.

"Pornography is really gross." said
history junior Laura Allen. “It‘s also
completely demeaning to women."

McConnell researches pornography
and sex in the American culture. He pre-
sents advertising as an indicator of how
sex is imbedded in our culture. but also
of how advertising affects the way Amer-
icans see the world. He compared the cen-
terfold models from the ‘50s with images
shown today on television and also
showed a video clip where UK students
were interviewed on their thoughts about



Top Cat: Sophomore standout leads UK tennis team
at home invitational as the nation's No. I player

By Josh Yost

cdhinieurmd WRITER


After becoming only the third freshman in NCAA histo-
ry to reach the finals the NCAA singles tennis tournament
last season. Jesse Witten is atop the NCAA men‘s singles
rankings and wants to stay there.

After his outstanding freshman season. in came the
awards. He named the Southeastern Conference Freshman of
the Year and the Intercollegiate Tennis Association Rookie of
the Year. But his top honor was being named the preseason
No. 1 player in the NCAA tennis rankings by the ITA this sea—

All of this recognition isn't going to Witten‘s head. He
said he is still entirely focused on helping his team win the
NCAA team tennis title. Witten said he would also like to win
the singles title this year.

”Playing for a national championship in singles was
great. but this year it would be nice having my team there
playing for one with me.“ Witten said.

Coach Dennis Emery said Witten has done things similar
to past UK greats such as Carlos Drada and (‘edric Kauffman.

"Jesse is the best physical talent that I've had in terms of
the complete package." Emery said. "He‘s very quick and
very balanced on the court."

Emery also said that Witten's No. 1 ranking is important
and significant for the UK tennis program.

Sarah Witten. Jesse‘s sister. said that watching Jesse over
the past few years has been fun.

“I‘ve learned a lot from watching my brother play. and
much of my game is very similar to his." Sarah said.

Evan Austin is another UK tennis player from Witten's
hometown of Naples. Fla. While the two players didn't play
each other in high school. they were rivals in their younger ju-
nior tournament days.

"Ninety-eight percent of all Ameri-
can women are censored. You never see
the average woman in the fashion indus-
try." he said. “I think (pornography) is
hate speech. It‘s hate toward women."

McConnell was first introduced to
porn by finding an uncle‘s collection of
magazines at age 12.

“It was like a drug injected into my
veins. It was arousal and excitement." he

JOHN "unlit | kERNrisrArr


Craig Spinks of Ouadrld Productions Interviews hospitality management freshman Michelle
Good Thursday. Splnlts was asking students their views on pornography for a DVD for a

See PORN on 3 presentation at UK Thursday evening by Gene McConnell, a recovered sex addict. See WIITEN on 3



Goodall highlights similarities between people and chimpanzees


Not just monkeyin' around: Jane Goodall wants a
'better place’ for people, animals and environment

By Josh Thomas

With a chimpanzee
greeting howl. Jane Goodall.
world—famous conservation-
ist and researcher. greeted
the crowd at UK‘s Singletary
Center Thursday.

More than 30 public and
private school groups from
across the state as well as
UK students and professors
were in attendance for
Goodall‘s lecture. where she

spoke of her various re-
search and outreach pro-
jects. She spoke of her
hopes for the future of the
environment and humanity.

The 68-year-old was full
of life and inspiration when
she spoke about her days liv-
ing in the wild with chimps.
Much of her talk centered
on her experiences during
her research. Through her
stories. Goodall highlighted
the similarities between
chimps and humans. She

says that she hopes through
education. people will un-
derstand the importance of
protecting these very hu—
man-like animals.

“Western science and
western religion have drawn
a sharp line between humans
and animals." Goodall said.

She said that line is be-
ing blurred as we begin to un-
derstand how similar chimps
are to humans. But due to de-
forestation. population
growth and the bushmeat
trade. the outlook for preser-
vation is grim. she said.

Goodall is best known
for her chimpanzee research
in Gombe National Park. in

Tanzania. The research pro
ject. in its 43rd year. is still
underway. making it the
longest-running study of a
species of animal. The pro
ject is now overseen by
members at the Gombe
Stream Research Centre.

In 1977. she founded the
Jane Goodall Institute. The
mission of this institute
was to not only research
wildlife. but also to educate
others on how they can help
save the environment.

Goodall voiced hope for
the future. She based her
hope on three points.

See JANE on 3





Jane Goodall
speaks to a
large crowd In
the Singletary
Center's Con-
cert Hall
afternoon. Her
talk was about
and thelr char-

scon usum |
mm snrr

The Student Newspaper at the Univesiy of New...“ “ ., , ~-




The Low-down


question is.

"Has the

run its

course‘.‘~ "

- Rep. Terry
Everett, R-Aia..
chairman of the


examining the
federal tobacco


Oidham school principal resigns

..t lSlth. l{\ The principal of North
Uldhani Middle school has resigned after
he was i haiged with drunken driving for
the second time .lim Hill. Til. acknowledged
on W dnesday that he needs to address his
drinkaig problem. and he said that he want
ed to maki- .. clean break from the middle
‘st hoot so that its students and stall could
mom on "l lllsl looked :it what I thought
an options were and what was best for me
ted nu funilv' he said He had heeti sus
pr nded alter the Sept T arrest. Hill. who
a is arrested in Spencer (‘ounty earlier this
month. turned in his resignation Monday
and hopes to make liis retirement effective
lit'l 1

Court upholds “drug zone" ruling

(‘lNHNNA’l‘l A federal appeals court
upheld a lower court ruling 'l‘hursday that
liars the t'li_\ of t‘incinnati from creating a
drug esciusion /.one. The 1.9% ordinance

wis itlllil‘li at keeping drug dealers out of

the city s most crime-ridden neighborhood.
The :1 l'lllliicl by the tith [7.8, (‘ircuit (‘ourt
ot .‘ippe its reiected the argument by city of-
tit rats that the Zone is a legal and effective
way to restrat drug trafficking in ()ver-tlie
lx’ Hire at. stiipo\.'ei'islietl neighborhood near
it.~ lithilflillkil ousittess district. State and
it t‘~ :“ii wur's nzid declared the ordinance
um oiasti'utional. saying it punishes people

.. 4 mid tint tor the same offense and re-
's their it’eerildil of travel and free asso~
tittion lht t’li‘. stopped enforcing the law
.tttt r a 'ede' d . onrt declared it unconstitu-

‘.'":.1', a“. .fc'lttl

Employee opens fire in office

lA' IN i‘-§\'i|.l,lf, l’l‘i. A disgruntled
'l sldil‘ ot'tice 'l‘hursday.

_ .. -o iraied two toworkers and then
l~..iied] . .authot i':es said The shooting
occurrcd heiort- ‘0 a ill in the dciwntowirarea
otiice ..y the state health department‘s radio
Ioz'icai serx ices til\ iston. which monitors x.
E‘ix eotiipihent in north Florida. l’olice Sgt
litre.» lict atzrc said the gunman identi-
Ltd as "vi-yearold Wayne Horowitz died at
“re s: the here a wit liiiiit'tetl gunshot wound
to the head '\\'e had a disgruntled employ—
ce Sheie‘t Nat tilover said "This is the

titat he tool-L ”

”uni. tee eittt-t‘t-Il

ti: :s'it w 'itd?


As expected.
Warner Bros. an-
nounced yesterday
that it will re-
launch the "Su-
perman" movie
franchise with a
film that is sched-
uled to begin
shooting in April
or May, according
to published re-
ports. The new
scripted by
"Alias" creator
J.J. Abrams, will
be the first of a
trilogy of movies,
and it will be di-
rected by Brett
Ratner (Oct. 4's
"Red Dragon").
Ratner, who says
he owns a framed
copy of the Man
of Steel's first
comic-book ap-
pearance, told the
Hollywood Re-
porter, "I feel
that I was born to
direct 'Super-
man!" However,
when asked who
might star, Ratner
said, "I literally
have no idea."
There had been
rumors that
Keanu Reeves was
being considered,
but Ratner said
the script calls
for an actor in his
205. (Reeves is
38.) Rather also
said he'd like to
cast his "Red
Dragon" star An-
thony Hopkins as
Jor-El, Super-
man's father,
"but I don't know
if he'll do it."





Judge throws out nuclear lawsuits

KNOXVILLE. Tenn. A federal judge
threw out two lawsuits seeking compensa
tioii for potentially hundreds of thousands
of people who might have been exposed to
toxtns from the Oak Ridge nuclear weapons
complex over the last half century. [is [its
trict Judge James Jarvis said the lawsuits
came too late to meet 'l‘ennessee's one-year
statute of limitations, and failed to show
enough common interest between the plain
Hits to support a class action.

Congress considers tobacco overhaul

VVASHING'I‘UN (\(lllgl‘t‘mllilliii law
makers began consideration 'l‘hursday of
proposals to overhaul the federal tobacco
program that has been in place since the
1930s. “The question we must ask ourselves
is. 'Has the tobacco program run its
course“ said Rep 'l‘errt l-IVert-tt. R Ala.
and the chairmar. of the House .\LIi'l<‘tlllttt'e
subcommittee that examined the issue
Farmers haye experienced steep reductions
in the amount of tobacco they can grow iti
recent years under the federal stabilization
program That is largely due to a decline in
smoking and an increased reliance by man
ulacturers on cheaper foreign tohacco,

More foreign doctors could get visas

\‘.'.-\Sill.\‘t}'l‘tif\' Htmdreds more for
eign tloctots would he allowed to sta\ in the
l'nited States under a House passed tnea
sure designed to help communities where
physicians are in short supply, Foreign
medical students: who train in the l'nited
States must return home for two years an
der the terms of their visas. However. the
goyei'iiiiieiit frequently waives the require
ment in exchange for three years of work in
rural areas or other places where attracting
doctors is a struggle. Zach state is allowed
to seek it) waivers annually. bttt legislation
passed Thursday would boost the number
to .‘io. The provision was part of a Justice
Department hudget hill that cleared the
House on a too-4 vote and is pending in the

Anti-piracy bill proving controversial

WASHINGTON A California con»
gressman on Thursday defended his propos-
al to give the entertainment industry new
powers to disrupt downloads of pirated mu-
sic and movies. But Rep. Howard L. Berman
indicated he might rewrite part of the bill
to more plainly outlaw hacker—style attacks
by the industry on Internet users. Berman's
illlll‘])ll'll(‘)' hill has emerged as one of the
most contriwersial policy debates in Wash-

Women’s Soccer
vs Vanderbilt
@ 1:00 p.m.

The Reverend
Jesse Jackson
wants more than
a haircut from
He's asking the
filmmakers be-
hind the hit en-
semble comedy
to trim some di-
alogue he finds
offensive. Citing
a scene where
Eddie, played by
Cedric the Enter-
tainer, pokes fun
at late civil
rights leader Dr.
Martin Luther
King Jr., bus-rid-
ing activist icon
Rosa Parks and,
well, him, Jack-
son told USA To-
day that, "the
crossed the line
between what's
sacred and seri-
ous and what's
funny." Jackson
is pressuring the
film's producers
to remove the
scene from the
film's future
DVD, home video
and cable releas-
es. The low-bud-
get flick has en-
joyed the in
spot at the box
office since it
was released.
The comments in
question made
by Cedric's can-
man character,
which also in-
clude swipes at
Rodney King and
OJ. Simpson, in-
voke loud and
passionate dis-
agreement from
everyone else
present at the
time he says

ington affecting the internet and technolo-
gy industry lierman whose district in
cludes Hollywood introduced the hill in
late July (‘ritics have charged that the hill
would permit Hollywood to act like hackers.
It would hit t'lill and criminal penalties
against entertainment companies for "dis
abling. interfering w ith. blocking. diverting
or otherwise impairing" the trading of pi
rated songs and movies on the Internet

Castro hangs with Jesse Ventura

llA\'.-\.\'A (‘uhan l’resident Fidel
('astro t'ed milk to a buffalo calf from Mm-
nesota and greeted Minnesota tiov. Jesse
Ventura and top .\iitt‘i‘l(‘.’tii food producers
Thursday .li a huge eshihition aimed at
opening the communist island to 1'8. food
sales The 35-year old re\olutionary leader
signed a kill million contract to huy I'S.
rice. cooking oil and soy from an lllinois
based coinpam

Police arrest biker gang members

’l'tilttlx'l‘t) lion-us oi thitlaws mo
torcycle gang members. including some
top leaders. were at rested in raids on hiker
(‘lttliltotis‘es iii (‘anada and the United
States. police said ’l'hursday Among those
rounded up in the Wednesday raids were
Frank Wheeler. the international president
who was arrested in lndiatiapolis. Ind.
and ltennis l’eiiegrini. the national vice-
president. wis taker. in Alba. .\lich. In
(‘anada more than Woo otlicers from the
Royal ('anadian Mounted Police. ()ntario
l‘rovincial l’olice anti local lorces raided
()utlaws clubhouses in i] ()ntario cities
and arrested ~12 people Charges against
the (‘anadian suspects include attempted
murder. drug trafficking and weapons vio

American children evacuated

Y.»‘\.\l(il‘8.\‘t)l'lx’Ri). lvory (‘oas‘t
American schoolchildren flew to safety
Thursday on the first evacuation plane out
of i'i‘lif‘llltiii'itti‘li ivory (‘oast while
French troops launched a l‘ullascale evacua
tron of frightened \i'esterners from a rehel-
held city under threat of imminent gov»
ermnent attack. A [18, (1130 carried the
first 18 evacuees students age 8 to 18
from a mission hoarding school and staff.
most of them American to an airport in
neighboring Ghana. where 1'8. Embassy
workers whisked them away to rest and
start arranging reunions with families.

Compiled from staff and wire reports.


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“meantime; | FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27.270072. | ’3


Talk of Iraq skews policy W
goals, UK experts say

Other issues: Conflicts between Israel and Palestine,
India and Pakistan should also be considered

By Paul Lelghtty


The current buzz from
the Bush administration on
attacking Iraq is misdirect~
ing US. foreign policy in the
Middle East and shadowing
other. more crucial issues.
said some experts in a panel
discussion Thursday.

John Stempel. director of
the Patterson School of
Diplomacy and International
Commerce. said the adminis-
tration is ignoring things
such as the Palestinian-Is—
raeli conflict.

UK history professor
George Herring moderated
the discussion. Tom Ruby. a

doctoral candidate in the Pat—
terson School of Diplomacy
and International Commerce
and US. Air Force lieutenant
colonel, also participated.

"In the last thirty days
the juggernaut has really be-
gun to roll" on a war in Iraq.
Herring said. and the discus-
sion allowed for some debate
on what is to come between
the United States and Iraq.

Stempel. who is director
of the Patterson School.
stressed that there are many
unknowns about how a post-
invasion regime change in
Iraq could be effected.

Ruby said the US. mili-
tary is capable of any mis
sion in Iraq that might be or-

dered. but he agreed with
Stempel that an invasion
would not be simple.

"It‘s going to be as differ-
ent from Desert Storm as
Desert Storm was from Viet-
nam." Ruby said.

Stempel emphasized that
he is not opposed to a war if
it can be beneficial. but he
thinks there are broader
questions of terrorism and
stability in the region.

He said a war in Iraq
would probably result in
destabilizing the Mideast

“Victory over Iraq will
leave Iran. the BOO-pound go—
rilla in the region. with no
adequate balancing power
except the United States"
Stempel said.

President Bush's focus
on Iraq is not addressing the
"pivotal issue" of diverting

Study shows Ecstasy may
brain, hasten onset of Parkinson's

Research: Monkeys given
drug had brain damage;
experts debate the results


ing with Ecstasy several
times a night. a common prac.
tice among users of the illegal
drug. may damage key neu-
rons in the brain and perhaps
hasten the onset of Parkin-
son‘s disease. according to a
study in monkeys.

But some researchers
were skeptical that the results
from the animal studies trans-
late to humans and said such
studies discourage research
that might lead to medical
uses for Ecstasy

A Johns Hopkins Univer—
sity researcher injected squir-
rel monkeys and baboons
with three shots of Ecstasy.
also known as MDMA. three
hours apart. mimicking
dosages “often used by
MDMA users at all-night
dance parties." He said the
drug caused damage to
dopamine-producing neurons
in the brains of the animals.

The damage was still evi-
dent two to six weeks later.

said Dr. George A. Ricaurte.
the lead author of the study.
But he said it is not clear if
the damaged neurons will re-
pair themselves, a key factor
in whether Ecstasy could
cause Parkinson's disease.

Parkinson's disease is a
brain disorder started by the
permanent loss of dopamine-
producing nerve cells.

But Julie A. Holland. a
psychiatrist on the faculty of
the New York University
School of Medicine. said earli-
er studies on humans have
failed to show that Ecstasy
causes permanent damage to
dopamine neurons.

“It is a big leap to extrap-
olate what he is seeing in
these primates and what you
expect to see in Parkinson‘s
syndrome." Holland. the au»
thor of a book on the risk and
necreational use of Ecstasy

She said Ricaurte‘s re-
search has helped “demo-
nize“ Ecstasy and prevented
studies to determine if the
drug could be used to treat
post traumatic syndrome.

Dr. Alan I. Leshner. for-
mer head of the National In-
stitute on Drug Abuse. said
the Ricaurte study shows
“that even an occasional use
of Ecstasy can lead to signifi-

cant damage to brain sys»

Stephen Kish. a Universi-
ty of Toronto researcher
studying Parkinson‘s disease
and Ecstasy: said he analyzed
the brain of a deceased habit
ual Ecstasy user two years
ago and found no evidence of
dopamine neuron damage.

“Ricaurte's findings raise
a concern that Ecstasy may
damage the dopamine neu-
rons and potentially cause
Parkinson‘s." said Kish. but
said the current study ”might
not translate to humans."

In the study. the animals
were given six milligrams for
every 2.2 pounds of their
weight. One of five monkeys
and one of five baboons used
in the study died shortly after
receiving the shots.

The brains of the surviv-
ing animals were examined
microscopically and chemi~
cally after two to eight weeks.
The nerve endings where the
dopamine is processed were
destroyed. said Ricaurte.

Ricaurte said the damage
was not enough to cause
Parkinson’s symptoms. but
there is “a clinical concern"
that repeated use of Ecstasy
will diminish the natural re-
serve of brain cells and lead

Islamic extremists away
from violence and terrorism.
Stempel said. He added that
attention is also straying
from anti-terrorist efforts. es
pecially in Pakistan. A nu-
clear war between India and
Pakistan could be incited if
the current Pakistani regime
is overthrown by Muslim ex-
tremists. he said.

One question Herring
asked as moderator was
whether the United States
would go it alone or wait for
approval from the United Na-
tions and the international

Ruby said that there is
support within US. forces for
getting international ape

"We are a very multilat-
eralist group of people" he


to early disease.

Holland said Ricaurte's
study in monkeys and ha»
boons does not relate to the
experience of human recre»
ational users of Ecstasy.

“The dose given killed 20
percent of the animals imme-
diately" said Holland. “Clear—
ly these animals reacted to
the drug differently than hu-
mans because not one out of
five Ecstasy users drops

Also. she said Ricaurte‘s
study injected Ecstasy. while
most human users take the
drug orally. Drugs taken oral—
ly are less concentrated. said

The NYU psychiatrist
said “there is a lot of politics
involved" in Ricaurtc's study
because the government does
not want to allow medical re—
search with Ecstasy. even
though study has been ap-
proved by the FDA.

Ricaurte's research has
been funded by the National
Institute on Drug Abuse. the
agency Leshner once headed.
Leshner is now CEO of the
American Association for the
Advancement of Science. the
organization that publishes
Science, the journal printing
Ricaurte's current study

Even an occasional use of Ecstasy can lead to significant

damage to brain systems.”





Continued from page I

ways. is just what Lexing»
ton and UK need. said
Hartell. a geography stu-
dent who saw the plan
twice this week.

“I think Lexington
and UK have a wonderful
opportunity to make this a
really great place to live
with a plan like this."
she said.

According to esti-
mates by Ayres. Saint.
Gross. UK will spend $9
million to $10 million an-
nually to keep up with its
ratio of one parking spot

for every two people on

consultants said. will save
UK money


The master plan. the

Implementing the sug-
which include
busing to remote parking
structures and cash re-
wards for students and
employees who find alter-
nate transportation. will
cost UK $5.6 million annu-
ally. the consultants said.

The firm will present
the plan to the Board of
Trustees at its October or
November meeting.

Jones said he hopes
students will come out
and view the plan.

“This may not have an
effect on us," he said. “But
it could affect our children."



Continued from page I


“Humans are always
looking for ways to improve
things. The energy simply
needs to be focused in the
right direction." she said.

She also stated that na-
ture is resilient. Her third
reason for hope is the in.
domitable human spirit.

Les Miller. a member of


UK's Green Thumb says that
someone with Goodall's dis-
tinguished background was
good for awareness.

“I think it was great to
have her here. She inspires
those already involved. as
well as sparking interest in
those who don't normally
think about matters like
that." he said.

“Through awareness
and education. the world
becomes a better place for
people. animals and the en


vironment.“ Goodall said.





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That first exposure. in Lxed
with McConnell‘s curiosity.
led to a desensitizing of soft-
core materials for him. and an
urge to use more graphic ma-
terials to get the same arousal.
Later. after reading a book
promoting incest. McConnell
molested his 14-year-old sister.
He was 16 then.

After the incident. Me
Connell swore off pornogra-
phy. only to pick it up years
later. Later still. he spent time
in jail after forcing himself
into a woman‘s car with intent
to rape her. He said after he
saw the fear in the woman's
eyes. he left. Although he does-




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“He‘s like Jekyll and
Hyde with his emotions on
the court." Austin said. “Af
ter a hard day of class. he's a
little more competitive and
aggressive than usual. Other
days. he‘s in a great mood
and just as competitive."

“i just want to be able to

n't place blame on pornogra-
phy for his actions. he does
cite it as an ingredient in his

McConnell uses many
other sources than his own ex~
periences. however. He pre-
sents statistics to aid his
point. For example. he said.
according to a 2001 edition of
the New York Times. the
pornography industry is a big-
ger business than professional
football. basketball and base-
ball put together.

For Shawn Silvers. Mc»
Connell presented informa-
tion in a different way.

“I thought (the presenta-
tion) was a real eyeopener. I
used to be really big into
pornography. but now I think
I'm going to throw away all of
my stuff." said the telecommu-
nication freshman.

get more banners up in the
Boone Barn (the Hilary .1.
Boone Tennis Center)." Wit
ten said.

Witten begins defending
his No. 1 ranking today at the
Charles Fluitt Invitational at
UK's Boone Tennis Center

“The pressure doesn‘t
get to me that much." he
said. “The only thing that
matters is if you play well at
the end of- the year That's
what really counts.“






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Violence intensifies
~ in Mideast conflict

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