Jany 2 1932
U H J E, ·
’§ At a meeting of the Russian Reds in Pineville Thursday night, among
5 other things "done" was the following - L
i "they also elected a committee to go and see the Editor of the Pineville Sun i
_P and tell him that he must stop printing these rotten lies on us in his paper Q,
y and gee (Joe Weber) said if that did not stop him we would throw a picket V
‘ line around his office of about 200 men and see how he took that and would i
C keep on doing it till he was ready to stop his lying; they said they would also 1
demand room enough in his paper to answer the damnable lies he had put out {
I against this union” A
L All mines that tried to operate this morning are getting along W
i splendidly. We had some anxiety about the situttio  at Creech Coal Co lv
  on Wallins Creek but they tell me this morning that not more than 50 {
¥ layed off and about 25 of that number did so on account of " strike sympathy" y'
j This is a remarkable showing for them in face of all the circumstances g
the Company has been up against. One other mine where we thought there {
y might be a certain percent of sympathy is going strong, with practically {
“ a hundred percent in the mines. §
`Q A very mis—leading statement appeared in one of the Lexington papers yesterday, i
{ to the effect that about 10% of the men in Harlan were affected by the 2
I strike; the writer must have gotten balled up and intended to cover the g
situation in Bell County. Out of 22 or 24 mines working yesterday, not lg
over 40 men were affected by the strike and about 30 of this number mes at one [
’ mine. ` ?§
y G S Wh,/’ it
i , E
§ If the committee should happen to come to see you, please Q
Q not not let them know that you have any advance information i
I 1 about it, because they are very suspicious of every man it
Q that attends their meetings.
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