Jany l5 l932
I am enclosing you herewith an article by R B wills of
Miami, Fla on the National Miners Union anu the Cgmmunist
Party, which is very interesting. he says it may be
used in any way we see fit and if you care to use all of
it or any part of it, go aheao.
Am glad that the advocates of ievolution have been finally
disposed of down there and I am wondering if Bell will
have to continue feeding Lemenovitch or whether he is
now a "charge" of the Government.
The N M U are making plans for another big demonstration in
Kiddlesboro, poseibly on the 24th, saying that they have been
assured by the Liddlesboro people that they can parade the
streets there providing they do so under the Stars ann Stripes.