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COMING OUT |0| National Gay/Lesbian Crisis Line
BY KENT W ECHLER (800) 2474283

Thinking about coming out this month? Told Teenage Gay/Lesbian Support
by one friend it was no big deal and nothing (800) 347-TEEN
changed? Told by another that the family changed Thurs-Sun. 7pm-Midnight
the locks and burned the picture album?

What you may learn from the experiences of Coming out is liberating and frightening. If
other is that coming out is an extremely personal changes your life. Accepted or rejected, things are
matter. Never let anyone make the decision for not the same as before. The central point is that to
you; only you will know when you’re ready. But all persons you tell, you give back to them the
listen to the tales, read the books, be prepared for responsibility for their reactions and dealings with
any reaction--then do it. Tell someone your real them. You, to one more person, stop telling lies,
story. stop living the lies, become to yourself and others

You don’t have to come out to the world. Start a real person. There is a big difference between
out small. Coming out is a process, done over a making up all those stories (and keeping them
period of--well, your whole life. Forget the “big straight) and offering the real information if asked.
ones” (usually the parents) for a while. Get some You will discover how much energy you were using
practice first. Some may have to begin with to protect other people‘s feelings. Let them deal
themselves. Have you come out to yourself? with their feelings, and use your energy for
Have you ever written the sentence “I am gay" or yourself.
said it out loud? The next step may be telling We have been trained by our culture, the
someone gay that you are, too. Telling just one media and ourselves to accept extremes as the
person, you’ll be surprised how empowered you whole story. Yes, there are those who have come
feel. That goes for those who have been out for out to unconditional acceptance, and others who
years. Telling just one person, every October, have lost their children, families, and jobs--but
extends gay pride and public awareness just that those are the extremes. The majority of us are
much further. You will feel the empowerment somewhere in the middle: we aren’t completely
every time. out, and have lost and gained friends and family

7 7 along the way. What’s more, the reactions are
6 . also in the middle--once the mystery is taken
N @ t U Q fl @ ll away, people tend not to ask questions if they
., don’t want to hear the answers. Eventually,
C Q m H n g Q U E D @ Y relations with yourfamily will get back to the usual
0 c T O B E R 1 1 stuff, although with adecidedly different twist.
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_ W Dear GLSO:

PUbIIShEd Monthly by the “How gay is gay enough? How much is
Lexington Gay/Lesbian Services Organization too much?” These questions attracted my
PO. Box 1147] attention in the last newsletter.

Lexington, KY 40575
First, the nature of these questions imply
Editor: that a definitive measure exists. Not so.
Brian Throckmorton Homosexuality is not a measurable quantity.
L Ed' _ Being homosexual is not defined by one’s
, ayout ”Pr; visibility, openness, or involvement in gay
Elizabeth A'G‘lllam groups. As individuals (not just as
6150 Annual Dues and Newsletter: $15 homosexuals) we contribute in our own
Dues and Newsletter for Couples: $20 unique way, to the gay, lesbian, and bisexual
Newsletter Only: $10 community as well as to society in general.
. ‘ . _ . Our contributions as individuals may be
Views or opinions expressed in the GLSO News are those of measurable to some extent. The use Of
the authors and don t necessarily represent those of the . . .
GLSO Board of Directors. Submissions are welcome. All arbltrary Standards Wthh allegedly define a
submissions become the property ofGLSO and mustindicate gay person 0r grOUp i5 miSQUided and
full name and address of the author. The staff reserves the detrimentaL
right to edit submissions and ads to meet publishing require-
ments, as well as the ri ht to re’ect an submissions. . . . - - .
Placement of advertising ign GLSO JNews dinotes neither a Some mdtvrduals/groups are critical If
person’s sexual orientation norabusiness’ customerpreference. Other gay peeple or organlzatlons operate
, . . . outside the artificial parameters of “what it
Thats why coming out Is Important. It takes ,, .
you out of the talk shows and right-wing means to be homosexual. Recent-rumblings
propaganda, and places you in the real world, over the names of organizations is particu-
where life is not black and white and relationship Iarly IUd'CVOUS- As an 'nd'V'dual who happens
are complex. By bringing the issue to yourself, to be gay, ' salute the efforts Of those who
you make the greatest contribution to all other like “get pierced, wear triangles and (are) visibly
yourself. For every person who sees you as a queer”. I also commend those who display
three-dimensional individual who happens to be their pride and accomplish goals through less
gay, you have decreased the influence of radical demonstrative venues. Both types of
agamtus all. , , individuals and groups are needed and both
Hardest tofInd IS the courage to accept contribute to our progress.
anothers reaction to and the consequences of
your coming out. It is easier to go along with
familiar suffering than risk unknown change for the The senseless struggle amongst
good. But this October, and every October from ourselves for acceptance as a gay indiVIduaI
now on, whether you are new to the process or or Q’OUP certainly diminishes the larger
think it doesn't matter any more, COME OUT to struggle with society. Think about it.
someone, in your own way, on your own terms.
You can make positive change for yourself and the Sincerely,
entire community. Tim Banks
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SPONSORING LEADERSHIP TRAINING integrity. the lesbian and gay ministry of the
Lexington’s Metropolitan Community Church is Episcopal Church, has formed a chapter in
sponsoring a ten-part video training series on Lexington. A worship service will be held the third
developing leadership skills. The training program, Friday. 0f each month at 7330 pm. at 3"-
LEADING THE WAY, features Bruce Cook, a Augustine’s Chapel, 472 Rose Street, Lexington.
graduate of the Harvard Business School, and For more information, call (605) 233-1732
Howard Hendricks, author Of eight best-selling Integrity was founded in 1974 and has grown
books on related topics. The one hour, twice to more than fifty chapters in the United States.
monthly programs will begin on Tuesday, October The organization is open to all who support gay
4th at 7;oo pm. All members of the Les-Bi-Gay and lesbian rights in the Episcopal Church.
community are welcome to attend. Members include several bishops and many
supportive clergy. Most Integrity chapters meet in
Participants will learn through teaching, self- Ep'S°°p§' churches. lntegrity's 903' is "t0 be the
assessment tools, role plays, and a feature film. Church 'n the lesbian and gay community and to
They will discover the right leadership position for be the lesbian and gay community in the Church.”
them, building on their own strengths. They will To do this, Integrity chapters sponsor WOFSthi
improve communication skills and sensitivity, as educational programS, fel'OWShiP and service for
well as how to motivate others. For further the community and witness to and dialogue with
information, call 277-1407. the Church.
Acreage for Trail Riding
3263 Cleveland Rd. North Jennifer Crossen
Lexington. Ky. 40516 Instructor—Trainer
GLSO News Page 3


You may notice that the GLSO News is somewhat smaller this month. We have to cut costs
and increase our income if we are to continue this publication. It costs us $260 to $310 dollars
and a lot of volunteer time to get this to you each month. We do not receive enough paid
subscriptions to continue to give 250 copies away. Last month we received one (one) check for
membership and subscription. We need twenty-five new or continued subscriptions a month in
addition to advertising income for the newsletter to pay for itself. Last time we asked for new
subscribers we did receive 25 checks a month, but only for two months. It is actually the
generous donations from $10 to $500 that have kept us going over the years.

Those of you who are in the habit of picking up the newsletter free every month need to find
some way to pay for what you are getting. We think $10 to have the newsletter delivered to your
home is more than reasonable. If you cannot afford this, consider sending us a five dollar
donation. We are going to put donation boxes out with the newsletters at some locations to see
if we can get some immediate cash. We are asking that everyone that picks up a newsletter
puts a dollar in the box. This, of course, is an unreliable was to increase our income but we are
going to give it a try. We will have people out at bars and community events asking that you
subscribe. We will also be reducing the number of copies we put out, but we do not want to
diminish our advertising income by cutting our distribution severely. In many ways our Les-Bi-
Gay community is growing stronger, but to lose this newsletter would be a big setback. Please
take a few minutes to send in this subscription form.
! !
i The Lexmgton Gay and LesbIan SerVIces Organization l
E Working to Unite Our Diverse Community Since 1974 E
E Name(s) E
i Address i
3 City, State, ZIP :
:__$10 Newsletter Only $15 Membership and Newsletter I
i _$20 Couple Membership and Newsletter i
:_I do not wish for my name to be added to the Community Mailing List !
i used exclusively by and for Kentucky Gay/Lesbian organizations. E
E MAIL TO: GLSO Newsletter, P.O. Box 11471, Lexington, KY 40575 5
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 F' 11 h
ma y, a p armacy
that dehvcrs .
’ 0
(And we [I do it for FREE!)
‘ Free same day delivery R We can arrange direct billing
' in Metro Lexington ’ to your insurance company—
this means reduced out—of-
& Total confidentiality pocket expense
Personal one-on—one ‘ Free confidential mail/UPS
’ medication counseling ’ deliyery (overnight servnce
available for minimal charge) 1
R 15 minute prescription R Complete line of prescription i
’ guaran ee ’ and OTC products —unusual t
. . . orders our specialty, at no
We partICIpate in KADAP,
x KPC and Medicaid ex“ COSt
YEWCCIICIHC l :5: 3' gm;
8]; ®/ % ti“ 93:31:,“
~ What A Pharmacy Was Meaano Be '3‘ : g ‘- Richmond Ed I
; £5: "(’5‘ Inn:
630 E. Main Street-Lexington, Ky. 40503 Fax: (606) 254-7405 5‘ ”I l l
(606) 233-3110 1-800-213-0901 i'
GLSO News Page 5

October Is Lesbian] Gay History Month .
The 14th annual GLSO campout is
1 again, Eddie will host the campout at his
9:003“qu secluded farm in rural Scott County.
Campers will begin arriving at 4pm.
Actors’ Guild
The event attracts people from both
central Kentuck and Louisville. Re ulars at
2 3 _ 4 5 6 7 8 the event say it is a great way to megt people
7:30pm Pride Ctr. 7:30pm Gay/Lesbian 6300171“ anmfi‘wmdhnd 7:30pm UK Lambda 7:30pm Gay/Lesbian 9:008m Frontrunncrs d - b ’[h f . d d Id . t 30
new Guild Taskforce Al—Anon 6m; GIL WNW” for 8:00pm "Marvin‘s Rm. AA 10:00am HIV/AIDS an enjoy 0 new ”5‘” 5 an 0 v JUS
6:00pm MCC—Greenleaf Motel 8:45pm Rainbow Todd—Cheapside HQ Actors’ Guild 8:00pm "Marvin’s Sppt.Grp. miles north of Lexmgton.
7:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA Bowling—Southland 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA SigopmGHlV/AIDS Rm."- Actors’ Guild 81902111I "MEWS: Rm.
pp“ rp‘ ' ° “5 " Eddie will provide a comfortable ground to
9 10 11 12 13 14 15 sleep on, a campfire and a clear sky.
LL57» Columbus Day 6mm WWW-Woodland 7:30pm UK Lambda 7:00pm Dignity 13$?va Because the campsite is not visible from the
m. . , ma . _ . . . . pt.G . _ .
6 3;” $3; CtClubU % (O ) . :3ng R0313“? mm“ 6:30;)m GIL Volunteers for 8-00Pm HIV/AIDS 7-30Pm Gay/Lesbian 102003111 Men's Nemprk m road, If you have not attended a preVIous
: m - : m w w - _ i e _ . . . . . .
6:00pm MCC-Grcenleanoiel 505mm 833:;ngng Sppt'Grp' AA campout, please call Eddie at his LeXIngton
710°” W’”’*"“"“ home at 259-0878 for detailed directions.
1 6 1 7 18 19 20 21 22
GLSO News Deadline . 7-30pm Gay/Lesbian 6:00pm Frontrunners-Woodlnnd 7:30pm UK IJImbrh 7:30pm Gay/Lesbian 9:00am antrumera
7:30pm Funnel: Mecung Park 7:30pm P-FLAG AA 10:000m HIV/AIDS SppLGrp.
6:00le MCC-Gréenlwf Motel -Alfalfa's AJ'ADOD 6:30pm GIL Volunteers for 8:00pm "The Good Tim R .. 8:00pm mic Good Times R
7:009m Gay/Icahn AA 7:3 In Pride cu. Taskforoc 8:45pm Rainbow Todd—Cheapeide HQ Killing Me'—Acim's' Guild 81001)!“ The 600d Killing Me'-Actors' Guild
Bowling-Southland 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA 8:00pm HIV/AIDS Sppt.Grp. Times R Killing Me"—
Actors‘ Guild , .
23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Pegasus Travel Inc.
4:00pm Diversity Business 7.30pm Gay/Lesbian 6:00pm Frontmnners-Woodlnnd 7:30pm UK Lambda 7:00pm Dignity 9:00am Fronn'unncrs A / 7— [air (i 7-
Coal. Park 8:00pm "The Good Times R 7:30pm Gay/Lesbian AA 10:00am HIV/AIDS SppLGrp. "’ ’" " ‘ ”m ‘ "N
6:00pm Imperial Ct»Club U. A1_Anon 6:30pm GIL Volimleers for Killing Me'-Actona' Guild 8:00pm 'The Good Times R 8:00pm The Good Times R IQ/6 EMZ Knew/Pd": Wm (Lia/m“;
6:00pm MCC-Greenleaf Motel 8:45pm Rainbow Todd—Cbeapside HQ 8:00pm HIV/AIDS 5ppI.Grp. Killing Mc'-Actors’ Guild Killing Mc'-Actors' Guild
7:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA Bowling-Southland 8:00pm Gny/Lcsh'an AA 8:00pm COLTS Mtg. _: a. g: ';'I' T.“ g a
ptember November
3 M T w T F s s M T w T F s (800) 228-4337 (606) 263-4337
Hoween/Sambam -————-———1 2 3 —————1 2 3 4 5 2040 Idle Hour Center
. I in): ...
- Richmond Road, Lexington, KY 40502
2:00pm GLSO News Folding 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 l
3300,... Mccuauumm 11 12 13 14 15, 16 .17 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 , GLSO DONATION WlTH EVERY PURCHASE.
'00“ “WWW“ 1e 19 20 21 22 23 24 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 ' '
252627282930 27282930
Happy Samhain/Halloween 9/15/1994

 i Laura E. Kaplan ALEALPA
Licensed Clinical Social Worker \ , g . .
. 436 West Second St. -- fl}, ,1], -.
1 Lexington, KY 40507 r’fl'if ,0
(606) 254-9112 pager (606) 232-0873 . - ‘3 ~-' . .
# R E s T A u R A N T
557 S. Limestone
suii STRONG, Ph.D. WKY
é Licensed Psychologist 2530014
‘ (696(2033555'5288564 Tortoise SI Hare lunch
1 1a1x0Woodlancl Ave special: 10% off M-F
l! lexington, Ky 4050.2 1 1 -1 1 :30a.m., 1 :30-2p.m.
Renowned weekend brunch:
serving blueberry buckwheat
pancakes, eggs benedict
, arnold, Spanish omelettes,
PPOC‘IOUI FUPJ‘ and much more
EU. Brood Pol Grooming
. d Wednesday Is International
Experience Night
277-9365 Breads and desserts baked
daily in our kitchen
Free evening parking.
GLSO News Page 8

 Look over this summary of our financial situation over the last three months. It is easy to see
We need more income to continue. The summer months are often slow, but this year has
been particularly difficult. .

Monthly Expenses Monthly Income

GTE ‘ . $ 95 Newsletter Advertising $110

Phoenix $ 50 Subscriptions $ 40

(phone line)

Memberships/Donations $ 30

Copy Company $280

TOTAL $1 80
Bulk Mail $ 30
Welcome pacs $ 10
TOTAL $490

*Miscellaneous includes advertising in other Les-Bi-Gay programs, copying, mailing and so

forth. .In September, for example, we did a mailing and distributed flyers concerning our youth

support group that is starting in October.
Things to Do for Lesbian and Gay History Month

El Request that your local library order books on celebrate other history months around the year.
our history [I Organize a film festival; show the films “Before

1] Make certain your local library is aware that Stonewall," “After Stonewall," etc.

October is LGHM; ask that they make a display [I Read books on lesbian, gay and bisexual
of books. history.

E] Make certain your local bookstores are aware 1:] Ask that your local newspapers (gay and
that October is LGHM; ask that they make a nongay) publish a column on gay and lesbian
display of books. history.

C} Request that your local school order the E] Ask your local TV and radio stations to do
Chelsea House teen series on “Lives of news and features on lesbian and gay history.
Notable Gay Men and Lesbians.” Cl Organize a lecture on lesbian/gay history,

C] Make certain that your local school is aware especially local history.
that this October is LGHM; request that your C] Throw a gay-and-lesbian themed Halloween
local school celebrate LGHM just as they party to say so-long to the first annual LGHM.


 (N 0
b Jhere 5 never been a
5' minute I wasn't glad you
we re my Mo m.
C(Del 1, except for that
timeyou gool‘ed up
my ban gs. 33%; iv
£fl $1335" '1 f ‘2 “~ ' “a” ..
”\(DC have hundreds ol~ ways 3-7,”:
to tell Mom how much she means. Andyou
can remind her ol‘ the hair thing on the card.
‘329'9é31'5’ - -
{#9)}?!35 Imperial Plaza Sly0pp1ng Center
gayfifi 393 Waller Ave. - Lexington, KY 40504
323) (.33: (606) 233-7486

GLSO and P-FLAG are starting a youth Several national les—bi-gay organizations,
support for young people between the ages of 16 educational assocrations and prominent historians
and 19. This is a part of the “Let’s Talk Lexington" gag: (ii-fits??? (E30533? aspgfi'igrilgghfizb'fl 6:2:
program that. '8 desngned t9 Improve parent/child declaration are the American Historical
communication on sexuality. We have done a Association's Committee on Lesbian and Gay
mailing to all Kentucky-Comprehensrve Care History, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against
Centers and to local hlgh SChOO' counseling Defamation, Gay and Lesbian Americans, the
offices. Ruth Fisoella of P-FLAG is contacting Human Rights Campaign Fund, Project 10
some church youth group leaders. (We may get (provides sUpport to gay/lesbian teenagers in high
some interesting calls!) schools), Project 21 (advocates for curriculum
We intend to encourage the group to become reform), City Of Chicago AdVlSOTY Council on Gay
self-directed, to set its own agenda, and so forth. and Lesbian issues, and Massachusetts
We will have adult advisors available to provide eocmfimors CommISSIon on Gay and Lesbian
information, locate speakers, and provide ' . .
emotional support and referrals for participants highLSc’titlvoffe/anglfei ngsrje‘X/vvgllrfggé $016533:
who are havnng a particularly hard time. For m9“? society about the contributions made by lesbians,
Information call Mary Crone (2666904) or M'ke bisexuals and gay men to the history of our world
Taylor (225-1828)- and reclaim our heroes whose contributions have
been ‘sanitized’ of their sexual orientation."
WOMYNWEAVE "This is an ideal way to identify role models for
the nation’s a and lesbian outh so that the
BY MARY CRONE can see a futgreywhere they arg valued regardless
Womynweave, a social support group for of their sexual orientation,” says LGHM advocate
lesbians, is re-forming. We hope to have a get- Kevin Boyer, president of the Board of Directors of
together every month or so to provide lesbians the Gerber/Hart Gay and Lesbian Library and
new to our community an avenue to get to know Al'Ch'VeS in Chicago.
us and an opportunity for the rest of us to have October was selected rather than dune
some fun. Our first event will be a potluck at the because Of th'.s academic component 0f History
home of Mary Crone (266-5904) on October 15 Month celebrations. Few secondary §Ch0°|3 and
. _ . no colleges or umversrtres are In ses5|on
from 6.00 to 9.00. If you are Interested, please throughoutJune.
give me a call for directions and details. “October has important anniversaries for the
lesbian and gay community, as well," says Johnda
Boyce, an LGHM advocate from Columbus, Ohio.
E “The first and second marches on Washington for
PERSONAL NOTES l gay and lesbian rights were in October and
1‘ National Coming Out Day is October 11."
E A National Coordinating Council will assist in
WANTED: Female housemate to E the development of activities. The National Council
- . has materials available to those interested in
Share home With one female and l celebrating Lesbian and Gay History Month. Send
two dogs, Non—smoker, Tates a SASE with 52 cents postage to LGHM,
l Gerber/Hart Library and Archives, 3352 N.
Creek area. Call 273'1952- j Paulina, Chicago, IL 60657. Call (312) 883-3003
‘ for more information.
GLSO News Page ll

 GLSO Gaylln92310335
Staffed 8pm-11pm Wednesday. Thursday Friday and Sunday (Voice Mail Available When Not Staffed)

GLSO Board (Mary).......................................266-5904 Asians and Friends, Ohio ...................(614) 341-7349

GLSO Discrimination Project (Jeff) .............276-5383 Bluegrass COLTS (Mark) 2337266

GLSO: News (Brian) 2780795 Country Dykes (Debbie) (502) 866—2304

Ads (Mary).........................................266-5904 Cumberland Cares........................................678—0587

Calendar (Jeff) 2765383 Diversity Business Coalition .......................281~8444

Folding (Lee) 2779365 Fairness of Lexington HOTLINE..................275-7812

Layout (Elizabeth) 2757801 Fairness of Louisville..........................(502) 893—0788

GLSO GaylineVolunteers (Peter) .................273-5845 Front Runners (Keith).................................l..254-6850

GLSO Speakers Bureau (Bill) .......................266-9175 GBL Veterans, Columbus (Mike) .........(614) 299-7764

GLSO Support Group (Mary)........................266-5904 G/L AA (Dave) 2936822

(Mike)...................4.......225-1828 G/L Al-Anon 277-1877

G/L Defense Fund......................l.......“(502) 589-2896

STUDENT GROUPS Stonewall Network (Ann).....................(502) 839-8417

ACE League: Berea College (Fouia) ............986-5669 ICK (Ken/Ashley) 255-9881

AGLF: NKU (Pat)............................................572-5604 KYAQLU (Keith).....l................................,.......266-3934

Alt. Voice: Murray State (Jeff) ..............(502) 574-5792 KY Falrness Alliance (Keith) .............l...........266-3934
B-GLAD: Centre College (Mykoi)..................238-5332 Kentucky Legislature

GLOBAL: UofL (Ken) (502) 852-3436 3'“ Status Line (800) 382-2455

GUESS: EKU (Brian)......................................622-5144 Legislator Message Linen-m..--.....(800) 372-7181

Lambda: UK (Junen before 10pm).................272-7232 Meeting Info Line............................(800) 633-9650

Lambda: WKU (Larry) (502) 796-9114 Lesbian Potluck (Esmerelda) ............._..........231-0335

Phi Omega Epsilon: MSU (David) .......(5o2) 783-4729 Lexington Men‘s Chorus (Shelby) ................231 -0090

LouisvilleYouth Group.............‘..........(502) 635-1302

ANONYMOUS AIDS TESTING :aFnEeAzlitgjert, Lexington (Katie) wmggg-gggg

Jessamine County..................4.....................885-4149 Rainbow Bowling League (Teri) ...................268-8563

LeXIgton-Fayette County..................,...........288-2437 .

. Trl-State Gay Rodeo Assn. (Terry) ......‘........255-5469
Madlson County............................................723-7312 (Paul) 278-8023
Woodford County..........................................873-4541 Womynweave (Mary) 2665904

Dlgnlty [Cathollc] (Don) 2994458 AIDS HOTLINE 231 7545

. . . AIDS Volunteers of Lexmgton......................254-2865
GLAD [Dlsclples of Chrlst] (Jeff).................255-4958 AVOL L In f IP 254 2865
Honesty [Southern Baptist] (Eddie) ...(502) 637-7609 993 e er'a. ”gram"“““""""""" '

HIV/AIDS Legal Prolect (502) 584-1254
(Dorothy) ....(502) 458-5392 +
I . . . HIV Youth Support Group...........................254-2865
ntenlveave [Unltarlan] (Cralg) ......................269-8215 Kentucky AIDS HOTLINE 502 564-6539
MCC-Hopkinsville & Horse Cave (502) 897-3821 + ( )

_ Partners of HIV /AIDS Support Group
MCC'LBX'W‘W (Rex)......................,.............271-1407 (Greg) 2882437
MCC-Louisville (502) 775—6636 Thursday HIV+/AIDS Support Group
MCC-Paducah (502) 441-2307 (KIPWAC - Edwin)............l.........................281-2100
Pagan Forum (Pat) 2681640 Saturday HIV+/AIDS Support Group
Quaker FLGC (Connie)..................................276-2554 (AVOL) 2542865
Roman Catholic HIV Ministry (John) ...........231-9955
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