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Federal Suit Against Somerset School District Settled Bluegrass CZeteht‘ttti

Somerset school officials have director of the Kentucky chapter of
settled a lawsuit filed by Brad the ACLU], said he hopes the new Mark your calendars for this
Putman who was harassment by fel- policy in Somerset will be a model one: the "Queerest" game ShOW in
low students who thought he was for other school districts in the state. the world, Bluegrass Celebrity
gay. Brad, with the support his fam- Cooper said the new harass- Squares, brought to YOU by the
ily, filed a Federal Civil Lawsuit ment policy is the largest victory for people Who do fundraising best,
against the Somerset Independent her. "it's not going to fly by so easy the Imperial Court 0t KY- tt Wt” be
School District and some of its the next time" a student is held at the Kentucky Theater 0"
employees last March. Brad does harassed, she said. "This wasn't Tuesday, January 30th-
not consider himself to be gay and about money, but it'll sure help Brad included th this event Wt” be
thinks he was targeted partly as far as his future." the Grand Finale 0t the Celebrity
because of his interest in fashion The Somerset independent AUCttOh- ASK any member 0t The
design. School District will pay an estimated Board 0' the MOhBtChS for a 00th

Brad and his mother, Gina $135,000, some of which will be put plate listing of items to be auctioned
Cooper, had reported incidents of into an education trust fund for Brad (emperorev19@aol.com, imperial
harassment including death threats to use in any Kentucky college. CtOWh Prince XtX Chris Rhorer,
to school personnel several times This monetary settlement will be an crownprincei9ky@aoi.com).
over the months preceding their incentive for other Kentucky school Silent bids Wt” be taken Stah'
decision to file a law suit. As is too districts to update their policies and ing hOW and Wt“ continue Uhttt the
often the case, school officials said train school personnel in how to night 0t the event. 30 start YOUt
they could not do anything to stop stop harassment. bids and fight teeth and nail to get
the harassment. The Superintendent The settlement also included your pick from OUT celebrity selec-

_ at that time, Monte Chance, met some money for GLSEN-KY (Gay ttOh- As we usher Year 2001: join ’

with Cooper and told her that the Lesbian Straight Educators Network, the court tor the met fundraiser 0t
district had no policy against same- Ky Chapter) and other endeavors in theNew Year! ‘ < d
sex harassment. the state. Gina Cooper formed this twjtfiymjwfitstrlr

They do now. Part of the settle- chapter and is encouraging new iétptiirtth'niflii‘ctilmi‘iii
ment was a more stringent policy members to join. There will be a 'g 3% .— F
that forbids any harassment or dis- GLSEN meeting in Lex. on January ; ' ; ° _ -
crimination based on "actual or per- 10 at the Pride Center at 7:30. ttt . tftr 9‘ fit ‘ ,1, it; ;.
ceived sexual orientation" and out- Brad has come through his jr.~_‘1_:_ ittifélhtu’i Wt itééti'ittt Nitrite-'1
lines the schools” responsibilities ordeal in good shape and is looking 5 , . .g
and the recourse available to victims. for a college that will help train him ‘ ' 3 ' V / (1/. !

Everett Hoffman, an attorney for what he wants--a career in fash— i 1* ht? ' , i
for Putman [and a former executive ion design. ,4,» it