Minutes of the Special Called Meeting of the Board of Trustees,
University of Kentucky, Tuesday, June 20, 1978.

      The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky convened in
the Board Room on the eighteenth floor of the Patterson Office Tower on the
Lexington campus at 2:00 p. m. (EDT), on Tuesday, June 20, 1978, pursuant
to a Notice which was sent by first class mail, postage prepaid, to all
members of the Board by the Secretary on June 6, 1978, with distribution of
copies to all parties required to be given notice pursuant to KRS 61. 825.
The following members answered the call of the roll: Mr. William B.
Sturgill, Chairman, Mr. William R. Black, Mrs. Betty Carol Clark,
Mr. Albert G. Clay, former Governor Albert B. Chandler, Mr. George
W. Griffin, Mr. Homer W. Ramsey, Mrs. Sally Hermansdorfer, Mr.
L. D. Gorman, Mr. Thomas B. Kessinger, Dr. David A. Hull, Mr.
Frank Ramsey, Professor Michael Adelstein, Professor Paul G. Sears,
and Mr. Eugene Tichenor. Absent were Mr. Richard E. Cooper (who is
officially a member of the Board until his replacement is sworn in), Mr.
John R. Gaines, Mr. Zirl A. Palmer, and Dr. John R. Woodyard. The
University Administration was represented by President Otis A. Singletary;
Vice Presidents Lewis W. Cochran, Peter P. Bosomworth, Raymond
R. Hornback, Jack C. Blanton, John T. Smith, and Donald B. Clapp; Dr.
David Stockham representing Vice President Robert Zumwinkle; Dr. Wimberly
C. Royster, Dean of the Graduate School and Coordinator of Research;
and Mr. John C. Darsie, Legal Counsel.

      A. Meeting Opened

      The Chairman called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m., and
the Invocation was pronounced by Mrs. Betty Carol Clark. Following call
of the roll, to which 15 answered with only 4 being absent, the Chairman
announced that a quorum was present for the conduct of business, and
called the meeting to order at 2:03 o'clock.

       B. Oath of Office Administered

       Mr. Sturgill welcomed the newest member of the Board, Mr. Eugene
Tichenor, student member. At the Chairman's request, the oath of office
was administered to Mr. Tichenor by Mr. John Darsie, Legal Counsel.

       C. Comments by President Singletary

       President Singletary made several clarifying comments relative to
the controversial athletic dormitory situation which recently had received an
unusually high level of coverage in the news media. He reviewed that
Governor Carroll's offer of assistance was declined in a joint statement