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I L Vol. III LEXINGTON, KY., MARCH 30, 1911 Ne, 99
 ...._._...——_e____._........e...._.¤..»#..._*........ I
1911 SINIOR INSPECTION TRIP. whistle. The Palmer House had its and dead members of the flrm and es- J. A. Need!.
....... doors wlde open, awaltlng the am- corted them through the plant after A. B. Phister, '
Of Mochanlcal and tlootrlssl engl. val of the State University men and which they extended a cordial lnvi· J. B. Sanders, '
) n••r• of state unlyorslgy gf Koo. bell-boys rushed madly for the tation for luncheon which was grate- G. B. Shanklln,
tucky, to LaFayette, md., Chlgggg "grlps". No more than breakfast had fully accepted. T. Slade,
_ and VIGIDRY. been served when PPO!.   an- The H·g•th0rng   of the We.,   M- SIDIYT,
. _ ........ nounced the time of departure was [gm lglcctrlc (30,, wss lnspcctsd ls W- W- St6V¤¤|¤¤·
Conducted by l•rom•o•·• lr. naar An. Vis the "L¤l¤e Sl¤¤r¢" for Gary- Ind- the afternoon- Here many friend- R· S- W°t’t’·
dcraon and A. M. Wllaon. Here the men were met by Supt. ships und ¤¢l`8ll0ll€¤ llll’0l18ll0l1t UW Pl¤¤t· A COMMON B0ND‘
  track No, 5, ln Clnclhmltl (loot,-ol were along and some pictures were The last day was the best of all, be- Library clogjn Saturday
_ Union Depot, March 19th, at 11:25 taken inside of the plant. but they lng optional as to the places or lnter- Mtonnoon
D- m., Whore a special car, (soldiers were tlll`ll€d 0V9l‘ to the “S¤f6tY do- est visited. These were as follows: .
l delight) was awaiting them. n¤rt¤ne¤t" dndn departing rdr gay dtd The Chicago "Main" Telephone Ex- 0ne cr the -5;-nctcristlcs of o
After a scramble, the guests of hon- Cm' change, Art Institute, Automobile Freshmen ls to woods]- at tho now
or were assigned the central lower Tna "'_'_"' ,09 and ,10 wel? Row, Matinee in the after- surroundings that he flnds on enter-
, birth on either side. As some want- awaiting the men in the Palmer Automobile Row, Matinee in the after- ing college. He wonders at the num-
ed to retire and others to play cards Hnnaa L°nny npdn their return only noon and the Alumni Banquet ln the ber of students that he sees, at the
the busy isles were kept ln a contln- t° nnd tndt d l”°"t°““ °n€°8°m°nt evening at the Great Northern Ho number of Professors. at the length
uous blockade. was raanrvad fer Pr°t· Wilson- Wnd tel concluded the vveok’s program. of the lessons assigned, at the mass-
Wllllo some were suposedly sleep- was te enum the man °° the Fink The Chicago Alumni Association of ive monument of "ClaY" which towers
ing, a whlrring and thud of pillows ere Quarry Sn Stan°na °f the C°m' Kentucky State University entertain- above the old dormitory. But he
from ? (the car ahead) could he nmnwaann Eniann C°mnanY· ed with s hsnqnet, James W, Camas ceases to wonder at such common-
heard, Thls tgggthgr wlth the ooo. Tdrdd and sore tnd ucdldndldn mdk han presiding as Toast Master, with place events as these, when, at last,
Drossod laughs of the pranksters, and te the tng “Harrt“°n next rndrntni President Stone, of Purdue, Prof. An- he loses himself in one of the many
l-l19 8r0Wls of the sharks, kelpt the car fer tna lnteke in Lnke Mlebl- derson, Prof. Wilson and the Senior volumes to be found in our library.
in Gxcltomént until almost. day-break. gan• wnara a nign adn drdwndd tnd Mechanical and Electrical Students In due time the flrst Saturday af-
The sleeper wss sldstrschso ot Lo. Swann ann erreree tndtr n°l’°“· Tnd as guests of honor. Many interest- temoon arrives, and having nothing
Fayette, lnd_, ggmgtimgg collod pm-. °°°l veter ann atinnaad dr tnd breeze ing speeches and short talks were to do, and knowing that nowhere can
dns, lnd,, where ths msu wcro outs;. rut °vary°n° tn g°°d nuner and dlddd responded to by the witty and hum- he Gnd better companions than among
tained by the frgtgmity msn ond stu. mncn for n leedire was imnddainld orous Toast Master and hls aides up good books, he contentedly turns his
dents, Pres, stone grggtgd {hg msn eee tnay nee t*° eeek rarngd in tnd until late in the night. After many steps towards the library. Behold
at Mechanical Hgll whsrs thsy ws;-s Cni°ag° Ri"' trnm wnenee tn°Y hardy hand-shakes, the party broke his disappointment when he tlnds
dlvlded lnto squads snd shown thm °a’n°· up, leaving upon the guests and AI- that lt is closed on Saturday after-
[hg lmllologo Algo pl-og_ Allon_ (Un;. The Chicago Avenue and Central umnl, a pleasant and happy occasion noon.
vanity of Michigan), gave n Inch"., Park Pumping Stations were also remembrance of occasions not soon Again he wanders and wonders
on Englnnndng in Mulch which the visited, where were seen the large to be forgotten. why this should be so. In turn he
·•Colonoh,•• gnontly nnjnynch The Pur_ vertical, triple, expansion types of Those who took the mn nm nn asks a Sophomore, a Junior and a
ono mon kept the ucnnn Cnnnhnnnn Allis-Chalmers and Worthington follows, Senior, and by this. he tlnds
on s, tllt all ths tlms sod when svsry. Dumps- J. A- Boyd, that he has at least one thing In com-
thlng of interest—the co·eds expect- In the evening every one of the par- ,1, Campbell, mon with them; for all wonder why
ed, had been seen about the campus, ti fell nsloop only to awake on the P_ R_ Cassidy, the library is not open on Saturday
I _ the porty started tor the gay Morning morrow and flnd themselves, after a M_ A_ Clovolhhm •ft€l'¤¤0¤-
Glorles. The Family, Bohemian and visit to South Side Elevator Power D_ E_ Daniel. ———-—•-•-•-·-···
other thlngs, wales rurnlsned rich Plant and collseum mnlhlt or Main- o_ n_ nm , 8T¤¤l-l-ERS N0Tl¢El
amusement tor the Kentucklaus. tenance of Way. the suests of the E_ ·p_ Dougl,_,, . ...-
Unon lonylnn Lnpnyonn everyme Purdue Alumni at the Boston Oyster v_ Lo mains. Rohoraal of •ntlr• play Saturday
oxnronooo nun"]! nn hnving nnjoy, House for luncheon. w_ C_ Dunham nlght In Alumnl Hall at 8:0 p. m.,
ed the courtesy and hospitality ex- The Pullman Palace Car Shops g_ g_ Ebbgrt, •ll••‘¤- !V••‘Y°”• ll" tl" °°"‘P*"Y
tended them by the faculty and stu- were also vlslted durlng the after- _l_ ;_ la·ltsootl·lc;_ = ¤l¤•* N ¤•‘•¤•¤*-
dents of Purdue University. noon. Here the men were stripped y_ M_ lrcstsn - •t•l• W•¤•I•*'·
Arylylug gt Ch[c·‘°’ th, “ch·]¤ of th8ll' CIIDBYII to QYGVOIR UIOID A_ B_ Hgjwgllo  
gang" started to cross Mlchlgan Ave. ¤’°l¤ l>ll¤t¤¢l’•l>l1l¤¢ tn! 110* llloli W. A. Lurtey, The Hyde lectures will not he glven
where they narrowly escaped oollld- 0¤ •l•¤l>l¤8 ¤lll·l'*·•r•· F. T. Miles, at Harvard this year, owing to the in-
lng with the automobiles. This was Armour k Co. Introduced the Ken- G. C. Mills, ’ . l ablllty to obtain a satlsfoctory lec-
duo to the famlllar tone of the police tuohlans next morning to their live H. L. Moore, turer.

2 . T H E ID E A g
Ask Your Grocer for- “8TROLLER8 NOTICE! Usher ......... Capt. A. T. Ramsey l
. . Muslc ............. . .... ...Medloy
\ ....1.-
    Everyone who ls Connected Wlth AWBTGIDK of Medal.
Donyt Forget Hoc c·k·   “By·qwn of H·ryg|·d", Rgjd Thlj J\ldg€SZ Prof.   C. T. Noe, PPO!. H.
Mug, By Arglglg, S. Barker, Judge W. T. Lallerty.
Lexington ¤¤¤•r Mills Oo. ""' ‘-""*°  F
___ _ The date of the performance for V€8PER SERVICE \
_`- l "Brown of Ilarvard" has not been M ‘f_"‘  
M A R C H definitely set., but the production will aln Blllldmg Nut Sundly ' QLIFTQN BEDFORD
take place in about three weeks. Begin. at 4_3° "‘“‘·h*"'   RR*%l¤·hl ll
All persons whose names were on ' ' mg New O Y
GOOD FURNITURE, h H f _, t tt d th .... >
;€;(_;‘;_SafS ;h‘i‘;f0“‘>i;jn;‘;]‘;SI,I;]I  Sa: On sundry ortorroor at rmi: Notch COLLARS E
Carpets, Wall Paper and Stoves. _ _ past four o’clock, Vesper Services “•·•"°*'*•• cum- l’e*b°‘*Y&C°·•M•*¢¤
urday night at eight o’clock sharp. wm be held in the Fha wl  
This announcement includes all the Dr Terrell wm déuvgl; his multi`.  
    collllge lllllll llllll llllclllly gllllll llllll ll ted lecture on Greek Religion. Dr.
there are any who can not be present
. . Terrell, in addition to being perfect-
"The Tailor Thlf Slfl•6¢8" at this rehearsal, they must make this
ly familiar with ancient classical
rrrlm mm mtr ormmo.     to     me ¤¤¤€ r- Mr-     .........     EMBRY
159 South I . estone Ellgllllrl llllclllill _ th h I out the whole of Modern Greece, and
lllollll ll lllmmlsllss li re illlllls; is thoroughly acquainted with the be- CQ, C0,
·   llllllll lllll alllllli fre; elilgfsvijlenmusi liefs and characteristics of the hlstor- · B
com an ny o .. . ,
UNIVERSITY LUNCH STAND be felllollved to thi letter as the entire lll and present day Gmeksl THE LEADING  
First (`lass l.nncl1 and New wm be rehearsed and Stage in- llr. 'l`errell’s lecture is both lnstrue. SPEQIALTY HQUQE
[lot ][m]S _ _] b iv t tire and intensely interesting: many _
AT Au. IIOUIIS *‘¥°“°“Sb"_‘; f §‘$’“ i°hf”;;°y§f‘(f6 of the films that will be shown were Excluslvc
A. 1:. 1:.1.121:1aTT *`"""“ ti *““‘° al “_·‘* · rode by o. i—.»rr..ii himself Writ. Q
(`or. S. Lime null Colfax Sts. ll   l`lhll;P_lll lllll Allgllgllldllllll lllllcll traveling in this beautiful country. Styles I
 — ls lll llle 'lmllllslllm llN_'llé;T ln addition to the lecture, Prof. ·
EVERYTHING FOR THE ORATOMCAL CO ' Farquahr will sing a baritone solo, [N HIGH CLASS
K()DAKl ····· and Mr. \Vatts will render a violin I OUTER G T8 AND
Developing and Printing Patterson Seoleiy Honored BY Three solo with Miss Boreing as accom- :MILLm-ERY
I Close Contestants. Danish ° _
Lexington Photo Supply C0. --—- Do not forget the time and place. FOR
OVC! Kl!bY'S Toll Cellt $l0F• Mr. Miller the Winner. Come and bring your friends. There
  On last Saturday evening the an- will be enough to spare for every _
__ _ 4 , nual cratorical contest of the Patter- student of the University.      
    son Literary Society was held in the Vesper Service, Sunday, April 2nd, Full lin No O D. 1
[CE CRF];\Y\l P;\l{l.OR l'niversity Chapel in commemoration at 4:00 p, m, ` I G W H lsp ay il ~
- . , ., of the birthday of Dr. Patterson. It .—..—~.•-·-——
Asp LUACH smtp   W, amded by a Sym,,,,,,€,,,, TRIP ro NATURAL ortoor.    
Smlth l·l¤¤ and WmSl°“' St”°t’ and enthusiastic audience and each S _ t_ t S   I D _
......-.--—-—————-—— of the three speakers woo greeted °'°" 'SS l’°'“* "l°>’a*’° °>'· Mlam Street East. ,
J. J. FITZGERALD Wllh much applause- W , _ . ,  
The result of the contest was very llmllllllls Th ngs Ollclllll E
e an t eat' · `
St 8m 8· or   mg tention of the audience from the first versity comprising the dgpartmems
269 W. Short, · · Lexnngton, Ky, and acquitting himself very credla- of Geology Botany and Civil Eugim   &  
bly indeed, and, as Dr. Patterson ex- , ’ ,
  Bering, made tllelr annual trip to Na-
KINKEAD COAI COMPANY pressed ll lll awalllllllg llle lllllll8'l’ tural Bridge Last Saturday under the
each one was honored by having been . I , S '   ' F ‘  
diroottoo or Profs. Miller, onoort Pmlll mem mms l¤9
OHICE I¤d YARD- pitted against such able opponents. J ._ _ G d H d 1
_ _ ameison, Sphai, Dean Hamilton, 00 3, ais an Oxlordg .
N°• 157 N- Broadway- Ml'   l' Milan Sl llllllllgglolla Tas Miss McCann and Miss Dickson, ot an now being shown at l
RAILROAD YARD-G S. Freight D•· °“h°;_di`{i];l;°i8':)°;1l;l0l;tlfgmolgspxu Sayre, added to tho intellectual ot.
. dCh't Sta. ° l h tth tl, hil th Patt· .
l’°*· S B'°*""'°>’ ““ “‘ ’ lar members or ttm Junior otmr md '“"°" °'° ° ,° ’° W ° ° J.&M.and • Mtllrr rrd _
erson Hall trlrls gave additional C   S
a promising student in the College of Charm to the beautiful Spring day Flgrghrim Sgcgson
  &   ills lsllll Silelliek llls Blllljelll wllll and the romantic setting of the Shecs   Hats
" nte gent atr ot sm. 140W M · S
‘ H0ME‘MADm CANDY The very interesting program brldgll ° mn tlleet
’ Numerous were the reasons for that
FRESH EVERY DAY wlllcll clllllllllllll lll lll° llllllclllll llllll trip. and numerous were the results.  
107 East Blain. St mlllllc’ was as lllllllwlll But one of the surprises of that de-
  Omlllllg Address Pll°l' Wollllllllgloll llghtful day was when one of the STROLLER8 Nolrlcgl
• • Music ..     .... Selection shyest young 18 me- became quite · _,___
Griffith Q     G R h tg? llll ll 8   "Babb·ler". Rohorul of entire play Qgturdgy
· · °° °° ······· _ · · ____,,.,__.... mgm an Ammon mn at sto p. nt.,
"The Patriotic Voter'.
Everything 'I'hat’•Goodln Usher cnt J D McMm_t"’ Michigan students are assessed n 'h*"P· E"°"¥°"e ll" me eemP|"¥
Mum `````` " ` ` ` Medley library fee of two dollars, the money '”“" b' P"“”*·
P R l l\l T I l`] G I L thu", ________ Lexington, K! to be devoted to the purchasing ot 8**9* “|”•9•l‘•
M0 South umwone ··1¤to111goot Patriotism! ’j°“’ '°°°"°· ‘ 1-•-•-•————
Usher   Capt. Capt. L. C. Hardeoty —-·····••·•·*··· A canvas of representative students
Fayette Phone 531-x Music ....... . ....... ....s•1eouon Mlllstls Rsllv iu Cususl Friday.- at cntoogo shows tho ooooomor of
C. H. Richardson ...... Buffalo, K1. All SWB We l'eQ¤e¤l¤d to bs Dfolout opinion in favor ot thg honor gy;.
looxingtom . . Kentucky “My Old Kentucky Hom•." lu Chapel Friday. [gm_

  T H E I D E A
-  8TUDENT8’ GOVERNMENT AT NUSB Helen Howe spent the week- but for the reason that their work ia
A Penny Saved PATTERSON HALL. end with her parents ln Indianapolis, essentially different and one man at
_.___ _ Indiana. the head of the two could not promote
I3 tl Plhny Mad! ll Never fell to Sweep the rreeh we T ml I the interests of both as well as could
». ..... .......y p....... 0--0*-·-mr-Om l¤¤*-M-~···l 5**** n.rLT`Z? .?.l'""'Z"J"'I" Tn E.'{."l’   ""’“‘       °‘ "“’ “""°’“‘
.. o.,r urner ionta ro
,1 {till! OIL has swept the corridors- llOUl€B lll Nl(‘llOl8.SVlllF‘ yl{€Ill,rl?Cky€r comige. d l { ' B
Y XY 2_ Never get permleelell to go to · - · ter ue cons deratlon the oard
l l t T T th arrived at this conclusion and accord-
      town un ess you wan 0 go 0 8 Miss Adamson and Miss H°0P°l`· ingly Prof. Rowe will remain Dean
gl nbrnrn spent the week·end at the home of
g ’ 3_ Never be e loolleh vlrellll but the former in Ma wma -K of the College of Civil Engineering.
T C0, j` have a candle ready when the lights y ’ y` -·"···*•"-""""’
K0 guru wss Berry rammed Sunday even- Athletic Rally ln Chapel Friday.-
Stork of . Never throw your orange peels me Meer e short visit in Perle Ky All girls are requested to be present
  C   and tin cans in the trash box when ’ ° in Chapel Friday.
REA S y°“ °°n Dunn tn°m °n tn° ]nwn’ The pupils of Miss Olcott, assisted
SOA  5- N°"" °p°°d nn nm"` nt tn° by the pupils of Miss Stlgler, gave a F E E
 FUM  xsd, nnn Wallin yi; cnn tn? in tn° recital In the Chapel Friday night. P I A N   R
rary or wa on e cam u .
TALCUM POWDERS 6. Never talk over the telephone The Soeelel Cleee eeve theo, eo_ _‘FR0M"-‘
AT COST when y°“ can tnlk in uw {mnt r°°m' nual banquet at I—lughes’ Saturday A N Y D E F E CT
7. Never waste small talks; save olehe   ,
It for Friday or Saturday evening, es- ‘ Thai B Wlmiyolle get when you
the City 8. Never read any other book     c0·
when you can get Sandy's "Evolu- l    
-W*-* tion},  
Lexington Drug Co       me     ll Ms- S »¤¤¤¤r · MO' I'HER
| -——·- .;-—-—-—•—
- ts your picture since you left
Ph e M4 Your N { ,D st ......; The Oiatorical Contest will be held Wm
m earn rug vv —·—-——————-—·· in the chapel Friday evening, Mis! n°n"°—S° n°°° y°‘"
Ethel Holmgreen representing the  
I _____j_     "Atheneum Literary Society" will --....e-....
  ' It ' fl `
give the Vanishing Baarder from LALL AT
Ellen MOOYG. nrrhe hlisdeameancrs Of Nancyn and , |
    & C0, ————-- Miss Katherine Mitchell who will rep-   S   C
resent the "Ghalian Society" will
. I°°°°"°°"°‘°" Miss Louise wnrnnn spent sstnr- . , .. ud ‘°° mm help Y¤¤ ¤¤¤k* ¤¤°*¤¤¤‘ ,
_ give an arrangement of Polly of the happy ooo else hel eo te wie
- day and Sunday with her father in Clreoel,. Everybody le eerdlelly love your D Y T
Will de your SOCi¢ty and C0m- Millersburg. ted ,
mcncnment Inutntinns nnn pm' Ni` Fl' b th Andrews visited her V with some of those
, * lss J lm 8 Mlle. Maradeix spent Saturday and l "
i grams bcttcr than others. mother in Flemingsburg. Sunday in LeulSvme_ Up..]().|)A‘|’f P|~|()'|’()$
  Special rates to students.
N0_ 152 West Main Street Mlss Hmtfm and daughter Of F1€m' Misses Gressom, Baxter and Old- 341 WEST MAIN ST. Faye Plume 1635n
ingsburg, were the guests of Miss hem_ here returned to School -———-—————-—-—-—-——-
Lexington. Ky. Bettie Lee Hinton. oven ee YEAR?
The "Courtship of Miles Standish" EXPERIENCE
  MVS- Head- ef Lagrange- was with was portrayed by living pictures on
her daughters- Misses L°“i°° and Friday evening. Misses Cochran,
Frances H€'ad· Vuran and Weller took the parts of
i I.4€OI131’d Hotel P f B J Pi k S ··i>-rlscii1n,·· "Jnnn Alden" and ··Mi1es
` ro. . . n erton spent atur· Srenolelrn
    day with relatives in Woodford. _ ___ T°3°:om::°‘°
Corvnnours Ac.
_ The only first class sllop m Lcxlngton Mr. J. M. Duff ls suffering from a l;lll$`in?n.?sllY»'lglll‘l' ltllrnmlll?»l`ld:‘l:::_lllll,°{llLin':n
Yale Pompadouraspecialty. _ severe attack of pneumonia. C H C H "' lallglllflntl3§§§i¤E`is;§l:;ll;lllILllll)llTllln“(nnFgtrélg
B.   PI'OpI'l€[Ol’ On account of {hg ggrioug jllnggg of ° ego of Iv Engineering to Have I’nteut; taken !.gf0u§.h0;dTa‘l$I`:r:·Cl3?x9•'::•{v|
gt. Own Deam •p¢¢IaInotu:•,wIthout.o •rg•.Int.b•
Mr. Duff, the Senior and Junior recep-   H S
tion, which was to have been held on ·—·· h d I    
_THE_ Franny evening, Mmm sm, will be At *‘ "’°°“‘ “°”‘°“ °' “‘° E‘°°“‘ $»¤.’ll`»·T°J?°.l¥·}l`él$E?l3€@3*331 ¥i=’Li‘f.$3P•?2
tivo Board,   proposed measure,   SIU'} fO\1I'!Il0|\u|I,·L   Y\6WId0&lOfI.
postponed indefinitely.   ooro een
which the College of Civil Engineer- ermchémcneeeeww QNBW  
H I P P l_:lT;;_·:;_;-g- lng ..d M..l.....».l ....1 ni..nl...l  
· Engineering, were to be placed under
l .-—- the direction of one Dean, was res- °
· Ml , T, Wesley  
ss Alma Williams returned Tues- 0 ¤ Pd-
Always the Best gh°w_ day from her home in Columbus, Ind. 'I`hi¤ m<‘¤8¤¤'9 WM D0StD¤¤€d Bt B  
former meeting of the Board and -
always th! Sums Pri°*· Miss Nell Rlckart spent the week- since then has met general dlsfavor      
I always Clean. Alwlyl G00d. end at her home in Sharpsburg, Ken- and the llnal action meets the accord   _ ‘ ~
l Often 0ut·Ta.lked- sucky. or nn. `
Never outdone The sentiment of the student is     AND  
O • Ml" Dorothy Flelo lore loot week leelleed eteeeely tewerd the ereeeet All work First L-lass and (iusranteed
I shows Daily-8.00, 7.30, 9:00. GM me ¤<=¤¤*-
her home In Ashland, Ky., where she ruling, not because of any lack of ZT3 l_2 EAST MTN STREET
TRY To GET W- Wm \’6¤\•l¤ two WMU- sympathy between the two colleges, New- 0 toffice

 4 T H E ID E A
TH D Q At the Unlveraiti of Kansas seven · ll
_ ’ r
F l E frsternatles, representing 170 men, n   ·  
Published every Thursday by the student body of State University of Kentucky,
for me benent or the student?. ttl}? Saculty and alumnae or met have urfunxed for B course of lec-
ILI ll Oh.
  t th Bibl , d 200 th H or `
iTHEhIDE.$ is the Offlglfll f\h¢iW}8D1·ibK;¢¥'t0{ §hBgiUhIV§!'BIl);i and is Ixued Wckly ures On   ie at;    
d t ear. sceoec so vet 0 * {K t k. m€fl8l‘8€Ill'0 DBIGIDEC
  ‘§;°§g:t.;dg;;ie2s:1n.d Oégmfn wmn$t§° 0tiir“°$.%v2mtt$.§‘.“2n% andy- ’ Flflll Style I·lA1'$
Entered at Lexington Post Omce as second clam mall matter. -——-•-¢-•-———— — AND -—
WILL H. TOWN : END. Edi.t.or·1u·Chlet. l
R, w, TINSLEY ................ . ....... . ............ . .......... Assistant mmm "•'   °x'°r‘· l
F_ L_   ,.,,_,,,_, ,,,,,,,.‘,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,, A(_h]gtjc Edngy ··—··‘;’·——;···—··**‘*‘~·——-—--
B. L. BDGKER. ........ . ........... ... ....... . ......... Aaalnant Athletlc Edlotr
Iuemlet •'rArF
s. c. mnnmvr, Duma ann er   R    
I, L. MARX, Aut. Bu•i¤••• Manger. J. B. SANDEEIB, Aut., Adv. Mgr. PHONES
THEO. BLADE, Advertising Manager. W. A. LURPEY. Asst. Sub. Mgr.
v. rl wwxmco, sumnyuss up. xc. J. xomw, Am. sun. up. New 1312 Old 236
This issue ot The Idea was pre- The next, issue ot The Idea will be .._.
pared by the following members ot prsparec by the following members ot _ z
The Idea Staff: The Idea Stall: ‘
W. B. Hager, D. C. Duncan.    
J. O. Lewis, H. A. Bebb. ' '
M. M. Harrison, H, Kelley, ; M t C C _
A_ C_ B,,n_ ML Shtpmlm Q     0. Everythmg for College Men .
Mm Add*° D°¤¤· Mins Taylor. _ from head to foot. ·
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