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Not just for
_,- ¥ the "of age"
' college

"You can’t be a real
country unless you have
a beer and an airline - it
helps if you have some
kind of a football team,
, or some nuclear
‘ - . weapons, but at the very
least you need a beer."

1.. y . - Frank Zappa

“l'd rather have a
bottle in front of me

. than a frontal
.“ . r lobotomy."
, . - Tom Waits

"Beer is proof that
-» God loves us and wants
us to be happy."

- Benlaniln Franklin

"i would kill
everyone in this room
for a drop of sweet

- llomer Simpson

"Not all chemicals


October l5. 1998


. their schedule more or less
will be ride the bus to a
location, practice all day

- Brett Owens.
doctoral student


...o~".a. .


- a a» Q n o «tat‘r‘tfi‘WsM‘rh-w 4. v . L '.



A taste of
Talents of
local artists
t highlighted





money into
the brains

Investing in the future:
Higher ed group developing
new scholarships for grads

By Matthew T. Patton

5.1:“ wanna

Kentucky ranks 48th in the country in

J " are bad. Without the percentage of adults with a bachelor‘s
chemicals such as degree or higher.
hydrogen and oxygen, I Less than half of Kentucky's high

for example, there would
be no way to make
waver, a vital ingredient


school graduates enter college the fall se-
mester following their graduation from
high school. far below the national average

in beer." of 67 percent.
' , -DaveBarry Gov, Paul Patton
shared these statis-

"You're not drunk if
you can lie on the floor
without holding on."


"i never drink
anything stronger than
gin before breakfast."

- w.c. Fields

“When I heated my
home with oil. i used an
average of 800 gallons a
year. I have found that i
can keep comfortably
warm for an entire
winter with slightly over
half that quantity of

- Dave Barry

“Draft beer, not
- Anonymous

“l'm allergic to
grass. Hey it could be
worse, i could be allergic
to beer."

- Greg Norman,

”Always remember
that I have taken more
out of alcohol than
alcohol has taken out of

- Winston Churchill

"24 hours in a day,
24 beers in a
case...coincidence? I
think not."

- Anonymous

"He was a wise man
. who invented beer."
» — Plato



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at rpnortOGpopukyedu.





Music education freshman llick llafpllotis (from left) and health services management freshman Matt McKerr discussed the details of the drum
and bugle corps yesterday with corps director Pat Seldling.

Musical chairs

Bugle corps moves to Lexington
from Alabama, gets new start

By Ellen Lord


A different beat marched
into Lexington yesterday.

The Southwind Drum and
Bugle Corps. a group of 128
musicians ages 15 to 21 who
perform and compete through-
out the world, announced its
relocation from Montgomery.
Ala. to Lexington.

The move will allow L'K
students. who have traveled
across the country to partici-
pate in such corps. to play
without having to travel near-
ly as far for weekend camps.

“The whole traveling as


pect sometimes keeps people
from going different corps."
said Mark Hunter. a music eds
ucation sophomore who trav-
els to Chicago to play percus-
sion in a different corps.

“I have to travel here and
back a full weekend once a
month." he said.

Several L'K students and
other Lexington residents
traveled from Kentucky to
play in the corps when it was
in Montgomery. said Brett
Owens. a UK doctoral student
in educational policy studies
and evaluation. who does con-
sulting for the corps.

The group is still accept-

ing applications for the 1.30 po
sitions iii its December camp.
The corps had already re-
ceived about 1300. he said.

The corps will hold week-
end camps once a month dur
ing the winter and then per-
form all summer. Owens

Next summer. the group
will perform more than 3.3
times in front of audiences
that range from 2.000 to 20.000
people. The corps plans to per-
form in Lexington in the 4th of
July parade and on several
days in mid-July.

"When they‘re on the
road. their schedule more or
less will be ride the bus to a lo
cation. practice all day. put on
a uniform attd perform. ride
the bus to a location. practice
all day." Owens said.

When Madison Drutn
Corps .~\ssociation took over
the management of the corps
earlier this year. the group do
cided to move the corps to a
more central location in the

Lexington was chosen in
stead of Louisville and
Knoxville. Tenn. in part be.
cause of l'K students and oth~
er Lexington youth who have
participated in the corps. Ac-
cess to major interstate high-
ways and its central location
were also factors.

Southwind will bring 7.000
to 15.000 spectators to l.t‘Xll1§1-
ton for an annual Drum Corps
Midwest Competition in addi-
tion. six to eight corps will be
participating A Dt‘M World

See BAND on 2 " >

Students incensed over death

Beating death of Wyoming student prompts
hard reactions from UK students, group

By Julie Meadows


So great are the implica-

newspaper at the l'niversity of
Wyoming. Regardless. l'K stu.
dents are reacting strongly to
this crime.

a diverse coiniiiuitity. said
Joshua Vi'orthington. the pres
ident of CK Lambda. a campus
organization for gay. lesbian
and bisexual students.

“What people don‘t under
stand they fear. aiid what they
fear. they attack." he said
“This petty bigotry has got to

is equal rights.” ho said,

One student said he
thought people such as the al-
leged abusers of Shepard follow
a dangerous philosophy. l’eoplc
sometimes tend to look at an in»
tin idual's lifestyle and assume
that he or she is a bad person
because of it. said Todd llar

tics what he called
"sobering evidence"
77 at the Governor‘s


seek higher educa-
tion. This has
prompted the Ken-
tucky Higher Education Assistance Au-
thority (KHEAA) to develop what is known
as the Kentucky Education Excellence
Scholarship tKEESi.

The scholarship awards high school
students with a grade-point 21"». crage of 2.5
with automatic scholarships to Kentucky
colleges or technical schools.

If students continue to make good
grades in college. the scholarship can be re-
tained. Students who are enrolled in high
school for the 199899 school year will be
the first students who earn scholarships
based on their high school performance.

Members of the graduating class of
1999 will be eligible for scholarships based
on the senior year GPA and bonus awards
based on their ACT score.

High school juniors who graduate in
2000 will receive scholarships based on
their (EPA for their junior and senior years
and a bonus based on their highest ACT
score. Grades earned before the 1998-1999
school year aren‘t considered.

Students must have an annual 2.5 GPA
for the base amount of the scholarship and
a 1.3 or better ACT score or equivalent SAT
score for the bonus award.

Amounts are subject to future adjust-
ment based on availability of funds. Bonus
awards of up to 8000 are given to those with
a 28 or above ACT score. Those who score a
minimum amount of at least 15 also receive
a bonus of $21.

Students do not even have to apply for
the scholarship. Each high school will pro
vide information about eligible students to
the Kentucky Department of Education
who will then give the student data to
KHEAA. KHEAA will send award notifica»

See PAYS on 5 5))

Light caused
building fire



A fire iii the [K Police Department
Monday night was started by the ballast of
a fluorescent light. said Lexington fire offi-

. tions of the crime committed “i think it‘s diggttctmg stop." rett. an undwlarml freshman. None of the six to eight people inside
-‘ against University of that anybody would kill some Though many students l'K Lambda will be holding the building. at the corner of Rose Street
Wyoming student Matthew body just because of the way think either enacting new a candlelight vigil tonight at 8 and Euclid Avenue. were injured. said Maj.


,. ’ 7t! 5.4





Shepard. UK students have
been not only shocked and sad-
dened. but also deeply touched.

they led their lives." said
Stephanie llakies. a family re


hate-crime legislation or
strengthening laws already iii
place would be a good move.

pm in thc Free Speech Area
behind the Student Center.
It w ill be a c it inc c foi us


.Iim Wells.
The fire that started around 9:10 pm.
when papcr iii the basement ofthc building






“ 0”" Martin 1 Conference on Post- Students MM '
i secondary Educa- "mm P79“ f"
"A“ right brain, I “ tion Trusteeship on “"999 m“ m 5‘
don't like you and you ‘1 Sept. 2 :fil‘lle to get one
don't like me - so, let's The “sobering rough the
just do this and I'll get evidence" proved “NW
53C“ to “"500 YOU With that Kentucky need- Education
beer.” ed to encourage Exam“?
‘ llorner 9W more graduates to scholarships. .


. . source management and con
- Shepard. a political science sumpr studips senior at l'K. some don‘t see the need for a to it‘ tiicmboi M itthc w Shep caught on fire. said Maj, Michael Bossert of
. , Pltlysumytornorrow freshman. was beaten and left Baktpg also said the idea of separate hatescrime law. aid and pay him iospect as the Lexington Fayette I'rban County Fire
, . " and Friday. hanging on a fence until a pass- killing someone just because “If you beat somebody atid well as show cvcryonc that we Department

“I" ,' er-by found. him and tOOk him of an individual‘s choice was they die. it doesn‘t matter if as a contiitunitv are not gmng Fluorescent lights generally do not
“.t ' .g- _ Kentucky to the hospital. where he later particularly frightening they‘re black. white. gay or totolcratethistvpeot Violence get hot but ((‘rillm parts can become
.I-lf ‘ m. M] died from his injuries. “If people start succumb- whatever.‘ said Paul iii our citv.” \V’orthingtoti said. very hot when they get old Bossert said.
4. " ' The Albany County Sher- ing to that notion. everyone Atkisson. a Russian and East- "it will be a chance for “The papets were stored too close to
ft... , ’ . , VOLW ISSUE ”35 iff‘s office would not comment could just start going around ern studiesjunior. people to votcc their feelings the light ballast." he said. “it also could
”3-3-4 5 ‘—-—-——‘—‘—“ on whether Shepard. who was and killing pach other." shp But Worthington said more about what has haptwncd " have been that they‘ve never stacked stuff
’»' f' ' ' ESTABLISHED I" '39? gay. was singled out for the at- said. hate-crime legislation would William Wharton. the (ii there and didn't realize the ballast got
_' .’ 4‘ . -. lllDEPEllOEllT SINCE ‘971 tack because of his sexual ori- As the world moves into a provide gay groups equal foot rector of the Lexington llu hot."
2' . y . _ entation. according to the new minpnnium. it is critical ing. “(lti wouldn‘t provide spe man Rights (‘otntnisston will Firefighters contained the fire in about

’ _ 'i 1» News tips? Branding Iron, the student for people to come togethpr as cial rights; what it's promoting be among the guest speakers. five minutes.

.' _ . ' Call: 257-t9l50r writez‘ ____________________~__ W # __ __________
'2. ._ .- , kernelOpop.uky.edv The Student Newspaper at the University of Kentucky, Lexrngton
.. , . 3;
4 w t 4 q .
A Av.
“““""~‘»..v,,.,tta1,i‘ ‘ ’,,‘_.,, ",-\.‘..‘ .............. ‘t. “fol-P) ‘2...
i ‘ , e
. . \ _ 9
a ' ’ ‘ ’





- ..
i A


. o o oevvwvv-y .

. . ..-e’W~-o 3,... . o ' .


WhmufOIl mm



The Low-down

Female police officer killed


ing in water. The report said the glass on the
front of his emergency mask slipped away from
the rubber seal. and he was found with water in
the mask up to his eyes.

Officials need help

WASHINGTON — Federal officials pleaded
for the public‘s help to find Eric Robert Rudolph

. c » ~ ii“ — eeeee W m sesame: margarine”
:~ 5“ officer in town history was killed in an exchange “WV ~ y p c s. w
. st. . . . against the man who has eluded a masswe
, e1. :4 of gunfire outside an automotive parts factory glow. search for nine months
‘ ~‘ '\ ‘1' early vesterdav morning. . ll! '
. ' . l“. . . _. ‘ l ; , .. ‘ . ,- ‘ ~ _ .. . Attorney General Janet Reno told a Wednes-
' . ()tlittr Regina Woodward Nitkles. in. was sentenced to day news conference the complaint charging
. . 7 shot twice while investigating a report that a life In prison Rudolph with the Olympic blast and the 1997
‘ » man was crawling around the parking lot at for In; rape and bombings ofa gay bar and an abortion clinic was
‘ e. . lrim Masters lnc.. which makes car-seat covers. mm“.- of filed with a federal court. New evidence against
“ . The SuSPeCt' JOh“ Paul Works. 32' had been T'Vflf'Ofl him was kept sealed to protect ”the safety of wit-
fr ' awaiting ”‘31 0” August charges that he at- Sherrice nesses who have come forward," she said. 3
.3 ‘ tacked his roommate With a golf club. held a gun Iverson. Two people died and scores were injured by

to his head and threatened to kill him.

Works was hospitalized in fair condition at
the liniver‘sity of Kentucky Medical Center in
Lexington after being shot by Officer Eric Bark

Nickles. a mother of two and a stepmother.
was the Republican nominee for Mercer County
sheriff on the November ballot. Nickles was the
first female otficer killed in the line of duty in

the six bombs Rudolph is charged with planting.

“Eric Rudolph is on the run" from earlier
charges that he bombed a Birmingham, Ala..
abortion clinic Jan. 29. Reno said. “We’re are not
going to rest until we bring him to justice."

She re-emphasized the $1 million reward
posted when Rudolph was put on the FBI’s 10
most wanted list last May.



Many Kentucky. authorities said. Pat Seldllng director of the drum and bugle c
. . , orps announced the for-
ms . "30°“an Witness 3 M Show nation of a new one Lexington yesterday. ‘
‘ .l “ have Teen “New “l l'al’e case SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Attorneys in Su-
~m san McDougal’s embezzlement trial angrily 3m

LAS VEGAS - A former high school honor
student appealed for forgiveness yesterday be—
fore he was sentenced to life in prison without
parole for molesting and killing a 7-year-old girl
in a casino bathroom.


clashed Wednesday over evidence that requires
testimony from a witness who refuses to come to

The dispute centers on Kate Bell, who was


Continued from paqei




‘ . other Jeremy Strohmeyer. 20. read a 22-page. typed Elbe a€€kl§epeé fgrfgontfiictorMZifibm Nfihtiigd Competition. a .weeklong In 1991 and 1992. Smith
mes statement detailing events Of the night in what , 15 9' ancy. 9 re rs. C ouga 00 9 event that would bring anoth- wind won back-to-back Divi—
.. l A ) . N . . . .. ’_ job. Defense and prosecution lawyers both ac- er 30000 s ect . - h . [W 1d Ch - h'
11 . was then the l rimadonna Castno in Primm. say . . . p 31013. mig t Sth 1 OF , ampions IDS-
m y lng he “'35 In a "drunken and drugged haze” kgIOW'ledge that “15 Bell 15 requIng to come to alSO be located in Lexington In 1995, the corps placed 17th
’ mg when he took Sherrice lverson into a stall in a t e courthouse and wm not return phone calls._ 01‘ Louisville. in the DiViSiOh I World Cham-
' W , . . . . . , . . 4 ‘ Deputy District Attorney Jeffrey Semow said Th , , ~ - _ - -
women s restroom. sexually assaulted her and . . e COI‘DS managing 1“ p10h5h1p~
and we then strangled her to “stop her pain." M5~ Bell if desperate “Qt to testify ” although he stitution will spend between The corps will become a
hevehad “Can you imagine the fear. the panic, the does-not ".0“ why. . . . $150000 and $200,000 annually member 0f the DCM. one Of
»m»elec- sickness that rushes over you as you realize that t Shet Willuslaty‘osr do anythéng to av01d havmg for transportation and admin- the .best drum and bugle corps
WW somehow. you have done something to this little 0come 0C0 ‘ emow sai ' istration. . regional CerUltS In the na-
‘7 m girl to cause her to be dying. yet you don't re~ _ . The corps was founded in non. ‘ , _ . '
m member anything?" Stmhmeyer said "This is Polka klnq Yankoflc dies the fall of 1980 by Bill Stiers Call (608) 241-3111 or VISIt
‘. what happened to me," and named for the legendary the Southwind Drum and Bu-
mg‘ HOLDING up TAMPA. Fla. ~ Frankie Yankovic. the accor- g1?!" that] tr afi’efid ”Em €13 [COTPS' S “Limited 3‘
v, in. I THE COURT: dion-playing Polka King from Cleveland who had 10339 t roug entuc y. Phi/WWW ou_ wm .org
' Fil'EfightOfS death EXPIOI'Ed Attorneys in folks rolling out the barrel and asking who stole [0 the GU” C03“ for more information.
‘u WASHINGTON 7 Money problems and a the Susan the kishka for generations. died at his home
1- " W» lack of attention to detail" are hampering the 04chqu “59 “edggfiltaiigiwgySZdSfiance-hall crowds throu h-
" '2 ' “I'll" District of Columbia's fire department and con- are "0|!th - . g_
' .‘ tributed to the death of a firefighter. the depart- because llaln out the. Midwest f0r_more than 60 years wnh his MES—
. . “Win men (S chief said Wednesday. evidence In the rollicking. toe-tapping performances. won the .
oneoftne The Shortwmings were among more thanao case requires 2113;: {ggrrill’vefiaczhvegrgegliglepggfi lgrerlgggfigg corrections
mm“ departmental problems listed in a report i ire testimony front bv teaming “h with 'I‘V‘s Drew Carey and “Weird
‘ WW ( lllef‘DOHEild towards released 0“ the death “l Kate Bell. who Al" Yankovic. who was thought to be a distant A cutline in a story on Earth Sciences Week in yesterday's
‘ Macaw F1” .55 Jim“ .Canere Edward§ ordered an 1m” refuses to testi- relative. Kernel should have listed Francis Harvey as an assistant pro-
. nal investigation after the 10-year department .. ~ . - . fesc‘or of 90 a hv
veteran died Oct 94 199_ in the basement of a fy in the case. His appeal. it was the same thing as EIVis ~ g gr P . ~
' burn' rocerv sthre the first district firefi h t- Presley." said Joe Miskulin, a Nashville record- An article in yesterday‘s Kernel should have listed the over-
er to 1:1: a} duty in 13 years g ing artist who started playing with Yankovic at all grade-point average of LCC fraternity members as 2.26.
Carter drowned after he fell through a floor age 13- A cutline in yesterday’s Kernel should have said the fire oc-
into the basement and his colleagues kept pour- W m m m curred in the UK Police Department.
A's -. .. , .




.r-l . a s -‘V'. .v"-| - V .- . r . n V eye



,‘RA b






‘ . mmrsfrafrve


Call to enquire about our excel-
lent benefits program. EOE.
220 Lexington Goon Circle

Suite l50
Lexington, Ky 40503
(606) 272-8222

visit us I? www.cfliceteom.com




When something is too extreme for words, it’s to the th degree. And fhof’s the
level of technology you'll experience of Royfheon.

Roomatc Perfection
at Royfheon has formed a new technological superpower-Rayfheon Systems

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", ‘ clubhouse ' l.l'lll'll\

' dishwasher ' mun

951 Red Mile (It.

U S (Ill,‘l’ll'.lllp muy l)(‘,‘ required V/(: (1" (lil ririiml mprmri in he 're


.‘/.‘/v/l(l‘/|(,)ll'-(Ol‘l ‘l mml u tlillf‘ Hiyruli' "we



mmvmw M»- swerve



) .
K ‘ . K ’ ‘ . . . .- — ' t
. a , o . . . . . . .. . '. _ i‘
;‘.' , -1-,.-.v. ,... a” ‘ . p . .' -. .,. i. ‘_ . . _\ a x ' ’. g. 'T' _ ‘
‘ . . _ _ ,. . .. . -‘ . v. . - _, . . .
l. :c‘.‘ ‘1 5'.._".“ _' _ , ,. w my... . ., o~-' ‘ '. «A. r 4 ~e\'\n-A .
. . n _ g . ,3 ‘ . , , J r h , L “ up . 4 “. . ~ . a ~v ‘
."‘~’ , - J g > — u , ‘. .~ ‘ ,ea '3 \n-‘. ,_ “ . \ up >7» ‘l 0 v '
so. ., t , 9A,‘ , u r - u v: ‘ ' \ ~ ‘ ‘ I '1 . . c ‘47- ' _ U ' ’. - o i l '


.-< 7‘,—




...... .

' 1




.v,’ 'o‘

_. .. ‘ .e ,. . .‘ . ' ‘._ ‘ _
h '. . ‘. . i - .; a v. i» i .‘a': _‘ .
.» ‘ - «--oM«ovooovo- - ~ '.



. -‘..',“',"~..
g; ‘ ~v’..'.





Stickler sticks
to scoring role

Wildcat forward looks for openings, receives
passes from teammates and closes on goals

.1 m Cook

A target forward: The play-
er who gets into the open near
the goal and takes the crossing
passes from a speeding mid-
fielder or wing and eludes the
defense to put the ball in net.

Michael Stickler is a target

“People play around me
near the goal," he said. “They
distribute the ball to me."

And Stickler does the rest.
He sinks the goals.

It is a skill that nabbed him
the Mid-American Conference
Player of the Week award last
week after a two-goal, three-as-
sist game against Western

“I was there at the right
time to finish.” Stickler said.

The UK forward struggled
early in the season. He went 13
games and more than 14 shots
on goal without a score. As the
season progressed. Stickler’s
role, and his understanding of
that role, evolved.

“He has gotten a little
meaner around the goal." assis-
tant coach Jefi‘ Chaney said.

Chaney said the award was
a surprise. not because Stickler
is incapable. but because of his
scoring slump.

While he was unable to fin-
ish many of the opportunities
provided during his slump.
Stickler said. the opportunities
were there.

Stickler broke out of his

drought against Marshall, and
has scored four goals over the
last four MAC games. He assist-
ed on the gamewinner against
Marshall on Oct. 2, and sunk
the game winner against West-
ern Michigan on Oct. 4.

“Early in the season he was
letting people push him
around.“ Chaney said. ”Now
people are having a hard time
containing him."

In a streak-breaking. heart-
breaking loss to Akron on Oct.
11, Stickler shined. He dominat-
ed in the air, winning every
header he competed for.
Chaney said.

“I have a new attitude."
Stickler said. “I'm just going
out to have fun."

The change in attitude has
taken the pressure off the L'K
forward and enabled him to
concentrate on scoring goals.

Two goals have always
dominated Stickler‘s thinking.
His first goal was to play soccer
for a strong college team. That
goal was accomplished when he
started for UK.

His second goal is to play
professional soccer. Stickler's

favorite team. the one he
dreams of playing for. is Major
League Soccer‘s Columbus

"If it happened. it would be
great." Stickler said. "I‘m not
banking on it. but it is always a

Stickler reached his first
goal without trouble and if he
keeps playing with the fire of




mucous | xmusr


Michael Stickler kicked during practice yesterday. The UK target forward
has scored four goals over his last four games.

his last few games. that second
goal may not be out of reach.

“He's hot." Chaney said.

Stickler does not live for
the accolades of the fans or for
trophies like the MAC Player-

“I do what it takes to help
the team. to win." he said.

His importance to the team
is apparent: They call to him on
the field.

The team knows he is a
power striker and with the new
attitude he is showing, the team
passes the ball to him with
growing confidence.

“He is playing well within
our system." Chaney said.

The coaching staff will be
looking to Stickler more in the

upcoming battles in the MAC.
The team faces off against the
number two team in the nation.
Indiana. at the UK Soccer Com~
plex on Oct. 21.

The game promises to be a
hard fought and physical.
Stickler‘s dominance in the air
will be a key factor. Chaney

The MAC Tournament.
with the first two games played
at the L'K Soccer Complex on
Nov. (318, will provide Stickler
with ample opportunity to
showcase his teamwork and his
finishing skills.

“it will be an interesting
tournament.“ Stickler said. “es-
pecially since it‘s on our own
turf. That is a big advantage."



LSU home offers UK grand stage





4-2, 1-2 SEC

3-2. 1-2 SEC


Tiger Stadium
Eaton Rouge. la.


Death Valley at Lsu. The Wildcats
beat the Tigers 27-25.


Number of starters returning from
last season's 9-3 LSU squad. The
Tigers lost two starters on offense
ad three starters on defense.

Tiger Stadium is one of SEC's most daunting
backyards, perfect place for program arrival

By Matt May

Welcome to the jungle.
Don't forget to enjoy your trip.

When UK (4-2. 1-2 in the
Southeastern Conference) in-
vades Baton Rouge this Satur-
day night. they will find an an
gry and dangerous pack of Bay
ou Tigers and the most hostile
crowd most of the Cats will
have ever seen.

“it's a lot like Florida." se-
nior defensive lineman Marvin
Major said. “The crowd will be
riled up. throwing shit. like wa-
ter and ice."

Major. who missed the
Cats' last trip to Louisiana in
1996. isn‘t exaggerating. The
LSL' fans have a reputation of
being less than hospitable to
their guests. even to the point
where it isn‘t uncommon to see
various objects hurtling to-
wards the field from the bleach
ers above. Senior center Jason
Watts. who did travel to Death
Valley in 1996. said the Swamp
in Florida can‘t hold a candle to
the 80.0005eat Tiger Stadium.

“it's louder than Florida by
a lot." Watts said. “it‘s the loud-
est place l‘ve ever been. The
fans are just crazy. They party
pretty hard before they come

into the games."

But not all the Cats are ex-
actly sure what gives LSU (3-2. 1-
2) such a home-field advantage.

"It‘s a lot like Florida." se~
nior wide receiver Craig Yeast
said. "What separates it from
Florida is that the fans are a lot
louder. I know it's hostile. but i
don't know if those fans are
drinking or what."

it doesn‘t matter if the fans
have been drinking or not.
when Saturday nights roll
around on the Bayou. it's time
to get raucous. So raucous. that
several years ago. a nearby
seismology laboratory regis-
tered a minor earthquake after
the Tigers scored a touchdown.

For UK to emerge from the
jungle unscathed. it must take
the crowd out of the ball game.
planting a seed of doubt in their
minds, Major said.

"We‘ve gotta be prepared."
Major said. “The biggest part is
focusing and not letting the
crowd take us out of our game. At
Florida we kinda took the crowd
out of the game early on. They
were worried that we could win."

UK's experience in the
Swamp should help the
younger guys deal with the
noise and havoc a crowd like
LSU‘s can create. Yeast said.

“From the Florida game,
we have a pretty good idea (of
the noise)." Yeast said. “The
only difference is. LSL‘ will be a
little louder."

Watts agreed.

“The younger guys are
ready for it." Watts said. "After
Florida. they are ready. We
won't have to say much until
right before game time. then
we'll tell them it will be loud."

To combat the noise prob-
lem, UK will practice with loud
speakers in the background on
Thursday to try and simulate
the experience. Major said he
hopes the practice will help. but
knows the Cats must be pre-
pared to play under the duress.

"(The noise) is rough." Ma-
jor said. “I know on about 10
plays against Florida we could»
n't hear the play. so we just
we're just like ‘Damn. play base
D'. For this week. we have our
base defense and if we don't get
the cal]. we‘lljust play like hell."

The Cats know a win over
mighty LSU in Baton Rouge.
something UK has accom-
plished only four times in 25 at-
tempts. would send their
dreams of playing in a major
bowl to a whole new level.

"(A win) would be tremen-
dous." Watts said. “it would be
a turning point in our season
and help us in our bowl quest."

Yeast is confident in the

“It‘s a win we can get."










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