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     Minutes of the Regular Quarterly Mee ting of the Board of
Trustees of the University of Kentucky f or Friday, April 4, 1982* .

     The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky met in
regular quarterly session in the President's office at the Uni-
v:ersity on Friday, April 4, 1924, at 11:30 a. m.  The following
Mlemrbers were present: R. C. Stoll, R. G. Gordon, Frank Mc~ee,
I. P. Ing'els, Lewis M. Lebus, R. J. Bassett, J. I. Lyle, J. M.
Turrner, MdcHenry Rbads, 1W. H. Grady, and H. M. Froman.  Presidert
IFran  I,. McVey and Wellington Patrick, Secretary of the Board, were-.
also present.

     The minutes of the December meeting of the Board of Trustees
and the minutes of the Executive Committee since that time were
aLpproved as published.

     1. Report of Business Agent.   The report of the Business
Agent was read and ordered incorporated in the minutes.    The re-
port was as follows:

                                     April 3, 1924

  Dr. Frank L. McVey
        University of Kentucky
             Lexington, Kentucky

  Dear Doctor McVey:

        You may wish to present to the Board of Trustees some
   of the following suggestions:

        Financial Reoort. Please present the financial repor t
   for February.   The March report cannot be completed in
   time for the meeting,

        O7erdraft.  The Business Office estimates the over-
   draft of combined funds as of June 30, 1924, to be $110,000.
   This results from the following facts:  falling off of rev-
   enu.e from the Veterans' Bureau; payment of no-es, $9,000
   on Smith Hall and 58,000 on Peabody notes; payment of
   $40,000 on basketb&ll builiing and the further fact that no
   balance is conteinplated in Ext-ension Division Fulnds.  This
   will make it necessary to borrow money, and I suggest that
   an order be made, authorizing the borrowing of funds not to
   exceed $150,000.to meet overdrafts arising this fiscal year.

        Fqtimates of Receipts and. Bxnend iturns.  I submit an
   estimate of receipts and expenditures i.n Xeneral Lund. This
   report shows that no further appropriations may be made.



    Patterson Librarv. Professor Patterson reports that
the $600 fire insurance policy on the Patterson Library will
expire Jn July.  Please recommend what shall be done as to
further insurance on that library.

    Deposits. A loss of probably $200 results each year on
account of the failure of students in military department to
return clothing issued to them.   We have endeavored to pr'e-
vent this loss by requiring bond to be executed by the stu-
Thnt with parent or guardian as security.   1 think the bond
svstem is not successful.   The bonds must be mailed to
parents for signature and more than ten per cent of those
mailed are never returned.   Students quit school and throw
the uniforms down in their rooms, depending on roommates to
return them or the clothing is taken away by the student,
and even if we have the bond there is great difficulty in
getting the clothing or its equivalent in cash.   The value
of complete uniform is $15.89.   I think- a cash deposit of
$15 should be required.   In fact I am convinced that it is
the only thing that may be done to Prevent loss.   I ask
that an order be made, requiring a cash deposit on issuance
of military uniform to a student.

     Audit.  I call your attention to my letter of March 26,
1924, regarding audit of this year's accoi-;1ts.

     Insurance.  What further action do you wish taken on
the insurance on basketball building?   We now have a binder
thereon, as I am informed by Klair and Scott, for $50,000.

     I also call your attention to the compensation insurance,
the policy expiring April 4, 1924.

     Our insurance policies read, "the University of Kentucky
and the State of Kentucky as their interests may appear." In
event a building should be totally destroyed, could the Uni-
versity use the insurance for any purpose except to rebuild
that particular building?   It may be well to consult lawyers
on the board ir, regard to this.

     LMraxwxell Ha-l.  A. O. Gregor offers to sell Maxwell Hall
to the University at $12,000.   I believe he will take less.
I believe it can be bought for $10,000.   Mr. Tlhippie and I
have inspected the property.   while it adjoins Patterson
Hall lot, we see no special advantage on that account.    It
will cost $3,000 or more to repair, redecorate and furnish
the hall.   Our opinion is that it is not advisable to pur-
c'ase the property.

                                  Very truly,

                                     D. H. Peak
                                       Business Agent



     Statement of Receipts and Disbursements from July 1, 1 23
to March 31, 1924, and estimated Receipts and Disbursements from
April 1, 1924 to June 30, 1924.

                           General Fund

   July 1, 1923 to MWrch 31, 1924-
   Estimated April 1, 1924 to June 30,
   State Tax
   Vocational Education Board
   General Education Board
   Special Agricultural Appropriation
   Interest on Liberty Bonds
   Veterans Bureau
   University Extension

   July 1, 1923 to March 31, 1924
   Estimated April 1, 1924 to June 30,
   Basketball Building

Estimated excess of Expenditures over
  Receipts for 1923-1924

$531, 387.27
    V ,00a. 00





     2. Funds. On motion by Mr. Gordon, seconded and adopted,
the chairman of the Executive Committee and the Business Agent.,
were authorized to borrow for and on behalf of the University,
at one time or from time to time as may be necessary, not to
exceed $150,000, between now and June 30, 1924, for the purpose
of meeting the current expenses of the Institution.

     3. Insurance on the Patterson Library.   A communication
from Professor Walter K. Patterson was read, suggesting that ttZ
amount of insurance on the Patterson Library be increased.    On
motion by Mr. Ingsls, duly seconded, the matter was left to the
President and Business Agent with instructions to use their dis-
cretion on the amount of insurance to be carried on the library.

     4. The Patterson Residence.   On motion by Mr. Gordon,
seconded and adopted, the Secretary of the Board was directed to
notify Professor Walter K. Patterson that the University will need
the house in which he lives after July 1, 1924 for institutional
purposes, and to ask him to vacate the premises by that time.
The Secretary was further instructed to explain to Professor
Patterson that the crowded situation at the University makes it
imperative that the house be taken over as a woman's building,


4 .

     5. Insurance on the New Gymnasium.  On motion by vr.' Gordon,
duly seconded, the Business Agent was authorized to carr.:y per-
mnqnlnt insurance on the new gymnasium as soon as the building is

     6. Report of the President.  President MvccVey made the follow-
ing Thri4, rapcrt

     "( ) Attendance.  The attendance at the University this year
has been a little less than 2,000 in actual residence.   The num-
ter of students at the University at the present time is about
1,600. The total attendance for the year at the University, in-
clud ing Summer School will reach 3,600. There will be about
290 graduates at the University of Kentucky in June.   This is
a larger number of graduates than all those graduating from the
combined colleges in the State.   The following tabulation will
show the number of students at the University at the present time:"

                   Second Semester, 1923-1941.

ARTS AND SCIENCES               Mi hVOMEN           TOT AL
   .re shmen                    245        103       343
   Sophomores                   140        106       246
   Q uniors                     103        110       213
   Seniors                       63         68       131
   Specials.                     19          8        27
                                570       395        865
   Graduates                     14          3        17
   Unclass if ied                 1          8          9
                                585        406       991
   Fre shmen                     30         37        67
   Sophomores                    23         18        41
   Juniors                       30         25        55
   Seniors                       22         23        45
   SrT cials                      3          2          5
                                108        105       213
   Gradua tes                     3          1  
   Unclassified                   o          1          1
                                11        107       218
   Freshmen                     108       L 1        109
   Sophomores                   127          0       127
   Juniors                       80          0        80
   Seniors                       54          1        55
   Specials                       3      .0            3
                                372          2       3,74
   Graduates                      5          0          5
   Uncla ssif ied                 2          0         2
   2 yr. IvMlining                1          0          1
                                380          2       382



LA 7             '              MEN       WOM' N     TOTAL
   Sophomores                    26          2         28
   Jmiriors                      18          2         20
   Seniors                       21          1
   Specials                       2          1          3
                                 67          6        53

:!IUCATION                                  231
   Freshmen                       8         23         31
   Sophomores                     5         13         19
   Juniors                        6          13        19
   Seniors                       13         13         26
   Specials                       0          5          5
                                  32         67        99
   gradulates                     1          1          2
   Unclassifi ed                  0          1I         1
                                  33         69       102   1766

     "(b) A Crowded Situation.   The increased attendance at the
University of Kentucky this year has brought about a very crowded
situation.   There have been no additions in the way of build-
ings since 1908 except the adaptation of two dormitories which
have been made into classrooms.    The enrollment in 1908 was
477.   There has been an increase in enrollment since that time
of about 340%.   As a result our building space at the University
is very greatly crowded and the recitation space is crowded.     The
Recitation rooms. are used about 75% of the time.   The size of
.GQcasses has been greatly increased.  The classes in English and
mathematics are entirely too large.    Effective instruction has
become a serious matter.   Unless we have relief in the way of
additional funds, instruction is sure to decline in quality.     In
the Department of Economics -we frequently have as many as 120 in
a class.   'The laboratories are also crowded.   Our Bacteriology
.laboratory is designed to accommodate only 16 students, and we
actually have a good many more students than that.    The labora-
tories in the Department of Chemistry are also badly crowded.

     "(c) The Growth of the University.   The growth of the Uni-
versity has been largely due to the growth of high schools in
the State.  The number of high school graduates in the State
seven or eight years ago was about 1,200.    Since that time the
number of high school graduates has increasse to more than 4,000..
Next year there will probably be more than 5,000 graduates in
the State.   We ought to have something like 10,0O0 or 12,000
Graduates in Kentucky.   Of those that graduate about 50% go to
college, and of that number one-third of them come to the Uni-
versity of Kentucky.   Last year about 2,200 high school graduates
in Kentucky went to college and about 800 of them came to the
University of Kentucky.    At the rate we are going in Kentucky we
shall have at the University of Kentucky by 1930 a student body
of about 3,500.   Unless some relief comes in the way of additional.
funds we shall be compelled to limit the number of students ad -
lnitted to the institution.



     " ( R  i J 'is'atio.n  We made a reoquest on the Legislature
this year For increased funds, but our request was not incorporatc-
in the State Budget.   On the floor of the Fouse, however, an
item of $75,000 wvas included for the completion of the Chemistry
uii.ling.  This was passed by both houses and vetoed, by the
     The Nelson Tax Act wasT passed, makin.g, q-apprrtionment of
funds.   Under the new distribution the University will receive
2.01 cents out of every 30 cents coileet~d c= intangibles.   The
k'3tats Tax Commission has estimated that the University will re-
ceive next year $404,000.   last year rwe received $390,000.

     A new inheritance tax law y-as passed and under that law the
University receives 25% of it.    yhnn the law gets in-to operation,
it will bring an income of about $75,000 annually.    This year,
however, we may expect only about $30,000, as we cannot get the
full benefit of that tax for this year."

     "(,1) Crowded Condition in the Library  Conditions in the
"Library are very crowded. We have room at the present time for
only about eighty-five students.    I am suggesting that the
present chapel be made over into a reading room for the Library.
It would seat about 250 students, and the chapel exercises could
be moved to the new gymnasium.

     "(60 Chemistry Building    Plans are ready for the Chemistry
Building, and we ought to go forward with the construction of it.
The University has in cash about $125,000 which would be sufficier
to build the building, but it would not equip it.    In order to
w'et the additional space, I am recommending that the Chemistry
building be begun.

     "(g) Change in the 'Tate of Commencement. I am calling
attention of the Board of Trustees to the change in the date fdr
commencement.   We are arrvnging this ylecr to have commencement
take place on Saturday, May 31, and Sunday and Monday, June 1 and

     7. Meeting of the Board of Trustees for June.   It was moved,
seconded,. and carried that the Board of Trustees when it adjourns
on this date, adjourn to meet on Saturday, May 31, 1924.    This
meeting was ordered in order to permit the board of Trustees to
pass on the candidates for graduation before commencement.

     8. lans for t& Chemistry Building.      President McVey stated
to the Board that we have received from the architects, Coolidge
and "hattuck of Boston, plans for the Chemistry Building and
recomofended that advertisement be let for bids.   A motion was



made by Mr. Lyle, seconded and carried, that the Executive Comi&
mittee be authorized to advertise for bids and proceed with the
construction of the Chemistry building.

     9. The Annual Budget. The budget of the University for the
year 1924-25 was presented to the Board of Trustees and a motion
was made, seconded and adopted that the budget as presented bt
approved substantially in the form in which it was presented,
subject to such minor changes as it may be necessary to make.
(A copy of the budget is filed with these minutes and copies
furnished to Deans.)

    10. Telephone Exchange. The question of a telephone ex-
chancre was brought up by President IvIcVey and discussed. A motion
was made by Mrr Lyle, seconded and adopted, that the installation
of a telephone exchange be left to the chairman of the Executive
Committee and to the President of the University with power to act.

    11. The Men's Gymnasium. President McVey read a statement
regarding the.NMen's Gymnasium, coxmmonly kmown as the Basketball
Build ing.

                                     March 26, 1924

   Professor VI. D. Funkhouser,
        Uinliverei Ly of Kentucky
             Lexii.3-ton, Kentucky

   7My dear Professor Punkhouser:

        I am sending you a memorandum relative to the Ieew
   Gymnasium Building erected by the joint efforts of the
   Alumni, the University and the Athletic CGcrncil.

        The original contract amounting to $90,000 covers
   the cost of the foundation and is to be paid for by
   the Alumni.   On the remaining cost the University agreed
   to pay $40,000 of which $20,000 is to be returned by the
   Alumni Association .  On this $40,000 the University has
   now advanced in cash $37,938.08.

        The remaining amount, approximately, $30,000, the
   University found it necessary to assist the contractor
   by endorsing notes to the amount of $20,000.    Of this
   amount the University has endorsed $20,000 leaving the
   contractor to carry the balance in notes.

        Of the $30,000 Eo provided the Athletic Council is
   to pay the whole amount from the earnings of the building-
   The amount endorsed by the University is payable in six
   month notes with the understanding $10,000 is to be carried



  for one year and $10,000 for two years.

       The situation thus stands:

  Founaation         $1_9,377.50   paid by Al2ini-
  Building            40,000.00     (620, 00 paid by-University..
                                    ($20,000 paid by Alumni
  Builying            30,000.00     To be paid by enrnings;
                                    $20,000 endorsed by Univ.
   Aotal               a89,377.50
        Of moneys now on hand from the building's earnings
   it is a question that should be settled at once as to
   whether payments shall be made on notes endorsed by the Uni-
   versity or paid on $10,000 in notes held by the contractor
   on completion of the building.    It is my feeling that such
   earnings should be used to liquidate the notes endorsed
   by the University.
                                     Very truly yours,

                                           Frank L- MIcVey

     12. Conversion of Chapel into Reading Room.    A motion was
made by MEr. Lyle, seconded and adopted, that the present chapel
be used for a reacting room, and that the new Basketball Building
be used as a men's gymnasium, and, that the old gymnasium be used
as a women' s gymnasium.

     13. Funds for Suab-Fxperiment Station on Robinson Iand.
President McVey presented to the Board the importance of beginning
work at the Sub-Experiment Station on the Robinson land.    The
point was made that the funds appropriated by the Legislature
will not be made available until July 1, and work, therefore,
could not be begun this year.    A motion weas msae by Mr. Ingbls,
seconded and carried, that subject to the President's being able
to obtain a written statement from the State Auditor that the
money will be available before July 1, that work on the Robinson
Tract be begun at once.

     14. Liability Tnsurance.    President McVey stated to the
Board that the University has carried liability insurance for the
employees of the Institution and the question of renewing it
should be considered.   The matter was discussed at length.    A
motion was made by Mr. Lyle, seconded and carried, that liability
.nsurance be continued.

     15. Student Fees.   President McVey stated to the members of
the  Board that the Fees of the University of Kentucky are con-
siderably lower than the other state institutions and that in vie--



of the pressed condition of the University for finances that it
might be well to consider raising the fees so that they would
cor-respond more nearly with the feos charged in most state in-
stitutions.   A motion was made, seponded-and adopted, that the
fees for next year be increased to $20 a semester in all colleges
except the College of Law where the fees shall be increased to
$P25, these fegs to be exclusive of student activity fees; and
that the toard and lodging fees in the girls' dormitories be in-
creased from $62.50 to $70 a quarter.

     16. Membership in the Association of the Governing Bodies of
State Universities and Allied Institutions.  President Icey
stated that the University of Kentucky had been invited to become
a member of the Association of Universities and Allied Institutions,
A motion was made, seconded, and carried, that the University
accept membership in that organization.

     17. Auditing of Books for 1924-25. President McVey brought
to the attention of the Board the matter of the annual audit of
the University's books.   A motion was made,.seconded and carried,
that the MarwickJ1Mitchell Company be employed to make the annual
audit of the University's books.

     18. McHenrv Rhoads on Executive Committee. On motion by
Senator Froman, seconded and adopted, MAcHenry Rhoads was elected
to membership on the Executive Committee.

     19. location of Stadium. The question of the location of
the stadium was brought to the attention of the Board and after
discussion a motion was mada, seconded and a6.opted, that the matter
be referred to the Executive Committee with power to act.

     20. Loan of $50.000 on:Stadium by Memorial Building Committee.
The following resolution was offered, seconded, and adopted:


        VHEREAS, the Kentucky Memorial Building Fund has adopted
   a resolution offering, under certain conditions, to loan to
   the University of Kentucky the sum of Fifty Thousand ($5o,OoQ)
   Dollars, to be used for the purpose of aiding in the completion
   of the stadium on the grounds of the University, which said
   resolution is in words and figures as follows:

            Whereas, The Kentucky Memorial Bled'dinp Fund now con-
       sists of $74,000, par value, of securities and about
       $61,500 in cash, and holds unpaid pledges amounting in the
       aggregate to $99,184.23, some of which are knowm to be
       uncollectible; and

            Whereas, by reason of the non-payment of the afore-
       said pledges the Executive Committee of szid 1;Hemorial.



Building Fund have been, and are now, unable to de-
termine the amount available for the erection of a
memorial building, and for that reason plans have
not been prepared or accepted for said building, and
it is not feasible at this time to adopt plans for
said building and to proceed with the erection there-
of; and

     Whereas, The University of Kentucky Stadium
Fund has collected in cash g58,770.12 and has unpaid
pledges amounting to $157,045.71, making a total of
215,8l5.83, of which expenditures to date aggregate
047,779.91, leaving in said fund, when the pledges
are collected, a balance of about "168,000, but the
mount of cash a7ailable at this ti.-f. .`.Is only about
111,000; and

     Whereas, owing to the fact that the instalments
due on said pledges are not now available, and some
of the pledgors are declining to pay furthkr amounts
until work on the stadium is actually begun, it will
be impossible to proceed with the erection of a sta-
dium on the grounds of the University of Kentucky at
this time in order to have same completed and ready
for use in the fall of 1924v-.unless a loan of 450,000
is obtained for use in the erection of said Stadium;

     Whereas, it is highly desirable for many reasons
to proceed immediately with the erection of said
stadium, and failure to complete the same for use in
the fall of 1924 will probably deprive the Athletic
Council of the University of Kentucky of revenue
amounting to $12,000 to $15,000, or more, which can be
obtained by the use of sai d stadium during the fall of
1924, and

     whereas, many of the subscribers to the Kentucky
Memorial Building Fund are likewise interested in the
erection of said stadium, and some have expressed a
desire that if possible the subscriptions made by
them to the Ie-mcrial Building Fund might be used for
thef erection of a stadium on the grounds of the Uni-
versity of Kentucky; and

     Wh~ereas, the managers of said  La- um Pund have
applied to the managers of the Kentuoky Mamorial
Building Fund for a loan or advancement of t50,000 to
be used in the erection of toe stadium on the conditions
hereinafter set forth, and the University of Kentucky
has agreed to take charge oL the fund and the work of



erecting the stadium, through its business office, and
to undertake to collect the tnpaid pledges in the
Stadium Fund and to apply so mulch of the amount there"-
of as may be necessary to refund or repayr to 'fie Kentucky
Memorial Building Fund, vi thin one year from April 1,
1924, the amount advanced or loaned by said Kentucky
Memorial Building Fund to said Stadium Fund; and

     WJhereas, it is designed to commemorate those Ken-
tuckians who gave their lives during the World i^.r by
an inscription or tablet on the stadium to be erected
on the grounds of the University of Kentucky so that
said stadium will be in a measure in itself n memorial,


     1st. That the Treasurer of the Kentucky Memorial
Building Fund be, and he is, hereby authorized and di-
rected to sell, either at one time or from time to time,
such and so much of the securities hald by the Kentucky
Memorial Building Fund as -.-hen added to the cRash bal-
ance now on hand will equal the sum of 050,000, and
that the sum of not exceedinig   50,000 'e loaned or ad-
vanced to the University of Kentucky to be used by it
in the erection and completion of a stadium on the
grounds of said University in the City of Lexington,
Kentucky, on the following conditions:

     (a) Mhat the managers and officers of the Univer-
sity of Kentucky Stadium Fund shall assign Ind deliver
to the TJniversity of Kentucky the cash, securities,
property ad.ledgeshold by or on account of said
Stadium Fund to be managed, controlled end used by the
University of Kentlcky, through its business office,
or such other agency as it ma-y designate, in and for
the erection of a stadium on the grounds of se id Uni-
versity and the repayment by said University to the
Kentucky Memorial Building Fund of all advancements
made by said fund to said University for the uses
herein set forth.

      (b) That the University of Kentucky will execute
its note or notes, or such other obligations as may
be required or as it may be legally competent to ex-
ecute, agreeing and binding itself to repay to said
Kentucky \em~rial Building Fund the amount or amounts
so advanced to it in a sum not exceeding the aggregate
of $50,00, together with interest thereon at the
rate of 6;, per cent from the date of such advancement
or advancements until repayment thereof is made by
it, and Will also agree to use the funds collected



through or on account of the University of Kentucky
Stadium Fund in the erection and completion of said
stadium, and in the repayment to said Kentucky Mem-
orial Building Fund of all sums advanced 'by it, with
interest as aforesaid, and that said funds shall be
used- for no other purpose until advancements so made
by said Kentucky Memorial Building Fund shall have
besn fully repaid, wiith interest.

     (c)'Tha-.t there sh1ll be inscribed upon the well
or walls, or upon one or more tablets placed upon the
wail or vwalls of said stadium, in a conspicuous place
or places, and in a permanent manner, an ackmowledg-
ment of the assistence rendered by the Kentucky Mem-
orial Building Fund to the completion of the said
stadium and a memorial to the Kentuckians who died in
the Wrorld War in substantially the following language,

   "The completion of this Stadium at this time .
   it due in part to a loan made by the Kentucky
   Memorial Building Fund, and the Stadium is
   therefore dedicated, in memory of those Ken-
   tuckians who during the World War laid the su-
   preme sacrifice upon the altar of Freedom, to
   such Caean and honest sportsmanship as will
   train and inspire future generations of Ken-
   tuckians for service and sacrifice in behalf
   of their Country and of mankind."

     2nd. That the Treasurer of said Kentucky Memorial
Building Fund be, and he is, hereby authorized and di-
rected to pay over to the University of Kentucky, upon
the demand of the President thereof, such part of said
advancement of $50,000 as may be necessary at any time,
for the purposes herein set forth, until the full sum
of $15OOOO shall have been advanced to said University
of Xentucky for said purposes, taking from the Uni-
versity of Kentucky, over the signature of its Presi-
dent and under the seal of the University, an acknowl-
edgement of the amount so advanced to be used and re-
paid by the University of Kentucky in accordance with
the terms of this resolution.


      That a Committee of three, of which the Presi-.
 dent of the University of Kentucky shell be a member
 and Chairmen, be ap'ointed to select a site for the
 Memorial Building, to engage an architect to design



     and supervise its construction, and to make such
     further plans and arrangements as may be necessary
     to proceed with the erection of said Memorial
     Building not later than the spring of 1925; and
     that it is the sense of this Committee that all
     subscriptions available be collected by said date;
     and that the erection of the Memorial Building be
     entered upon .. at that time, and completed at as
     early a date as may be practicable thereafter.


       WHEREAS, the Alumni Association of the University
  of Kentucky has signified, through its proper officers, its
  willingness to comply with all the terms and conditions
  set out in the resolution of the Kentucky Memorial Build-
  ing Fund hereinbefore referred to,

       NOW;, THhEFORE, BE IT RESOLVE, by the Board of
  Trustees of the University of Kentucky, that the Univer-
  sity of Kentucky borrow from the Kentucky Memorial Build-
  ing Fund the sum of Fifty Thousand (1,50,000) Dollars, for
  a period of one year from April 21, 1924, upon the terms
  and conditions set out in the resolution of the Kentucky
  Memorial Building Fund, as hereinabove se t out.

       BE IT FURTHER RESOLVEt, That the note for said sum
  slmll be executed for and on behalf of the University of
  Kentucky by the President of the University and by its
  Business Agent, which said note is to bear interest at
  the rate of six per cent per annum.

        BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That said money be so borrowed
   and the note so executed upon the presentation to the
   President of the University of Kentucky of proper resolu-
   tion from the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association
   of the University of Kentucky and upon the execution of a
   contract by the Alumni Association of the University of
   Kentucky, acting through its Executive Committee, assign-
   ing and transferring to the University ql:' of the pledges
   rnised for the stndigm fund, and ngreeing to all the terms
   and conditions of the resolution adopted by the Kentucky
   Memorial 'uilding Fund.

     21. Apvointmen ts.  The following appointments were recommend-
ed by President McVey, end on motion duly seconded, approved as

     Appointment of Inr. LE. WG. Jones as superintendent of the
Robinson Sub-Experiment Station rit a splc-ry of $3,000 a year,



effective at such date as Puthority is given for the organiza-.
tion of the Sub-station.

     Appointment of Miss Katherine Downing as secretory in the
Department of Home Economics, effective IMrch 12, 1924, at a
salary of $115 a month.

     Appointment of Charles J. Turok as Dean of the College of
Lnw at I salary of $5,000 a year.

     Appointment of Dr. J. E. Rush as Professor of Hygiene at
a salary of $4,000 a year.

     Continuation of employment o