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Add THEY'RE arr A fin! no”... 0mm” , 1996 a,
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Keene/and kicked ofl'its meet last weekend. ° W W 3
I Crossword 7 Sport: 2 S '
See KeG inside I Police log 4 Vimlpoint 5 T
' d t I t ' NEWS!) t
Resolution 8 BI‘S a arm amperlng y 6‘
By Kevin McAlIisier happeftliing in the resitlllence halls, as well as to pro- anyone who has inforpiation regzlirdiing the person or mcourt date sat
Sm Writer mote re revention a over the cam us, )ersons w in are invo VC( in the fires. '
fl went beflhre the student senate Pon l Aja said RHA is offering the reward in '0'. "Punk dl‘lver
Any student who has ever lived in a residence hall Wednesday. . . _ fi h an attempt to prompt anyone who might
knows fire drills quickly become an annoying part of 1 he I'CSOlUUOn called for 3 jomt'effort . have witnessed such pranks to come for— A court date has been set for Robert B- Carter
a resident’s “ft by the Student Government AssoCiation, _ ward. Jr., the man who has been charged With murder in
But due to a series of recent events, the adminis— in conjunction With the Residence Hall Pullmgfi" According to Aid, ifthe guilty party or the car accident last Thursday night that killed
tration at UK was compelled to take steps to prevent ASS(lCi8ti0n, UK pOhCO, the. ()thC Di (11077725150776 parties are caught it will deter anyone undeclared junior Laura Stutzenberger. Carter,
such offenses. Residence Life and UK administration t0 thing, but else from thinking about pulling alarms 30, of Lexington, will have a pre-trial hearing on
Alan Aja, student government president, said prevent these “arson attempts.” . when '1'"ng or setting them on fire. Oct. 16 in Fayette County District Court.
recently students have been sticking paper and other “Pulling fire alarms is one thing, but students in “Everyone; the administration, the Last Thursday, he led police on a car chase that
objects in residence hall smoke detectors and setting when students are pUt lh danger. It dan er it Residence Hall Association, the Office of wrecked two cars before broadsiding the Honda
them on fire. becomes 3 ““9115 ISSUE,” Ala said. 5 g ’ .- Residence Life the UK police and the Prelude Stutzenberger was driving, killing her on
Aja said the smoke detectors in residence halls are The resolution state? Sl'Ch pranks are “0”th a “all- student government, is taking these impact.
made of very tough material and in some instances conSidered to be felonies and forms of 01“ "m‘e' offenses very seriouslv because students’ Carter has been charged with murder, wanton
the plastic on the smoke detectors actually began to arson which can endanger the lives of V lives are involved,” Ajo said. endangerment and receiving stolen property.
bum, Which means itgets very hot. . students livmg ln reSld€n_C6_halls; Alan Aia The resolution also designates the Kentucky State Police crime lab results proved
“The administration approached me about this A}?! said the UK administration came SGApmidmt week of Oct. 6-13 as National Fire pm- Carter was legally drunk with a .35 blood alcohol
situation, and When that hal’PChSi you know 1‘ 5 5”“ to hhh as the leader Of the student body vention Week due to 31] the recent level —— three times the legal limit. Carter is being
0‘15.” A13 said. , and he want to RI 15' RHA . ff . d events. held in the Fayette County Detention Center on
A resolution to help prevent such actions from ACCOF mg to Ala, 15 0 erlng 8 rewar t0 $510,000 bail.
I......................0...00"......0..0.0.....0...’..................COOOOOOCOI.0..UOOOOOOOCOOOOOCOIOOOOOO0.....00 Free depression screening today
__ . The UK department of psychiatry, University
Health Service and the Residence Hall Associa-
tion are co‘sponsoring depression screening today
as part of National Mental Health Week.
The screening will be offered from 10 a.m. to
12 pm. and from 1 pm. to 3 pm. at the Kirwan-
Blanding Complex Commons on the third floor.
1n the screening, students fill out a question-
naire and receive a score which will indicated
whether or not they are chemically depressed.
m Iates cileelt students suspended
Tates Creek High School has suspended four
students following the discovery ofa loaded .38-
caliber handgun in the back pack of one ofthem.
Three female students, whose ages range from
15 to 16, passed the gun around and helped hide it
in their backpacks and lockers, said john Toye,
head of security for the Fayette County school
All have been suspended for 10 days, and the
school will recommend to the Fayette County
Board of Education that they be expelled, Cox
, NATION FBI begins interviewing families
. ,p‘M'W SMITHTOWN, N.Y. —- After nearly three
: f6: '4, months of coming up dry in the investigation of
moms in SAM mvmsncit tom/my TWA Flight 800, the F 81 has informed the griev-
GWING II "P Kelly Kirk of Kappa Alpha Tbeta yorial sorority giver IO-year-oldfiremy Taylor a board game at UK lhg relatives 0h the dead that agents W1“ start ask-
Cbandler Medical Center’s Children’s Hospital. Lefi, Sigma Cbi social fraternity President Matt Grunkemeyer holds mg‘fhem questions: _ ”
tbree UK basketball s‘weab‘bim he would later give to tbe (bildren a: part oft/ye Sig-ma Cln‘ Der/7y. .dljve necld( thetwctlmas “hill: 2):: 31:1?qu :32}
sai ames a 5 rom, n 1 .
“ ' ‘ ' hat the
8' all. ll toy giveaway to ”BMW W... ,
think may be of value to us.
Igma I a s Kallstrom, who is leading the criminal probe
into the cause of the July 17 explosion that killed
1 0 0 le aboard, said the dela in interview—
By Ann Baden Grunkemeyer was not upset about the turnout “It was lots of fun, I felt really good after it,” inlgzrilahiegcame because agents wire focused on
SmflWn’m but joked with members of the participating sorori- Nienabcr said. ‘ ' other areas and because he wanted to spare the
Sigma Chi Derby is a long-standing tradition at ties about adding points for the event. The Sigma Chi members felt the event was good family members for as long as possible. 1
UK This year in addition to volleyball serenade lfmore had partiCipated there may have been too because it brings the attention of the week back to its _ - ‘
dld b d , th f te it has added an event many eople there and it would have been crowded, purpose: children. . agape“. magi: flow ”mm“ 4
an . er .y aze, e ra rn y . .1 he sai . ' T he children in the hospital seemed overwhelmed . . , ,
Wh'Ch bnngs,the fraternity closer to "5 Pl“ anthropy, Giving presents to the kids was enjoyable, accord— to see college students in their room. Some were WASHINGTON "‘ 1 he Cigarette industry
the Children 5 erade Network; . . . ing to participants. curious about whether they would have to pay for spent .51]- hllhon leg“ 0“ advertismg and promo~
For the new event, Sigma (‘hl 500“ fraternity “I like being around little kids and making their the games and toys they were iven. tions l" 1995} than 1h the prewous year, the first
members, as we” 3.5 UK Shromyfhhmhm‘ went. to day a little better,” said Crystal Murrav, an AOPi Judi Martin, from the Cliihd Life Department of (imp m the Industry 5 masswe marketing budget
UK Chandler Medical Center‘s (.hildren’s Hospital freshman. ' Nursing, led the group around the hospital. Since 1986. . . .
to give toys to the patients. . Kara Spaldin , a Delta Gam sophomore, said she She expressed her appreciation to the group and Cigarette makers spent 54-83 billion. 1h 1994,
Since the toy give-away was h”t_ advertised as ,3“ felt it was a goo thing for the sororities to do. thanked them for what they had done. down almost 20 percent from 56-03 hllhOh the
event the sororities needed ‘0 partic1pate 1“ to wm, “It was kind of scary because I didn’t know how “It’s not often that people who are involved in previous year, the Federal Trade CommiSSion
only three did- they felt," Spalding said. “But it was exciting because other things think ofour kids,” Martin said. reported yesterday.
Members from Delta Gamma, Alpha Omicron Pi I thought it made their day brighter.” The games, puzzles, toys and t-shirts left over The decline follows a decision by tobacco com—
and Kappa Alpha Theta SOClfll sororities participated Amy Nienaber, an AOPi freshman, said she was were donated to the hospital to give to children who panics in 1993 to drop prices on their premium
With the members ofSigma Chi- happy to put smile on the children’s faces. visit in the future. brands by 20 percent to better compete With dis- .,
count cigarettes, said securities analyst Emanuel
noon-coo.oncooooooooooooooonoso...ocooa...oo-ooooooco...onccoo.oooooooooooooooooooococo...o.oocooooooooooooooooooooo GoldmanwithpaineWebberinSanFrancisco_ 1;
After a two-year investigation, the Food and E ' ,.
' ly in any liquid and leaves little or " ' Drug Administration announced in August that 5: ..///
Health SBI‘VIces no change in taste or color, will “allday Increases awareness within two years it will issue curbs on tobacco ;
often ive their victims amnesia advertising and promotions in an effort to curb .2;
~ “Hers hl‘ee tBSt forjehge t {2111 ofilftirrir is working By Fausto Menard inform or alert others. {hey firen’t look- teen “59' hi /
. . m u Sm ‘im‘icr in for acce tance. Rat er, t e are try- .
By 3.9" Ah” 0“ g‘V‘hg the dru a color or taste, fl in; to help hhemselves accept 21th they NAM Edro In L \
0mm" 13’1"" to ensure the rug cannot be , . . . O f are pp g 'j -
ingested without the victim’s Fomorrow '5 National Comm ut 0 UK L bd h . been an umbrella V 1
With the “Date Rape Drug” knowledge. The group is also h‘mf’sexuél“! Db??? 1 h; 081 0 fihehday group proiriilin; 5,122,011 and information '
making headlines locally and working to make it dissolve slowly f:,§‘§,;“,§§;‘.“,:;fim‘d';yw‘; 2,33,? 30,2053? on the gay mes le. As well as acting as a Slll'llllflcell say: no ilmn t mil lulu
afszflsassztafiz- “his. L R i. w , , women More NEWUNEN-l--Bmslme=="ml-
~ 0 ann- 3 0C e ~ - - - e ace an e ucationa orum. ' ‘ _ ' ‘
the University Health Service can S okesman Carolyn Glynn said Locally, Crossover Ministries, a group as 3h"; 5:31:51 d he is sure Crossover Min- mg to set the recohd straight he is not backing
he] them. the com an is t ‘n to reduce hel ing those men and women who are istries and similar rou S are well-inten- Bob Dole or men ent. _ , n .
urner director of University the num er {)f ”3; ii which the see ng freedom from homosexuality, W1“ ti d h g h . h l b t The Dole bus blared Springsteens Born in
' - - o . be observm the da in an effort to offer Che groups w o are {mng to h P. u the U_S_A,” on Manda as the campaign caravan -
Health Semcei 531d Health Ser- drug is used for the sole purpose 5 y’- - he is uneasy about the agenda ofits own .y 5
vices is capable of testing students of sexual assault. theuother 5‘ e 0f giy nghtslissuefih h coming out day. rolled "“0 Red Bank, one u?“
who believe someone might have “We’re workin to make n th [LS‘mPOLmht f3" PEOPEE’ 1‘1“" at “It’s like the KKK starting a holiday .1, away from Rumson, where Spring-
'ven them the drug commercial- more identifiable, hut something ey ave a C Olce’ 53'. Je eac ’ exec- on Martin Luther Kingjr. Day,” he said. steen owns a home. .
Eknown 35 ROhYPhOL people can'still take if they need utive director 0f the ministry, founded m At the same time, he thinks, in certain On Tuesday. Springsteen sent 3
“Come to the University it ” she said. 1986' . . . cases, crossover groups can indirectly act fax to the Asbury Park Press. ,.
Health Service,” he said. “We are ' Rohypnol is believed to have Interested md'v'duals are encouraged as a first step in some people’s coming out - “I read in The Press this mom- ,
here for the students, and will test been brought into the United ‘0 walk away from homosexuality tomor- process, by introducin them to other ing that my music was afipropriat- .. ‘7’;
them free of charge.” States from Mexico, where is has mw' . l . eople with similar li cstyles and con- ‘ ed for the Republican n y for Bob
Health services nationwide can been [racked across Texas and up N A; thleéam? UT): IIODmOl’I'OJV a 5?} '3 icts. . Dole in Red Bank yesterday. Just
test people for free, and the dru ’s the Florida Coast. “‘0‘“ _oming d tb' ay, 3] “y w eln .Jsrl'y health admitted the 80“ 0f the 8m for the record, I’d like to make ‘:
manufacturer, Hoffinann-Ea Turner said Universi Health gays, lesbians, an isexua .5 open y mmlSttY '5 to help people walk away from clear that it was used without my
Roche will reimburse clinics for Service also learned on uesda announce the" sexual orientation, and a homosexuality, but stressed Comin Out mission and I am not a sup rter of the
the m}. The test will detect the of a new drug, called Gamm: d'hagm “he“ ‘Od‘ihethe" suliwhn- , of Homosexuality Day is simply o‘ering fipuhhm ticket,” the m. “i .
drug up to 72 hours after it's Hydroxy-Butrate, or GHB. It has “all?" an es "h PeOP e avcn ‘ another voice. hose interested in the This is not the first time Pd“ teen hubeen
introduced into the body, been used in the South for the acce te emselvcs because of the way grou , which now numbers about 150 unwillingl 1 into the liti arena
although the ideal window is 48 same effects as Roh nol but they ve been brought “hi1 said Jeffjones. peop e, can receive group or individual I ”£4 S rin t emphasised . similar
hours Turner warned of a hip ’bl ‘CO‘fO‘mdtt 0f UK Lam a, a gay and les- counseling, and can attend weekly meet- h l P 3’ . pso-
' . . . . 8 Pro em - ' - - nouncement after President Ronald
In addition health serVices is with GHB known on the street as blah ”Shes group on campus, founded 'h "‘85- . . . . . - k d th f “The 30.” dug-in. . -
kin on via 5 to curtail the “Li uid X 1, 1991. . . _ In addition to Crossover Ministries "W0 e _ ° name ° on
grit is “83: for thz'wmn g reasons. 3ic .margin between the Accttli‘rdling to him, this can be damag- filed UK Ifambdq, umycrity giemberslcan Paign Mn! through NewJeney.
- - ~ in in e on run. 0 tain in ormatlon, c In counse in
he drug, Mud] dissolves “S'- s“ RAPE on 4 8Jones saidgpeople don't come out to from University Health rvices. 8 CW“ 5.71% '1'" W-
A Q . ‘1 1 l ’




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Wildcats drop 1-0 decision to Xavier


By Jill Erwin
Staff Writer

Xavier faced UK yesterday
afternoon with nothing to lose.
The team had a 3-6 record, and
had never beaten the Wildcats in
their five previous meetings.

UK was coming off a heart—
breaking loss to conference rival
Bowling Green, and had won only
two of its previous six games.

“Every time we meet, it is a
very good rivalry,” Xavier coach
jack Hermans said. “There’s some
presti e, some pride.”

Wliat resulted was a Xavier vic-
tory, l-O, and a lack of emotion on
the Wildcats’ part.

Despite paying lip service to
the concept of teamwork and
communication, the Cats played
lethargically after Xavier scored its
goal in the 15th minute.

It was exactly this problem that
the team tried to solve in a meet-
ing following the loss to Bowling
Green. The players gathered
together and came to the realiza-
tion that everyone needed to step
up ifthe team was to compete for
the remainder of the season.

“A lot of eople did some soul-
searching 2 out their game and
their leadership abilities,” goal—
keeper David Muse said.

The “soul—searching” seemed
to do some good at the beginning
of the game as coach Ian Collins
shook up the starting lineup by
starting Robert Frey for the first
time. The bench was calling
encouragement to those on the
field, and Muse, Tobv McComas
and Greg Lobring offered helpful
suggestions on the field.

“Coach has been stressing com-
munication, since the beginning of
the year,” Sean Endicott said.

Collins stressed the fact that
the responsibility for communica-
tion is not on his shoulders.

“It all has to do with the play-
ers,” Collins said. “Coaches can’t
communicate, coaches can’t play
the game, the players have to do
all that. Whether they win or lose,
that’s all up to them.

Xavier scored on a floater from
25 yards out at the 29:57 mark.
Muse had come out to hel clear a
ball, but could only partia ly clear
it with his knee. It went directly to
the foot of Xavier’s Chris Prato,
who knocked it into the net.

As Yogi Berra would say, “It
was like deja vu all over again”.

Much as they did against Bowl-
ing Green, UK gave up an early
goal, and never regrouped. Rather
than focusing on what they needed
to do to tie the game, the players
sunk lower and couldn’t seem to
find a way out.

“Instead of rallying to ether,
everybody’s head went own,"
Lobring said. “We all went back
into our shells, and as soon as we
get that way, we won’t win many

The Cats had man op ortuni-
ties in the second hal , inc uding a
shot byJamie Schuer that hit the
crossbar. UK managed ten shots
in the game, but couldn’t manage
to slip any of them past goalkeeper
Chris Wright.

“It put a sour taste in our
mouth, and ho efullv that will
pick us up for aturday (against
Akron),” Muse said.

In other news, the word has
come down from the powers
above that the new stadium on
Alumni Drive will be open for the
Oct. 24 game against Indiana. The
Hoosiers come to town after los—
ing to UK in Bloomington last



BILL MARLOWE Kernel ruff

GETTING A LEE IIP Sean Ear/rant kirl‘i tlye ball while an Xavier player loo/er

on (luring (.'It 'i' I —U lot-5:


It takes overtime ior Cats to

By Rob Herhst
Assistant Spam Editor

\Vhen the UK women’s soccer
team is held to two shots in the
first half, something must be

This is the same UK team that
has averaged over 15 shots a game
this season.

So when the Cats were shut—
down in the first half by Cincin~
nati yesterday, it did not look any-
thin r like the 1 )ical UK.

“The first orry~five minutes
was probably the worst we’ve
played all year long," UK head
coach Warren Lipka said.

But UK was lucky.

Cincinnati had only three shots
in the first half and both teams
were held scoreless after the first
fortv-five minutes.

“I thought they (Cincinnati)
dominated the first half and we
got away with not giving anything
up,” Lipka said.

Just like the first half, both
teams were held scoreless after the
next forty-five minutes.

That’s when UK decided that
enough was enough.

40 seconds into overtime, UK
senior Amanda Varner took a feed
from Kim LaBelle, ran down the
middle of the field, and defeated
UC goalkeeper Gabrielle Mauren
to give the Cats the lead.

..-_._‘...._ - w‘ -—'*’.V~



a» g.

JIISI A LIIILE SIIIWE UK ’5 Carrie Staher [rm/Jet a (,‘im‘immri player
during the Cats’ 2-0 overtime win yesterday at (.‘age Fir/(l.

“It seemed like all game two
people would be on one side and
the middle would be wide open,”
Varner said. “So I just decided to
make a run down the middle and
hope LaBelle would find me and
she did. I was able to take a few
touches and put it right past the

Varner said the difference
between the first half and the rest
of the game was communication.

“There was no communication

Dr. Hit. Downing
Fall Men’s Tennis

October 11
' through
October 13,

Outdoor Tennis

at 10 am.
each day

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to everyone!!




anywhere on the field and we just
weren’t playing as a team,” Varner
said. “That’s one of our strongest
points this year, is playing as a
team. When we don't do it, we
don’t play well.”

Ironically, Lipka did not see the
goal. After Lipka witnessed 90
minutes of very little offense from
either squad, nature decided to
call at the very beginning of the
extra sessron.

Lipka had to use the bathroom.


BILL MARLOWE Kernel ruff

get by Cincinnati

“It’s just a little embarrassing
though when somebody has to go
to the bathroom, they go and
score,” Lipka said of the timing.

Fortunately for Lipka, he was
able to see a goal.

The Cats added some insurance
in overtime at l03z32 when Alli-
son Rooney put in Allison Peppers
cornerkick to give the Cats a 2—0
lead. It was a lead that UK would
not relinquish.

While one may look at the
game and see some offensive defi-
ciencies, the UK defense was solid
as usual.

In 2 hours of soccer, the
Bearcats had on] 9 shots. None of
the shots came in overtime. Still,
the defense leads starts off the

“We always say that the offense
starts in the back, so it’s our job to
get the ball to the offense and cre—
ate chances,” said UK senior
defender Torie Ilesser. “We
missed chances but then we end
up having games like this where
we have two in a row, so that’s

Lipka added, “We did well
defending, but we didn’t create
well out of the back today. We
didn’t hit our targets earl on.”

The win gave the ats their
10th straight regular-season home
win at the Cage. UK (8—2-2) will
next travel to Cincinnati to take
on Xavier on Tuesday at 7 pm.

osu deiense dominating opponents

Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio -— livery

week, No. 2 Ohio State’s offense

oes up against one ofthe nation’s
ECSL defenses.

This happens when an offense
averaging 52.3 points a game
scrimmages against a Buckeye
defense that gives up 7.5 points a

“Lots of times we’re out in
practice and it’s time to go against
them and I kind of cringe,” Ohio
State quarterback Stanleyjackson

said during preparations for Satur—
day’s game against Wisconsin.
“Uh, here we go again.”

The defense has given up 194
yards rushing on 70 carries -— to
Notre Dame and Penn State com—

So the only real competition
the defense gets is when the
starters on each side of the ball
square offduring practice Tuesday
and Wednesday.

“Competition — it makes you
better,” cornerback Shawn
Springs said.





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l , ""‘.‘


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an —-



0.0 0:]


{3.005 (b


















team rides
llltfl 88380"

By Noll Medley
Contributing W'riter

Though they lack experience
and training necessities, the UK
Equestrian Team is very opti-
mistic about their chances for suc-

“We have riders who have been
riding since the age of two and we
even have one that rode her first
horse a few weeks a 0,” said Erin
Hogan, president otgthe Equestri-
an earn.

When the team traveled to
Tennessee last weekend, many
new names and faces represented
the bulk of the team.

“We have 20 riders and nine of
them are freshmen,” Hogan said.

Though youth is a dominant
factor, it is not necessarily a nega-
tive one.

“The freshmen are awesome,"
Hogan said. “I expect the team to
do very well.”

Durin last weekend’s competi-
tion, U was the Reserve Cham-
pion Team behind the host
school, University of the South in

Hogan, a ‘unior, qualified for
Re ’onals in er jumping division
ant?1 Laura Dierst, a freshman from
Illinois, was the Reserve High
Point Champion of last Sunday’s

The team is now preparing for
their next competition, a mini—
trial at Midway College. This

.e. c..,......,.,..,.. .. - , ‘ , .

. .n».Mm¢WhM