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{-1, 1900. Sixty thousand dollars appropriated by the General Assembly for a Collegiate {
l Home for Young Women, for a Gymnasium and Drill Room, and a Hall for the Y. M. C. A. I
1901. Ninety acres added to the Experimental Farm, making 203 in all. The build- 3
,_ ing erected containing the Gymnasium, the Drill Room, and Halls for the Societies and
[ the Y. M. C. A.
  l 1901. The Department of Mining Engineering added.
9 1902. Thirty thousand dollars additional appropriated by the General Assembly for ,
the Young \Vomen‘s College Home, making $60,000 in all. f
1903. The Young \Vomen‘s College Home built.
. 1904. The New Experiment Station completed.
[ 1904. Fifteen thousand dollars per annum appropriated by the General Assembly to
l defray the expenses of the College.
Q Increase q'Pr0pcrty—'l`he property of the College is estimated to be worth 5750,000
Q more than it was in 1880.
  lvzcreaye af C01¢r.ves.—Bef0re 1880 the College offered a single course of study leading
5 to a degree; it now offers nine.
lazcrerzse af Tezzcher.r,—Bef0re 1880 the College had six Professors; it now has seven-
_ teen Professors and thirty—two assistants.
Increare af S!udem‘.¢—Tl1e number enrolled during the session of 1898-99 was about _
} 480, considerably the largest till then in the history of the College; for 1899-1900 the number
Q was 563; for 1900-1901 it was 614; for 190i—1902 it was 594; for 1903-1904 it is 740.
Increase of Graduater·—No fact more distinctly marks the growth of the College than
the increase in the number of its graduates. More students were graduated in 1901 than
were graduated in the first twenty—0ne years, and more during the last five than during the
first thirty.
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