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If you have a question--any G R E E N
question--related to postsecondary
education a good place to call for B E A N
answers is the NEXUS line recently
opened by the American Association
for Higher Education. NEXUS is
described as a ~pe¤p1e bank", when UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LIBRARIES
you need information a call to NEWSLETTER N0•¥11 1/16/76
NEXUS can Connect you with the David Farrell, Editor Ext.7383l
people who can provide it. Some ·
examples of problems submitted to NEXUS: --A faculty member wanted
to know what schools similar to his had developed interdisciplinary
freshman year programs. --A student wanted to know how others managed
to get credit for student leadership work. •-A person in charge of a
faculty development program wanted to know how others ran similar _
programs in their institutions. --A college president wanted to know
what other medium-size schools had recently re-evaluated their total
athletics program. NEXUS information is offered free of charge by
telephoning (202) 785-8480; also by mail: NEXUS, American Association
_§or Higher Education, One Dupont Circle, Suite 780, Washington, D.C.
Ag; ;;AI;;I;g;; 1915, 1976
The A.R.L. statistics for 1974-75 have just been published. Out of
the 99 A.R.L. members, most of which are major university libraries,
Kentucky ranks 53rd in total volume holdings. A comparison of
Kentucky's rank in each of thirteen categories for this year and last
year is given below: _, m m
.5 isg `é '$ · 'gg? g m . E
n cg u ·a¤ wg ·am 0 ¤ 3
· ··¤ om mo ·¤•-» ¤.·4.· .-un uc Nc um ·-•¢: an o
va- mw HE uw, wu-a nu-u mw ma: mq., mn! mglng AB -
Gd 6*3 Bos 83 8.*3 83 $$7 §¤¤ *33 Sem as
>»-1 >¢¤ Su-• UE! cum zm t-cm Em xw mw £—~¤1•-nl HID
1¤73·#4 HEI   77   78 EE MEE -
7974-75 53  M  41 52 EEEEEEI  41
we have maintained our high rank in terms of microform holdings and
have considerably improved our rank in volumes added. The increase in
volumes added may have been due in part to the fact that we were
careful_this year to report all materials acquired, not just those
which were ordered through the acquisitions department. Similarly,
our rank dropped in terms of current periodicals not so much because
we cancelled subscriptions but because a more accurate count was
made available as a by—product of the journal project. The N.E.H.
grant which supports Instructional Services helped improve our rank
in personnel. The A.R.L. statistics for Kentucky include the Law,
Agriculture, and Medical libraries. Actual figures in each of the
categories for 1974-75 are given below:
Volumes in library 1,426,810 I
Volumes added (net) 82,452
Total microforms 1,300,716 _
Current serials 23,313

 ..2..’ 7
Items loaned (ILL) 16,390
Items borrowed (ILL) 4,446
Expenditures - Materials $ 950,418
Binding 94,553
Salaries &
wages 1,631,333
Other 267,590
Professional Staff (FTE) 65
Non•prof. staff (FTE) 114
Student Assistants (FTE) 58 `
Total staff (FTE) 237
The Computing Center will offer a non-credit introductory course of
the FORTRAN programming language Feb. 3 through Feb. 20 for students,
faculty, and staff members. No prerequesites exist, and there is no
fee. However, preregistration is necessary. °Forms for registration
are available at the Computing Center, Room 72, Mcvey Hall.
A copy of any new or newly revised policies, procedures or forms,
which might affect the branch libraries in some way, is requested for
inclusion in the Branch Library Manual. Each department making such (
changes is requested to send a copy o the new items to Rhoda Channing
at the Business Library. The people who wrote sections for the
existing manual will be asked to update them individually.
Fggugxy 9 slggg Ngwg g NQIE§
Meetings: Administrative Council for 21 Jan. is cancelled. »
Library Staff Organization:
Want to become a member of the Library Staff Organization? You
may, if you are a full time employee working 32 or more hours
per week for the University of Kentucky Libraries.
The Library Staff Organization exists for the benefit of the
entire staff and can only be effective through active partici?
pation and support. The officers look forward to organizing both
work-oriented programs and social activities and encourage your
This is a reminder that dues for the current year should be paid
on or before January 30, 1976. Cecil Madison will be sending
notices to staff members indicating the procedure for payment of
The Officers For ‘76
Travellers to ALA Midwinter this weekend include: Jean Graef, Rebecca ,
Harleston, Susan McCargar, Ed O'Hara, Dean Trivette, and Paul Willis.

Jean is a member of the Budgeting, Accounting and Cost Committee of
the Library Administration Division; Dean is Coordinator for the
Education Task Force for the Government Documents Roundtable. Susan
will also be attending the pre—conference meeting on "The Management
of the Library in Transition."
Vacation Policy:
Effective January l, 1976, all university employees who now earn .
vacation time at the rate of 10 days per year will be entitled to
15 days per year at the end of three years continuous employment
and 20 days per year after nine_years of continuous employment.
(Host library staff members are already on this vacation allowance;
this change mainly effects people in the service and maintenance
Position Opening: LT III Circulation (Night Supervisor).
If interested, please see Faith Harders.
Associate Director, Medical Center Library. University of Kentucky.
March 1976. If interested, please contact Omer Hamlin, Jr., Medical
Center Annex #2, Room 225. Phone 233-6241.
Head, Central Reference Librarian. University of Arizona. March 15,
1976. $14,000+.
Serials Cataloger. Auburn University. July 1, 1976. $10,000 -

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