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Bet you
didn't know

- Antarctica now
has an ATM
machine, at
McMurdo Station.
which has a winter
population of 200.

- The original
Guinness Brewery
in Dublin, Ireland.
has a 6,000 year

- The movie playing
at the drive-in at
the beginning of
"The Flintstones"
was "The Monster."

0 The real name of
the Looney Tunes
music is "The
Broken Down."

- Batman has no
superpowers. But
he is the master of
every known mar-
tial art and an
accomplished sci-
entist and detec-


Stripper hurt
during act

0 Male stripper
Roberto Pamplona
suffered a broken
nose and multiple
injuries after mis-
takenly performing
his act at the annu-
al meeting of pres-
sure group Catholic
Mothers Against
Pornography in
Milan, Italy.
Pamplona was sup-
posed to strip for a
party in an adjacent
room but went
through with his

- Source: FHM Magazine

Star Talk

From Andy

"The most beautiful
thing in Tokyo is
McDonald's. The
most beautiful
thing in Stockholm
is Mcdonald's.
Peking and Moscow
don't have anything
beautiful yet."

"If the lines on your
hands are wrinkles,

it means your hands
worry 3 lot."

“Since people are
going to be living
longer and getting
older, they'll just
have to learn how
to be babies

- Source:


Hi to
Partly to mostly sun-
ny today. Wednesday,

look for lows in the 605,
highs in the mid-80$.



VOL. 8104 ISSUE N005


News tips?


Call: 2574915 or write:

- - ,4..»W.Lflb

. t. -' - '. gnu-Wt p



A random crowd-surfer tests the hands of many yesterday during Z-lO3's festival at the Red
long, Lollapalooza-Iike event to rock out. till students James Butler (above, I-r), Eric Langan.

Live acts bring amps, energy and heat to alt-rock fans

n a day where the tempera-
ture was almost as hot as the
music. 10.000 people braved
the elements to attend Z-Fest
‘98 at the Red Mile on Sunday.
The all-day event sponsored by Z-
103 drew bands like Better
Than Ezra. the Romantics
and Candlebox. Things went
strong all afternoon on the


event‘s main and side
Far Too Jones kicked off the

show around noon. The
. show went on all day with
closing act Third-Eye Blind
finishing up around 9 pm.
The event was a statement for
the city of Lexington. which in
the past has missed out on some
of the larger events that often
headed for the bigger markets of
Louisville or Cincinnati.
“1 think this is a great thing for
the community as a whole." said




-m.-. AW

- . "I ‘ . .. o.
} ' "“ "’i "‘"l'."na‘ . f r
‘ e

. a ‘


. r .. "Ti“ 7+“, .§.



PHOTOS Iv mm rams l mutt surr

Mlle. Around 10,000 people turned out for the day-
Shane Cochran and Josh Hannah sit and chat.

at Lexington station's festival

Lucinda Ward. a German graduate

For several UK students. it was
nothing more than a fancy way of
kicking off the academic year.

“This is great," business fresh-
man Jeremy Langley said.

“Everyone is partying and just
having a good time.“

The heat did get to some people.
The first aid stations were busy all
day with people suffering problems
from the heat. Promoters said more
than 200 people were treated during
the event.

For some people the heat was a
welcome addition to the day’s festiv-

“There's lots of music. lots of sun
and a lot of people. I‘m having a
great time.“ said Stefane White. a
pre-med freshman.

Whether Lexington can keep
events like this is anybody’s guess.
But how can 10.000 people be wrong.







Men’s soccer
opens season
against Cincy
tomorrow. I 5

_ ._m-!!!S!!‘.":°9!‘.-

settle on
pizza deal

Despite protest from other
chains, UK says it will still
award contract to Papa John's

By Hallsll Bllafll
surr more

After several weeks of lingering dis-
pute. the crust seems to have settled on the
Plus Account contract initiated by UK Food

In a statement issued to the disputing

companies, UK reiterated its decision to
grant exclusive rights to Papa John’s to ap-
ply the Plus Account for pizza purchase.
“The award stands with Papa John's."
said George DeBin. Vice President for Fis-
cal Aifairs. “We reviewed the entire
process and are very confident with the in-
tegrity of the process."
In April. UK Food Services conducted
an informal survey of 220 students that
showed Papa John's to be the favorite
brand. receiving 44 percent of the vote. The
other participants in the bidding war in
cluded Pizza Hut. Domino's and Mad Mush-

Several factors such as menu. price.
commission paid to UK and the vendor‘s
ability to handle high volume sales were
considered in awarding the contract.

The controversy isn't over yet.

“We plan to appeal the decision." said
Thomas Bullock. attorney for Domino's
and Mad Mushroom.

In a formal protest filed in July. Bul»
lock said UK‘s decision-making process
was riddled with discrepancies. For in-
stance. the evaluators did not go through
the mandatory inspections, and put too
much emphasis on student preference. he

“Our position has not changed even in
light of the reasons set forth in the denial
by UK.“ he said.

But UK is going full steam ahead to put
finishing touches on the new payment 0p-

“We are working out some difficulty
about social security numbers being given
off campus.” DeBin said.

Instead. UK was considering the use of

only the last four digits since that would
not violate student privacy. he said.
DeBin stressed the fact that students
retained the option of ordering from any
delivery chain. because the contract mere
ly affected the use of the Plus Account.

Although the exact date for the new
system was not assigned. DeBin said UK
was working with Papa John‘s to clear any
bumps in the implementation of the bid.

“We are doing everything possible to
get this done as soon as possible." he said.


Garage sale
attracts UK

International students hunt
for cheap bargains during
weekend shopping spree

By Jessica Coy

Garage sales. An American tradition
for bargain-hunting and treasurefinding.

At least that's what 20 international
students thought when they went garage-
sale hopping Saturday in search of a good

“This is fun; there is a little bit of
everything here." said first-year marketing
graduate student Gaelle Duret. “Every—
thing here is so cheap."

Finding cheap but practical things for
the students was the idea behind the garage
sale tour.

Bill and Nancy Franklin. a Lexington
couple who hosted an international student
for two years. helped organize the event.

”My husband and I go garage sale-ing
every Saturday. and just thought the stu-
dents would enjoy it," Nancy said. “it‘s also



. c»



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. ~l.‘


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.. _ i
,. ‘ . .3 fl

.. w . - .
, .

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'r' x... ~ 7‘. , '.

, ' .‘

.t . . _. \.
I ‘ ‘ ‘

'. ,. _... T

. \. .

. - |

i \. . z
‘ i ‘3 .

‘i , , 4
l. : '0
.‘ $
a, \
. Jr
. v. 3
~ _ _ ,i
0' 7
i‘ Z
. - ‘4
7. a
i .
a w 4
. 5.
i‘ I:
3 .
a i; .
' C‘
V 4 .
‘ v Q -
.; j .1











The Low-down

“I just
feel it’s
sad that
she’s on
that is-
land; it’s

as. if she’s
all alone

. - Elton John.
;. on m
net in 1981.1:
- area’s Ztst
W M.
when she asked
his to dance.
She was a fan.
and they
became friends.





Former Governor ties third knot

LEXINGTON — Former Kentucky Gov. John
Y. Brown Jr. married his second beauty queen
over the weekend in an evening ceremony be-
neath a canopy of arching tree branches at his
rural estate.

Brown, 64, who counts former Miss America
Phyllis George among his two ex-wives, married
former Mrs. Kentucky Jill Louise Roach, 38, on
Saturday at his farm home, known as Cave Hill.
Defense attorney F. Lee Bailey was among about
100 guests.

Kentucky's governor from 1979-83, Brown
made a financial killing before he entered poli-
tics with the $2 million purchase of Kentucky
l‘k‘ied Chicken from Col. Harland Sanders in
1964. Seven years later, Heublein Inc. bought the
company for $284 million.

Brown also co—founded Kenny Rogers Roast-
ers restaurant chain with the country singer in
1991, then sold his stake two years ago. His cur-
rent business plans include launching a Florida
restaurant chain called Screwy Louie‘s.

Women focus on spirituality
during gathering at Rupp Arena

LEXINGTON —— Leaving behind their busy
lives for one day, several thousand women gath-
ered at Rupp Arena to focus on spiritual matters.

Participants listened to some of the best-
known women in evangelical Christianity talk
about life and God during a one- -day conference
Saturday called Time Out — For Women Only.

The lineup included author Kay Arthur,
singers Sandi Patti and Kathy Troccoli, and 1995
Miss America Heather Whitestone.

This is the first year Time Out, which made
its debut in 1996 in Grand Rapids, Mich, has
come to Lexington. Other cities on this year's
tour are Seattle, Denver and Atlanta.

“I have an almost l-year-old baby. I saw this
as a good day to get away and try to refresh my-
self and to strengthen my relationship with the
Lord," said Beth Duncan of Mount Sterling.

Duncan was moved hearing Whitestone talk
about how “her faith in God helped her over-
come obstacles." The stay-at-home mother wait-
ed in a long line to have Whitestone autograph
her book, Listening With My Heart.

Burley tobacco might go unsold

LOUISVILLE — Burley tobacco farmers are
expecting a bumper crop that could be the largest
in a decade, but much of their leaf may go un.
claimed by tobacco companies facing financial
and political uncertainties.

Burley Belt farmers are expected to produce
more than 700 million pounds this year, but de-
mand for their leaf may be “in the 500 million
pound range,“ said UK tobacco economist Will



John remem-
bers his dearest
friend. Princess
Di on the
anniversary of
her death.



UK - 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

Elimination Rounds September 26
Final rounds September 18



0 cost - $40/team (includes T-Shirt)
9 Registration - Pick up forms in 575
POT and return by 9/14 at 2:30

make check or money order payable to


9 The overall number of teams is limited
to a total of 128 in all 3 divisions (Men’s
Open, men’s under 6’ and women’s).
0 All participants must be students, facul-
ty or staff at UK or LCC. Valid lD required. ii ‘
9 www.uky.edu/StudentAfiairs/Greek/30n3.htm

All Proceeds benefit
Habitat for Humanity

Snell said the tobacco companies had a
“short-term victory" this year when Congress
gave up on legislation that would have cost them
$516 billion.

“But there is still a lot of uncertainty, both
political and legal,” Snell said. “And the Asian fi
nancial crisis raises questions about an impor-
tant market."

His prediction would mean tobacco pools —
part of a government- supported mechanism to
stabilize prices —— would have to buy 200 million
or so pounds of burley, on top of the 145 million
pounds they already have.

Bureaucracy clogs jailing system

LOUISVILLE — Bureaucratic problems in
Kentucky’s most populous county have allowed
thousands of people to remain free when they
should have been locked up in jail, Jefferson Cir-
cuit Court Clerk Tony Miller says.

Miller found that the county has more than
70.000 outstanding district court warrants for the
arrest of people on charges ranging from minor
traffic violations to assault and rape.

In his study of the problem, Miller blames an
antiquated record-keeping system, human error
and the division of responsibility for the war-
rants among dozens of law enforcement and gov-
ernment agencies.

Earlier this year, Miller asked one of his top
deputies, Debbie Linnig Michals, to find ways to
reduce the backlog.

She learned that many of the warrants were
for fugitives who had moved away or who gave
false addresses and couldn’t be found. But she
also found that many of the warrants could have
been served.

No one hits Powerball jackpot

LOUISVILLE —— None of the tickets sold for
the Powerball game Saturday night matched all
six numbers drawn, which were: 13-14-18-29-31,
Powerball 23.

Players matching all five numbers and the
Powerball would have won or shared the $12 mil-
lion jackpot. The prize goes to an estimated $14
million for Wednesday.

Tickets that match the first five numbers,
but miss the Powerball, win $100,000 each, and
there were eight of those. They were sold in:
Arizona, Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mis
souri, Montana, Oregon and Wisconsin.

Yeltsin, communists make agree-

ment to help economic strife

MOSCOW — A tentative agreement to ap-
prove a new government under Boris Yeltsin to
tackle Russia's economic crisis appeared to col-
lapse within hours Sunday after the Communists
said they would not accept the deal.

The Communist turnabout came just after
the government and the opposition said they
had reached a deal following days of tough be-
hindthe-scenes bargaining to call a political
truce to win quick confirmation of Yeltsin’s
choice for prime minister.

Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov said
the proposed pact was rejected by a meeting of
his party leadership because there was no firm
guarantee Yeltsin would abide by its provi-







mm | «autumn

The guitarist from local yocals Supafuzz sings through his. uni, pick-

ups at Z-Fest yesterday.



Continued from page 1

good for the students because
they couldn’t bring a lot of
their things with them when
they came to America, and
this is a way for them to get
some of those things at dis-
counted prices."

Nancy said her family
took their international stu-
dent to several garage sales.

“She found a bed one
year, a dresser another and
even a VCR," Nancy Franklin

Nancy said the garage
sale tour, which is in its third
year, has grown continually

“About 80 people signed
up, but there’s only about 20
people here. I think that has
something to do with the fact
that it’s 7:30 am. on a Satur-
day morning,” Nancy
Franklin said.

Even though it was early,
students participating in the
event seemed chipper as they
milled about, picking up and
examining various items.

Aki Kaori, a psychology
sophomore from Japan, found
several kitchen items, includ-
ing a cupcake pan.

Along with the opportuni-
ty to shop, Kaori said she
thought the event was fun be-

cause it gave her a chance to
spend time with other inter-
national students.

“I think this is very good,
especially for international
students,” she said. “I did this
last year and had a good time
then, too."

Duret, a native of Greno-
ble, France, found a novel she
was interested in.

“I love to read," she said.

For Duret, just getting out
of the house was nice.

“In Lexington, if you
don’t have a car, you normal-
ly don't get the chance to go
many places. so I'm always
happy when someone offers to
take me somewhere,” she


“It’s nice to get out and
meet people," said Ducotlet, a
a graduate finance student.

Jenifer Franklin, Nancy
Franklin’s daughter, said she
also enjoyed participating in
the event.

“It's nice to see everybody
enjoying themselves,” Jenifer
Franklin said. “It gives them
a chance to interact and do
something that maybe they
don’t do in their country."




rating for TIAA”

**** *

—-Morningstar ratings i0'
the CREF Global Ewes Account,
CREF Equity Index Account.
and CREF Growth Account‘

—-S&P and Moody‘s

“7'52 Cit/‘6“
W170 (if/ed W 0"”

-—Mlliarn Ravdin. TlAA-CREF Participant



TOP Pension Fund. ”

~Money Magazine, January 1998


“an and numbers.


tum «m M:


‘ N )e take a lot ol pride in gaining high in.” ks
from the major rating servn es Hut the tint

IS. were equally prouil ot the ratings we get every

day from our partii lpdni\ Ber .iiise iit 'l‘l.’\.\-Cl(l‘.lf

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researt h community is something that goes lwyoml

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nization' by offering people a “'lde range of sound

investments, a commitment to superior service. and


-\.....- mm... in. [uh it was “imam... .. numk‘rnafim vmii m u... m .i .. ~

run- «on on [rem nulmumu mun .w.4...m p, “n.4,"... ".1 . m. an... n
ratings new new Wed mug- it in vhm in. "‘1 mi m: it.” in. F7! Iii "as"








Wm Mal-em


l can no a.—
in: law \u lung,
emu "in": 1...." mm; illrnrml-Iul bum
in... Mm. rum «in... lam!
1,", e 1 no t w:
l i v . a i an.» i m
L10 Veer e AN N 1\

[11¢qude mllM ICKEFIIHW'M him-minim anil-
I— 1mm: Invent ”(Jamel)"? A# Date I" Qu-mfs llHi minar- and-rum: m it: llAAIui tnmAi rW K'M llMtlibln‘nfid-id
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Soiloex Hill

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run... mmmii in.
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CI" Gnu. ‘—
\nr a...“ x... tin-n.
\um’v'ifi‘lrwl- mun. \umhr .4 inn.“ l..i.m
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x a \ \

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air .mu air-ism
C"! H I.“ H

\..mi.. .4 hint [vuim

.iu .imii rump..." \In“.'l( I'vm tum-nu Amy Ander-

. .i: n" can and "7 rent 11 “ "um
ml lrn m. .m. min mini .0
in mm.- worried war-M m Morning‘s: \ info-shed

\m shim h;—

\. implant Ai- uni land
¢ 'IV 0 lllll
e e! e in:


x... tum












 m..w«__ M_‘ A? _

In ‘ ". > .' . - ~ .- i ' - _.>t -. . .. v" 1‘. ~ .I. ' . ,-,. .-'_r. ~ I 1.; - . . ' ‘ a, : ,4 . '..»' . ' . .. .
_ t . : . ~ - ,v - . - -_ ._ in. , , _ . . . ‘ .‘ , . ,y . , ... t, . _.
x ‘ a]. I. . . _. ,_. '.4 ‘.,.' _ .-- . ,. _ ' ' .- . . . . 4 .- . - A, ‘ _,.., ,.. _.
‘ .,' . . - . . ‘ .. i .' ' i ' " ' '. 'I H ' -,
- i. _ t 3\. - . . . . - - . .. . . ». . -' , , . ‘-
. ‘- i ' '

t . , .

I' . ‘ l

W‘Uoooo-vb—wu- .: - — 'v ‘ ' h - - w “




may... i m.

















9 _ .
Merrill Lynch WE .
internships Available g " . ".
Gain valuable work experience :
in the Brokerage Industry PLANNING A g .
If "11678st call: I‘ .
Ann-Whitney Garner it
Deborah Owens it.“ 3
606-231-5238 ‘. E
. I;
wm Need Your ‘
‘ Atm: U.K. Students
. We have several positions open H I
Food sewers e p
Desk clerks '
Cooks ' i
“'HotellMotel lntcmships available
Greatdowrmwn location-fun environment 3” '
Apply in person-369W Vine St. EOE ' ‘ ' -. "3' "‘
Volunteers needed to help plan the
It University of Kentucky’s Parents and
Family Weekend held October 10th
nu wow
. . and 11th.
Winning ways u
UK players onioyod the little. “the Governor's Cup after bulls. ll of L lost year, but Ibo Green, Chris Rum
and the Cardinals will not it not who the llllcots cm to town Saturday. ll Ca" EmIIy or AIbert @ 257-8867 or
. 0 stop by Rm. 203 Student Center
reen 1 es practice l
] 1 . I '.\'l VERSITY 0F KENTI'CK Y
If I
» - “ n certain situations or
Brotherly love: Tight end has formed a close when he gem in ,muble, 1 know
° _ ° ' he looks for me," he said. “He
bond With long time teammate Chris Redman knowsmy movesandhow I run mm,.4..+«n-,m,~,.W,
my routes and i know the way
LOUISVILLE ~ Louisville part is never going to be a prob- he mi“ tothrow the ball. Aft?
tight end Ibn Green hates prac~ lem for him." Smith said. “He‘s a Whlle' 1‘ 3““ comes natural.
tice. And he doesn’t care who been blessed with wideout Redman saidthe bond be-
knows it: his teammates, his speed and good hands. But the tween the tWO 151115t as strong EMCKY
coaches or the media. concern we have is that if he’s Off the field.“ .
“Nobody likes to practice." going to‘be a tight end for us. “He‘s kind 0f llke ? brother
Green says with a sheepish we'd like him to gain weight to me," Redman sald. “You
grin. “But i know you have to and become a better blocker. don’t say that about many p90-
do it to get better. “Being tough, blocking and DIG, bUt It's true. We‘ve d8fimt9-
“I work in practice. But I practicing hard — those are his ly got each other’s backs."
feel like when it's time for the problems. He’s made progress In just two seasons, Green
games, it's time to turn it up to in those areas but we’d like to already is etched into the
another level." see more." Louisville record book. In 1996,
Despite his coaches’ exas- Quarterback Chris Redman he became the Cardinals' most
peration. it‘s hard to argue with has been a teammate of Green’s prolific rookie receiver with 47 pol/WWW k kernel com
success. Last season. the Gfoot since the eighth grade. As 59- receptions as a freshman. He‘s ' ' '
2. 220-pound sophomore caught niors at Louisville’s Male High also caught a pass in each of his
47 passes for 535 yards and School in 1994. the two led their 22 collegiate games and already
eight touchdowns .w tops in the team to a state championship as holds the second spot on
nation in all three categories at Green caught 52 passes for 1,196 Louisville’s all-time touchdown
his position. yards and25touchdowns. reception list with 13. l o R m. i- o l' (‘ .\ 'l l o .\' n u ,t R i- s l- .\ R t‘ H (’ o .\i .\l l' .\ l l i
Most incoming coaches Redman says Green‘s aver- He knows. however. that
would lick their chops at the sion to practice is just part of he‘ll have to continue to be pro-
thought of inheriting such a his personality. ductive if the Cardinals hope to
. weapon. and first-year “I've known Ibn a long time improve upon last year‘s disap-
Louisville coach John L. Smith and that’s just the way he is,” pointing 1-10 finish.
is no different. But he would Redman said. “He likes to joke “I'd like to break a few
like to see Green assert himself around and he likes to have records here, but after last
more during workouts and in fun. But once it's time to get se- year~ winning is the most im-
training to bolster the few rious. he’s ready to go." portant thing," he said. “I want
shortcomings he does have. Green said his lengthy to win and go to a bowl game.
“The running down the friendship with Redman pays The records will come _ as AMERICA
field and catching the football dividends on the field. long as we win."
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ll Art Jester, lexlngton Herald-Leader E E , the f“
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Book Editor, Moderator for those who shape it.”
it Thursday, September 3, I998
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Finding comfort in rivalry

After spending 70 years without a rival, UK football finally
found a reliable enemy 75 miles west of Lexington

Real rivalries run

History. hatred.
proximity and greed
give great games


,..=.. their zip. More than

Aaron any other sport. col-
- 1e e football creates

§andertord g

pure. unadulterated
disdain for a rival.

Ask the folks at
Auburn about their
friends in Tuscaloosa. Ask the folks at
Southern Cal about the co-ed's in West-
wood. Ask the Aggies about their Longhorn
friends in Austin.

Your answer will not be suitable for

Hoops rivals are nothing new for Big
Blue. but the Wildcats struggled for 70
years to find a pigskin blood-boiler.

Indiana sparked emotion for a few
years. but the thrill of 30 victories lost its

Tennessee was a natural. but there was
this whole issue of competing. in short. L‘K

Then. there was the notion that Van-
derbilt was a perfect fit for the Cats.



The geography was right. and the his-
tory was there. but how can you hate a
school whose players scored higher on the
SAT than total yardage?

Just when fans started giving up hope.
L'K found the rival it sorely lacked. And all
it had to do was look.

Separated by less than 75 miles of Blue-
grass and already enemies in everything
else. UK and L' of L made a seamless transi-
tion to the ranks of rivalry. The annual
Governor's Cup battle is a can't-miss part
of every fall semester.

For those in camp with the Cats.
Louisville is just a place to party and go

The University of Louisville is just a
necessary evil. a way to educate the mass-
es. but L' of L will never hold the academic
stature of UK.

It is a place where Ohio State line-
backer Andy Katzenmoyer would feel at
home. For those of you snickering, golf fi-
nals are tough.

Big Blue continues its condescending
trend in athletic:.

UK boosters do not fear the financial
might of a municipal university. There is
no monetary comparison.

Instead. UK supporters kick the red
birds while their down. The most impor-
tant part of being a UK booster is remind-
ing U of L about its place in commonwealth

Meanwhile, Cardinal alumni paint UK
as the wealthy, aristocratic institution that
sucks tax dollars from their pocket and
spends them on sports.

They see Lexington as an order of
snobs. of which it very well might be. and
beating UK in any sport is their only break
from constant ribbing by Wildcat backers.

Outside the confines of Jefferson Coun-
ty. U of L fans are few and far between. so
they are a close-knit group who field com-
fort in a common hatred.

Those who bleed red often preach the
financial importance of the city blue
brethren love to hate.

True U of L fans see athletics as their
only way of beating Big Blue. They under-
stand the financial reality of competing
with a flagship university. But doing more
with less has always been a Cardinal battle-

Governor's Cup newbies must quickly
learn the ropes of rivalry and choose sides.

You only choose once. so choose wisely.

Spertsdelly edlter Aaron Senderterd is e pelltl-
cel science sealer. He can be reached via e-nell
at seederterCChetmllxon



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(across from Applebee’s)

Of Lexington



News from the ’Ville


tions are on the minds of area
football fans before Saturday's
opening of Papa John's (Sardi-
nal Stadium , who will Win
the L'K-Louisville game. and
where will everyone park.

L' of L football fans are
making a trade-off in moving
from the undersized. outdated
Cardinal Stadium at the state
fairgrounds to their flashy. new
$3", million home.

"What we had before was a



baseball stadium with a lot of
parking." said associate athlet-
ic director Mike Pollio. “Now
we have one of the best football
stadiums in the country with
‘we'll-find-out‘ parking."

()ne college football tradi-
tion pre-game tailgating _.
stands to be disrupted. In past
seasons. most fans could park.
tailgate and walk a short dis-
tance from the fairgrounds lot
to the stadium. Now there are
fewer parking spots near the
stadium and some of those
won‘t be ready for opening day.

University officials are try-
ing to buy. rent or borrow
every bit of asphalt surround-
ing the new stadium, some of
which is needed to compensate
for the roughly 3.000 spaces in
the green lot that won‘t be fin-
ished by game day. Even when
the green lot is done — proba-
bly by the Sept. 26 game a the
new stadium has less parking
than the old one.

The old stadium had 37.000
seats and up to 19.000 fair-
grounds parking spaces at its
disposal. The new one has
42.000 seats and 10.000 reserved
parking spaces within a half-
mile of the stadium.

Many fans are more wor-
ried about their partying space
than their parking space. At the
fairgrounds. tailgaters could ar-

rive early. commandeer several
parking spaces and spread out-
with their gear.

The stadium also will fea-
ture a “street festival" near the
stadium so people can buy food
and drinks and party before go-
ing into the game. There will be
about 20 tents for concessions,
games and activities ~ includ-
ing a place for children to play.

Pollio said he's confident
that people will be able to find a
place to tailgate and will have
their rituals established after a
few weeks.

“It‘s a changing thing.
There will be new traditions.
and they‘re going to have to de.
velop where they're going to
meet." he said. “These people
are pretty intelligent -— they'll
figure out how to do it."


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