Duty Family Papers,January 18, 1860 - May 16, 1902

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Duty Family Papers,January 18, 1860 - May 16, 1902
Duty Family
3 letters, 2 funeral notices, 1 obituary
Duty family--Civil War--Personal accounts--Family letters
Funeral notices -- Obituary
Duty, Lodema Smith, 1836-1902
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Kentucky Historical Society

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Biography / History
Daniel Dyke Duty, was born May 1 (possibly May 11) 1825, Bethel, Bath County, and died Aug. 14, 1884, Mt. Sterling, Montgomery County. He married Lodema Smith, of Marathon, N.Y., Sept.20, 1859 who was born April 27, 1836 and died May 16, 1902. Duty was a merchant before the Civil War. During the Civil War, Duty's store was burnt (according to family lore). He then became an itinerant Methodist minister.
Scope and Content
Letters: Dated, Jan. 18, 1860, from Daniel Dyke Duty to Lodema, Duty's wife of 4 months. The letter is written from Cincinnati, Ohio in which Duty is in Cincinnati to purchase goods for his store and items for their personal housekeeping. -April 30, 1861 - Written from Lebanon, OH to Daniel and Lodema Duty by a"sister-in-faith" M. Cora Stevens. This letter relates the writer's concern for her family, friends, and country after the firing on Ft. Sumter. -March 6, 1881 - Written by Lodema Duty to Mary(?). A personal letter discussing family matters. Interesting note: Lodema instructed receiver to destroy the letter. - Funeral notices for Daniel Dyke Duty & Lodema Duty. -Newspaper obituary for Daniel Dyke Duty.
Variant Name: Daniel Dyke Duty & Lodema Smith Duty Letters
Bath County, Montomery County, Lebanon, Ohio