Rotary Club of Louisville, ca. 1915-1975

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Rotary Club of Louisville, ca. 1915-1975
Rotary Club of Louisville, Kentucky
1.25 linear feet
University of Louisville

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Biography / History
The Louisville Rotary Club was organized in February 1912 by T.L. McGill, C.H. Hamilton, and Frank G. Jones. Rotary Clubs date to 1905, when Chicagoan Paul Harris started a group of business and professional men to meet for the purposes of friendship and service. "Sparks," the newsletter for the Louisville club began in September 1913.

Contents of the Collection

Yearly Rosters, 1922 - 1975 incomplete. Rosters contain a copy of the organization's constitution, photos and profiles of new members, and listings of membership.

1. 1922 - 1938/39

2. 1940/41 - 1950/51

3. 1951/52 - 1960/61

4. 1961/62 - 1974/75.

Programs and Booklets

5. Printed material from the 25th (1937) and the 50th (1962) anniversaries of the Rotary Club of Louisville and the Louisville Herald "Rotary Section" dated April 23, 1915.

Listing of membership numbers

6. 1955

"Sparks" 1921/22 - 1926/27 Bound volumes

Bi-weekly newsletter of the organization that announced and detailed club activities, profiled new members, and advertised local businesses.