Grundy family papers

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Grundy family papers
3.15 Cubic feet
Animal pedigrees.
Business records--Kentucky--Washington County.
Cattle--Kentucky--Washington County.
Farm management--Kentucky--Washington County--Records and correspondence.
General stores--Kentucky--Washington County.
Horses--Kentucky--Washington County.
Livestock breeders.
Sheep--Kentucky--Washington County.
Swine--Kentucky--Washington County.
Tobacco--Kentucky--Washington County.
Voting registers--Kentucky--Washington County.
Collection is arranged into five series according to material type.
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68M104: [Identification of item], Grundy family papers, 1841-1945, University of Kentucky Special Collections.
University of Kentucky

Collection Overview

Biography / History
Thomas S. Grundy owned Valley Hill Farm, near Springfield, Kentucky, and was a breeder of cattle, horses, sheep and pigs. He was well known as the owner of a fine herd of purebred shorthorn cattle. He was also a state legislator, serving in the Kentucky House of Representatives from 1847 to 1851, and in the Kentucky Senate from 1857 to 1861 and from 1885 to 1889. In 1891, he was the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Congress, representing Kentucky's fourth district, but was defeated in the general election.
Scope and Content
The Grundy family papers is a collection of the papers of Thomas S. Grundy and his family. It includes wills and other legal documents, tobacco and horse contracts, daybooks, ledgers and miscellaneous business correspondence pertaining to Grundy's Washington County store. There is also a nearly complete set of duplicate registration forms for the Valley Hill herd. The collection also includes Washington County poll books for the election of 1882.

Restrictions on Access and Use

Conditions Governing Access
Conditions Governing Access note Collection is open to researchers by appointment.
Use Restrictions
The physical rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections.

Contents of the Collection

Personal correspondence, 1854-1911

The Personal Correspondence series includes letters sent to Thomas and Maggie, Thomas S. and W. and Lida Grundy by family members and fellow Kentuckians. The letters discuss travels, social events, and some mid nineteenth century current events such as elections in Washington County. There are many love letters between Goddard Grundy and Lydia Huston included in the latter part of the series.

, 1854-1888

  • Box 1, Folder 2
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, 1892 June-1899 July

  • Box 1, Folder 3
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, 1900 March 19-1911 July 10

  • Box 1, Folder 4
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Fragments, undated

  • Box 1, Folder 5
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Between W. Goddard Grundy and Lydia Huston, 1896 June 30-1904 August 15

  • Box 1, Folder 6
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Between Goddard Grundy and Lydia Huston, undated

  • Box 1, Folder 7
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Fragments between Goddard Grundy and Lydia Huston, undated

  • Box 1, Folder 8
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Business papers, 1852-1945

The Business Papers series includes materials related to the Grundy family General Store. There are many accounts, ledgers, and receipts related to ordering goods for the store, as well as, record keeping for the customers of the store. Most of the records are arranged chronologically. Also included in the series are some business works of the family outside of the general store like maps and sales records of real estate in Washington County, Kentucky.

, 1852-1866

  • Box 1, Folder 9
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, 1867-1877

  • Box 1, Folder 10
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, 1878-1883

  • Box 1, Folder 11
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, 1884-1885

  • Box 2, Folder 1
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, 1886

  • Box 2, Folder 2
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, 1887-1888

  • Box 2, Folder 3
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, 1889

  • Box 2, Folder 4
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, 1890-1891

  • Box 2, Folder 5
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, 1892-1893

  • Box 2, Folder 6
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, 1894-1896

  • Box 2, Folder 7
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, 1897-1899

  • Box 2, Folder 8
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, 1900-1902

  • Box 2, Folder 9
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, 1903-1904

  • Box 2, Folder 10
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, 1905-1911

  • Box 2, Folder 11
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, 1914-1928

  • Box 2, Folder 12
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Tobacco Receipts, 1909-1917

  • Box 2, Folder 13
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Bank Statements and Cancelled Checks from the Account of W.G. and Lida Grundy, 1940-1945

  • Box 3, Folder 1
  • Box 2, Folder 14
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Letters, Prescriptions, and Land Maps, undated

  • Box 3, Folder 2
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Miscellaneous Cost Estimates, Receipts, Shopping Lists for the Store, undated

  • Box 3, Folder 3
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Cattle and horse papers, 1858-1901

The Cattle and Horse Papers series contains certificates and records on the livestock the Grundy family raised and exhibited at fairs in the United States. There are lists of pedigrees and the physical assets associated with particular purebred cattle and thoroughbred horses. Most of the series is certificates of the short horn cattle owned by the Grundy family which is arranged chronologically.

Short Horn Cattle Registration, 1858-1878

  • Box 3, Folder 4
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Short Horn Cattle Registration, 1879-1882

  • Box 3, Folder 5
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Cattle Registration, 1883-1884

  • Box 3, Folder 6
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Cattle Registration, 1885

  • Box 3, Folder 7
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Cattle Registration, 1886

  • Box 3, Folder 8
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Cattle Registration, 1887

  • Box 3, Folder 9
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Cattle Registration, 1888-1890

  • Box 3, Folder 10
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Cattle Registration, 1891-1901

  • Box 3, Folder 11
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Cattle Notes on Premiums at Fairs and Sales, 1883-1888

  • Box 3, Folder 12
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Pedigree and Price Lists, 1885-1887

  • Box 3, Folder 13
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Purebred Short Horn Pedigree and Price Lists, 1880-1887

  • Box 3, Folder 14-15
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Notes on Thoroughbred Trotting Horses, circa 1885

  • Box 4, Folder 1
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Notebooks, 1841-1906

The Notebooks series contains bound volumes of business records and some personal writings by various members of the Grundy family. Account books from the mid nineteenth century list supplies and goods purchased for and sold at the Grundy General Store, as well as, accounts paid by the store’s customers. Many of the books in the series list cattle and horse breeding notes on pedigree, maintenance, and costs. Some of the books are the personal daybooks of individuals in the Grundy family which document in writing travels, purchases, and some events.

Calving Lists, Pass Book, Breeding Lists, 1852-1879

  • Box 4, Folder 3
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Breeding Records, Money Paid, Maggie's Personal Daybook, 1884-1889

  • Box 4, Folder 4
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Breeding Books and Personal Notebook, 1890-1895

  • Box 4, Folder 5
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Thomas S. Grundy Account and Breeding Book, 1906

  • Box 4, Folder 6
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Account and Breeding Books, 1891-1896

  • Box 4, Folder 7
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Daybook, 1900

  • Box 5, Folder 4
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Account and Bank of Kentucky Deposit Books, undated

  • Box 5, Folder 2
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Thomas S. Grundy Account Books, 1841-1845

  • Box 5, Folder 3
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Grundy, Carothers and G. Day Book, 1890-1891

  • Box 5, Folder 4
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Account Book, 1864-1865

  • Box 5, Folder 5
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Miscellaneous, 1870-1944

The Miscellaneous series includes materials about and related to the Grundy family. A family tree illustrates the direct descendents of Thomas Grundy, the original owner of the General Store in Washington County, Kentucky. Poll Books from Washington County reveal the votes cast in the area in 1882. Most of the series includes advertisements for goods presumably sold at the General Store or sent to the family based on their interest in purebred cattle and thoroughbred horses. There are passes for fairs and many business cards in the series. Finally there are blank certificates which show participation of some person in the family in the construction of a memorial for Hon. William Goebel, a Governor of Kentucky who was assassinated the day before he was sworn into office in 1900. Broadsides and colorful posters are oversized.

The Grundy Family of Washington, Kentucky Family Tree, 1903

  • Box 1, Folder 1
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Washington County Poll Books, 1882

  • Box 4, Folder 2
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Cards Advertising Stallions for Breeding, 1871-1897

  • Box 5, Folder 6
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Breeding Advertisements, 1890-1896

  • Box 5, Folder 7
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Advertising for Warehouses, Clothes, Political Candidates, Patent Remedies, circa 1890

  • Box 5, Folder 8
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Application Blanks, Registration and Entry for Horse Races, 1893-1904

  • Box 6, Folder 1
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Complimentary Fair Passes and Calling Cards, 1883-1913

  • Box 6, Folder 2
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Horse Advertisements and Business Brochures, 1879-1912

  • Box 6, Folder 3
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Kentucky Newspaper Clippings about the Grundys, circa 1890

  • Box 6, Folder 4
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Newspaper Clippings with Livestock Notes, Obituaries and Political News, 1880-1899

  • Box 6, Folder 5
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Advertisements and Political Records, 1882-1944

  • Box 6, Folder 6
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Hon. William Goebel, Governor of Kentucky, Memorial Certificates, 1900 February 3

  • Box 6, Folder 7
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Temperance Pledge, 1842 April 6

  • Box 6, Folder 8
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Ohio Election Tickets, 1867

  • Box 6, Folder 9
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T.S. Grundy for Congress Political Poster, 1890

  • Box 6, Folder 10
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Business Broadsides, 1857-1896

  • Box 6, Folder 11
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Real Estate Posters, undated

  • Box 7, Folder 1
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Article Broadsides, undated

  • Box 7, Folder 2
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Exhibition Broadsides, 1864-1904

  • Box 7, Folder 3
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Southern Exposition in Louisville Poster, 1884 August-October

  • Box 7, Folder 4
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