Sutcliffe Sporting Goods photographs, 1911-1937

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Sutcliffe Sporting Goods photographs, 1911-1937
Sutcliffe Sporting Goods
43 albums, ca. 10,000 items
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These photographs, originally housed in albums on display in the Sutcliffe Sporting Goods store on Fourth Street in Louisville, contain views of professional and amateur sporting events and athletes. Many high school athletic teams are represented, along with Louisville industrial league baseball teams, the professional Louisville Colonels Baseball Club, horse racing at Churchill Downs, swimming, rowing, football, and basketball. Included are photographs of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Earl Combs, and other New York Yankee team members playing exhibition games against the Colonels at Louisville's Parkway Field.

Contents of the Collection

DATE: 1920. CONTENTS: High school football, Armistice Day; High school football players (no IDs); Manual High School in front of school.

  • Album no: 01.
BEG_NO: 0001 END_NO: 0202
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DATE: 1920. CONTENTS: Louisville Boys High School students; Knights of Columbus basketball team; Girls basketball teams of Trinity M.E., Lynnhurst, Parkland, Northwest, Fourth Avenue, Cherokee and Shawnee; YMHA track and basketball teams; Louisville Boys High School football players; Commercial basketball teams (ie Lucky Strike); Normal School students; Manual Training High School students; Women's basketball; Golfers; Tennis players.

  • Album no: 02.
BEG_NO: 0203 END_NO: 0388
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DATE: 1920. CONTENTS: Swimmers at Fontaine Ferry Park pool; baseball players; Louisville Male High School-Elizabethtown football game; Girl swimmers; Golfers; Divers; State Golf Tournament at Fort Mitchell Country Club; Track events; YMCA swimmers; Shelby Park swimming pool; Manual High School-Evansville High School football game; Calumet-Marydale football game; Manual-New Albany football game; Breckenridge Athletic Club; City Golf Tournament; Marydale-Breckenridge football game; General Sumerall; World Champion golfer Ted Ray; Charmont Club football team; Indianpolis-Manual high school football game; St. Xavier football; Manual-Somerset high school football game; Breckenridge Athletic Club-Pleasureville football game.

  • Album no: 03.
BEG_NO: 0389 END_NO: 0609
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DATE: 1921. CONTENTS: Parade (seemingly for passage of school bond issue); Manual High School football; Centre-Harvard football game; Golfers.

  • Album no: 04.
BEG_NO: 0610 END_NO: 0837
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DATE: 1921. CONTENTS: Men and women golfers; Men's softball; canoers; Social group at what appears to be some type of outing --playing ukeleles, dancing and singing; Men golfers; K. & I.T. Railroad Company baseball team; Louisville Turners Club women gymnasts; Women swimmers at Louisville Turners Club; Unidentified members of a gun club.

  • Album no: 05.
BEG_NO: 0838 END_NO: 0947
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DATE: 1922. CONTENTS: Baseball (or could be softball) team; High school football; Praying Colonels football action and crowd photos; Manual high school football; University of Louisville football.

  • Album no: 06.
BEG_NO: 0948 END_NO: 1135
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DATE: 1922. CONTENTS: Horse racing; working out Morvich, winner of 1922 Kentucky Derby; Style show; Manual High School class photos; Golfers; Saturday Afternoon League baseball; Swimming and diving meet; Calumet swim team; Race horse Be Careful; Horses working out.

  • Album no: 07.
BEG_NO: 1136 END_NO: 1324
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DATE: 1923. CONTENTS: Swimmers at Fontaine Ferry Park pool; Baseball players; Tennis players; Shelby Park Tennis Club; Swimmers at Fontaine Ferry Park pool; Tennis players, men and women; Baseball players; Swimming exhibition starring Johnny Weissmueller, olympic swimmer and early Tarzan in the movies; Golfers; Baseball players; Track meet.

  • Album no: 08.
BEG_NO: 1325 END_NO: 1507
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DATE: 1923. CONTENTS: St. Mark's Midgets, New Albany grade-school basketball team; LUM-BIRS, New Albany High School basketball players; Calumet girls basketball players; Calumet boys football players; Blue Moons and Southern Stars, Girls softball teams; Men's baseball teams, including Gold Medal, Calumet Glenwoods, Prestonia and Old Hillsides; Boy Scouts at camp...swimming, baseball, volleyball; street races; Boy Scouts Troop 48.

  • Album no: 09.
BEG_NO: 1508 END_NO: 1691
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DATE: 1923. CONTENTS: Building of Manual High School stadium fence; Manual High School-New Albany High School football game; New Albany-K.M.I. (Kentucky Military Institute) football game; University of Louisville football; Hermes-Templars football game; Clifton-Central Athletic Club football game.

  • Album no: 10.
BEG_NO: 1692 END_NO: 1858
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DATE: 1924. CONTENTS: More football at Manual High School; Male-Manual high schools Thanksgiving Day football game.

  • Album no: 11.
BEG_NO: 1859 END_NO: 1967
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DATE: 1925. CONTENTS: (File also contains some 1923 photos) Swimmers at Colonial Country Club in New Albany; 1923 Derby Day at Churchill Downs; Jockey Earl Sande on Derby winner Zev; Track team; Golfers, Tennis players, Military school students (Kentucky Military Institute?) at awards day ceremony; Fontaine Ferry Park swimming pool; Tennis players; Baseball players; Men building fence for football stadium; Golfers; 1923 baseball players (Kentucky on team shirts).

  • Album no: 12.
BEG_NO: 1968 END_NO: 2163
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DATE: 1925. CONTENTS: Football game (no clue to identity of team); Four male golfers; Football game (one team has a B on shirts).

  • Album no: 13.
BEG_NO: 2164 END_NO: 2303
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DATE: 1926. CONTENTS: (Also contains some 1927 photos); Male High School (3) - dupont Manual High School (0) football game; dupont Manual football coach Brad Jones and players Reilling and Matlock (others unidentified); Elks Cadet basketball team; Lutheran basketball team --- 1924-1925 champions; Male High School basketball players (no identifications); Track team (members have an E on shirts); duPont Manual football game; Girls basketball team; Football players (team not identified) Van Arsdale, Desden, Seaton, Grawmeyer, Beck, Dawson, Leake, Ruggles, Coach Hauser, Ballman, Jenkins, Zoepp, Roppe.

  • Album no: 14.
BEG_NO: 2304 END_NO: 2514
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DATE: 1927. CONTENTS: (Contains some 1918 photos of golfers); Unidentified golfers and tennis players; Louisville Girls High School team (could be basketball or volleyball?); unidentified basketball players and track team members; Baseball at Parkway Field, including a photo of Joe McCarthy; Baseball teams, including Louisville Colonels, Emmart, Wood-Mosaic, Epping, Standard, Louisville Male High School, Cumberland Telephone Company, Grace Evangelical Lutheran; Track team in competition; Fans at Churchill Downs; Tennis; Swim meet; Divers; Children in costumes at Fontaine Ferry Park; Baseball players having a track meet at Parkway Field; Pfeiffer Bros. playing tennis; Other tennis players, including Sid Appel, who owned a men's clothing store downtown; Golfers; Baseball teams, including Stock Yards, Epps, St. Peter Evangelical, YMCA, St. Xavier, K & I Railroad; Golfers, including Bobby Jones, Abe Mitchell, George Duncan; 1918 photos of golfers; Football players.

  • Album no: 15.
BEG_NO: 2515 END_NO: 2827
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DATE: 1927. CONTENTS: Swimmers at Fontaine Ferry Park pool; Students in kilts, hoop skirts, etc. for school musical performance; Umpires and baseball players; Golfers; Swimmers; Louisville Girls High School field hockey team; Deer Park girls basketball team; L & N Railroad baseball team; Standard baseball team; 1925 girls basketball team; 1927 Epps Cola girls team; Immanual Baptist boys basketball team; St. Helena girls basketball team of 1927; Tabernacle Kittens basketball team; Gleaners Champion Eastern Division Methodist Basketball League; Calumet (New Albany) players; Track meet; U of L track team; U of L freshman basketball team; U of L girls basketball players; Fourth Avenue Baptist men's basketball team; Girls High School basketball team; Trinity basketball team (men) 1924-1925 champs; Girls hockey; Boys basketball; L & N Railroad basketball team and baseball team.

  • Album no: 16.
BEG_NO: 2828 END_NO: 2970
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DATE: 1927. CONTENTS: High school girls basketball team; St. Xavier track team; "W" boys basketball team; Boys track team; Atherton High School girls field hockey team; "Kittens" boys basketball team; Boys track team; Boating by the Louisville Water Works; Men's baseball team; Football; ROTC (?) band; Back to football

  • Album no: 17.
BEG_NO: 2971 END_NO: 3127
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DATE: 1925. CONTENTS: (Also contains 1926 Derby photos and 1930 opening day of Louisville Colonels baseball) Football; Track meet--Indiana team; Paramount basketball team; Polarine basketball team; Girls basketball teams--VC, CR; Men's basketball--Harvesters, GAC, M, OK Supply House, Ninaweb; Louisville Colonels baseball, 1930 season opener at Parkway Field; Track meet; 1926 Derby Day at Churchill Downs; 1926 Derby winner Bubbling Over; Baseball.

  • Album no: 18.
BEG_NO: 3128 END_NO: 3262
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DATE: 1928. CONTENTS: Football, traditional Thanksgiving Day game between duPont Manual High School and Male High School; Track meet; Hill Toppers basketball team; Kentucky basketball team; Cardinal basketball team; Highland basketball team; Celts Club basketball team; Girl swimmers; Girl tennis players; Girl field hockey players (letter A on sweaters.)

  • Album no: 19.
BEG_NO: 3263 END_NO: 3392
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DATE: 1929. CONTENTS: Male High School track team; Football at Male High School; Intermingled are other football photos of a game at Parkway Field; Male High football players --team captain George Bickel, Shell, Steibel, Gore, Spears, Goranflo, Barr, Kennedy, Webb, Bohannan, Linker, Grinstead, Pearson, Keeling, Perry, Ellis, Ragsdale, Cohen, Johnson, Kirwan, Hunter, Barnes, Cohn, Wulf, Frye, Koe, Monroe, Kreis, Bizot, Trawick, Embry, Creager, Kraesig, Girten, Lynch, Polio, Kagenau, Scott, Voelcker, Russell, Ostrander, Wagner, Stoll, Meyer, Cooper, Browne, Cohen, Ising, Small, Jones; Manual football; University of Louisville Cardinal basketball team; Louisville Trust Company and National Bank of Kentucky basketball teams, Lucky Strike basketball team.

  • Album no: 20.
BEG_NO: 3393 END_NO: 3569
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DATE: 1929. CONTENTS: Football games (noted on page at beginning of album -- Harlan High School (0) versus Manual High School (26); University of Louisville (0) versus Western Normal (13); Male High School (6) versus Ashland High School (18); Football game, KMI versus duPont Manual; Girls field hockey; Football -- University of Louisville (6) versus Georgetown College (0); Football players, including T. Johnson and Abe Kirwan.

  • Album no: 21.
BEG_NO: 3570 END_NO: 3698
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DATE: 1930. CONTENTS: Owl Creek Country Club photos -- aerial view of site; Golf; L & N Pan American Band banner; High school track team; 1930 Kentucky Derby winner, Gallant Fox, crossing finish line; Golf at Owl Creek Country Club; Churchill Downs 1930 Derby Day crowd photos; Gallant Fox with wreath of roses; More Owl Creek Country Club golf; Basketball team, Kittens; YMCA track meet; "M" track team; Girls and mens swim teams with trophies; Young boys basketball team; Horseback riding, swimming, boys with rifles, boxing --this section of photos seems to depict camping activities but there's no clue as to location; Owl Creek Country Club tennis players; Baseball teams, including teams sponsored by Ford; Football.

  • Album no: 22.
BEG_NO: 3699 END_NO: 3867
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DATE: 1931. CONTENTS: (Also includes some 1932 photos) Colonial Country Club activities -- diving, baseball, golf, sailing, tilting competition (water sports were at Turner Park --see photo 3943); du Pont Manual High School football.

  • Album no: 23.
BEG_NO: 3868 END_NO: 4046
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DATE: 1932. CONTENTS: Football, including Crescent Hill versus Shawnee Templars; Corbin (7) versus du Pont Manual (0), Shawnee Templars versus Buechel Athletic Club, Danville High School (7) versus duPont Manual High School (6), Shawnee Templars (0) versus Crescent Hill (7); Players mentioned in photos of Shawnee Templars-Crescent Hill game include Schultz running ball, Sam Dorsey drop kicking, Earl Sands going through the line, Jimmie Hallihan going around end; duPont Manual band; Crescent Hill Athletic Club versus Bonnycastle; Players on bench include Mac Wynn, Marshall Espie,Austin Drewry, Ford Fishbach; Highland Knights versus Buechel Athletic Club; Male High School (13) versus Hume Fogg (0); Kentucky Military Institute (KMI) versus Western Normal freshmen, score tied at 7-7; Cherokee Gardens football; Male High School (4) versus duPont Manual (0); Basketball -- team photos -- letter G on shirts, otherwise unidentified; A-Street basketball.

  • Album no: 24.
BEG_NO: 4047 END_NO: 4164
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DATE: 1932. CONTENTS: Football; Baseball greats Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in 1932 game at Parkway Field; Basketball team pictures (players wearing jackets with Elbert on them); More baseball photos; Basketball team photos; Baseball; Pole vaulting; Golf; Track; Churchill Downs 1932 Kentucky Derby; Burgoo King, 1932 Kentucky Derby winner; Male High School basketball players; Track.

  • Album no: 25.
BEG_NO: 4165 END_NO: 4325
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DATE: 1932. CONTENTS: Manual High School track meet; St. Xavier baseball; Golf; Tennis; Life-saving class at Fontaine Ferry Park swimming pool; Golf; YMHA baseball team; Miss Tapawingo 1932; Bathing beauties.

  • Album no: 26.
BEG_NO: 4326 END_NO: 4399
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DATE: 1931. CONTENTS: (Also includes some 1932-1933 photos, according to album cover, but inside pages gave no indication of which photos were taken in what years.) First 101 photos are of Manual and Male High School football games, including individual photos of players; Basketball players (Jeff on shirts); Track; Baseball; Golf.

  • Album no: 27.
BEG_NO: 4400 END_NO: 4560
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DATE: 1933. CONTENTS: Neighborhood basketball teams (no identifications); Man with fish; Shawnee Golf Club members; Kentucky Derby Day 1933; 1933 Kentucky Derby winner Brokers Tip; St. George baseball team; YMHA Camp on river; Football; University of Kentucky-Duke football game.

  • Album no: 28.
BEG_NO: 4561 END_NO: 4700
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DATE: 1934. CONTENTS: DuPont Manual High School football; Bourbons (Louisville pros) football team; Portland Athletic Club football team; Bourbons versus Cleveland football game; Bourbons versus Panthers; Castlewood versus Meadowbrook; Louisville versus Cleveland; Crescent Hill versus Fort Knox; St. Matthews Evangelical Church softball team; Louisville Bourbons football players; Bourbons versus Cincinnati Reds football game; Barrett Junior High School faculty; Crescent Hill versus Fort Knox football game; Louisville Bourbons (photos of individual players); Golfers -- men and women players -- at Shawnee Golf Course; Unidentified elementary schoolchildren; Meadowbrook versus West End Stars football game; University of Louisville (13) versus Georgetown (6) football game; Bonnycastle versus Central Park; Shawnee Templars football team; Shawnee Templars (0) versus Crescent Hill (7) football game; Louisville (7) versus Charlotte, N.C. (0) football game; University of Louisville versus…

  • Album no: 29.
BEG_NO: 4701 END_NO: 4922
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DATE: 1933. CONTENTS: (Includes 1931 Kentucky Derby winner, Twenty Grand, with jockey Kurtsinger, and according to album cover, some 1934 photos (not designated inside album); Football, action photo of Crescent Hill football player, Memory, diving for ball; Cherokee Athletic Club football -- Bill Moore coach; Petroli of St. Helens punting in game with Cherokee Athletic Club football team; Crescent Hill versus St. Helens; Douglas Boulevard Bulldogs versus Third Street Juniors; Kentucky Military Institute (KMI) versus University of Louisville freshmen football team; New Albany High School versus Reitz; Male High School-duPont Manual football game; Male High School football coaches and players, 1933; Baseball players; Girl swimmers; YMHA basketball team; Fencers; Shawnee basketball players; Football players; Girls field hockey team; Jockey Kurtsinger on 1931 Kentucky Derby winner, Twenty Grand; Devils basketball team.

  • Album no: 30.
BEG_NO: 4923 END_NO: 5023
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DATE: 1935. CONTENTS: (Also includes 1934 Thanksgiving Day Male-DuPont Manual football game and photos of team players.) Emmet Field elementary schoolchildren studying an owl; Football -- Louisville Bourbons versus Dallas; Basketball team Falls City Hi Brus; 1934 DuPont Manual football players; Male High School football players; 1934 Thanksgiving Day traditional Male (12)-DuPont Manual High School (19) football game; Jeff High School basketball players; Holy Name and St. Vincent De Paul grade school basketball teams; YWCA 1934-1935 girls basketball team; University of Louisville girls basketball team; Mickey Mouse girls and boys basketball teams; Kentucky Dairies basketball players; DuPont Manual High School relay team; Male High School relay team; More Mickey Mouse basketball players; Hi Brus basketball team versus the Celtics; Basketball teams -- St. C, Peaslee Gaulbert Corporation, Milton; Golfers at Shawnee Golf Club; 1935 Kentucky Derby crowds; Louisville Colonels opening of the…

  • Album no: 31.
BEG_NO: 5024 END_NO: 5233
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DATE: 1935. CONTENTS: Opening of Seneca Golf Course (May 18, 1935); Crescent Hill Golf Course; Swimmers at the Old Quarry; Motor Boat Parade on the Ohio; Croquet players; Pastime Boat Club tennis; Football: Bourbons versus Dayton; Manual versus Roger Bacon; State Casting Tournament at Cherokee; Football: Manual versus Fern Creek; Bourbons versus Cleveland; St. Matthews versus Bonnycastle; Standard Centrals versus Cincy Model Shoes; Male versus New Albany; Emmet Field School (October, 1935); Football: St. Louis Gunners versus Louisville Bourbons; Back to Emmett Field School.

  • Album no: 32.
BEG_NO: 5234 END_NO: 5434
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DATE: 1936. CONTENTS: (Also includes some 1937 photos) Football: Appears to be high school team -- no clue as to team name; Manual High High School football game; Baseball at Parkway Field -- Louisville Colonels versus Toledo; 1937 Kentucky Derby winner War Admiral; Women and men playing golf (appears to be Shawnee Golf Course); 1937 Kentucky State Golf Tournament won by Jimmie Scott; Manual High School football players and coach Ab Kirwan; Line coach Ray Baer; Louisville Male High School 1937 football players and Coach Butts.

  • Album no: 33.
BEG_NO: 5435 END_NO: 5646
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DATE: 1937. CONTENTS: (Also includes some 1938 and 1939 photos) Manual football squad and coaches; Male High School football squad and coaches; 1937 Male (25) versus Manual (20) high school football game; Baseball, opening day of the 1938 season at Parkway Field; Golfers; St. Xavier baseball; Fishing at the 1938 opening of Cherokee Lake; Football: St. X (0) versus Manual (44); Manual (63) versus New Albany (0); Male High School football players; Manual 1939 National Football Championship team; Opening of the 1939 Louisville Colonels baseball season, game and crowd pictures; Big Spring Golf Club golfers.

  • Album no: 34.
BEG_NO: 5647 END_NO: 5876
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DATE: 1939. CONTENTS: (Also some 1940 photos) Men and women golfers; Track and Field Meet -- Manual versus St. X; Opening of Shawnee Golf Course in 1939; Opening of Cherokee Lake in 1939; Shawnee Tennis Tournament; Tennis Tournament at Lousville Boat Club; Boating at Pastime Boat Club; Richmond Boat Club members; Crescent Hill golfers; Tyler Park - Cherokee tennis tournament in 1939 at Tyler Park; Louisville Council softball team; Two loose photos of Manual - St. X track and field meet.

  • Album no: 35.
BEG_NO: 5877 END_NO: 6081
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DATE: 1939. CONTENTS: (Also includes some 1940 photos) Football: Manual (14) versus Toledo Central Catholic (19); Male High versus Bosse High of Evansville game photos; Manual High School team and individual players and coaching staff; Thanksgiving Day 1939 football game Manual (20) versus Male (13); 1939 City Golf Tournament players and 1939 champion Jim Stein; Children -- group photos of girls and boys -- possibly campers, no identifications or information; Manual High School football; Turners Nine baseball team; University of Kentucky football game; University of Kentucky cheerleaders; Manual High School football; Unidentified man with fish; Louisville Colonels opening of baseball season at Parkway Field, April 14, 1940; Mayor Scholtz throwing out first ball; Dedication of F.A.B.F. baseball league on April 27, 1940, in Shawnee Park; Butterman Ice Cream baseball team; Boys baseball team; Opening F.A.B.F. baseball game.

  • Album no: 36.
BEG_NO: 6082 END_NO: 6291
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DATE: 1940. CONTENTS: Valley Station archers, women and men; City Employees Golf Tournament, June 12, 1940; Steeple Chase; Tennis at Shawnee Park; American Legion, Highland Post, baseball team; Zachary Taylor American Legion Post baseball team; Shelby Post, American Legion, baseball team; Boxing; More American Legion baseball; Fall City golfers; Audubon Country Club; Fall City Regatta, August 24, 1940; Manual High School (7) versus Ashland (0) football game; Manual High School versus Corbin; Crescent Hill (0) versus Clifton (0) football game.

  • Album no: 37.
BEG_NO: 6291 END_NO: 6527
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DATE: 1940. CONTENTS: Manual High School football players; Manual football coaches and student managers; Football: Georgetown (18) versus University of Louisville (14); Male High School (7) versus East Bank, W. Va. (7); University of Louisville cheerleaders; More football: St. Matthews versus St. Helen; Crescent Hill football team; Football: Male High School players and action photos; Kentucky Military Institute versus Manual High School; Boxers; Louisville Colonels baseball at Parkway Field; Fly casting tournament; Manual High School track meet; Tennis players; Manual football game,first of 1941.

  • Album no: 38.
BEG_NO: 6528 END_NO: 6774
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DATE: 1941. CONTENTS: (Also includes some 1942 photos) Tennis at Pastime Boat Club; Football: K.M.I. versus Manual; Fort Knox versus St. Helen; St. Matthews versus Clifton; Manual (30) versus New Albany (0); Male High School versus St. Xavier;Male football coach Jenkins; Manual football players and coaching staff, including Ray Baer; Louisvill Colonels versus Toledo baseball game and crowd pictures; Tennis players at Pastime Boat Club.

  • Album no: 39.
BEG_NO: 6775 END_NO: 7038
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DATE: 1942. CONTENTS: (Also some 1943 photos) Women tennis players at Pastime Boat Club; Men tennis players at Pastime Boat Club; Dog show entries; Back to Pastime Boat Club tennis players, men and women; Football: Manual High School game; Kentucky (6) versus Georgia (7); Manual High School versus K.M.I.; Fort Knox versus Iowa PreFlight; Manual football players; Manual (25) versus Male (6) 1943 Thanksgiving Day football game; Manual (7) versus Woodlawn Cunningham (14); Manual versus Memphis Central; Manual (14) versus New Albany (7).

  • Album no: 40.
BEG_NO: 7039 END_NO: 7289
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DATE: 1946. CONTENTS: Also contains: 1943--Dupont Manual football players & coaches: Tucker, Clay and head coach Holley; Male High School football team; Manual (45) vs. Male (7), 1946 Thanksgiving Day football game; Male High players; Manual coaches; Male High coaches Bill New, Jenkins, Harry Glenn & Dennes; Football game; Male High 1946 Track team; 1943 Male-Manual football game; 1943 Manual football team; 1946 Male-Manual game photos.

  • Album no: 41.
BEG_NO: 7290 END_NO: 7430
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DATE: 1934. CONTENTS: Also contains: 1937, 1924, 1925, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1935, 1936, 1937.--Sutcliffe softball team, 1935; Mayor Miller; 1935 opening day of Louisville Colonels, Colonels vs. Toledo; Track meet; Unidentified basketball teams; Eppings girls basketball team; Male High School track team in action; Male High baseball team; Gun club members (SGC); 1934 Kentucky Derby pictures; Calvacade; 1934 Derby winner & jockey Mack Garner; Governor "Happy" Chandler presenting 1931 Derby trophy; 1931 winner 20 Grand; movie stars James Dunn and comic Joe E. Brown among 1931 Derby celebrities; Wagg Candy basketball team; pictures of school children; Bold Venture, winner of 1937 Kentucky Derby; Epson Downs; Black Gold, winner of 1924 Kentucky Derby; Track team; amateur basketball team; Louisville Colonels baseball team vs. St. Paul; Basketball pics circa 1936; amateur baseball players; Louisville Colonels game; Male HS track team in action; Hi Bru basketball team…

  • Album no: 42.
BEG_NO: 7431 END_NO: 7777
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DATE: 1934. CONTENTS: (This album is made up of loose photos and pages. It includes a number of years, most are from the 1930s) Louisville Colonels baseball players (no identifications); Louisville Colonels-Kansas City baseball game; Louisville Colonels dugout photos; Louisville Colonels team at attention during National Anthem; Seth Crew and Zwilling, Louisville Colonels players; More baseball players, unidentified Louisville Colonels and New York players; Bill Myers and Bill Kneblecamp raising flag at Louisville Colonels-St. Paul game; City officials (unidentified) at Louisville Colonels game; Unidentified Louisville Colonel players; Louisville Colonels - New York baseball game, Babe Ruth at bat; Opening Day ceremony and crowd shots at Louisville Colonels game; Louisville Bourbons (44) Troy Flyers (0) football game, September 9, 1934; Bourbon players Frosty Diebl and Bucky Moore; Devils basketball team; Track team, no identifications; St. George baseball team; Oertels 1934 baseball…

  • Album no: 43.
BEG_NO: 7778 END_NO: 7883
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