Landau (Herman) Papers, 1920-1987

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Landau (Herman) Papers, 1920-1987
Landau, Herman
8.25 linear ft.
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Collection Overview

Biography / History
Herman Landau's family came from Austria-Hungary to New York City in 1897 and from New York City to Louisville around 1900. Landau was born and reared in Louisville, and as a young man entered journalism. During his newspaper career he worked for the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Louisville-Times: and although this collection of Landau's paper reflects his interest in journalism, it concerns primarily his long association with the Jewish community in Louisville.
Scope and Content
Material in Box 1 represents a collections of news clipping and photographs of active members of the Louisville Jewish Community. Arranged alphabetically by individuals, the materials span almost two decades, from 1956 until the early 1970s. In compiling the folders, Mr.Landau restricted collection items to those from local Jewish papers. As an explanation of their contents, most folders in this box have notes pertaining to position and tiles of the individual.
Box 2 continues the collection of Box 1. Box 1 contains folders from A to M, Box 2 holds those folders from N to Z.
The third box originally contained a collection of Louisville Jewish newspapers which have since been incorporated into Louisville Jewish Community Publications Collection, RG 127. Starting from 1946, this box included primarily two important newspapers, the B'nai B'rith Briefs and the Jewish Community Center Bulletins. These papers reflect Jewish concerns of the 1950s and 1960s. Focusing almost entirely on the Louisville area, the articles deal with social events. fund raising campaigns, and religious holiday activities.
Box 3 now contain newsclippings on topics of interest to the Jewish Community and miscellaneous JCC brochures relating the growth of the religious community. For example, the box contains a few editions of the Special Messenger of 1955, which details the plans of the new building for the Adath Jeshurun congregation. Finishing the box are Courier-Journal articles on World War II and manuscripts of articles by Herman Landau. In 1964, he began on his own to edit and publish Jewish Events as a bulletin of local Jewish happeningswhich includes B'nai B'rith Briefs for those years. The complete set, from 1964 to 1967, along with the other local papers, Community (1973-1977), B'nai B'rith Briefs (1969-1977), and scattered copies of the National Jewish Post and the Kentucky Jewish Post and Opinion have all been removed from the Landau Papers to Record Group 127.
Similar in contents to Boxes 1 and 2, Box 4 includes items from Louisville Jewish newspapers pertaining to Jewish Community Center activities and clubs. Covering the same time period of the 1950s to the 1960s, this box is arranged alphabetically by organizations and events.

Contents of the Collection

Biographical Files, A through M

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Biographical Files, N through Z

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  • Box 3
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Manuscripts of Articles

Miscellaneous Brochures

Miscellaneous Material

Article Manuscripts

Jewish Community Center, Miscellaneous Brochures, 1956-1971

JCC Adult Activities

  • Box 4
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JCC Annual Meeting, 1961

JCC Armed Services

JCC Art Class, 1962

JCC Ballet

B'nai B'rith, 1958-1959

B'nai B'rith Women

BBYO (B'nai B'rith Youth Organization), 1962-1963

JCC Book Fair, 1962

JCC Building and Grounds

Bureau of Jewish Education

JCC Camera Club

JCC Camp Ben F. Washer

JCC Camp Ricarree

JCC Ceramics, 1961

JCC Chanukah

JCC Children's Activities

JCC Chorus

JCC Club Council

JCC Club 60

JCC Community Chest

JCC Condors

JCC Ellen Fay Garmon Memorial Award

JCC Father and Son Banquet

JCC Forum

JCC Fulfillment Fund, 1958-1959

JCC Health Club

JCC Jewish Book Month

JCC Jewish Community Center Board

JCC JWB Associates

JCC Long View Brochures

Louisville Hebrew School

JCC Modern Dance

JCC Orchestra

JCC Ottenheimer Award

Jcc Physical Education

Same as above, Baseball

Same as above, Basketball

Same as above, Handball

Same as above, Squash

Same as above, Swimming (Neptune's Daughters)

Same as above, Tennis

Same as above, Volleyball

JCC Pre-School

JCC President's Council

JCC Past Presidents

JCC Purim


JCC Radio Club, 1963

JCC Scouts, Boy

JCC Scouts, Cub

JCC Senior High

JCC Seventy-fifth Anniversary--Jewish Community Center, 1965

JCC Six-Star Art Series, 1962

JCC Social Dance Class

JCC Staff

JCC Survey, 1961

JCC T.A.B. (Teen Age Board)

JCC Teen Age

JCC Theatre

JCC United Appeal

United Jewish Campaign

United Jewish Campaign--Youth Division

JCC V.I.P. 1961

JCC Water Ballet

(FOLDER titled) "Adult Activities"

-25 prints ranging in size from 3'x3' to 8'x10'. Photographs of such adult activities as drawing, dancing, wood-working classes, chess and card playing, and exercise classes make up this folder.
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(FOLDER titled) "Amitie"

-2 prints, 5'x7' and 8'x10'. These two prints show girls involved in Amitie Club functions.
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(FOLDER titled) "Annual Meeting 1961"

-2 prints, each 8'x10', showing people at a meeting.
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(FOLDER titled) "Armed Services"

-4 prints, 3 (8'x10') and 1 (4'x5') These prints show the soldiers eating and celebrating Chanukah together.
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(FOLDER titled) "Art Class 1962"

-4 prints ranging in size from 4'x5' to 8'x10'. Photographs show people in a drawing class.
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(FOLDER titled) "Ballet"

-5 prints, all approximately 4'x5', including one color print. All the prints are of young girls in a ballet class.
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(FOLDER titled) "Building and Grounds"

-44 prints ranging in size from 3'x5' to 8'x10'. This group includes three color prints. All prints show some aspect of the Jewish Community Center's grounds and facilities. Most of the photographs are posed shots showing someone pointing out to a group of people a plaque on the wall, or just people standing in groups.
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(FOLDER titled) "Camera Club"

-8 prints, ranging in size from 3'x4' to 8'x10'. Many of the photographs include individuals with cameras. The "Camera Club"? Some of the photographs are of other JCC activities.
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(FOLDER titled) "Camp Ben F. Washer"

-11 prints, ranging in size from 3'x4' to 8'x9'. All of these prints show various activities at the camp.
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(FOLDER titled) "Camp Ricarree" (1958, 1963, 1965)

-24 prints, ranging in size from 3'x3' to 8'x10'. Again, all of these prints show various activities at the camp.
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(FOLDER titled) "Camp Tall Trees"

-43 prints, ranging in size from 3'x3' to 8'x10'. All of these photographs show activities at the camp.
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(FOLDER titled) "Ceramics 1961"

-1 (8'x10') print of the ceramics class.
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(FOLDER titled) "Chanukah"

-2 (8'x10') photographs showing Chanukah preparations.
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(FOLDER titled) "Children's Activities"

-19 prints, ranging in size from 2'x3' to 8'x10'. These photographs are of children playing games, taking ballet classes and working on projects.
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(FOLDER titled) "Chorus"

-1 (8'x10') print of chorus performing.
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(FOLDER titled) "Club Council" 1961

-1 (8'x10') print of young people (the Council).
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(FOLDER titled) "Club 60"

-1 (3'x3') Photograph of individuals sixty years and over.
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(FOLDER titled) "Community Chest"

-2 (8'x10') Photograph of the women who worked on the Community Chest fund drive.
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(FOLDER titled) "Ellen Fay Garmon Memorial Award (established 1969)"

-1 (4'x6') and 1 (8'x10') prints of two women holding a plaque.
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(FOLDER titled) "Father and Son Banquet"

-2 (8'x10') prints of the award presentation and dinner.
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(FOLDER titled) "Fulfillment Fund 1958-1959"

-9 (8'x10') prints of workers at the Fulfillment Fund.
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(FOLDER titled) "Health Club"

-6 (3'x5'), 6 (8'x10') and 1 (4'x5') prints of men "workingout" in the gym.
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(FOLDER titled) "Heritage Theater"

-2 (5'x7'), 3 (4'x5') and 10 (8'x10') prints of performers in different productions.
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(FOLDER titled) "Jewish Book Month"

-2 (8'x10') Photographs of several children who were participants in the program?
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(FOLDER titled) "Jewish Community Center Board 1964-1969"

-1 (8'x10') print of the board of directors.
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(FOLDER titled) "JWB Associates"

-7 (8'x10') and 1 (5'x7') prints These prints all show award presentations and an Associates dinner.
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(FOLDER titled) "Junior High Activities"

-1 (3'x4'), 5 (3'x3') and 26 (5'x6') prints. These photographs show junior high age young people participating in swimming, pie-eating contests and acting in a play. The most interesting of these were the pie-eating photographs, because some of the facial expressions are great.
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(FOLDER titled) "Long View Brochure"

This folder includes two small portraits of V.M. Brucchieri and Bill Massof.
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(FOLDER titled) "Modern Dance"

-1 (8'x10') and 2 (3'x4') prints. These photographs show various dancers in performances.
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(FOLDER titled) "Orchestra"

-12 (8'x10') prints showing members of the orchestra playing their instruments.
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(FOLDER titled) "Ottenheimer Award"

-1 (5'x7') and 3 (8'x10') prints showing the presentation of the award.
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(FOLDER titled) "Physical Education"

-22 (8'x10'), 2 (4'x5'), 1 (5'x6') and 1 (5'x8') prints All of these photographs are sports related. Some of the sports covered are baseball, racquet ball, karate, basketball, swimming, etc.
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(FOLDER titled) "Physical Education-Baseball"

-2 (8'x10') and 4 (5'x7') prints of baseball.
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(FOLDER titled) "Physical Education-Handball"

-2 (8'x10') prints showing a handball game and trophy.
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(FOLDER titled) "Physical Education-Squash"

-1 (8'x10') print of a game.
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(FOLDER titled) "Physical Education-Swimming"

-1 (8'x10') print showing a swimming class.
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(FOLDER titled) "Physical Education-Swimming (Neptune's Daughters)"

-1 (3'x4') print of a water ballet group.
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(FOLDER titled) "Physical Education-Tennis"

-3 (8'x10'), and 1 (3'x4') prints. All of the prints are of tennis players and a tennis class.
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(FOLDER titled) "Physical Education-Volleyball"

-4 (8'x10') prints showing a volleyball game in progress.
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(FOLDER titled) "Pre-School" (mid-1960's)

-16 (8'x10'), 1 (5'x7') and 24 (3'x3') prints. All of these photographs show pre-school age children taking part in school activities. A large number show the children at a pool for a swimming class.
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(FOLDER titled) "Purim"

-1 (3'x3') print of children wearing masks for the Purim celebration.
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(FOLDER titled) "Rabbis"

-1 (8'x10') print of five Rabbis.
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(FOLDER titled) "Radio Club 1963"

-1 (3'x3') print of the radio club members.
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(FOLDER titled) "Scouts, Boy"

-1 (3'x5') print of the presentation of the tenderfoot badge.
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(FOLDER titled) "Scouts, Club"

-1 (8'x10') print showing the presentation of an award to an "Indian" chief.
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(FOLDER titled) "Senior High"

-11 (8'x10') and 4 (5'x7') prints Most of these photographs show a school play being performed.
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(FOLDER titled) "75th Anniversary Jewish Community Center-1965"

-1 (5'x7') and 2 (8'x10') prints Photographs include planning for the anniversary party and the actual party.
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(FOLDER titled) "Social Dance Class"

-1 (8'x10') print showing a dancing class.
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(FOLDER titled) "Staff 1959"

-4 (8'x10') prints showing various staff members of J.C.C.
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(FOLDER titled) "Survey 1961"

-1 (8'x10') print This is a photograph of the men resposible for the community survey to find out what progress is being made by the Jewish Community Center...
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(FOLDER titled) "T.A.B. (Teen Age Board)" 1962

-1 (8'x10') print showing the T.A.B. meeting.
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(FOLDER titled) "Teen Age"

-2 (5'x7') and 3 (8'x10') prints. All the photographs show teenage club activities.
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(FOLDER titled) "United Appeal" 1961

-1 (8'x10') photograph of people on a fire truck with a United Appeal sign.
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(FOLDER titled) "V.I.P. Club 1961"

-3 (5'x7') prints of individuals at a V.I.P. meeting.
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(FOLDER titled) "Water Ballet"

-3 (8'x10') prints of members of the water ballet team.
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(FOLDER titled) "Miscellaneous Photographs"

-3 (4'x6') and 34 (8'x10') prints. The majority of these prints show presentations by board members of plaques, speeches, etc.
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(FOLDER titled) "B'nai B'rith 1958-1959"

-3 (8'x10') prints of the past presidents of B'nai B'rith.
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(FOLDER titled) "B'nai B'rith Women"

-1 (8'x10') group of five women.
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(FOLDER titled) "B'nai B'rith Youth Organization 1962-1963"

-18 prints, ranging in size from 1'x2' to 8'x10'. The photographs include individual portraits and group shots of members.
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(FOLDER titled) "Bureau of Jewish Education"

-2 (7'x10') and 1 (3'x5', color) prints These photographs show young people involved with the Bureau of Jewish Education.
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(FOLDER titled) "Louisville Hebrew School"

-1 (7'x10') print of 1970 graduates from the L.H.S.
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(FOLDER titled) "United Jewish Campaign"

-13 (8'x10') prints of the women who worked on the campaign.
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(FOLDER titled) "United Jewish Campaign-Youth Division"

-15 (8'x10') prints of the groups of youth involved.
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