Fible Family Collection1819-1971 (bulk 1881-1956)

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Fible Family Collection1819-1971 (bulk 1881-1956)
Fible Family
1 box,.5 c.f.; 1 package.
Fible family
Martin, Betty Fible --Diaries
Martin, Betty Fible--Notebooks, sketchbooks, etc
Women authors, American--Virginia
Journalists--United States
Fible, Micajah--Diaries
Fible family
Martin family
Daughters of the American Revolution--Membership
Cookbooks. Aat
Scrapbooks. Aat
Fox, John, 1863-1919
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Collection Overview

Biography / History
Micajah Fible was an excellent student and accomplished orator whose high school commencement address was noteworthy enough to be printed in local Kentucky newspapers as well as the NEW YORK TIMES. A scrapbook kept by his mother contains these clippings and is part of this collection. Fible graduated from Harvard Law School and returned to his native Louisville to begin practicing law. He also wrote for local newspapers and in 1888 moved to Chicago to take a position with the TRIBUNE. Micajah Fible died in 1890 while on assignment for the TRIBUNE in Seattle.
Betty Fible Martin grew up in Virginia and moved to New York City in 1925 to attend college. She graduated from Barnard in 1929 and planned to enter Columbia Law School, but the serious illness of her father caused her to return to Virginia. She purchased a dilapidated farm in northern Virginia and began renovating it and eventually made it a profitable venture. Martin began working as a feature writer for the NEW YORK TIMES during the 1940s and her homespun and warm-hearted stories of Americana also appeared in the YALE REVIEW, COUNTRY BOOK, and READ.
Scope and Content
This collection contains the papers of the Fible and Martin families of Kentucky and Virginia. The collection is centered around two individuals: Betty Fible Martin (b. 1907) and her uncle, Micajah Fible (1862-1890).
The manuscripts for a dozen of Martin's NEW YORK TIMES pieces are included in this collection, as well as a 1944 issue of READ which contains one of her articles. Also included are Martin's correspondence with her editor at the NEW YORK TIMES and the rejection notices from publications which could not use her short stories. The manuscripts for three of her stories - A GOLDEN DREAM WORLD, THE GAY YOUNG CALL OF SPRING, and REMEDY - are found in this collection.
The collection contains numerous diaries: Micajah Fible's diary begun while he was a student at Harvard; two diaries entitled "Dorritt's Run" and dated 1884 and 1885; and Betty Fible Martin's diaries and notebooks about mid-twentieth century rural life.
The collection also contains two letters written by Kentucky author John Fox, Jr., to Micajah Fible. Fox was best known for his works set in the Kentucky mountains at the turn of the twentieth century, including his famous THE LITTLE SHEPHERD OF KINGDOM COME.
Fox asked Fible in one letter to help a friend get a piece of work published. The other letter by Fox is a note informing Fible that Fox had waited for him on a recent occasion, not knowing Fible was away on business.
Betty Fible Martin's application to join the Daughters of the American Revolution and supporting documents (an 1819 indenture, copies of wills, genealogical information) are contained in this collection. Also included are cookbooks circa the 1930s; an 1896 issue of THE DELINEATOR, a woman's fashion magazine; three scrapbooks circa the 1880s containing newspaper clippings of political events, family-related news, and whimsical feature articles; and genealogies of the Fible, Martin, Catlett, and Stone families of Virginia and Kentucky.
Many of Martin's farm ledgers, daybooks, and receipts along with two calling cards and a Boston Art Museum admission card signed by Louis D. Brandeis are also part of, or associated with, the collection.
Variant Name: Betty Fible Martin, Papers
Creator's Occupation: Journalists, writers
County: Jefferson; Oldham

Contents of the Collection

Item - Year: 1819, Date: March 22

Description: Indenture for the sale of land in Nicholas County by Reuben Terry to John Barnett
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Item - Year: n.d.

Description: Last will and testament of Francis Montgomery of Prince William County, Virginia. The will is incomplete and appears to have been written in the early nineteenth century.
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Item - Year: 1853

Description: Scrapbook containing news clippings; inscribed "A Christmas gift to Sophie from her affectionate mother, 1853"
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Item - Year: 1883

Description: Scrapbook belonging to Mrs. David M. Fible. Contains news clippings of political events, family-related news, and whimsical feature stories.
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Item - Year: 1881

Description: Scrapbook containing news articles and feature stories from various Kentucky newspapers, including reports of Micajah Fible's high school commencement speech which criticized Kentucky's inability to keep pace with her neighboring states in the areas of commerce and education
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Item - Year: 1929, Date: June 4

Description: Program for the 175th annual commencement exercises at Columbia University
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Item - Year: 1900

Description: Program for the play L'AIGLON, the "farewell American tour of Mme. Sarah Bernhardt and Mons. Coquelin." Includes newspaper clippings about the play and reviews.
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Item - Year: 1897

Description: Bicycle map of Chicago, printed by the Columbia Bicycle Co.
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Item - Year: 1966 - 1969

Description: Sales book, B.F. Martin Shop, Oakton, Virginia
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Item - Year: 1944, Date: December

Description: READ magazine; on page 25 is an article entitled "Vanishing America...the Old-time Huckster," by Betty Fible Martin
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Item - Year: 1932

Description: Flyer distributed by the Post Office, "Preparation for Christmas Mailing"
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Item - Year: n.d.

Description: Cookbook, ca. 1930, printed by the Royal Baking Powder Co.
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Item - Year: n.d.

Description: "Aunt Jane's Cook Book"
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Item - Year: n.d.

Description: "Rawleigh's Good Health Products" catalog
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Item - Year: 1933

Description: "Good Things to Eat," printed by the Arm and Hammer Co.
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Item - Year: 1889

Description: Scrapbook of news articles collected by Micajah Fible
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Item - Year: 1951

Description: Diary of Betty F. Martin, describing life as a farmer and writer
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Item - Year: 1952

Description: Notes and journal of Betty F. Martin
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Item - Year: 1894, Date: May 11

Description: German railway ticket
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Item - Year: 1962

Description: Daybook (ledger) of B.F. Martin Farm and Shop, Oakton, Virginia
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Item - Year: 1963 - 1968

Description: Daybook of B.F. Martin Farm, Oakton, Virginia
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Item - Year: 1940

Description: Genealogy compiled by Sarah Fible Bloom, THE FIBLES OF OLDHAM COUNTY, WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE DESCENDANTS OF JOSEPH FIBLE (typewritten and manuscript copies)
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Item - Year: 1896, Date: August

Description: Incomplete copy of THE DELINEATOR, a women's fashion magazine
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Item - Year: 1893 - 1894

Description: Diary (author unknown) of an American residing in Zurich
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Item - Year: 1882 - 1886

Description: Diary of Micajah Fible, begun while he was a student at Harvard
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Item - Year: 1884

Description: Diary entitled "Dorritt's Run," author unknown, probably Sarah Fible
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Item - Year: 1885

Description: Diary of Sarah Fible entitled "Notebook: Summer of 1885, Dorritt's Run"
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