Edgar Jones Collection, 1787-1920

Descriptive Summary

Edgar Jones Collection, 1787-1920
Jones, Edgar (collector)
1 box, 8 folders, 221 items.
Boone Co. - Burnett family, 1855-1920
Burnett, Jacob J
Burnett family letters, 1855-1920
Civil War - Hospitals - Philadelphia, 1862-1863
Civil War - Military life, 1861(?)-1863
Civil War - Soldiers from Indiana
Flynn family letters, 1854-1870
Indiana - Dearborn Co. - Deeds, 1865, 1868
Indiana - Decatur Co. - Deeds, 1865
Indiana - Ohio Co. - Deeds, 1880
Indiana - Ripley Co. - Deeds, 1865-1867
Kansas - Farms and farming, 1867
Lamb family letters, 1863-1906
McKnight family letters, 1787-1897
Society of Cincinnatus, 1833-1847
U.S. - Bureau of Indian Affairs - Crow Creek Agency, 1887-1894
U.S. - Shipping Board, 1918
Indian agencies and agents, 1887-1894
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Collection Overview

Scope and Content
The collection is comprised chiefly of family letters, especially of the Burnett family of Rising Sun, Indiana. In 1861, Jacob J. Burnett enlisted in the Civil War as a Union soldier. After suffering wounds in mid-1862, he was hospitalized in the U.S. General Hospital in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for several months before returning to his Rising Sun home in the spring of 1863. Many of his letters are written to his wife, Mary. (Several of these letters are in partial form only.) Later, he traveled to Kansas looking for business and land opportunities, which he described to Mary in the 1867 letters.
Included are other family letters dated from 1882 to 1921 of the Burnett family whose homeplace seems to have been Rabbit Hash in Boone County, Kentucky. Receipts and deeds of Indiana counties complete the Burnett papers.
There are a few letters and papers of the McKnight family who evidently lived in the Cincinnati, Ohio, and Rising Sun, Indiana vicinity. In addition, there are papers, 1833-1847, concerning the Society of Cincinnatus, as well as a record book, 1830-1863.
Flynn letters, 1854-1870, most of which were written from Frankfort, Kentucky, by William and Maria Amelia Flynn to Mrs. Charlotte Purdy of Rising Sun, comprise another segment of this collection.
Letters, 1863-1906, pertaining to the Lamb family of Allensville, Indiana, are included along with a few letters, 1882-1887, of William H. Nose of Miamitown, Ohio. An unidentified four-page Civil War diary relates events occurring in Kentucky between February 18, 1863 and April 6, 1863.
An incoming 1918 letter to Edgar Jones of Bowling Green, Kentucky, from the U.S. Shipping Board and a pamphlet entitled "The Shipbuilder" are the concluding items in this collection. Jones (1879-1955) was an antique dealer in Bowling Green, Kentucky, for several years.
These letters were formerly owned by the Burnett family of Rising Sun, Indiana.

Contents of the Collection

Chiefly letters of Jacob J. Burnett. 1861?-1871.46 items.

Jacob to Mary.1861?-1863. 11 items.

  • Box 1, folder 1a
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Letters from Kansas, mainly Jacob to Mary. 1867-1871. 7 items.

  • Box 1, folder 1b
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To mother(?) Charlotte Purdy. 1862-1863. 2 items.

  • Box 1, folder 1c
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Letter of Jacob J. Burnett's. 1863.1 item.

  • Box 1, folder 1d
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Poem (Civil War) "Soldier's Fare", unsigned. 1 item.

  • Box 1, folder 1e
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Partial letters (Civil War). 21 items.

  • Box 1, folder 1f
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Undated letters & clipping. 3 items.

  • Box 1, folder 1g
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Letters, Mrs. Mary J. Burnett to husband Jacob J. 1855-1867. 28 items.

Letters, Mrs. Mary J. Burnett to husband Jacob J. 1855-1867. 28 items.

  • Box 1, folder 2
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Incoming letters to Jacob J. Burnett. 1855?-1867. 26 items.

From his mother, Mary Burnett. 1862. 3 items.

  • Box 1, folder 3a
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From John Magers. 1862-1864. 6 items.

  • Box 1, folder 3b
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From his mother-in-law, Charlotte Purdy. 1862-1863. 3 items.

  • Box 1, folder 3c
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From Henry Sterling. 1863. 4 items.

  • Box 1, folder 3d
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Incoming letters1855?-1867.12 items.

  • Box 1, folder 3e
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Burnett family papers, 1856- .1856-1921. 45 items.

Letters to Miss Fanny Burnett, father, brothers, & sisters. 1882-1920. 10 items.

  • Box 1, folder 4a
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Letters to Lottie Burnett. 1878-1909. 4 items.

  • Box 1, folder 4b
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Letters to Mrs. Beulah Smith. 1921. 4 items.

  • Box 1, folder 4c
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Receipts. 1856-1897. 6 items.

  • Box 1, folder 4d
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Deeds--Indiana counties, Decatur, Dearborn, Ohio & Ripley. 1865-1880. 8 items.

  • Box 1, folder 4e
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Miscellaneous items - partial letters, printed items, etc.17 items.

  • Box 1, folder 4f
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McKnight family papers. 1787-1897.

McKnight family papers. 1787-1897. 15 items.

  • Box 1, folder 5
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Society of Cincinnatus papers. 1833-1847. 3 items.

  • Box 1, folder 5a
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Flynn letters chiefly from Frankfort, Ky. to Mrs. Charlotte Purdy,Rising Sun, Indiana.1854-1870. 11 items.

Flynn letters chiefly from Frankfort, Ky. to Mrs. Charlotte Purdy,Rising Sun, Indiana. 1854-1870. 11 items.

  • Box 1, folder 6
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Miscellaneous correspondence. 1863-1906. 43 items.

Letters to the Lamb family, Dr. James, L. K., Elvina & Cerelda. 1863-1906. 7 items.

  • Box 1, folder 7a
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Letters of Mrs. Rella Lamb Treon. 1865-1906. 17 items.

  • Box 1, folder 7b

Some letters from husband who worked with U.S. Bureau of IndianAffairs.

  • Box 1, folder 7b
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Letters to William H. Nose. 1882-1887. 5 items.

  • Box 1, folder 7c
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Miscellaneous letters, etc. 1858-1888. 14 items.

  • Box 1, folder 7d
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Civil War Diary and Record Book.

Diary (Civil War). 18 Feb. 1863-6 April 1863. 1 item. 4 pages.

  • Box 1, folder 8
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Record book & receipts. 1830-1863. 4 items.

  • Box 1, folder 8
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U.S. Shipping Board.

U.S. Shipping Board. 26 March 1918. 2 items.

  • Box 1, folder 9
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Letter to Edgar Jones.

  • Box 1, folder 9a
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Pamphlet - "TheShipbuilder".

  • Box 1, folder 9b
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