Laura Clay music collection


The Laura Clay music collection (dated 1810-1901, undated; 1.3 cubic feet; 5 boxes) primarily comprises 19th century sheet music of works for piano and voice that were collected by Laura Clay.

Descriptive Summary

Laura Clay music collection
1.3 Cubic Feet
Piano music.
Piano -- Studies and exercises.
Songs with piano.
Songs -- United States.
Sheet music.
Singing -- Studies and exercises.
Music -- United States.
The collection is arranged into 6 series by subject: Instrumental music, Vocal music, Instrumental techniques, Singing and vocal technique, Assorted music collections, and Incomplete music.
Finding Aid Author
Daniel L. Garrett
Preferred Citation
2011ms043 : [identification of item], Laura Clay music collection, 1810-1901, undated, University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center.
University of Kentucky

Collection Overview

Biography / History
Born in 1849 near Richmond, Kentucky, women's rights advocate Laura Clay was the daughter of emancipationist Cassius M. Clay and his first wife, Mary Jane Warfield Clay. During her parents' contentious divorce in 1878, Laura's attention was drawn to the inadequate rights of women. Thereafter, she devoted herself to the women's movement. She was president of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association from 1881-1912, where her leadership helped to grant women admission to previously all-male colleges and to effect protection for married women's property and wages. Recognized as a national leader in the women's suffrage movement, she was also a council member of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, vice president of the Southern States Woman Suffrage Conference, an organizing member of the Democratic Women's Club of Kentucky, and an officer of the Women's Christian Temperance Union and the Kentucky Federation of Women's Clubs.
Scope and Content
The Laura Clay music collection (dated 1810-1901, undated; 1.3 cubic feet; 5 boxes) primarily comprises 19th century sheet music of works for piano and voice that were collected by Laura Clay. Piano music consists of works for solo piano, piano duets, dance music (waltzes, polkas, gavottes) ballades, arias, sonatas, and technical exercises. Vocal music consists of popular songs of the day, arias and operatic excerpts, and technical exercises. Also includes music collections with works by multiple composers and incomplete sheet music.

Restrictions on Access and Use

Conditions Governing Access
Conditions Governing Access Collection is open to researchers by appointment.
Use Restrictions
The physical rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections.

Contents of the Collection

Instrumental music, 1841-1901, undated

The instrumental music series contains sheet music for solo piano, piano duet, and arrangements for piano, including theme and variations, marches, sonatas, opera excerpts, ballades, gavottes, waltzes, and polkas.

Tekla Bądarzewska-Baranowska, The Maiden's Prayer, or La Prière d'une Vièrge, undated

  • Box 1, item 1
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Fred T. Baker, Visions of Rest, 1885

  • Box 1, item 2
Waltzes: nos. 1, 2, and 3.
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Ludwig van Beethoven, Sonata Pathétique (Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13), undated

  • Box 1, item 3
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Vincenzo Bellini, Grand March from Norma, undated

  • Box 1, item 4
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Johann Friedrich Franz Burgmüller, Take Them I Implore Thee; or, Deh Conte, undated

  • Box 1, item 5
"The admired duett in Bellini's celebrated opera La Norma. Arranged as a Rondo for Piano Forte by Burgmüller."
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Bernard Berg, La Fiesta: March 1901, 1901

  • Box 1, item 6
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Ferdinand Beyer, An Alexis Air Allemand: Les Progrès des Jeunes Elèves, undated

  • Box 1, item 7
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Gustave Blessner, Saratoga Galop, 1841

  • Box 1, item 8
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T. M. Brown, Lorena, 1861

  • Box 1, item 9
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Christian Traugott Brunner, Variations on a Favorite Air in Sonnambula, undated

  • Box 1, item 10
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Christian Traugott Brunner, Rondo on a Favorite Air in Il Bravo, undated

  • Box 1, item 11
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Nicolò Celega, Notturno per Pianoforte Sull'Opera Isabella d'Aragona di C. Pedrotti, undated

  • Box 1, item 12
From the opera Isabella d'Aragona.
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Frédéric Chopin, Ballade No. 3 in A flat major, Op. 47, undated

  • Box 1, item 13
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M. de Colas, Chant du Berger, undated

  • Box 1, item 14
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T. J. Cook, Four Bells Polka, 1855

  • Box 1, item 15
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Alphons Czibulka, Stéphanie Gavotte, undated

  • Box 1, item 16
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Richard Hoffman, Souvenir de Trovatore de Verdi, 1856

  • Box 1, item 17
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J. H. Kappes, The Lay of the Mountain, with Variations, 1853

  • Box 1, item 18
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Gustav Lange, Flower Song (Blumenlied), undated

  • Box 1, item 19
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G. W. Marks, Martha de F. de Flotow, undated

  • Box 1, item 20
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Johann Strauss, Duke of Reichstadt's Waltz, Sisters no. 28, arranged by Enkhausen, undated

  • Box 1, item 21
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Robert Vollstedt, Jolly Fellows (Lustige Bruder): Waltz no. 1, undated

  • Box 1, item 22
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George William Warren, The Song of the Brook, 1865

  • Box 1, item 23
Cover title: Homage of an old pupil to Joseph Rurke, the Song of the Brook, Pastorale for the piano forte by George William Warren.
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Louis James Alfred Lefébure-Wély, Danse des Oiseaux (The Dance of the Birds), undated

  • Box 1, item 24
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Vocal music, 1846-1888, undated

The vocal music series contains sheet music for voice and piano, four-part chorus with piano, and vocal arrangements, including songs, arias, and other operatic excerpts.

Jenny E. Baldwin, Break, Break, Oh, Sea!, 1866

  • Box 2, item 1
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Frank L. Bristow, In Kentucky, undated

  • Box 2, item 2
Poem by Honorary James Hillary Mulligan.
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Giuseppe Concone, Judith, undated

  • Box 2, item 3
French and English words for mezzo soprano.
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F. Nicholls Crouch, Kathleen Mavourneen, undated

  • Box 2, item 4
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Dolores, The Brook, undated

  • Box 2, item 5
Words by Alfred Lord Tennyson.
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William Dressler, Istorie Belle a Leggere: Light Songs and Charming Stories, 1865

  • Box 2, item 6
From the opera Crispino e la Comare by Federico Ricci and Luigi Ricci. English words by M. B.
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Just Géraldy, Thou Art an Angel (l'Angelo d'Amore), 1865

  • Box 2, item 7
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Charles Gounod, Flower Song (Le Parlate d'Amour: O! Ye Beautiful Flowers), 1864

  • Box 2, item 8
From the opera Faust.
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George Frideric Handel, Lascia Ch'io Pianga, 1863

  • Box 2, item 9
Aria from Rinaldo.
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James Harrison, The Ring You Gave To Me, 1865

  • Box 2, item 10
Written by W. Dexter Smith Jr., music by James Harrison.
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William Shakespeare Hays, Enter In, 1888

  • Box 2, item 11
Sacred songs and chorus as sung by Professor C. C. Case. Assisted by a choir of three hundred voices, in Moody Tabernacle at Louisville, Ky.
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G. A. Hodson, My Home My Happy Home (ballad), undated

  • Box 2, item 12
Music composed by G. A. Hodson, sung by Mad. Jenny Lind.
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[A. Hubert?], [Do Not Cry?], 1854

  • Box 2, item 13
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Harry Kennedy, Cradle's Empty Baby's Gone, 1880

  • Box 2, item 14
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W. C. Levey, Esmeralda, undated

  • Box 2, item 15
Written by Andrew Halliday, composed by W. C. Levey.
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Samuel Lover, The Low Back'd Car, 1846

  • Box 2, item 16
A characteristic Irish song as given by the author in his Irish evenings.
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G. Lucantoni, La Danza d' Amore (Gay Dance of Love), 1863

  • Box 2, item 17
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[Otto Lyutshem?], [Mother Darling?], 1851

  • Box 2, item 18
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H. Millard, Waiting!, 1867

  • Box 2, item 19
Poetry by Ellen H. Flagg, Italian version by Sig. R. Prati, music by H. Millard.
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S. W. New, Who's That Tapping at the Garden Gate, undated

  • Box 2, item 20
A beautiful ballad by S. E. N.. Words by J. Loker, music by S. W. New.
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Gioachino Rossini, Morning its Sweets is Flinging, undated

  • Box 2, item 21
From the comic opera Cinderella, arranged and adapted to the English stage by M. Rophino Lacy.
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Giuseppe Verdi, Addio Del Passato Bei Sogni Ridenti (Farewell Ye Bright Visions), 1854

  • Box 2, item 22
Aria from La Traviata. Scena ed aria per soprano. English version by J. R. Thomas.
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Samuel S. Waggener, I Love Thee Fondly Dearest, 1855

  • Box 2, item 23
Ballad with words and music by Waggener.
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Instrumental techniques, undated

The instrumental techniques series contains 3 piano study books with technical exercises by Carl Czerny.

Carl Czerny, Études de la Vélocité pour le Piano Forte: Book 1, undated

  • Box 3, item 3
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Carl Czerny, Études de la Vélocité pour le Piano Forte: Book 2, undated

  • Box 3, item 4
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Carl Czerny, Études de la Vélocité pour le Piano Forte: Book 3, undated

  • Box 3, item 5
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Singing and vocal technique, undated

The singing and vocal technique series contains 2 vocal exercise books with piano accompaniment.

[Marco Bordogni], [Vocalises], undated

  • Box 3, item 6
No title is provided, however the music appears to be the first 12 of 36 vocalises by Marco Bordogni.
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Giuseppe Concone, Concone's Vocal Exercises: Op. 9, undated

  • Box 3, item 7
Preface in English and French. With an accompaniment for the piano.
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Assorted music collections, 1852-1854, undated

The assorted music collections contains 3 music books with collected works and arrangements by various composers, primarily for solo piano, piano duet, and voice with piano.

Untitled music collection, 1852-1854, undated

  • Box 3, item 1
Collection of waltzes, operatic arias, fantaisies, ballads, and English songs. Cover missing. Includes the following works: The Evening Star Schottisch / William Vincent Wallace, Deux Valses Espagnoles / William Vincent Wallace, Prima Donna Waltz [flute and piano] / Jullien, Annette [waltz] / J. H. Kappes, The Flower of the West [grand waltz] / J. Theodore McKenna, Hoffnungs-Strahlen; or, Rays of Hope Waltzes / Joseph Lanner, Lizzette [waltz] / J. H. Kappes, Why Do I Weep? [ballad] / John Barnett, Will You Love Me Then As Now / unknown, Dearest Then I'll Love You More! / unknown, Yes, I Have Dared To Love Thee! / unknown, You Ask Me If I Love You [ballad] / unknown, Muss I Denn Zum Städtele'Naus / Henri Cramer, Lucia Di Lammermoor / Ferd Beyer, La Chanson Des Lagunes (Air Vénitien) / A. Croisez, 'Twere Vain To Tell Thee, Swiss Air, with Variations (Air Suisse) / François Hünten, The Alpine Lay / J. H. Kappes, The Switzer's Farewell / F. Abel, Schlummerlied / C. T. Brunner, Der Springbrunnen / C. T. Brunner, Schalkhafte Neckerei / C. T. Brunner, Im Waldescrün / C. T. Brunner, Swiss Air Variations / Charles Czerny, Thème de Lucrezia Borgia / Charles Czerny, Champaigne Gallop [incomplete] / William Dressler.
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Le Papillon: A Collection of the Most Admired Waltzes and Gallopades Selected from the Works of Strauss, Kalliwoda, Musard, etc. , undated

  • Box 3, item 2
Collection includes the following works: Valse sur le thème La Mélancolie / F. Prume, Gallopade from the celebrated ballet Giselle / Adam, Souvenir de Ratisbonne, valse intercalée dans le ballet d'Adam, Giselle / Friedrich Burgmüller, The Prater Gallopade / Ch. Czerny.
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Untitled music collection, undated

  • Box 4, item 1
This collection of various hymns and songs is very fragile.
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Incomplete music, 1810-1887, undated

The incomplete music series contains all sheet music with missing or incomplete musical content, divided into the following 5 subseries: Incomplete instrumental music, Incomplete vocal music, Incomplete instrumental techniques, Incomplete singing and vocal technique, and Incomplete sheet music covers.

Incomplete instrumental music, 1810, undated

The Incomplete instrumental music subseries is organized alphabetically by composer with unidentified composers organized at the end, preserving the original order in which they were discovered.

Joseph Ascher, Les Gouttes D'eau (Drops of Water), undated

  • Box 5, item 1
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G. Dieckman, Heaven Waltz, undated

  • Box 5, item 2
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Alexandre Édouard Goria, Étude de Concert, Op. 7, undated

  • Box 5, item 3
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Charles Grobe, American Medley, undated

  • Box 5, item 4
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O. Shaw, A Selection of Progressive Airs, Songs, Etc. Adapted to the Piano Forte, 1810

  • Box 5, item 5
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The Favourite Swiss Waltz, Roll Drums Merrily, Suabian Air , undated

  • Box 5, item 6
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The Soldiers Joy, Miss. McLeod's Reel , undated

  • Box 5, item 7
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Untitled instrumental music, undated

  • Box 5, item 8
One sheet of music with lines titled, VIII. Washington's Resignation, IX. Quick Step, X. Jenny Put the Kettle On, XI. Miss Greenup's Reel, XII. Our Pleasure, XIII. Label Chass, XIV. The Prisoner, XV. Labelle Jenette, XVI. Haunted Tower, XVII. The Honey Moon.
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Untitled instrumental music, undated

  • Box 5, item 9
One sheet of music, with dance instructions for both songs: No. 2. I'd be a Butterfly and No. 3. Cherry Ripe.
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Untitled instrumental music, undated

  • Box 5, item 10-12
Three sheets of music, all of which are the final measures of separate songs. The first sheet is in G Major, the second in E Major, and the third in F Major.
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Incomplete vocal music, 1849, undated

Ludwig van Beethoven, Adelaide, undated

  • Box 5, item 13
The final page only.
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Fabio Campana, To Thee!! (A Te!!) Romanza, undated

  • Box 5, item 14
First and second page only (one sheet). Translated by Miss S. W. Lander.
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Arthur Clifton, O Steal Not the Ray, undated

  • Box 5, item 15
Sung by Mrs. Burke in the opera of the Enterprise written by Col. W. H. Hamilton. The first two pages of music are missing the bottom lines; the third page is complete.
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[Charles Gounod?], Entreat Me Not to Leave Thee, undated

  • Box 5, item 16
The final page of Entreat Me Not To Leave Thee, possibly a variation of the piece by Charles Gounod.
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J. A. Wade, I've Wander'd In Dreams, undated

  • Box 5, item 17
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George William Warren, Love's Twilight Star, 1849

  • Box 5, item 18
Cover sheet and final page of music.
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Incomplete instrumental techniques, 1887, undated

The Incomplete instrumental techniques subseries is organized alphabetically by composer with unidentified composers organized at the end.

Carl Czerny, Études de la Vélocité pour le Piano Forte, undated

  • Box 5, item 19
Sheets with part of exercise no. 2 through the first part of excercise no. 9.
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Albert Loeschhorn, 60 Études Mélodieuses, Op. 84, 1887

  • Box 5, item 20
Missing pages with études nos. 31-33.
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Untitled instrumental technique music, undated

  • Box 5, item 21
Partial book of unidentified piano études, with études no. 2-24.
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Incomplete singing and vocal technique, undated

The Incomplete singing and vocal technique subseries is organized alphabetically by composer with unidentified composers organized at the end.

Luigi Lablache, Lablache's Method of Singing, undated

  • Box 5, item 22
2 sheets of music, with exercise 9 and part of exercises 8 and 10 9-10.
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Untitled singing and vocal technique music, undated

  • Box 5, item 23
Portion of an unidentified book of vocal exercises with piano accompaniment.
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Incomplete sheet music covers, 1867-1872, undated

The Incomplete sheet music covers subseries is organized alphabetically by composer with an advertisement page and a damaged hard cover at the end.

[In the May?] sheet music cover, undated

  • Box 5, item 24
Sheet music cover from the Kunkel Bros. publishing company with advertisements and excerpts for the following piano pieces: Christmas Bells / Carl Sidus, Careless Elegance / Geo. Schleiffarth, Alpine Storm / Charles Kunkel. A blue pencil mark over the title n the May by F. Behr suggests that this cover might have belonged to that piece, which is not in the collection.
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J. Ford, Will You Love Me When I'm Old? sheet music cover, 1872

  • Box 5, item 25
Front cover.
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John Hullah, The Storm / Three Fishers sheet music cover, 1867

  • Box 5, item 26
Front cover.
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Harrison Millard, Kiss Me Goodbye sheet music cover, undated

  • Box 5, item 27
Front cover.
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Sheet music cover advertisement, undated

  • Box 5, item 28
One sheet of a sheet music cover with an advertisement by Geo. D. Newhall and Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio for Musical Novelties.
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Sheet music cover, inscribed by Laura Clay, undated

  • Box 5, item 29
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