Photographic print, color, 14 inches by 11 inches. A photographic composite of the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy Bachelor of Science Class of 1984. The people pictured are Janet Taylor, Durran H. Taylor, Mary Pat Walters, Elizabeth M. Russell, Richard Raines, Laura B. Rollins, George A Haddad, Darrell W. Cartmill, Pamela S. Banks, Victor Swinney, Susan L. Trautwein, Mike Traylor, Lawrence S. Yuen, Kim L. Tapp, Melanie K. Stewart, Thomas J. Shacklette, Sue W. Shaw (Treasurer), J. Keith Bourne (Vice President), Lanny R. Adkins (President), Linda M. Hardy (Secretary), Neil A. Willsey, Francis W. Southall, Ronald W. Wright, Deborah L. Sledge, Margaret Reynolds, Lisa A. Schwartz, Brad D. Newcomb, Norman S. Osborne, W. Leanne Pullins, W. Randall Renshaw, Rhonda L. Rouse, Surinder, S. Sabharwal, David D. Morgan, Sheila J. Nicholson, Richard W. McCrocklin, Dwana S. Kays, Anne W. Lewis, Larry S. Mayfield, Sherry M. Mason, Clara J. Ousley, Linda W. Woolims, Kimberly J. Lynn, Katherine Laws Wyant, Amey C. Hugg, Jay P. Goodman, David B. Fulkerson, Melissa J. Garrison, Rhodem Crabtree, Johnna K. Brandon, W. Paul Allen, Starr Adams, Martha Jill Henderson, Steven P. Gullett, David R. Mattingly, Susan C. Mahan, Johnna C. Hislope, Michael D. Hislope, Mary E. Enzweiler, Kay Gentry, Mark S. Edwards, Rhonda L. Coke, Susan D. Bozzay, Kevin M. Bozarth, Cindy Owens Delap, Judith A. Giordana, and Sarah B. Johnstone. Jonah C. Adiele, Joe D. Ballard, Eddie Duff, Kip A. Eberwein, Mary E. Forsythe, Wade B. Frederick, Judy M. Harrer, Dale F. Hinkebein, Helen Johnson, George E. Narramore, Jeffrey R. Perkins, Roger L. Powers, Steven E. Sheldon, Patricia C. Shuster, and Donald A. Sublett were not pictured 1984


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